Bride drops her dream-wedding plans to do this

Getting married is up there as one of the most wonderful yet stressful times of anyone’s life. There is just so much to plan! From cars to flowers, the big dress to reception food and drink, and invitations to seating plans – how can one person organize it all without going crazy? Plus, there are several other aspects to take into consideration.

For example, do you opt for a traditional ceremony or put a twist on things with a more modern affair? There are just too many options. To top it all off, there is the worry of which traditions to include. People all across the world celebrate their big days differently. In the Philippines, it is tradition to release doves, while in Italy they throw sugary treats over the bride and groom.


Plus, German newlyweds will cut a tree as a newly married pair while a Scottish tradition involves both the bride and groom getting covered in treacle, flour, feathers, and ash. There certainly are some different ways to celebrate out there. Plus, many have their own unique ideas to decide on the guest list.

Some couples can’t imagine a big day without their entire phonebook being present, while others believe a more intimate ceremony is the perfect start to married life. However, it was one tradition in particular that this bride wanted to keep up. What could be so important that it means running out on your big day? For this bride-to-be, nothing could stop her.

Special guest

Weddings can be a time for many traditions. From throwing the bouquet to getting that something borrowed and something blue; and wearing a white dress to cutting the cake together – what would a wedding be without all those traditions that have survived hundreds of years? Many couples opt for a modern twist on their day, while some want to do everything by the traditional book. One bride was on her way to the big day when she realized that something wasn’t right, but what could be so crucial that it put all the plans on hold? When the guests realized what was happening, no one could tear this bride away from going through with the most important tradition to her…

Planning the dream

Many youngsters imagine planning their wedding day all the way from their childhood. Fairytales, relatives, and celebrities can give us all the stories and inspiration we need to decide all the fine details of the big day. Although there may always be that dream, plans may change that cause us to veer off course. So when Lisa Wilson was on her way to marry her fiancé, Robert Pantoja, there was something missing from the big day that was important enough to make a major detour. Lisa knew that she didn’t have long to get what she needed, but would she be able to make the ceremony in time?

Booking the venue

Lisa was looking forward to walking down the aisle with her new husband and was set to arrive at the venue. However, while all the guests were about to turn up, there was someone that wasn’t going to be able to make it. Lisa’s father. David Wilson had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that had caused his health to decline rapidly. With David in the hospital, it looked as though there was no way he would be able to make it.

Cooking up a plan

Although it looked as though things were against them, Lisa was determined that her father would be at her big day. There was just one problem: how would she get David to the venue when he was confined to his room in the Irvine Medical Center all the way in Orange County, California? Surely there must be something Lisa could do? After all, having her father there was Lisa’s biggest dream for her big day.

The answer

There was only one thing to do – the venue needed to move! Rather than the ideal location Lisa had been dreaming of, this bride to be decided to take her wedding and move it into the hospital. However, David had discovered that his illness was terminal. With only so many days left on Earth, it looked as though everything was working against this pair. Their dreams were slipping further and further away as Lisa set about telling the guests.

Surrounded by family

Some people invite everyone they know to their big day as they plan the biggest event anyone has ever seen. However, others enjoy having a smaller more intimate ceremony surrounded by their closest friends and family members. Lisa was now left with the job of whittling down her guest list so everyone could fit in the cramped and confined hospital room. To top it off, Lisa was going to have to move her wedding date a week earlier in case David took a turn for the worse.

The big day

August 23, 2014, rolled around and it was time. Lisa and Robert’s big day was finally here. While Lisa had always imagined that she would be on her way to a big fancy venue, she was actually traveling with her fiancé to the hospital so she could have everyone there at her big day, including her father. Looking back on the ceremony, Lisa admits it wasn’t “every bride’s dream”. However, there was something this bride needed to do before her big day was complete.

Keeping up traditions

There are many traditions that typically happen at a wedding day, but what could they all mean? Throwing rice over the newly married couple is a tradition that has been around since Ancient Roman times as many believed it would increase the pair’s chances of having children. Bridesmaids are also another tradition that has developed over the years. Initially, they were there to protect the bride from any competitor suitors. Now, these additions are there to help prepare for the big day.

Don the dancing shoes

Many fathers fear that if they walk their daughters down the aisle, then they are saying goodbye to their relationship. However, that is where the first dance steps in. This moment on the dancefloor with just father and daughter is a chance for everyone to see the unique bond they share, while fathers can see that even though their daughter is married, they haven’t lost their little girl. Nowadays there are many spins on the tradition with various other relatives and the groom getting involved.

