The cast of Becker – where are they now?


The ’90s was quite possibly the best decade for sitcoms… period. It was a time for shows like Friends, Seinfeld, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Roseanne, Saved by the Bell, Frasier, and let’s not forget Cheers… honestly, do we need to go on? By the end of the ’90s, we continued to get blessed with some pretty awesome series – one of the best being Becker.

Making its debut on CBS in November 1998, the comedy series followed the life of John Becker, a pessimistic doctor who runs a small practice in the New York City borough of the Bronx. He is a regular at the neighborhood’s local diner, and has romantic tension with the restaurant’s beautiful owner (Terry Farrell) for the majority of the series, switching to his equally gorgeous neighbor (Nancy Travis) at the end of the show. He is also often surrounded by his blind best bud (Alex Desért), his nosy employees (Hattie Mae Winston and Shawnee Smith), and his hyperactive friend who is constantly trying to push his latest invention (Saverio Guerra).

Becker ended up lasting for an impressive six seasons, airing its series finale in January 2004. It is hard to believe it has been over 14 years since we last saw the cast together, so what have they been doing since?


Dr. Becker was played by the already well-known Ted Danson, who had previously become famous for portraying Boston bar owner Sam Malone in the aforementioned, beloved ’80s-to-’90s sitcom Cheers. Although the series focused primarily on its titular character, the rest of the cast deserves just as much praise. It is safe to say that the sitcom would have never been nearly as successful or funny if it wasn’t for its incredible cast. Besides the regular cast members were some pretty amazing guest roles as well, such as the gorgeous former Charlie’s Angel Jaclyn Smith who stopped by for a couple memorable episodes.

Despite its stellar cast, spot-on comedic setups and relatable storylines, just like all the other great sitcoms of the ’90s, Becker had to end at some point, and by the fifth season, ratings started to take a plunge. However, we can still enjoy and relive our favorite Becker moments by watching the reruns that still air today and never seem to get old.

A lot has changed in the last 14 years. While some of the actors and actresses from the show have gone on to even bigger and better roles, others had difficulty landing another part that could compare.

Continue reading to catch up with the talented and marvelous cast of Becker to see what has been going on in their lives during all this time…

Ted Danson as Dr. John Becker

The series’ titular character, Dr. John Becker, is a graduate of Harvard Medical School who runs a small medical practice in the Bronx. He tends to get easily annoyed and lose his patience with his coworkers, patients, noisy neighbors, television, and pretty much everything. Despite his overall negativity, the two-time divorcee does demonstrate moments of kindness, and is seen as a dedicated and professional doctor who cares deeply for his patients, and even turned down a research job in Baltimore in order to stay where he is needed.

Ted Danson now

Five years after his long-time role as bar owner Sam Malone in the beloved sitcom Cheers, Ted Danson landed his next big role on Becker. Ted continued to make several television appearances, playing Arthur Frobisher in the FX crime-drama Damages followed by CSI supervisor D.B. Russell in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and CSI: Cyber. Currently, he has been appearing alongside Kristen Bell as Michael in NBC’s comedy The Good Place. He has been married to actress Mary Steenburgen since 1995, with whom he has two kids.

Terry Farrell as Reggie Kostas

Regina “Reggie” Kostas is the owner of the diner where Becker is a regular. She is a former fashion model who left her career behind after her father got sick. After her father died, she inherited the diner. She is then forced to put up with the restaurant’s grumpy’s customers, including Becker. Her and Becker have a brief fling, which ultimately causes Reggie to leave the diner (and the series) after the fourth season in order to head to Europe and reassess her life and career.

Terry Farrell now

Terry Farrell was written out of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, where she had portrayed Lt. Commander Dax for six seasons, in order to play Reggie. After five seasons, she said goodbye to the cast of Becker and went on to appear in a few made-for-TV movies, including the comedy-drama Crossing the Line and the action-drama Code 11-14. After taking a long hiatus from acting in 2003, she returned to the screen for a 2017 sci-fi movie titled The Circuit.

Alex Desért as Jake Malinak

Jake Malinak is Becker’s best friend, who operates the newsstand by the diner. Several years prior to meeting Becker, Jake was in a car accident that caused him to lose his eyesight. He eventually ends up marrying a woman named Amanda only one day after they met, who he continues to live with even after the marriage is annulled. In the finale, Jake announces he is moving to Chicago to attend a university there.

Alex Desért now

After Becker came to an end, Alex Desért started working as a voice actor, voicing characters for video games such as Lara Craft Tomb Raider: Legend and Scarface: The World Is Yours. He also voiced Nick Fury in the Marvel animated series, The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as well as Wise in the NBA-inspired animation The LeBrons. He has also guest starred in several series including ABC’s drama Scandal and FX’s dark comedy Better Things.

Nancy Travis as Chris Connor

Chris Connor was first introduced in the fourth season as Becker’s new neighbor who just moved to the Bronx after spending years traveling the world. Cheerful, optimistic, and charming, Chris is seen as the exact opposite of the pessimistic Becker. Throughout the last two seasons, the two form a love-hate relationship due to their clashing personalities. However, by the end of the series, the pair finally end up getting, and staying, together.

