See these fast-disappearing natural wonders while they’re still around

The intricate workings of the Mother Nature are something many of us take for granted every day. However, we aren’t alone. While we want to explore the world, it looks as though we might have to get moving is we want to see these fast-disappearing natural wonders while they’re still around. Best get booking those tickets!

Great Barrier Reef

Of course, we couldn’t have the list without including the Great Barrier Reef. Found in Australia, this ecosystem stretches over 1,200 miles and consists of some of the most breathtaking sights in the world. Sadly, global warming means that 93% of the reef has been killed off already. If that wasn’t enough to scare you, it’s thought the reef might not even exist at all by 2030 if people continue the way we are.

Antarctic Peninsula

This is the northernmost part of Antarctica. Here, the ice covers up many Arctic islands that have remained hidden for so long. Already, 40% of the ice has melted. Although the melting ice will make it easier to explore these unknown lands, it is essential for many ecosystems to survive such as whales, seals, and penguins. We could soon be waving goodbye to some of these creatures if we aren’t careful.

Joshua Tree National Park

Hidden in California is this national park filled with Joshua trees. However, The Golden State has been all over the news in the last few years thanks to the many droughts from the passing summers. The desert would once receive five inches of rainfall. Now, they are getting less than one. Unfortunately, Joshua trees are struggling to reproduce. If there isn’t a substantial rainfall soon, these trees could quickly begin to fade away.

The Maldives

These are the islands that are on the front of every holiday brochure. Yes, we’re talking about The Maldives. Sadly, it looks as though we might have to take a trip soon if we want to see a slice of paradise for ourselves. The islands are set so low that rising sea levels mean they could soon be lost forever. The president of the country, Mohamed Nasheed, aims to have the country fossil fuel free by 2020. However, if that doesn’t work, they have purchased surrounding land to house their 380,000 inhabitants.

Mount Kilimanjaro Glacier

In Africa lies a mountain that was once one of the biggest challenges for climbers everywhere. However, the mountain is rapidly shrinking thanks to the melting ice cap at the summit. As the ice caps melt, the dark soil underneath is exposed. In turn, this absorbs more heat and causes even more melting. Now, it’s stuck in a never-ending cycle. Unfortunately, over 85% of the glacier is gone. Although they have been on Earth for 10,000 years, it’s believed the ice will be melted within 15 years.

The Dead Sea

Did you know this sea is ten times saltier than any other ocean on the planet? This makes it a massive attraction for tourists thanks to its many health benefits. However, the ‘80s saw many hotels crop up all along the shoreline. These have caused the sea levels to drop by 80 feet – roughly 2 billion gallons every year – as well as losing a third of the sea’s surface. As if that wasn’t enough, major sinkholes are also opening up all along the shoreline and taking even more of the beauty with it. It could be time to book a ticket before it’s gone for good!

The world is a beautiful planet, but it looks as though we might have to work a whole lot harder if we want to keep it looking so stunning. In the meantime, this seems like the perfect chance to see these fast-disappearing natural wonders while they’re still around, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.