30 Famous Stars From The 60s – Where Are They Now?

Shirley MacLaine – Then

When Shirley MacLaine was born, her parents were probably foreseeing their daughter’s bright future, as she was named after actress, Shirley Temple.  At the beginning she used to play boys roles until she landed the stage role of Cinderella’s godmother. MacLaine’s film debut was in The Trouble with Harry, a Hitchcock movie from 1955 for which she also won a Golden Globe Award. 1960 was a fantastic year for the rising actress when she won her second Academy Award nomination for the film, The Apartment.

Shirley MacLaine – Now

MacLaine’s career was one of the most prosperous ones in Hollywood as she has been part of endless films playing different roles. Some of her latest work includes: Valentine’s Day, In Her Shoes and Elsa and Fred. She also played teh role of the legendary designer, Coco Chanel, in the movie about her life. She was married to Steve Parker for almost thirty years until they separated in 1982.

Catherine Deneuve – Then

When the French actress was only thirteen, she landed her first role in the 1957 movie, Les Collégiennes where she starred alongside her younger sister, Sylvie Dorléac. In fact, the whole family was in show business and were drawn to acting. Later in her career, the French beauty had several appearances in movies including the 1960 film, L’Homme à femmes. That film paved the way for later roles when she was cast in the 1964 musical, Les Parapluies de Cherbourg, which owned her a stardom status. In 1965 she played in Roman Polanski’s iconic film, Repulsion Deneuve.

Catherine Deneuve – Now

Apart from acting, Deneuve also appeared in two Playboy issues in the 60s where she posed nude. She was also the face of Chanel No. 5 later into the 70s. For years she was the muse for Yves Saint Laurent, who was also in charge of many of her outfits in several films. She later went on to appear in many movies including the 1993 film, My Favorite Season, 8 Women in 2002 and Potiche in 2010. She won her first Academy Award in 1992 for her role in Indochina. She is expected to feature in two films this year.

Anouk Aimée – Then

Another French beauty who made it in Hollywood is Anouk Aimée who has been part of over 70 films since she first started her acting career in the forties. She began her professional career at 14 years old when she studied dance and drama. The one film that gained her international recognition and fame was the 1960 Federico Fellini’s film, La Dolce Vita. she continued to appear in other films of the same director such as the 1963 film, 8½.

Anouk Aimée – Now

Aimée continued to act not only in English speaking films and French ones, but also had a couple of performances in Spain, Germany, Italy and more. She has been married and divorced four times, and she has one child from her second marriage. Her name is well-known throughout Europe and is an icon in France. She has appeared in a total of 70 films since beginning her career in 1947.

Julie Christie – Then

The sixties British icon had her first stage and television appearance in 1957, however it was in 1961 when she got her big break in BBC’s A for Andromeda. A year later, the British actress was already featured in a couple of comedies. In one of them she played the role of Liz in Billy Liar, a role which she received her first BAFTA Award nomination for.

Julie Christie – Now

The sixties were a great decade for the talented actress who has appeared in many films and warned numerous accolades for her performances. While the sixties were amazing for Christie, in the eighties she took more of a backseat, but always remained in the spotlight. The animal rights activist has been married to journalist, Duncan Campbell since 2008.

Claudia Cardinale – Then

The gorgeous Italian actress was born in a Tunisian neighborhood of La Goulette where she was considered in a 1957 competition ‘The Most Beautiful Italian Girl in Tunisia. When she won the grand prize of a trip to Italy, she didn’t know that journey would change her career forever. She landed many roles and was signed onto many contracts. It was her roles in her movies from that earned her international fame.

Claudia Cardinale – Now

One of Cardinale’s most famous roles was in The Pink Panther where she co-starred alongside David Niven. She went on to appear in many movies and had won many awards including the Nastro d’Argento Award for Best Actress and Actress Award at the 47th Antalya “Golden Orange” International Film Festival. The feminist political liberal has served an ambassador of goodwill for UNESCO since 2000.

Barbara Feldon – Then

The multi talented actress is mostly known for her television roles, although she also had her foot steps in theater. One of her most famous roles was in the sitcom from the 60’s, Get Smart where she played Agent 99. Her stint in the ‘Top Brass’ commercial on television led her to land many roles in television. In 1964 she was in an episode of CBS’ Mr. Broadway, where she appeared alongside Simon Oakland.