Nancy Travis now

Following her role as Chris, Nancy Travis got cast in the film adaptation of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, where she played Lydia Rodman. She then got cast as lead Susan Pearson in the TBS sitcom The Bill Engvall Show. Most recently, she played Tim Allen’s on-screen wife Vanessa Baxter in the ABC comedy Last Man Standing, which lasted for six seasons. Nancy has been married to film producer Robert N. Fried since 1994, and the couple now has two sons together.

Saverio Guerra as Bob

Bob is Reggie’s former high school classmate who frequently stops by the diner. He is short, extremely talkative, and can tend to easily annoy those around him. Despite being married, he continues to flirt with Reggie, who never liked him much in high school and still is not impressed by him or his over-the-top personality. After his wife asks him for a divorce, he becomes homeless and Linda lets him move in with her until he lands a job as the superintendent in the building Becker lives in. During the fifth season, he goes on vacation and doesn’t return for the final sixth season.

Saverio Guerra now

After Saverio Guerra’s unexpected departure from the series, he took on numerous guest roles in series such as the crime-comedy Monk and Larry David’s HBO comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm. In 2015, he portrayed Neil DeLuca in the HBO historical mini-series about former Yonkers mayor Nick Wasicsko, Show Me a Hero. His most recent acting credits were in an episode of the Netflix comedy She’s Gotta Have It as well as the TBS comedy The Detour.

Jaclyn Smith as Megan

During the show’s third season, Charlie’s Angel star Jaclyn Smith made a guest appearance for two episodes. She played a character named Megan, a former college flame of Becker’s who finds her way back into his life, only to end up using him and his credit card to go on several shopping sprees. After some convincing by his worried friends, he finally puts an end to the unhealthy relationship and hesitantly calls it quits with Megan.

Jaclyn Smith now

Since her short-lived but memorable role on Becker, Jaclyn Smith has been in television series such as the comedy crime-drama The District, where she played Vanessa Cavanaugh and the ABC sitcom Hope & Faith, where she portrayed Dr. Anne Osvath. Her last acting credit was in a 2015 Hallmark romance comedy film titled Bridal Wave. Besides acting, she also has her own line of clothing and home decor products at Kmart. She has been married to her fourth husband, surgeon Brad Allen, since 1997.

Sara Mornell as Anita

Sara Mornell joined the cast of Becker during the second and third seasons for four unforgettable episodes. She portrayed a character named Anita, a neighbor of Becker’s who knocks on his door to ask for his help after she cuts her hand. As he is bandaging her hand, he discovers that she is the call girl that everyone in the building always gossips about. Despite her controversial career, the two end up forming a nice, unexpected friendship which Becker has difficulty explaining to his friends.

Sara Mornell now

While Sara Mornell was playing Anita, she also had a recurring role as Carole Tobey in the popular family-drama Judging Amy. She continued to appear in numerous television series, but typically portrayed minor one-episode characters. In 2012, she got cast as Dr. Amanda in the comedy-drama film starring Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks, People Like Us. In 2016, she acted as the executive producer and director for the comedy series #TheAssignment, which she also starred in as herself.

Jorge Garcia as Hector Lopez

Hector Lopez appeared throughout the sixth season, after Bob’s departure, as the younger brother of one of Jake’s childhood friends. When talking about Hector, Jake described him as someone who would do pretty much anything to make money, and used to try to sell all sorts of strange items in order to make a quick buck. Hector stays around until the series finale, when he takes over as the newsstand’s newest owner after Jake leaves to Chicago for college.

Jorge Garcia now

Jorge Garcia’s role as Hector Lopez may have been short-lived, but it was exactly what the new actor needed to kickstart his career and prepare him for his big break. Following the finale of Becker, Jorge landed his biggest role yet, as stranded plane crash survivor Hugo “Hurley” Reyes in the award-winning adventure drama-fantasy Lost, which continued for six seasons. Since his days on Lost, he has been starring as conspiracy theorist Jerry Ortega in the CBS crime-drama Hawaii Five-0.

Molly Hagan as Sara

Molly Hagan, who had previously gained plenty of recognition for starring in series like the comedy Herman’s Head and co-starring in films like Code of Silence and Election, had a three-episode guest role during the third season. She played Sara, the woman who runs the bakery across from the diner. Linda is not a fan of her constant cheery personality and is a firm believer that she is always trying to prove that she is better than her.

Molly Hagan now

Not long after her brief guest spot on Becker, she landed a much more regular role as Emma Roberts’ TV mom Sue Singer in Nickelodeon’s teen sitcom Unfabulous. More recently, she has been making appearances in series like the NBC drama This Is Us, the HBO drama-mystery Big Little Lies, and the crime-drama mini-series Law & Order True Crime. She also had a minor role as Doreen Welsh in the 2016 biographical-drama starring Tom Hanks, Sully.

