The cast of JAG 23 years later

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The last episode of the show JAG aired nearly 13 years ago and with the anniversary approaching, we thought it would be the perfect time to look back at the characters on the show and find out what the actors who played then are up to today. We are remembering how the characters ended their time on the show and finding out if the actors continued to solve crimes on other shows.

For many of the actors who were on the show, it has been also 2 decades since they first appeared on JAG, which means that they have had plenty of time for career and life changes. Did the cast members continue on with their acting careers or did they give it all up to pursue another career? The show introduced us to some unforgettable actors in addition to teaching us what life was like working in the Navy.


JAG (which stands for Judge Advocate General) first aired in April of 1995 and it was one of the public’s first glimpse of how the legal system in the military worked. Even though it was a fictional show, the storylines were often taken from headlines or based on real life cases. And while the stories were not exact reenactments of real life events, the writers of JAG were able to tell the stories in interesting and entertaining ways.

The show followed the legal team in the Navy, which consisted of a group of characters including Sarah “Mac” MacKenzie and Harmon Rabb. In addition to these two working hard and climbing the ladders in their careers, they also had a romantic relationship that developed over the many seasons.

Over the ten seasons of the show, a lot of interesting cases were covered and there were constantly new and exciting plot lines occurring in the personal lives of the employees in the Navy. The show was so successful that it spawned a number of spin-off shows that are still on the air to this day. JAG gave us the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) franchise, which includes shows such as NCIS: New Orleans and NCIS: Los Angeles.

As the show was such a huge hit and lasted so long, there were many characters that were fan favorites in addition to many memorable moments. Even though the show has since ended, we are still wondering where the cast that gave us so many heart-stopping and thrilling moments is today. JAG was one of the shows that perfected and popularized the genre of the crime drama in America and it led to the birth of other shows such as NCIS. So where are the cast members today?
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Zoe McLellan as Petty Officer Jennifer Coates

Jennifer Coates made her first appearance on JAG in 2001 and she remained a main character for 4 years. The character had a rough past as she endured a difficult childhood but joined the military in order to escape to a better life. The military was Jen’s safe haven but as the seasons progress we see that it wasn’t always safe for her. Jen gets framed for a murder that she didn’t commit and she almost gets sent to prison for it.

Zoe McLellan today

JAG gave Zoe McLellan the exposure she needed in order to have a lasting career in Hollywood. After JAG ended, McLellan landed her role on NCIS: New Orleans that she is best known for until today. She played the role of Agent Meredith Brody until she was written out following a two year run on the show. Zoe was married to actor J.P. Gillian until they divorced in 2016 and the year after, she began playing the role of Kendra Daynes on the show Designated Survivor.

Anne-Marie Johnson as Rep. Roberta Latham

Roberta Latham was better known by her colleagues as Bobbi and she was a character on the show from season 3 until season 7. Bobbi was not a main character but she was featured in 17 episodes and during that time, Captain Harm Rabb develops a romantic interest in her. Before Anne-Marie played Bobbi on JAG, she was already a well-established actress who appeared on In Living Color and In the Heat of the Night.


Anne-Marie Johnson today

Anne-Marie Johnson is an actress with a long list of credits on her résumé as she has appeared on a number of television shows including That’s So Raven, Days of Our Lives and The X-Files. Johnson is still acting today and she recently appeared on the Netflix original show Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later. The actress is set to appear in the series Imposters, which is set to air in 2018.

Isabella Hofmann as Professor Meredith Cavanaugh

Meredith Cavanaugh first shows up on JAG after there is a mixup at the headquarters of the team and Admiral Chegwidden meets Meredith. While Chegwidden things that Meredith is a blind date that his friends try to set him up with, he later discovers that she was really there to discuss Mac’s little sister. It turns out that they were on a sort of date because the pair eventually get romantically involved and got engaged. They eventually call it off after it is discovered that Meredith cheated on Chegwidden.

Isabella Hofmann today

Isabella Hofmann has been acting in television shows for more than 30 years and has been featured in shows such as Suits, Grey’s Anatomy and CSI: Miami. However, her appearances on these shows were just for one episode whereas she had a recurring role on JAG. While Hofmann has not had many recurring appearances on TV, she has appeared in many films such as West End and Burlesque. Her most recent appearance was in the television film Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland.

David James Elliott as Captain Harmon “Harm” Rabb, Jr.

