This 56-year-old agreed to carry her daughter’s baby, but had no idea what would happen next

For many people, the chance to become a mother or a father is something that has always put a smile on their face. They spend their childhood years wishing they were older so that they could have a child, and they spend their adult years waiting for the right moment to bring a tiny human being into the world. While there are some people who find it incredibly easy to have children, there are others who need a little help – and that’s totally okay. In fact, new developments in the realm of science means that it’s now easier than ever to bring a child into the world, whether you can carry the child yourself or not.

These developments seem to have come at the right time because society is changing for the better, and science needs to keep up. There are couples of the same gender who are looking to raise a family together, there are single people who want to have a child without anyone by their side, and there are others who wish to defy their body clock and welcome a newborn into the world in their older years. Thankfully, there are now various different routes these people can go down to do this. They could adopt a child, or they could try their hands at in vitro fertilization, which is one of the most popular forms of reproduction. This process involves the fertilization of the female eggs outside of the body before they are placed back inside the womb. However, there are some women who do not have the capabilities to grow a baby inside of them – which is where surrogacy comes into play.

By using another woman to carry the baby, the child will still carry all of their DNA and be born naturally, and these surrogate mothers are normally strangers hoping to help another out. Yet, there are times where the surrogate is a little closer to home, and that’s exactly what happened when a 56-year-old agreed to carry her daughter’s baby. Yet, none of them realized they would soon embark on a rollercoaster journey that would tear their family apart…

A rollercoaster journey

There are many people in this world who have dreamed of having a child for as long as they can remember. They have dreamed of the day that they would hold their tiny human in their hands for the first time, and they have longed for the day that they can call a child theirs. Yet, the world is often a cruel mistress, and there are many people who cannot have children naturally. While there are various routes to go down, many couples choose to go through in vitro fertilization and use a surrogate to carry the child. In this story, one 56-year-old mother decides to give her daughter the best gift she could ever ask for and carry her daughter’s child – but none of them had no idea the journey this would take them down.

The family in question

However, to truly understand this question we need to learn a little more about the family in question. So, say hello to the Coseno family! Kim and Joe Coseno had been married for many years and were ready to expand their family. Unfortunately, the couple had known for a while that they would not be able to conceive naturally. This was due to the fact that Kim had previously had to go under the knife for a partial hysterectomy. Because of this, Kim and Joe had to think about their options. Did they really want children? Which option would they choose to do so? Before too long, they realized that the answer was right in front of them.

Finding a way

As Kim and Joe were looking into possible options for their pregnancy journey, they touched on various different subjects. They looked into adoption, they looked into IVF, and they even looked into surrogacy. But who would be their surrogate? In the end, the answer came to them in the form of Jaci Dalenberg; Kim’s mother. Jaci could see that her daughter was tormented about the fact that she couldn’t conceive naturally, and wanted to help her out. That was when the 56-year-old offered herself up for the job. She would be their surrogate.

Weighing up the risks

Although Jaci was ready and willing to carry her daughter’s child, they did have to weigh up the risks involved with their plan. After all, Jaci was much older than the average mother, and there are often many complications when it comes to older pregnancies. Despite this, Jaci knew that she had to do this for her daughter. She knew that her daughter and her son-in-law were desperate to have a family together, and she wanted to make her daughter as happy as she could possibly be – no matter the risks.

A mother’s love

After much debate and deliberation, Kate and Joe decided to accept her mother’s kind offer and go ahead with the process. Before Jaci could carry the child, a large number of Kate’s eggs needed to be fertilized outside of the body. Once this was done, they were implanted into Jaci’s uterus in the hope that they would eventually grow into a baby. In her eyes, Jaci was doing the only thing a mother should do. She was making her daughter happy by taking on this new role and showcasing her motherly love.

A successful mission

Kim and her husband waited patiently to hear any news about her mother and the embryos and eventually heard the good news. Jaci was pregnant with their child! They heard the life-changing news at the beginning of 2008 and couldn’t wait to see their baby on the first scan. However, when the momentous day finally arrived, and they were sat in the doctor’s office, they realized that something was different. Instead of seeing one heart and one baby on the screen, they noticed there were three hearts. They were having triplets!

A successful delivery

The family were over the moon to be welcoming three new faces into their brood, and their excitement became even more overwhelming on the day of October 11, 2008, when Jaci was rushed to the hospital. After a successful delivery, Kim and Joe could finally call themselves parents! They now had two beautiful identical daughters, as well as one non-identical triplet. Because there were three of them, Jaci was instructed to have a cesarean to ensure everything went to plan. This was especially important because the triplets weighed just three pounds each.

A little premature

Why did the babies weigh so little? Well, the triplets were actually welcomed into the world two months earlier than expected. Despite this, the triplets were healthy and seemingly happy, and everyone was completely in love with them. Kim and Joe decided to call their beautiful daughters Carmina, Ellie, and Gigi, and they couldn’t wait to take them home and truly become a family once and for all. Before they left the hospital, the couple spoke to Good Morning America about their experience and the whole ordeal.

