Where are the women of Three’s Company now?

Three’s Company was one of America’s favorite sitcoms throughout the late ’70s and mid ’80s. It ran for a total of eight seasons on ABC from March 15, 1977 until September 18, 1984. The show revolves around three young roommates who live together in a Santa Monica, California apartment. The pilot begins with Janet and Chrissy in need of a new roommate. After a going away party for their former (and now married) roommate, they come across a man named Jack sleeping in their bathroom and he becomes their new roomie.

While the plot may seem pretty innocent nowadays, back in the ’70s this was considered extremely controversial. A single man living with two single and beautiful women was never seen on television before. They even depict this controversy on the show when they tell their landlord that Jack likes men in order for him to allow Jack to live with the two women. The show pushed boundaries at the time with the subject and its language. This is perhaps why it became so popular. It was something fresh and new that audiences were not used to seeing, and it made them laugh.

Of course, the talented cast of Three’s Company helped with the high ratings of the show. The chemistry and comedic timing between the three roomies continued on throughout all 9 seasons, even after fan favorite Suzanne Somers left the show and was replaced.



Throughout the duration of the series, there were many guest stars who came and left Apt. 201. Many of them just so happened to be beautiful women. Whether they played friends, crushes, roommates or girlfriends- these women were often the highlight of each episode. The show was so popular that even one guest appearance could skyrocket your career- and this is what happened to many of the young actresses who appeared on the series.

Over thirty years have passed since the finale of Three’s Company. So what have the lovely ladies of the show been up?

Joyce DeWitt as Janet Wood – Then

Janet was the short, upbeat brunette roommate who lived with Chrissy and Jack in Apt. 201. Janet worked as a florist and became the manager of the Arcade Flower Shop. Janet was often seen as the smart and reliable roommate compared to the three. She often times acted as the “mother” of the apartment. In the series finale she married an art dealer named Philip Dawson in the apartment, and she later left to move in with him.

Joyce DeWitt as Janet Wood – Now

Joyce had only one minor acting job before she landed the role of a lifetime, Janet Wood. She continued to appear on the show from the first season in 1976 until the last in 1984. She has received more acting gigs since then, but none of the roles have been nearly as rememberable as her part in Three’s Company. Now 68 years old, the actress has been in a few serious relationships, but none of them led to marriage or children. Her longest relationship was from 1979-1986 when she dated actor Ray Buktenica.

Jenilee Harrison as Cindy Snow – Then

Cindy was Chrissy’s cousin who replaced Chrissy’s role (and room in the apartment) in the middle of the fifth season after her departure. Very similar to Chrissy, Cindy was depicted as the clumsy “dumb blonde.” She was constantly knocking things, and people over. Even in the sixth season, when a new blonde roommate Terri Alden takes her place in the apartment, she continued appearing on the show since she was attending UCLA (only a few minutes away from the trio’s building.) However, by the end of season 6 the character disappeared from the show with no explanation.

Jenilee Harrison as Cindy Snow – Now

Three’s Company was Jenilee’s first recurring role in a successful series. After two years of appearing on the show, she went on to appear in another big show, the soap opera Dallas- where she played Jamie Ewing. After that she appeared in several episodes on the series The Love Boat. Since the early 2000s, the now 59-year-old hasn’t done any acting and has been out of the limelight. She married Dr. Bruce Oppenheim in 1993 and the two are still together today.

Audra Lindley as Helen Roper – Then

Helen and her husband Stanley are the landlords of the trio’s apartment. Helen, unlike her husband, is friends with the three roommates and does not mind that Jack lives with two girls. She is understanding of the situation and often tries to calm tense situations between her husband and the three roomies. Later on, Helen and Stanley move out of the building and into an upscale neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Audra Lindley as Helen Roper – Now

Although Audra continued acting after Three’s Company, she is still to this day remembered for her beloved role as landlady Helen Roper (which she also played in the spin-off series The Ropers.) Audra had two marriages in her life which both ended in divorce. Her first being to Hardy Ulm from 1943 to 1970, with whom she had 5 children. And James Whitmore from 1972 to 1979. Sadly, the actress passed away from Leukemia at the age of 79 on October 16, 1997.

Ann Wedgeworth as Lana Shields – Then

Lana was the attractive divorcee who had an unrequited crush on Jack. She was constantly hitting on him and trying to get his attention, which usually resulted in Jack doing everything he can to avoid her. When the roomies get a new landlord, Ralph Furley, he develops a crush on Lana, who doesn’t feel the same but often uses it to her advantage to get what she wants.

Ann Wedgeworth as Lana Shields – Now

Ann started acting in 1956, with her first role as Angela on a mystery soap opera called The Edge of Night. After her success in Three’s Company, she landed several more roles in TV, film and stage. In 1978, she won a Tony Award for Best Actress for the play Chapter Two. Her last big role was as Merleen Eldridge in the series Evening Shade, which she played for 4 years. Now 83 years old, the former actress is retired from acting and has been married to acting teacher Ernie Martin since 1970.