Barbara Feldon – Now

The 84-year-old reprised her role as ‘Agent 99’ when she starred in the television film version of Get Smart, Again! in 1989. She’s had a couple of guest star roles in later television series and has released a book in 2003 called, Living Alone and Loving. Barbara got her start in theater but her Get Smart role is still her best known one.

Katharine Ross – Then

Ross was first introduced to the world of acting in 1957 when she attended Santa Rosa Junior College for a year. She later moved to San Francisco to continue with her acting studies until she was cast as Cordelia by John Houseman in 1964 for the stage production of King Lear. After an unsuccessful audition for the West Side Story, she landed her first role in television in the 1962 film, Sam Benedict.

Katharine Ross – Now

The actress has been divorced four times and she has been with her latest husband, actor, Sam Elliott since 1984. She met Elliott when they were co-starring in the 1978 film, The Legacy. Her most recent projects have been in films such as The Hero in 2017, which she co-starred alongside her husband, Sam Elliot. Ross has been married a total of five times, each time coming out on top.

Jeanne Moreau – Then

Moreau, the Parisian actress and singer had her first stage debut in 1947 until she later turned to the big screen to play small roles. She rose to fame with the 1958 film of Elevator to the Gallows which was directed by Louis Malle. Later she appeared in the 1962 film, jules et Jim and she has been part of the acting business years later. In 1960 she even won the Award for Best Actress at Cannes Film Festival for her role in Seven Days… Seven Nights.

Jeanne Moreau – Now

The French actress had won multiple awards for her performances including a Cesar Award and a BAFTA Award and there’s no doubt that the fact that she’s bilingual had helped her land many dynamic roles over the years. The French icon sadly passed away in July 2017, leaving us with years of her talent on screen. She passed away in her native Paris surrounded by her closest of family members.

Vanessa Redgrave – Then

The British actress rose to fame when she starred in 1961 when she played the role of Rosalind in the stage production As You Like It. Since her big performance, she has been part in over 30 productions of London’s West End as well as on Broadway. She turned to the big screen and to appear in many films including the 1966 A Suitable Case for Treatment, Isadora two year later and many more.

Vanessa Redgrave – Now

The decorated British actress, who comes from a family of famous actors, is still very active in terms of her acting career and at 80 she’s still going strong. Little known fact about Vanessa: she was Liam Neeson’s mother-in-law when he was married to Natasha Richardson (who sadly passed away after a skiing accident). Vanessa’s most recent projects include Letters to Juliet, Black Box, Foxcatcher, and The Go-Between.

Sophia Loren – Then

From beauty pageant to Hollywood, there is no wonder how the stunning Italian actress made such an easy transition, her looks were one of a kind at the time. Loren, who began acting in the early fifties when she was only 15 years old, went on to appear in notable films such as The Pride and the Passion, Started in Naples and Houseboat. However it was her role in Vittorio De Sica’s film, Two Women which really gained the beauty worldwide recognition.

Sophia Loren – Now

The Academy Award-winner is in her mid 30s these days and besides the Academy Award she has won, she has also been honored with several Golden Globes, a BAFTA and a Grammy. Her late husband, Carlo Ponti passed away more than ten years ago and Loren never remarried. She has two children from her marriages and continues to be synonymous with Hollywood glamor and talent.

Stefania Sandrelli – Then

When the Italian actress won a beauty contest in 1960, it marked the start of her long professional career as an actress. After the contest she was on the cover of Le Ore magazine which earned her much recognition. Her first big film appearance was in Divorce, Italian Style, a movie from 1961. She kept working with the same director in many of her future films until the beginning of the seventies.

Stefania Sandrelli – Now

Throughout her career, Sandrelli has won several awards including the 1980, Nastro d’Argento award, for Best Supporting Actress for her role in La Terrazza. In 2005 she was honored with the Golden Lion for her Lifetime Achievement at the 62nd Venice International Film Festival. Stefania has been in a very long term relationship with fellow Italian singer Gino Paoli. They have a daughter together, Amanda, who is also an actress.

Maggie Smith – Then

Being one of the most well known British actresses in the world, Maggie Smith has had a prosperous and varied career with over fifty films under her belt. Her work on stage, on television and in films spans over sixty years. Her first stage performance was in 1952 at the Oxford Playhouse and her Broadway debut came soon after. In 1969 she won her first Oscar for Best Actress for her role in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie.


