AirBnB Hosts Share Their Worst Guest Stories


Airbnb has become a very popular way to travel. This service offers people the opportunity to rent out their apartments and rooms for short-term stays. It’s often cheaper and more convenient than a hotel, and you get to have a space to yourself.

Renting a room in your house out to complete strangers, while being a great money maker, is a pretty risky business. Here are some of the worst guests to have ever graced an Airbnb house.

Break in

A pair of American teenage girls decided to break into the flat a few doors down to the one they were renting and totally trash it for no reason other than they wanted to. They were arrested, and rightly so.


Naked truth

One guest was naked the entire duration of her stay, no matter who was in the apartment. The weirdest part was that she didn’t reference it at all, and acted as if it was totally normal.


You make me sick

One guy threw a party at a place he was renting for a weekend and ended up having to pay the owners compensation after party-goers threw up in the AC floor vents.


Apartment attack

One group of travelers not only ransacked their host’s apartment but managed to break into a locked closet and stole cash, passports and family heirlooms.



What a mess

One host checked their apartment after a group had left, to find meth pipes strewn around, axe holes in the doors and his computer had been stolen.


Party pooper

One apartment was used for a 21st birthday party, over 100 guests were kicked out by the police.


Clean break

One party held at an Airbnb home caused over £50,000 worth of damage and required professional cleaners to get rid of the bodily fluids. Ew.


Breaking the Bansky

An original Banksy print entitled, Leopard and Barcode which was worth £8,000 was stolen from one home during a couple’s stay.


Not that kind of party

One host thought he was renting out his home for a family who was attending a wedding, however, when he came back, it was clear that a fetish party had been held in his house. The aftermath was apparent. And gross.



Secret wedding

After coming home and feeling that something was a little “off” (furniture slightly moved, garden wrecked), one host found that his house had secretly been used for an entire family wedding. He found out on Facebook.


Better than a stable

One rather wealthy Chinese lady used an Airbnb in which to give birth, to ensure her child’s US citizenship. She left dirty diapers hidden all around the house too.


Roll with the punches

While asking some pretty horrific guests to vacate her apartment after a drunken party, one host was punched in the stomach by a guest!


We shall not, we shall not be moved!

One male guest decided that he was just not going to leave a property, claiming squatters rights after trying to cancel a booking after just two days.