Anne Schedeen as Linda – Then

Linda played Jack’s girlfriend for a brief period of time. When Jack had a date scheduled with Linda, he tries to get out of it in order to meet up with a new girl he met- he calls her and tells her that he is sick, but then goes out with Samantha instead. The new date doesn’t end well after she finds out that he lives with two beautiful women.

Anne Schedeen as Linda – Now

Before Three’s Company, Linda was known for her work on the series Marcus Welby M.D, where she played Sandy Porter. She also had played Helen Holliston in a sci-fi film titled Embryo. After appearing as Jack’s former girlfriend, she went on to receive a few more roles in television and in 1986 landed a lead role as Kate Tanner in the popular series ALF, which she played for all 4 seasons. The former actress is now 68 years old and has been married to producer and actor Christopher Barrett since 1984. The couple have one daughter together.

Elaine Giftos as Darlene/Randy – Then

Darlene plays Chrissy’s friend from high school. When Chrissy explains that she is going to be coming to the apartment for a visit, she describes her as her geeky valedictorian friend. The roomies are shocked when a very beautiful woman enters the apartment, Jack forms a crush on her until he finds out that she is actually a “professional” woman. Elaine appeared a couple seasons later as Randy, a married TV commercial director who begins dating Jack.

Elaine Giftos as Darlene/Randy – Now

Before Elaine was a TV actress, she was a ballerina in the New York City Ballet. She also performed on Broadway for a few years before moving to California to pursue a career in television and film. Elaine appeared in several TV series before appearing for the first time in Three’s Company. She played roles in shows like Love, American Style and The Partridge Family. She continued to work in various TV roles until 2001. The now 72-year-old married her husband, writer Herbert Wright in 1973, and stayed with him until his death in 2005.

Karen Austin as Denise – Then

Denise was a wealthy woman that Larry set up Jack with on a date. The two continue dating, but Denise was controlling and tried to change Jack. As the two spoke about marriage, Janet and Terri started to worry and tried to prove to Jack that she is manipulative and not right for him. Eventually, Jack listened to his roomies and he told Denise goodbye for good.

Karen Austin as Denise – Now

Karen’s acting career goes back to the late ’70s, when she appeared in an episode of Happy Days. Since then, she appeared in a large variety of TV shows and movies such as Summer Rental and Far From Home. She continued acting all the way up to 2015, when she appeared in a horror film called The Wicked Within. At the young age of 19, Austin married movie producer Kris Slava, and divorced after seven years of marriage.

Mary Cadorette as Vicky Bradford – Then

Vicky was a beautiful and young stewardess who Jack met on a flight back from San Francisco. Jack, who had a fear of flying, had to fly to San Francisco for a chef convention. Vicky tried to calm a very nervous Jack and the two got to talking and hit it off. Unfortunately, Vicky’s wealthy father did not approve of the relationship. Her character continued into the spin-off series Three’s A Crowd.

Mary Cadorette as Vicky Bradford – Now

Although Mary had plenty of roles before and after appearing in Three’s Company, and later Three’s a Crowd, she is still known best for playing Jack’s girlfriend. After the short-lived spin-off ended she played minor roles in The Love Boat, The Colbys and several more. In 1999, Mary left California and her acting career behind in order to help her ill mother in Connecticut. In 2010, her husband, William Harris, passed away. Since then, she has been directing musicals in high schools and now teaches tap dancing at a studio in Hartford, Connecticut.

Susan Lanier as Chrissy Snow – Then

Susan was the one of the original choices for Chrissy. She played the role in the second (unaired) pilot for Three’s Company in 1976 after replacing Susanne Zenor. However, when Suzanne Somers took her try at the role, the audience went wild and it was no doubt that she was the perfect choice to play Chrissy. This meant losing a job for Susan, but she quickly returned to acting in other roles in no time.

Susan Lanier as Chrissy Snow – Now

One year after her rejection, Susan was casted in the horror cult classic The Hills Have Eyes as one of the leads. After the movie was released, she received a few more various appearances in television and TV movies. Now at 70 years old, the actress is still working. Her last role was as Gwen Cooper in a low-budget horror film titled Bethrothed. In 2005, she married singer Delaney Bramlett, and stayed with him until he passed away in 2008.

Livia Ginise as Lucia Bustamente – Then

Lucia was the attractive Italian wife of Bernie Bustamente, a loan shark and mobster. After Chrissy misplaced a check that was for Jack, she felt so bad so she borrowed money from a loan shark. Jack tried to return the money to Bernie, but he told him he still owed interest. Bernie then offers to let Jack pay off the owed interest by giving cooking lessons to his wife, who ends up being interested in more than just cooking lessons.

