The cast of the Big Bang Theory – in real life

When The Big Bang Theory came into our lives, we realized it’s just the thing our television screens have been missing all along. The CBS comedy celebrated the geek culture while providing us with interesting and hilarious characters like never seen before.

In September 24, 2007, geeks all over the world rejoiced as TBBT first graced our screens. The show is about four science nerds whose lives are turned around when a beautiful, perky, blonde girl moves into their building. While they are incredibly smart, they’re also very socially awkward, and while their neighbor Penny isn’t the brightest girl you could find, she knows more about the real world than they do. So as they become friends, they all complete one another, and teach each other new things.

As soon as Penny moves in, Leonard immediately falls in love with her, and spends her time wishing she would see him as more than just a friend and a sweet guy. He watches as she dates horrible guys and bad boys, but eventually makes his move and manages to win her heart. Now, years later, Penny and Leonard are married and make for an adorable, and hilarious couple.

For eleven seasons, TBBT made us laugh, cry, and mostly feel good about ourselves. We’ve watched as these beloved characters really came to their own and turned into better versions of themselves. We got excited when the geeks got the girls and made big steps in their successful careers. But even after all this time, TBBT still remains one of the most popular and most watched shows in America (and the world).

The show has had numerous guest appearances by both A-list actors, as well as some of the most respected scientists out there – including Stephen Hawking himself! It only goes to show the cultural impact The Big Bang Theory has made, by shining a light on the geeky parts pop culture – going to Comic-Con, collecting action figures, playing video games, and of course – reading comics.

But with a huge show like that, you can’t really avoid the drama on set. For instance, you might be aware of the fact that Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco were having a secret relationship during the course of the show. Another drama causing factor was the negotiations for the actors’ salaries.

Leading actors Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco upped their salaries to become the highest-paid actors in a comedy show, after negotiating together. However, when Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch weren’t given the raises they obviously deserved, the five main cast members decided to take a pay cut of $100,000 per episode, in order for the two to get their raises as well.

Without any of these members of the cast, the show would not be what it is today, which leaves us wondering what they’re like in their real lives – are they geeks just like their characters, or are they completely different? Well, something tells us that they’re a little bit cooler than that.