Frances Fisher as Dr. Elizabeth Carson

Dr. Elizabeth Carson is a doctor. She works at the hospital where Becker ends up after being shot in the shoulder, while saving Jake during a robbery attempt. During his recuperation, Becker manages to annoy everybody, and especially Elizabeth, whose orders he ignores – but the two become closer, and soon enough become involved with each other. Their relationship continues for several episodes of the show, before Elizabeth is offered a chief position in Chicago.

Frances Fisher now

Frances Fisher began her way in the ’70s in the mystery drama The Edge of Night, and went on to making guest appearances on various TV shows. More recently, she’s been on shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, sitcom Two and a Half Men, and crime drama Fargo. She also had a major role in the fantasy drama show Resurrection. The actress took part in several movies as well, including thriller The Roommate and sci-fi flick The Host, as well as Woman in Gold, alongside Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds.

Alan Blumenfeld as Vinny Deluca

Vinny Deluca is a patient of Becker’s, who is not in very good shape. When Becker takes him for a visit at the gym, Vinny has a heart attack during his workout, and sues Becker for taking him – even though he saved his life during said heart attack. Becker considers settling with Vinny, taking under consideration that if he loses the trial he might lose his practice, but eventually decides to fight for his good name.

Alan Blumenfeld now

Alan Blumenfeld made his television debut as early as 1983, with a small part in Diff’rent Strokes. Since then, he’s made countless television appearances on shows such as cult dramedy Gilmore Girls, teen drama show Felicity, medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, and crime dramas CSI and The Mentalist. He also played Matt Parkman’s father, Maury, in Heroes. In 2017, he took part in comedy movie Pinsky, as well as the Shakespeare comedy based film, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Carla Toutz as Holli

When Linda has to find a replacement to do her job, she brings in Holli (seen here on the left), who actually does less work than Linda. The two become friends, and later they pay a visit to Becker, in an effort convince him to treat a dog. Holli tells him she’s suffering from the same symptoms the dog has, trying to find out what it’s suffering from (with one of these symptoms being having a “warm and dry” nose). Becker eventually agrees to give the adorable pup a checkup.

Carla Toutz now

Aside from her guest part on Becker, the actress has also made appearances in other TV programs, like Friends, the iconic teen drama series Beverly Hills, 90210, How I Met Your Mother, and the CBS action drama Scorpion. Carla has also taken part in several movies, like romantic comedy Loveless in Los Angeles, horror film The Devil’s Dozen, and the 2016 crime drama No Way to Live. She’s also the owner and head designer of Carla Toutz Home, a company specializing in interior decorating and home organization.

Shawnee Smith as Linda

Linda works as Margaret’s aid in Becker’s practice. She comes from a family of extreme wealth, and Becker often explains her presence in the office solely due to the fact that he owed her father a favor. Despite not being the most responsible or consistent employee, she does typically offer a unique and sometimes helpful perspective on various issues that take place at work. Due to her bubbly nature and revealing outfits, Linda becomes quite popular among Becker’s patients.

Shawnee Smith now

Shawnee Smith’s role on Becker acted as the actress’ big break. Following the series finale, she landed multiple roles in several horror films such as Saw I, II, III, and VI as well as The Grudge 3. In 2012, she landed another big role in television, as Charlie Sheen’s on-screen ex-wife Jennifer Goodson in FX’s comedy series Anger Management. The mother-of-two’s last acting credit was in 2016, when she played Dr. Nancy Wells in a holiday-drama film titled Believe.

Hattie Mae Winston as Margaret Wyborn

Margaret Wyborn works as both a nurse and office manager at Becker’s practice. She is often portrayed as the most level-headed and reasonable person in the office, and acts as a wise, motherly figure to Becker and Linda. A proud, devoted Christian, Margaret frequently quotes Bible verses when trying to prove a point or teach her coworkers a lesson. She is also known to have a stubborn side to her, for example when she first met Becker she refused to leave his office until he hired her.

Hattie Mae Winston now

The talented Hattie Mae Winston already had an impressive list of acting credits behind her when she landed her role on Becker. She had played Sylvia and Valerie the Librarian in the award-winning PBS ’70s children’s show The Electric Company. Post-Becker, Hattie appeared in minor roles in television series, and most recently was seen on-screen in 2015 portraying recurring character Miss Pearly in the comedy series starring Cedric the Entertainer, The Soul Man.

Lindsay Price as Amanda

Beverly Hills, 90210 star Lindsay Price stopped by for a three-episode role during the fourth and fifth seasons of Becker. She played Amanda, the young and beautiful woman who Jake marries only 24 hours after meeting her. The marriage does not last long, and is eventually annulled. However, the couple continues to live together for a brief period of time – that is until Amanda leaves one day, taking all of her ex-husband’s possessions with her.

Lindsay Price now

By the time Lindsay made an appearance on Becker, she was already famous for portraying Janet Sosna in ’90s teen drama Beverly Hills, 90210, as well as Michael Lai in soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. After her brief guest role, she landed a role on the short-lived comedy-drama Pepper Dennis, followed by the NBC comedy-drama starring Brooke Shields Lipstick Jungle and the ABC fantasy Eastwick. Lindsay was last seen in an episode of the comedy series Mary + Jane in 2016. Since 2013, she has been married to celebrity chef Curtis Stone.