Livia Ginise as Lucia Bustamente – Now

Livia had a fairly short acting career. Her first role was as Mitzi in the long-running soap Days of Our Lives. After her brief appearance in Three’s Company, she continued to act in more small roles in television shows such as Hill Street Blues and The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd. By the late ’80s, Livia had already retired from the acting world. Now 68 years old, the former actress keeps out of the limelight and is living a private life.

Gwen Humble as Arabella – Then

Arabella was the Southern belle who Jack fell for. When he took her out on a date at a fancy restaurant, a waitress sat on Jack’s lap to rest her tired feet. Arabella, who was out making a phone call, returned horrified and left right away. Trying to think of a way to win her back, Jack and Larry go to her apartment to serenade her. Larry hid behind the bushes and sang while Jack lip-synced to the words. Unfortunately, they delivered the serenade to the wrong woman’s window.

Gwen Humble as Arabella – Now

Gwen played in various roles until being cast as Arabella. She played in made-for-TV movies The Scarlett O’Hara War and Braker. She later went on to appear in other minor roles until the end of the ’90s. In 1980, she married English actor Ian McShane who is known for his work in Deadwood and Pirates of the Caribbean. While Ian is the 63-year-old’s first husband, she is his third wife.

Priscilla Barnes as Terri Alden – Then

After Cindy left for college, Terri replaced her in the apartment. She was the third blonde to move into that room, but Terri was much more intelligent and less ditzy than her predecessors. She worked as a nurse who Jack met in the hospital while she was giving him a shot, at first he didn’t like her but then they ended up becoming close friends.

Priscilla Barnes as Terri Alden – Now

Priscilla stayed on the show as the third roommate for three years until the series finale in 1984. She had several roles before Terri, but none were as rememberable. Priscilla has since appeared in multiple roles in TV and film and is currently playing Magda in the CW series Jane the Virgin. Priscilla is now 61-years-old and got married to her husband actor Ted Monte in 2003.

Teresa Ganzel as Greedy Gretchen – Then

Gretchen was the beautiful, shapely and ditzy blonde that Jack and Larry often spoke about. When Larry begged Jack to set him up with Terri, he agrees to help him out and sets up a date. Larry is afraid to go on the date alone so he asks Jack to come with him on a double date. Jack agrees and he is then set up with Gretchen.

Teresa Ganzel as Greedy Gretchen – Now

Teresa’s career took off after appearing in Three’s Company. She continued working in television and appeared in many shows. She is best known for her recurring role on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, where she played Matinee Lady (after replacing the late Carol Wayne) in the “Tea Time Movie” skits. In the ’90s, she began voice acting and has since then voiced for multiple animated shows like Aaahh!!! Real Monsters and Rugrats. She has also voiced in several Pixar films such as Cars, WALL-E, Up, Toy Story 3, Inside Out and more. She is now 60 years old and married to Richard Davis.

Loni Anderson as Susan Walters – Then

Susan was a stewardess who dated Jack for a brief period of time. Susan was known for finding men to wine and dine with in every city she visited on the job. In one episode, she returns to LA and gives Jack a visit. Janet and Chrissy don’t approve of the promiscuous blonde and they try to think up a plan that will show Jack who she really is.

Loni Anderson as Susan Walters – Now

Loni’s blonde hair, dimpled cheeks and shapely figure made her one of television’s it girls of the 1970s. She was cast in many TV shows and movies, but she is most well-known for her longtime role as receptionist Jennifer Marlowe in the comedy series WKRP in Cincinnati. Loni has been married 4 times. From 1988 until 1994 the actress was married to the famous Burt Reynolds. Since 2008, Loni has been married to folk singer Bob Flick. At 72 years old, Loni is still looking flawless!

Suzanne Somers as Chrissy Snow – Then

Chrissy was one of the original three roommates in the apartment. She was often portrayed as the lovable, but ditzy blonde. She worked as a typing receptionist in a law firm. Chrissy’s good looks and innocent nature often grabbed the attention of many men throughout the show, but she was always a romantic and just wanted real love.  Chrissy appeared until the fifth season, when her character left the apartment to go home and take care of her ill mother.

Suzanne Somers as Chrissy Snow – Now

For Suzanne, playing Chrissy made her an instant TV superstar. In 1978, she was so famous that she was placed on the covers of 50 magazines. After marrying her second (and current) husband Alan Hamel in 1977, she chose to have him be her manager. She ended up being cut from the show in the 5th season, due to a dispute over salary. She wanted to get paid as much as Jack Ritter, who was making $150,000 while she was only making $30,000 per episode. The actresses’s career continued onward, and she appeared as leading roles in series like She’s the Sheriff and Step by Step. The now 71-year-old is focusing on her organic cosmetics line called Suzanne Organics.