Maggie Smith – Now

Smith’s second Academy Award win for Best Supporting Actress was in 1978 for her role in California Suite. In 1990, she received one of the most prominent honors when the Queen made her a Dame. Maggie Smith continues to act and is not up for resting one bit. Her latest roles were in films such as The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and The Lady in the Van. She has not acted since 2015 but we have a feeling it has more to do with her wanting a vacation than anything else.

Angela Lansbury – Then

The London born actress has been part of the Hollywood scene for many years and has had one one the most successful careers. She landed her first film role after she signed with MGM in 1942 and from that pint on she was unstoppable. For many years she was considered a B-list star, however when she appeared in the 1962 feature, The Manchurian Candidate, she gained global acclaim. She later continued to gain fame with leading roles on Broadway.

Angela Lansbury – Now

In 1984 she became the lead star of the hit crime series, Murder, She Wrote, and was part of the show for the entire 12 season span that it ran for. She has also been nominated for an Emmy eighteen times! Angela is also a knighted woman in England, being given the honor by the Queen. She has two children and has been married twice, most recently widowed by her second husband.

Ali MacGraw – Then

The former model, actress and author spent a few years in the beginning of the sixties working for Harper’s Bazaar magazine, and later for Vogue as a model and photographic stylist. Her high sense of aesthetics also led her to pursue a career as an interior designer as well. In terms of her acting career, she first rose to fame in 1969 when she played in Goodbye, Columbus, a film for which she also won the Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer. With her effortless style and hippie vibe, MacGraw conquered the fashion world as well as the film industry.

Ali MacGraw – Now

The eighties were also good to the stunning actress when she appeared in the 1983 hit series, The Winds of War. She has been married and divorced three times and has one son. She’s also famous for having an abortion when she was in her early twenties when that kind of procedure was considered illegal. Currently living in New Mexico, she is leading a relatively low-key life.

Jacqueline Bisset – Then

The 72 year old British beauty began her professional film career in 1965 and she rose to fame with her roles in The Detective and The Sweet Ride, which she was nominated for most promising newcomer Golden Globe. In 1969 she had a breakthrough playing an ‘older woman’ in the comedy The First Time. She went on to star in more films in the seventies including Airport and Day for Night, for which she won an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

Jacqueline Bisset – Now

Bisset received Légion d’honneur in 2010 which placed her once again in the spotlight. In 2015 she played alongside Drew Barrymore and Toni Colette in Miss You Already. Her most recent roles were in films such as The Last Film Festival, Backstabbing for Beginners, L’Amant Double, and 9/11. She may be in her early 70s but she is looking fabulous and keeping her career first.

Shirley Knight – Then

The strikingly beautiful actress proved that beauty and talent go hand in hand when she has appeared in over fifty films in, numerous television shows, Broadway and Off-Broadway productions and more. She also became a member of the Actors Studio. In the sixties she had many important roles in different movies. For The Dark at the Top of the Stairs and Sweet Bird of Youth, she was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

Shirley Knight – Now

Knight has been married twice throughout her life. She has continued acting down over the years and if you can recall she was part of the incredible 1997 film, As Good As it Gets alongside Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt. She hasn’t acted since 2015, her latest roles in films like Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, and The Missing Girl.

Diana Rigg – Then

The sixties were definitely the golden years for the British actress. Rigg won great success when she appeared on shows like The Avengers where she played for three years secret agent, Emma Peel. Despite her great success, Rigg was a little thrown back from all the fame that came along. She got her big shot on the big screen when she played a Bond Girl in the 1969 movie, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, of the successful franchise.

Diana Rigg – Now

Following her spinning success, Rigg was made Dame by the Queen in 1994. You can spot her on the successful HBO show, Game of Thrones where she plays matriarch Olenna Tyrell. Her role in the Game of Thrones seasons has added an extra layer of Hollywood legend to the super successful show. We were sad to see her go (sorry for the spoiler for those who haven’t seen it yet!).

Nancy Sinatra – Then

She is the eldest daughter of legendary crooner, Frank Sinatra, also known as Ol’ Blue Eyes. The actress and singer who has inherited almost everything from her famous father, the talents and the looks, is mostly recognized for her 1996 hit song,’These Boots Are Made for Walkin’. The young Sinatra made her singing debut when she appeared on her famous dad’s television special of The Frank Sinatra Timex Show: Welcome Home Elvis in 1960.

Nancy Sinatra – Now

At the surprising age of 54, Sinatra posed for a 1995 Playboy issue, a photoshoot which caused a lot of controversy. The singer is 77 years old these days and has two daughters from her second husband and one granddaughter. She is always remembered for her Playboy days which were a very heated topic for those conservatives out there.