Captain Rabb, Jr. better known as “Harm,” is the only character on JAG to appear in every episode of the show. As the star of the series, Harm searches for answers about crimes committed in the Navy along with Sarah MacKenzie. At the end of the show, Harm and MacKenzie both get assigned to new jobs in San Diego and London, respectively. The couple gets engaged and we see a cliffhanger ending of a coin flip to decide who gets to keep their career.

David James Elliott today

After JAG ended, David became a very sought-after men in Hollywood and he was offered a number of parts in TV movies since the series finale. While he is still best known for his role as Harm on JAG, Elliott has continued to pursue his acting career and has appeared in TV movies such as Sixty Minute Man and Exploding Sun. The actor has also been featured on shows such as Mad Men and CSI: NY.

Hallee Hirsh as Matilda Grace Johnson

Matilda (who usually went by Mattie) appeared in 17 episodes of JAG starting from season 9. Mattie and Harm have a close, father-daughter like relationship and he briefly acts as her foster parent. She employs Harm at the crop-dusting company that she owns and considers him as her father figure since she is estranged from her biological father. Mattie eventually becomes paralyzed after being involved in a plane accident and the incident brings her even closer to Harm.

Hallee Hirsh today

Though Hallee Hirsh is only 30 years old, she has quite the list of acting credits, as she began her career at the age of three. Hirsh has appeared on shows such as Law & Order, Grey’s Anatomy and Criminal Minds as well as in films including 16 to Life and The Last Dinner Party. Hirsh is set to appear in the film Chasing the Rain, which is currently in post-production. The actress is married to fellow actor Ryan Martin and the couple have one child together.

Cynthia Sikes as Dr. Sydney Walden

Dr. Sydney Walden is Admiral A. J. Chegwidden love interest. Well, one of them anyway. Sydney first appears on the show in the fifth season and Sydney and the Admiral’s love blossoms over eight consecutive episodes making the audience yearn for more. It all comes crumbling down When Danny, Sydney’s son gets accused of robbing Chegwidden of his car. Sydney stands by her son and ends it with Chegwidden. That was the last time we have seen the actress Cynthia on screen.

Cynthia Sikes today

Cynthia Sikes is a successful actress but she has not been gracing our screens ever since she played on JAG. What happened? Cynthia was starring in all of the hit television shows including the famous soap opera The Young and The Restless. However, after her time on JAG concluded Cynthia decided to make a change in her career path and in 2017 Cynthia started a new career in producing films. Her best yet is the newest film Blade Runner 2049.

Susan Haskell as Lt. Cmdr. Jordan Parker

Cmdr. Jordan Parker has a brief love affair Harm Rabb for eight glorious episodes. However, their fire dies out when Jordan breaks it off when Harm chooses to go back to his true passion, flying. Things take a dramatic turn for the worst when Jordan is mysteriously killed in the sixth season of the show. Following her death, the JAG team tries to figure out who was behind the murder and bring them to justice.

Susan Haskell today

Susan is a two-time Emmy winning actress who has also starred on the show One Life to Live as Dr. Marty Saybrooke. A rumor went around that Susan was fired from One Live to Life since the writers didn’t know what to do with her character. It seems that Susan took it to heart because that seems to be the end of her acting career. Susan’s and longtime companion Thorsten Kaye have two children together and seemingly are living happily ever after.

Mae Whitman as Chloe Madison

In the fourth season of JAG the audience gets introduced to Chloe Madison, the most lovable and adorable little girl. The show leads the viewers to believe that Chloe seems to be an orphan however as the show progresses, Mac is the one to discover that Chloe’s dad is actually alive. Mac becomes Chloe’s older and protective sister even though she introduced her to her real father. These two almost siblings remain close for the next three seasons.

Mae Whitman today

Mae Whitman has been acting long before she arrived on the set of JAG. Mae has also starred in Independence Day, Chicago Hope, and the most famous television series of all, Friends. Before Mae has reached the age of 30 she has already starred in almost 150 different movies, television series, and productions. Talk about a full résumé. Mae’s biggest credits include Arrested Development and Avatar. Mae is currently working on the show Valley Girl.