Getting the dance

Lisa had always dreamed of dancing with her father on her big day. However, Daniel was now confined to his bed and wouldn’t be able to stand and join Lisa on the dance floor. What was Lisa going to do? After all, she had moved her entire celebration to include her father – how could she not get her dream before it was too late? That’s when she came up with a brilliant idea that would solve all her problems. No longer would she have to worry about missing out.

Coming together

Lisa asked her dad if he would join her in a dance. David knew he couldn’t stand, but Lisa had the answer. She asked her father for his hands. As the notes chimed in and Whitney Houston came to life, the pair held hands and slowly rocked to I Will Always Love You. Although David was still in his hospital bed, nothing was going to stop this father/daughter team from bringing their dream to life.

Spreading the love

As Lisa and David let the music wash over them, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. The many guests watching the ceremony couldn’t hold back any more as they witnessed a dream come true before their very eyes. David had a confession to make to his new son-in-law. As much as he loved his daughter, he believed that Robert had metaphorically won the lottery as he was now officially married to Lisa. Nothing would be able to break this magical moment.

Going viral

David Wilson uploaded a video of the entire ceremony to his Facebook page. Initially, everyone believed it would just be a chance for their friends and family that couldn’t make it to the service to get to see what happened at the hospital. However, no one believed what was about to happen. The video was captioned “the best gift a daughter could give”, and it wasn’t long before over 2 million people had seen the video. The connection touched the hearts of many.

Tragedy strikes

Sadly, it looked as though the fun times weren’t meant to last. When Lisa was supposed to be settling into married life, she was really mourning the loss of her father. On September 2, 2014 – just a few days after Lisa said “I do” – David Wilson tragically passed away. For Lisa, she is just eternally grateful that she was able to create an everlasting memory with her father before it was too late. Plus, Lisa gave David the final wish he had always wanted to see.

24-hour rush

Lisa had a while to plan her wedding, even though it was changed at the last minute. However, Wyeth Killip and Sarah Richards had been in love for months, but somehow the pair ended up getting married just 24 hours after the proposal. So why the rush? Well, Sarah’s father, Dr. Arthur Isaac Richards, had fallen ill a year before the engagement. As the months went by, Arthur’s health began to deteriorate rapidly until he was receiving hospice care. Although Sarah wanted the big day she had dreamed of, she also wanted to spend the day with her dad.

Getting prepared

While it would be a push, Sarah set about getting all the preparations in order to celebrate their big day in style. The wedding wouldn’t be official, but the pair celebrated a spiritual ceremony that had everything they would enjoy on their big day. Sarah’s best friend overnight-shipped three lace dresses so she could choose the perfect outfit, while Wyeth’s family jumped on the first plane they could to make it to the ceremony. Could they pull it off?

Walking down the aisle

It may not have been the wedding Sarah thought she would enjoy, but everything was made perfect as her dad was there to celebrate with her. Arthur put on his tuxedo and made his way to his daughter’s wedding – his final wish. This father even managed to walk Sarah down the aisle. However, the ceremony took it out of him. This was the last time Arthur went for a lie down. The following morning, it was discovered that Arthur had passed away in his sleep.


Sarah and Lisa aren’t the only daughters that have made arrangements for their fathers before it’s too late. 62-year-old Jim Zetz had always dreamed of walking his daughter, Josie, down the aisle. The problem is, Josie was only 11 years old when Jim was diagnosed with fatal pancreatic cancer. The family wanted to celebrate their final days together before their time was cut short, so booked in photographer Lindsey Villatoro to come and snap some moments of the last few days of their lives together. Only, Lindsey had other ideas for what they should be celebrating.

Gathering supplies

Josie began to think about all the memories her father would miss out on when the illness finally got the better of him. That’s when Lindsey decided to help the family create the memories before it was too late. After all, Jim would sadly be long gone by the time Josie would be walking down the aisle. That’s why the photographer suggested setting up a mock wedding to capture the special moment. It was time to gather the suits, dress, and flowers needed for the shoot.

Setting the scene

Once everything was gathered, it was now time for the family to create the memories they were so desperately looking for while Lindsey was there to capture every emotion as it unfolded. Although no groom was waiting at the end of the aisle, Josie would forever be able to look back at the photos and remember the time her dad walked her down the aisle. It was an emotional day, but one that would last a lifetime.