Betty White – Then

She will always be Hollywood’s Golden Girl, in so many different ways. White is not only the female actress with the longest career as an entertainer, but was also the first women who took control behind the cameras and not just in front of them. She has won multiple awards for her performances overt the years including Emmy Awards for her roles on the The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Golden Girls.

Betty White – Now

Betty White is, believe it or not, 95 years old and she is unstoppable! The funny lady’s latest big role was on the sitcom Hot in Cleveland where she played the role of Elka Ostrovsky. While she has been in films like The Proposal, The Lorax, and has narrated documentaries, it’s her television roles that have made her the legend she is today.

Raquel Welch – Then

The multi-talented actress and singer won attention when she starred in the 1966 film, Fantastic Voyage. That same year she starred in the film One Million Years B.C. where she had only three lines, but it was her image in a bikini that made her a household name and it was the same image that was featured on one of the best selling posters of all time.

Raquel Welch – Now

For as long as we can be remembered, Welch has been recognized not only for her beauty but for her performances. In fact, she was chosen as one of ‘100 Sexiest Stars in Film History’. To these day she makes occasional appearances on television. Don’t count her out just yet, Raquel has been in films like the 2017 How to Be a Latin Lover, and television shows like CSI and Date My Dad.

Shirley Jones – Then

The Partridge Family star, who turned down the role of Carol Brady from The Brady Bunch, was always on the producers’ minds when they wanted to cast for the lead role. Jones landed the role of Shirley Partridge on the musical sitcom which became a major hit in the seventies. The talented actress has always been drawn to musicals, in fact, she starred in several musical films including the 1955 movie, Oklahoma! and later in The Music Man in 1962.

Shirley Jones – Now

With a career that spanned over six decades, Jones was one of the busiest actresses in Hollywood. Later in her career she starred on The Drew Carey Show. The actress was married to another famous talent, Jack Cassidy and the couple have three sons. While we haven’t heard of her in a while, she has kept her toe in the industry, appearing in films like One the Wing, Zombie Night, and Family Weekend.

Joan Collins – Then

The British actress who was born in west London, attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art where she acquired her acting skills. She arrived in Hollywood at the age of 22 and immediately landed some of the biggest roles in major films at the time including Rally Round the Flag, Boys! and more. Joan continued to travel back and forth between the U.S and the U.K throughout her career.

Joan Collins – Now

Probably her most notable television role, Collins played the famous Alexis Colby on the 80’s soap opera, Dynasty, for which she won a Golden Globe for her excellent performance. The woman wth the catty eyes was also made a Dame in 2016 by Queen Elizabeth II. Joan has been married a record five times and has three children from her relationships.

Julie Newmar – Then

From the lady with the catty eyes, to the Catwoman. Julie Newmar, who is know for being so versatile when it comes to her performances, started her acting career in the late fifties when played the role of Katrin Sveg on Broadway’s The Marriage-Go-Round. In the 1960’s she was famous for playing Catwoman in the television version of Batman. Newmar, who was also a great dancer, landed roles which fit her passion including the ‘dancer – assassin’ in Slaves of Babylon.

Julie Newmar – Now

In 1992, Newmar appeared in the late George Michael’s music video, ‘Too Funky’ and has returned to the Batman sensation, only from behind the cameras, where she did some voice over work. She was married once to lawyer, J. Holt Smith, but the two divorced after seven years of marriage. You may be surprised to learn that in 2016 she did a voice role for Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders.

Barbra Streisand – Then

With a career which spanned over six decades, there’s no wonder why Barbara Streisand in considered an icon in American culture. The multi-talented woman who is not only a successful singer, but also an incredible actress and filmmaker, had received multiple awards for her work throughout the years. She began her recording career in the sixties and later turned to acting where she starred in The Way We Were and A Star Is Born, among other films.

Barbra Streisand – Then

As of 2016, the great artist who is 75 years old today, still goes on tours, mostly within the U.S. Her musical and film achievements are like no other female entertainer. She keeps busy with her music on a daily basis but doesn’t actually have to work for a living, she is Barbara Streisand after all! She still likes to act as well, appearing in The Guilt Trip in 2012.

Diana Ross – Then

The Detroit born and raised, rose to fame in the sixties when she was part of the girl group, The Supremes which gained incredible success. Due to her success on the vocal group, Diana paved the way for African-American R&B to become more mainstream. Ross left the group in 1970 to pursue a solo career. Her hit ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ is still considered one of the greatest songs in music history.