John M. Jackson as Rear Admiral A. J. Chegwidden

Admiral A. J. Chegwidden has starred on the show JAG from its pilot episode all the way until the ninth season. Chegwidden served as the Advocate General of the Navy and is one of the most respected officers. He acted as a father figure to many of the soldiers under his command. By season nine John had enjoyed the ride but he was ready to move on. His leaving the show came as a shock to the entire cast and crew. It was hard to see their friend leave.

John M. Jackson today

John may have left the set of JAG, but he didn’t stop acting. Post-JAG, John went on to play the role of Sam Cullen on the hit TV show Bones. John also agreed to act as Chegwidden once again on the spin-off series of JAG in 2013. John has also appeared on the show NCIS Los Angeles in 2017. John loves to star in crime and drama shows like Castle, Criminal Minds, CSI, and Stalker. He definitely knows what he’s good at.

Tamlyn Tomita as Lt. Cmdr. Tracy Manetti

Lt. Cmdr. Tracy Manetti graced the screen of JAG for only seven episodes but she digitally made an impression. Tracy’s job was to help out Harm Rabb in order to investigate a number of cases with him. There were crimes through out Europe that were being blamed on the Navy and Tracy along with Harm Rabb were going to get to the bottom of it. For such a short stint on the show, JAG invested a lot into explaining Tracy’s backstory.

Tamlyn Tomita today

Tamlyn Tomita is a famous actress that has starred in so many great movies and shows including The Joy Luck Club, The Karate Kid Part II, Living Out Loud, and even on one of the most famous soap operas Days of Our Lives as Dr. Ellen Yu. Most recently Tamlyn has starred on the young and hip show Teen Wolf as Dr. Ellen Yu and on the Good doctor as well. Tamlyn is currently working on the film The Living Worst which should hit the big screen sometime in 2018.

Andrea Parker as Lt. Caitlin Pike

Lt. Caitlin Pike was on the show JAG on its very first episode. Pike started out as Harm Rabb’s partner. They seemed to have friends with benefits type of relationship as they were lovers but their relationship never advanced since they didn’t actually have any real feelings for each other. Well, apart from lust. In season six the audience cheered as Pike was reintroduced to the show in order to make a complaint against one of her fellow officers.

Andrea Parker today

Andrea Parker is an incredible actress who has worked on many movies and television shows including ER as Linda Farrell and on the television series Pretender as Catherine Parker. Andrea might be most famous for playing on Pretty Little Liars as two separate characters Jessica DiLaurentis and Mary Drake. Andrea also starred on the famous television show Desperate Housewives in the coveted role of Jane Carlson. Not only is this gorgeous woman a talented actress but she also works as a and stunt driver!

Meta Golding as Tali Mayfield

Tali Mayfield struts onto the JAG team as a freshly minted lawyer in the tenth season of JAG. It seems that Lt. Gregory Vukovi and Tali have an intimate and shared history together that begins to unfold on camera. Meta Golding is not only the actress behind Tali Mayfield but she also happens to be a talented figure skater back in Italy in 1995. She decided to leave the world of figure skating behind for a more lucrative career in Hollywood.

Meta Golding today

JAG was actually the first recurring role that Meta Golding landed. All the way from Italy Meta has integrated well into the Los Angeles life. She has starred in Dark Blue, CSI, and The Tomorrow People. However, her biggest hit might be in The Hunger Games movies portraying the role of Enobaria. Golding has also starred in a few episodes of Criminal Minds. Meta is currently working on the set of Behind the Movement which has been announced that it will be released sometime in 2018.

Scott Lawrence as Commander Sturgis Turner

One of the main characters on JAG Commander Sturgis Turner is portrayed by the talented actor Scott Lawrence. Turner was a submarine worker before transitioning into a lawyer. Sturgis and Harm go way back before he joined the JAG team and their friendship grows stronger as they play ball together and also work on cars outside of the office. Their bromance is truly fun to watch has Harm picks on Sturgis for being a bit too much of a rule follower.

Scott Lawrence today

Scott Lawrence graced the screen of JAG for 76 episodes before he moved on to star in other hit television series like Desperate Housewives, American Horror Story, and Fear the Walking Dead Over the years. Scott also plays roles on the big screen like when he was featured in the Star Trek film Into The Darkness portraying the role of the U.S.S Vengeance Officer in 2013. Most recently Scott has starred in the television show Mercedes as Pete Dixon.

