Extremely amusing photos taken on planes


Do you think you’ve seen enough exotic animals and disgusting behavior on planes? Oh, you do? Well, we don’t think you have. During our search of the internet and of course, our organic habit of taking interest in strange things, we’ve managed to snag some of the most peculiar, uploaded images out there. There are now, officially, record-breaking amounts of farm animals flown on planes these days. We’re not just talking about below deck, but literally, these farm animals are passengers on planes. Also, let’s not forget about the unnerving behavior passengers think are appropriate while mid-flight. Just for the record, taking your pants, socks, or undergarments off is not acceptable.


On the bright side, there are numerous encounters with children that would make anyone giggle! Sure, there are still crying troops of out-of-control children that will make your flight barely tolerable but that’s what all these cute puppies are on board for, right? Not every plane experience needs to be muddled up with riddances. Good things happen, too!

The best flight photos that are taken and uploaded to the internet are the ones that include flight attendants and sometimes, the pilots. Usually, we’re witnessing (and documenting!) the crew doing things they aren’t supposed to be doing. Other times, we get to see what they deal with on a daily basis as they continue to fly the friendly skies with not-so-friendly passengers. We will tell you one thing, though. From this list alone, we’ve picked up a whole new slew of hygiene techniques and airline products that will make our next trip go much smoother – and you know what? Yours, too! Get ready to laugh hard until you bust a gut because these plane photos are as unbelievable as they are so hysterical.

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