Doing incredibly well

ABC’s Good Morning America was incredibly interested in their story, and couldn’t wait to hear what the couple had to say about their new additions. During this interview, Kim confirmed that all three of the babies were doing incredibly well despite their premature status and that they were counting down the days until they were able to take them home. Unfortunately, things seemed to be too good to be true for the family, because they were soon faced with something no parent ever wants to experience.

Devastating news

Six years after the triplets were born, Kim and Joe and the rest of the Cosenos family received devastating news that would change their lives forever. After a trip to the doctors, it was discovered that Ellie was not well at all. In fact, the doctors realized that she had five brain tumors in her head that were significantly impacting her life. For any chance of survival, Ellie would need surgery, which she completed successful – but it seems as though the bad news just kept coming for this family.

Moving their lives

After the initial surgery, the Cosenos were told that Ellie would need even more care and attention. However, the best doctor they could find was at the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Florida – miles away from where they lived. To give Ellie the best chance of survival, the family knew that they had to do something drastic. So, they uprooted their whole life and moved to Florida to be closer to the hospital. It was at this point that their other two daughters were also diagnosed with brain tumors.

A difficult diagnosis

By the time they had all reached their eighth birthday, the triplets were living with the knowledge that they were all suffering with atypical arachnoid tumors in their brains. These diagnoses were a tough blow for the Cosenos family, who believed they were out of the woods with Ellie. Yet, as they thought they were moving even further away from devastation, it seemed that they were just moving closer. To make matters worse, Kim and Joe were struggling financially, and they were running out of money to pay their extortionate medical bills.

All too much

To have any chance of survival, the triplets needed proper medical care and surgery – but the cost of this was not cheap, especially as there were three of them. Of course, the parents were never going to let their children suffer with the tumors and risk any further harm, but they had to think about their options. How would they afford the treatment needed? As they weighed up what they could do to earn some extra cash, they realized that they would have to make some serious sacrifices in their life.

Ready to do anything

As they watched their children suffer under the weight of their tumors, Kim and Joe knew that they had to make a drastic move – and they were ready to do anything. To pay for the medical bills, Joe gave up his beloved car. However, that wasn’t all that they had to give up. In an effort to save the lives of their beautiful daughters, both Kim and Joe decided to sell their wedding rings. They needed to make sure Carmina, Ellie, and Gigi survived, no matter the cost.

The right people

Because they were in a new town and a new state, the Cosenos family did not have anyone around them to help them with their case. They didn’t know anyone, they had no friends or family to their name, and they didn’t even know the area. However, things started to look up when their story was picked up by a local television station. CBS4 News wanted to cover their story, and it’s a good thing they did because the right people were listening at the right time.

A helping hand

Amazingly, a man called Joe Miranda was watching the television with his wife when he saw the Cosenos story come up on the news. He was so touched by their struggles and so overcome with emotion that he knew he had to do something. So, he decided to use some of his own wealth to give back to those who were struggling. He bought the Cosenos family their very own car so that they could easily make their way to the hospital, and he even bought them a family day out to Legoland to enjoy.

A state of shock

Kim Cosenos later spoke to CBN News about the charity of Joe Miranda and his wife and stated that she was in a state of shock when they heard the news. She couldn’t believe that people could be so selfless to those they did not know, and couldn’t believe that one man had been so kind to them. In her eyes, Joe Miranda and his wife had completely changed their lives for the better and given their daughters a fighting chance – but they had no idea the surprises weren’t over just yet.

Word getting round

Before too long, it wasn’t just Joe Miranda who knew about the triplets and their struggles. Within days the whole town had heard their story and couldn’t help but sympathise. The community knew that they all had to pool together and help the new people in their neighborhood – even if they hadn’t formally met. They all looked out for each other, and that wasn’t going to stop any time soon. So, the neighborhood raised as much money as they could… which soon worked out to be a whopping $10,000!

The community spirit

As soon as Kim and her husband heard what their neighborhood had done, they couldn’t believe it. Were they dreaming? Had that really happened? The money was crucial in the fight to saving their daughters’ lives and would go towards medical testing that they would have never been able to afford on their own. While this money left them lost for words, it was also the community spirit that left them choked up. After not knowing anyone, they now have a whole host of names and numbers that they can turn to at any point.

Onwards and upwards

Now that the Cosenos family have the money they need to help them get better, that’s all they are focused on. They are focused on getting expert advice, fighting the tumors, and living as a proper family after all this time. Despite their health concerns, the triplets seem to be as happy as ever and are just trying to make the most out of their lives. They have come a long way from their time inside their grandmother’s belly, and they’re only going onwards and upwards from there.