Steven Culp as Special Agent Clayton Webb

Special Agent Clayton Webb is portrayed by the actor Steven Culp who enters JAG in season two of the show. Clayton was a CIA agent who worked with the JAG team sometimes. However the CIA and JAG soon became rival groups. Mac and Clayton had an intense relationship for a while but sadly the two never got their happy ending. Clayton had to fake his own death for his job in the CIA which pissed off Mac to say the least.

Steven Culp today

Steven Culp is a successful Hollywood actor who has starred in some of the greatest crime shows of all time including Body of Proof, NCIS, CSI, and Law & Order. Steven is most famous for his acting on the show Desperate Housewives when he portrayed the role of Rex Van de Kamp. Most recently, Steven has been acting on the show The Orville which is a sci-fi comedy hit television show.

Karri Turner as Lieutenant Harriet Beaumont Sims-Roberts

Lieutenant Harriet Beaumont Sims-Roberts is portrayed by the actress Karri Turner on JAG. This southern belle comes from old money, and a lot of it, which might be why she was made fun of conscription into the army. Harriet actually had a history with her partner on JAG Bud Roberts. The two served together on the Seahawk and when they finally got to work together on JAG they were given the chance to work on their relationship which quickly turned romantic.

Karri Turner today

Karri Turner is an experienced actress who has been on stage, the big screen and on television shows since 1994. This Texan was born and raised in Arkansas and was featured on quite oa few hit shows including The X-Files, Caroline in the City, and even on South Park. Instead of acting Karri decided to make the world a better and happier place and she started working towards that goal by entertaining our troops on the USO tours.

Daphne Ashbrook as Annie Pendry – Then

The much-loved character Annie Pendry on JAG was portrayed by Daphne Ashbrook in JAG’s third season. Annie’s son goes on a school field trip and encounters a murder scene in front of him. Annie begs Harm to help her keep her family safe. This dramatic episode is an all-time favorite and the ratings agree. Daphne Ashbrook is a talented actress who has portrayed many roles in Hollywood other than Annie Pendry including on the hit television series, the O.C.

Daphne Ashbrook today

Daphne Ashbrook is a talented actress who has acted on the best of the best television shows back in ’80s and ’90s namely McCormick, Hardcastle, Knight Rider, Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, and even the most famous of them all: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Daphne has also been featured in quite a few shorts including Once More, with Feeling. More recently, Daphne has starred in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, NCIS, Without a Trace, and Hollywood Heights. Daphne

Patrick Labyorteaux as Bud Roberts Jr.

Patrick Labyorteaux stars in a whopping 208 episodes of JAG (the second highest of any cast member on the show), as Bud Roberts Jr. As one of the best trial lawyers on the team, Bud Roberts is liked by (nearly) everyone at JAG HQ and garners a lot of respect from the others. Many opponents underestimate Bud as he comes across less intelligent than he actually is; this is a smart ploy to lull others into a false sense of security.

Patrick Labyorteaux today

Before Patrick Labyorteaux starred in JAG, he was best known for playing Andrew ‘Andy’ Garvey in Little House on the Prairie. Add this to his roles in classic ‘80s movies such as Summer School and Heathers, and it’s clear to see this actor was destined for great things. After starring in JAG, Patrick reprised the role for three episodes of NCIS, with his most recent episode being in 2018. The star has also had a small part in the Jim Carrey movie, Yes Man, along with several roles in TV shows such as American Crime Story, Castle, and Rebel.

Chuck Carrington as Jason Tiner

JAG fans will know ‘the best assistant’ Chegwidden has ever had, and the real comic relief of the show, Jason Tiner. Played by Chuck Carrington, Petty Officer First Class Jason Tiner is the admiral’s yeoman in 102 episodes of the show – finally leaving in season 9 once he completes his law degree and gets accepted into OCS (Officer Candidate School). Tiner is known for tripping over his words more than once, which added an element of comedy to the show.

Chuck Carrington today

Since his part on JAG, Chuck Carrington has remained fairly active over the years, but not to the same level as his work between 1997 and 2003. He has had some small parts on TV shows such as Blue Bloods and White Collar, along with playing Dan for two episodes in the US version of Shameless. More recently, he played the main character (Caskie Jones) in the low-budget movie Cowboy Drifter. Interestingly, he also wrote the script for this 2017 flick!

