Why the cast of Bull looks so familiar

Who in America hasn’t heard of Dr. Phil? Phil McGraw is the TV psychologist we all know and love. Every year millions of people tune in to the Dr. Phil show to watch him sort through other people’s problems and address mental health issues. Ever since Americans first met him on Oprah, they’ve been drawn into what he has to say.

But what you may not know about Dr. Phil is that before he became the television personality we all know today, he worked in a very different field of psychology. He worked in what is called “trial science” and co-ran a company he founded called Courtroom Sciences Inc, also known as CSI (no not THAT CSI). He would essentially advise lawyers and their teams about how to choose their jurors and tailor their case for those selected. He was able to apply psychology to the legal field and use it effectively.

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For years Dr. Phil worked quietly behind the scenes helping his clients win their trials. It was this part of his career that inspired CBS’ hit new show Bull. Based off what he did in trial sciences, Dr. Phil serves as a consultant for the show, but allows it to take on a modern and fictional take. The show revolves around Dr. Jason Bull, a psychologist who has devoted his career to trial science, and the team he’s hired to help him with cases.

At first glance, Bull might seem like just your typical legal procedural drama show, but after watching even just one episode you can see that it is so much more. It takes the idea that lawyers must change the jurors’ minds and flips it on its head. Instead, it focuses on the idea that you can’t necessarily change a person’s way of thinking. Rather, you have to change the way you present the fact to that person. And that is exactly what Dr. Bull does. He helps instruct the legal team in how to change their story and base it around the kind of people they must win over in the jury.


The psychology used in the show, combined with the legal drama we are used to seeing, is precisely why the show is so compelling.

Of course, the show would be nothing without the brilliant cast who have brought Dr. Phil’s vision to life. Chances are that when you’re watching the show you can’t help but feel like you’ve seen them before. And that’s because you probably have. Sometimes, it’s difficult to imagine them as anyone else because they play their parts so convincingly. From seasoned actors, to those still making a name for themselves in television, each member of the cast of Bull is top-notch and worth keeping an eye on.

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