The cast of Modern Family and their real-life partners

Over the last nine years and nine seasons, the ABC sitcom Modern Family has become one of the most-watched shows in the country. With five Emmys for Outstanding Comedy Series under its belt, it is no doubt that the well-acclaimed mockumentary series has been doing something right.

It could, of course, be due to its sharp, witty, and endlessly funny writing led by the series’ creators Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd, or it could have something to do with its wonderfully diverse and talented award-winning ensemble cast.

Nine seasons is an impressively long time when it comes to the world of sitcom television. During the show’s time span, we have been able to watch the members of the Dunphy-Pritchett family transform and develop into more complex and interesting roles.

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We have especially been able to watch the children of Modern Family, who each began their careers as unknown children and young teens, blossom into adults and not to mention big-time Hollywood stars right before our eyes.

Unfortunately, even the greatest, funniest, and most popular shows have to come to an end at some point – which is why the creators announced that the series’ upcoming season ten will most likely be the final season. While the news may sound tragic to us devoted fans, try not to fret too much – as there have also been rumors spreading that the tenth season won’t be the last time we see our beloved cast of Modern Family on-screen together, and that a spin-off will likely follow shortly after.

When one adores a show as much as Modern Family, it is easy to become attached to the characters on-screen, and almost feel like they are “real.”


As badly as we wish our favorite TV family was indeed an actual family (and that we were a part of it), we have to understand that the cast members have their own, real families and partners waiting for them at home.

Although the actors and actresses of Modern Family may not be related per se, they do indeed consider themselves a “family” of sorts, which makes sense considering they have spent so much time with one another over the years. And even though it is hard to imagine Jay without Gloria, Phil without Claire, and Mitch without Cam – especially since their TV chemistry is on fire and they are frequently setting some serious relationships goals for us all, their real-life, off-the-set partners are just as special and deserve just as much credit.

Even the young cast mates of the series, such as Sarah Hyland, Ariel Winter, and Nolan Gould – who started off at ages 18, 11, and ten, have now grown into mature adults and each have love lives of their own!

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