Randy Vasquez as Victor ‘Gunny’ Galindez

Randy Vasquez was brought into the show in Season 5, after creator Donald P. Bellisario said he wanted to represent the number of Hispanics in the Marines and Navy. Victor Galindez, nicknamed Gunny, was often vying for the attention of Chegwidden, putting him at odds with Jason Tiner on more than one occasion! Gunny was moved from JAG HQ at his own request after 9/11, so he could be more active in the War on Terror. He made several brief appearances up until his departure in Season 9.

Randy Vazquez today

Vazquez had already made a name for himself before starring in JAG, in TV shows such as Love Boat: The Next Wave, First Monday, and Knots Landing. After playing Gunny, the actor had two different parts in NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans, with the most recent being in 2017. Interestingly, Vazquez also played a small role in Shameless (like Chuck Carrington). His latest role is in a movie named Among Thieves, which is currently in the post-production stage.

Michael Bellisario as Michael ‘Mikey’ Roberts

Michael Bellisario played the role of Mikey, Bud’s younger brother, for 29 episodes between Season 3 and the final season. Mikey’s father kept pressuring him to join the Navy, but Bud would often stand up for his younger brother and his future. In the end, Mikey succumbed and joined the Naval Academy, but things didn’t exactly go to plan. After a gun malfunction on the USS Wake Island, Bud had to clear his brother of any wrongdoing. Michael Bellisario also played a pizza delivery boy in Season 3 and a young man in a boat in the pilot episode.

Michael Bellisario today

You may recognize the surname Bellisario, and that’s because he is the son of Donald P. Bellisario – the creator of JAG! After his time on the show, Michael Bellisario moved onto NCIS to play the lab assistant Charles ‘Chip’ Sterling for several episodes. In 2007, he played James Vane in The Picture of Dorian Gray but then went pretty quiet for a few years. Michael Bellisario has two movies in post-production currently; #211 and Elvis.

Andrea Thompson as Alison Krennick

Andrea Thompson played Captain Alison Krennick in seven episodes of the show; mainly in Season 1, but with a brief comeback in Season 9. Krennick was Harm’s direct superior, but this didn’t stop her playing a dangerous game with Captain Harmon Rabb Jr. She violated military protocols by trying to seduce Harm near the end of Season 1. In Season 10 she is named as a potential replacement for Admiral Chegwidden, but this suggestion is shot down rather swiftly.

Andrea Thompson today

Before starring in JAG, Andrea Thompson already had dozens of acting credits to her name; including big roles in Babylon 5 and NYPD Blue. From 2003-2004, Thompson played Dr. Nicole Duncan in 24 and then had a recurring role in the TV mini-series, Heroes: Destiny. Things have gone fairly quiet for the actress over the last few years, with a couple of small roles in TV shows, along with voicing Dazzle and Lady Jane in the video game, Fallout: New Vegas.

Cindy Ambuehl as Rene Peterson – Then

Playing the role of Rene Peterson for television’s hit series JAG, Cindy Ambuehl was on the show for a total of 24 episodes. The episodes she performed in all took place during the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth seasons of the show. Ambuehl’s character Rene was the girlfriend of Harmon for a little bit. The two met when Rene was shooting a Navy recruitment video, and the two fell in love. The relationship ended when it became clear that Harm was not serious about a relationship.

Cindy Ambuehl – Now

Cindy has been acting in a wide range of films and television shows, and has even appeared on the hit sitcom Seinfeld, portraying one of Seinfeld’s girlfriends is the episode titled The Burning. Ambuehl is also a successful designer of women’s fashion. One of the more interesting facts about Cindy’s life is the fact that her pregnancy with twins was actually written into an episode of JAG. However, in reality, the father of her twin children is the famous director Don Diamont.

Rif Hutton as Lt. Cmdr. Alan Mattoni – Then

Playing the role of Lt. Cmdr. Alan Mattoni for a total of 16 episodes of JAG, Rif Hutton had a small yet important part in the history of the series. Lt. Cmdr. Mattoni worked at the JAG court as a United States Naval Commander, and was known as a strong and opinionated lawyer. He would regularly go up in trial against Rabb, but in the end, the two always knew that they could count on each others’ friendship.

