29 fancy yachts and jets owned by celebrities


Celebrities almost always get the star treatment. They never have to sit in the cattle class of the airplane like the rest of us peasants – opting usually for first class. If you see one on a cruise, you can bet that they are living it up in one of the luxurious suits without a care in the world. But what happens when you can’t even take that anymore? What happens when you no longer want to deal with airport security, when you can’t stand the thought of being beholden to something as silly as an airplane time schedule. Maybe it’s just that you are sick and tired of waiting in line at the buffet on the cruise ship, or that you just want to spend a little bit more time on that one island.


Well, luckily for them, A list celebrities have been able to solve all of those problems (for themselves of course). When they want to go somewhere at the drop of a hat, they go – but in a private jet that they own. When they want to take a cruise around the Caribbean but want to explore a bit more of an island, they can – in their own private yacht.

But it’s not all fun and games for these A listers. A lot of the time, these people conduct important business meetings on their yachts, or need to be present at a presentation for one multi-million dollar investment in Miami, then another one in Dallas a few hours later, and squeeze in a nap or a video conference in between. Ain’t nobody got time for public transport in that case! But we all know that hard work pays off, and these people are going around in both the sea and the air in the classiest ways possible.

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