Diana Ross – Now

Diana Ross also turned to acting and went on to act in films such as Lady Sings the Blues and the 1975 film, Mahogany. The singer’s first marriage was to Robert Ellis Silberstein but the two separated after 6 years. She even had a three-year romance with Gene Simmons of Kiss in the eighties. She marred her second husband, Arne Næss (who was tragically killed in 2004) in 1986, and although this marriage lasted longer, the two divorced in 2000.

Julie Andrews – Then

She will forever be mostly known for her legendary role of Mary Poppins in the 1964 film. The sixties were definitely good to Andrews, who after the success of Mary Poppins, she went on to star in the 1965 hit musical film, The Sound of Music. In fact, the British actress’ career started when she was just a little girl. Her first prominent on stage performance was in My Fair Lady.

Julie Andrews – Now

The Academy Award winner was made a Dame by the Queen in 2000 and she revived her acting career in the beginning of the millennium with The Princess Diaries film and its subsequent sequel. Andrews is 81 years old and is a full-time grandmother to nine grandchildren. Just because she is a full time grandma, doesn’t mean she can’t work. She has been the voice of Marlena in the Despicable Me films!

Brigitte Bardot – Then

The Paris born beauty was one of the biggest stars in the 60’s, and there was no way you could miss the French actress who was also a model, a dancer and a singer. The aspiring ballerina began her acting career on 1952 but it was in 1957 that she gained world-wide recognition with the film And God Created Woman. She became a muse to many authors and fashion designers and continued to succeed in the entertainment industry.

Brigitte Bardot – Now

Bardot, who is 82 years old, has appeared in almost 50 films throughout her career. She has been divorced three times throughout her life and is still married to her fourth husband, Bernard d’Ormale, whom she married in 1992. She has one child from her relationships and still remains one of the most well known models and actresses of the last century.

Ursula Andress – Then

The Swiss bombshell is mostly famous for her work as the first ever Bond Girl when she starred as Honey Ryder. The former model, continued to star in many films throughout the sixties and the seventies, including in the satire from 1967 that was made on the Bond franchise, Casino Royale. Her blonde hair and seductive look was all she needed to make it all work in her favor.

Ursula Andress – Now

She also went on to star in The Southern Star, Red Sun alongside Charles Bronson and Alain Delon, and Slave of the Cannibal God from 1978. Ursula’s love life was one of the more dynamic ones. She dated actor, Harry Hamin for a few years and even dated James Dean briefly before his tragic death. She was also part of the popular soap, Falcon Crest. The 80-year-old actress has been named one of ‘100 Sexiest Stars in Film History’.

Mary Tyler Moore – Then

Mostly famous for playing the lead role on the television sitcom, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Moore’s career actually began in the early sixties when she appeared on The Dick Van Dyke Show for six years from 1961 through 1966. Mary Tyler Moore’s roles on both shows broke those stereotypical portrayals of women on television and in a sense, Moore changed American television by showing a stronger, more feminist image on television.

Mary Tyler Moore – Now

Later in her career, Mary went on to appear in Ordinary People. The talented actress and the Oscar nominee sadly passed away in January 2017 at the age of 80 in her home in Connecticut. She will always be remembered for her pure talent and drive to succeed in her chosen profession – acting! Moore is survived by one child and third husband, Robert Levine.

Barbara Eden – Then

Barbara’s acting career started when she attended City College of San Francisco where she studied theater. 1951 was the year when she was also recognized for her beauty as she was elected as Miss San Francisco. Before she got her big break as the star of I Dream of Jeannie, Eden starred is a couple of plays and later turned to the big screen. In 1960, she even co-starred alongside The King, Elvis Presley in Flaming Star. When Eden was chosen in 1965 to play the leas role in the fantasy sitcom, I Dream of Jeannie, that was definitely the biggest turning point in her career.

Barbara Eden – Now

After the Jeannie sensation, Eden went on to star in several drama films, although she did come from a background of comedy. In the beginning of the seventies she even co starred alongside her former Jeannie star, Larry Hagman in a film called A Howling in the Wood. She also starred in Harper Valley PTA which was later made into a television series. Later in her life, Eden wrote a memoir named Jeannie Out of the Bottle which was published in 2011. In 1988, the famed actress received her Hollywood Walk of Fame star for her prominent contribution to American television.