Rif Hutton – Now

Rif Hutton has acted in a plethora of television shows and films, and began his career with a role on the hit 1980s show The Jeffersons. He was then in L.A. Law, You Talkin’ to Me?, Doogie Howser, M.D., and even Married with Children. Rif Hutton has kept on acting even after his role on JAG, portraying characters on well known films and television series such as ER, SEAL Team, The Bernie Mac Show, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Trisha Yearwood as Teresa Coulter – Then

A surprising foray into the world of television, Trisha Yearwood actually appeared in six episodes of JAG as United States Navy Lieutenant Commander Teresa Coulter. An important character on the show, she was in episodes in the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh season of the show where she portrayed a combination coroner and forensic pathologist. While her few appearances on the show are explained away as being due to the fact that she was in the reserves, we all know it was because she was recording music.

Trisha Yearwood – Now

When she is not acting, Trisha Yearwood is known as one of the queens of country music. She has several studio albums under her rhinestone belt, and had also been the recipient of a multitude of different music industry awards. She has three Grammys, an Emmy, an American Music Award, and several awards from the Country Music Association. She is married to country music legend Garth Brooks and lives with him and her children in Oklahoma.

Bernard White as Sadik Fahd- The

Bernard White took on the role of one Sadik Fahd in the TV series JAG. Sadik Fahd was one of the main antagonists of the televisions, show, constantly fighting against the United States and her interests in the Middle East. Considered a dangerous terrorist mastermind by the United States Government, his life was ended by Marine Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie with a shot to the head and to the arm. Fahd’s reign of terror luckily only lasted over the course of six episodes.

Bernard White – Now

Bernard White has interestingly been cast consistently as one of the more swarthy characters on a whole host of television shows, from the beginning of his career and up until today. He has acted on such shows as Knight Rider, Days of Our Lives, Knots Landing, Touched By an Angle, and even in NYPD Blue. Following his stint on JAG, White took on roles in Lie to Me, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Homeland, The Good Wife, Silicon Valley, and even Madam Secretary.

David Ackert as Wahib Shawaf/Captain Balducci- Then

The actor who played Wahib Shawaf as well as Captain Balducci in the popular television show JAG. Wahib Shawaf was a character who also served as an antagonist with Sadik Fahd, being designated a wanted terrorist by the United States government for his attacks against United States interests in the Middle East. David Ackert was also inexplicably chosen to play the role of United States Military Captain Balducci on the show, something which had nothing to do with his role as Shawaf.

David Ackert – Now

David Ackert has been acting for quite some time, first performing in the television show Crossroads Cafe. He then expanded his acting portfolio by appearing in shows such as Walker, Texas Ranger, The Young and the Restless, and several others before he joined the cast of JAG. After he was done with his sting on JAG he took on roles in television shows such as Bones, Monk, General Hospital, and other. Ackert now runs his own consulting practice, helping people in the legal, corporate, and financial world work on their business development models.

Mark Costello as Commander Onclay and General Otis Flannik- Then

While Mark Costello only appeared on the JAG television series four times in its over 200 episode run, Costello still took on a multitude of roles on the show, appearing in one episode in seasons three, four, five and seven. Playing the role of United States Naval Commander Onclay in some episodes and United States Marine General Otis Flannik in others, Costello’s gruff acting style seemed to fit the roles perfectly.

Mark Costello – Now

A lot of people tend to confuse Mark Costello the actor with Mark Costello the author, but we are sure that he would be quick to point out that he has actually a different person. He started off his acting career by playing a part in the show Bay City Blues, then cast in a recurring part in the TV series Tribes. This was soon followed up with by L.A. Law, and Full House. He continued to act in shows such as The West Wing and Criminal Minds after JAG.

Catherine Bell as Major Sarah MacKenzie

The famous character Sarah MacKenzie was portrayed by the one and only, gorgeous Catherine Bell on JAG. On screen, she went by the name of Mac who had love interest and drama that the audience couldn’t get enough out. Mac had a tough childhood which influenced her into joining the marine corps. At only 28 years old, portraying the role of Mac shot Catherine Bell into stardom which led to many more television shows and feature films.

Catherine Bell today

Catherine Bell kept with the army television show theme and starred on Army Wives in 2008 as the character Denise Sherwood. Catherine was also cast in the blockbuster movie The Good Witch which moved her career along even further. This one single movie turned into a franchise all with Catherine Bell at the lead playing the role of Cassie Nightingale. In 2015, the movie was subsequently turned into a television series and Catherine still stars on the show to this day.