The cast of Scrubs – then and now

They can’t do it all on their own, as they’re no superman… but even still, 16 years ago a team of fictitious yet hilarious doctors and nurses created something amazing. Scrubs. The sitcom was thought up by the great man, Bill Lawrence who had previously produced Spin City and Clone High, as well as writing for shows such as Boy Meets World and Friends. If one man knows how to do sitcoms then here he is! Even though the market was in need of a show just like Scrubs to replace the sitcoms that were coming to an end at the time, Bill didn’t hold out hope for his new creation being renewed for a second season. He even went as far as to make sure the Janitor’s lines were only written with him speaking to J.D. as he wanted the finale of the first season to reveal how he was a figment of J.D.’s imagination, assuming there would be no second season. Little did Bill know that season one would bring in around 11 million viewers per episode alone.


The show follows the stories and lives of the people working at Sacred Heart Hospital, where many of the main characters begin working as medical interns. There are some brilliant characters such as J.D (Zach Braff), Elliot Reid (Sarah Chalke), Christopher Turk (Donald Faison), and Perry Cox (John C.McGinley) who, together, make the show what it is. Every single character brings something different to the show; from J.D.’s daydreams to the many make-ups and break-ups between the characters. Over the nine years it was on the air, we grew to fall in love with each and every one of them. However, did you ever stop to think about what the actors might be up to nowadays?

While we can assume that they don’t wear their surgical scrubs and stethoscopes home (although, you never know), the actors behind our favorite medical team have had plenty to keep them busy over the years. While some may say there are similarities between the actors and the characters, some couldn’t be further from the people they played on the show. So who in real life acts as though they’re still at the hospital, and who has put their Scrubs days long behind them?

Elizabeth Banks as Kim Briggs

The urologist was one of the first characters we saw in the pilot of the show. Kim and J.D. began a relationship after she took her wedding ring off (J.D. claimed that women who were married were invisible to him) at the end of the fifth season. It is quickly discovered that Kim had fallen pregnant. She goes on to give birth to J.D.’s son, Sam, after she had previously concealed her pregnancy from him. Kim leaves the show during season eight.

Elizabeth Banks – now

The 43 year-old actress has had roles in many movies and television shows since the finale of the show. Some of these include The Hunger Games, Power Rangers, and Moonbeam City. She is an accomplished voice actress, having had roles in The Lego Movie, American Dad, and Phineas and Ferb. As well as all of her acting success, Elizabeth has also had two sons named Felix and Magnus Mitchell. Her acting has seen Elizabeth be nominated for and win a number of awards, with more movies currently in the works.

Christa Miller as Jordan Sullivan

Jordan’s first appearance was in the sixth episode of season one. The character was Dr. Cox’s ex-wife, although it is later revealed the papers hadn’t gone through properly meaning they were still married, but they did eventually file for a legal divorce. She is often shown to have little emotions or empathy towards others, but her and Dr. Cox end up getting back into a relationship. Jordan also grows close to Elliot as the pair goes on double dates, and eventually, she is able to get along with Carla too.

Christa Miller – now

Christa’s character for the show was written by her husband, Bill Lawrence, who created Scrubs. This wasn’t the only part he wrote for his wife as following the finale of the show he also wrote Cougar Town that starred Christa as one of the leading characters from 2009 to 2015. Christa hasn’t done many other acting jobs since playing Jordan, but she has been in the movie Hot Air, as well as appearing in the sitcom Undateable.

Zach Braff as John

The narrator and protagonist of the show was in every episode for the first eight seasons in some way, as two of the episodes he featured as a voice over the phone. The show has a lot of cut scenes involving his daydreams. Over the course of the series, J.D. has many romantic relationships but has one constant on-off romance with fellow doctor, Elliot. The couple eventually gets together for good in season eight with it being revealed in season nine they are expecting a child.

Zach Braff – now

Following on from the show Zach hasn’t had any major acting roles. He has appeared as minor roles in television shows such as Cougar Town, Inside Amy Schumer, Undateable, Community, and The Exes, but none of these have lasted for longer than two episodes. Zach appears to be focusing on his directing now after he made his debut in 2004. His latest movie released was Going In Style which came out at the beginning of 2017. The film was an average success with the critics.

John C. McGinley as Dr. Perry Cox

Dr. Cox is known throughout the show for his quick sarcastic comments alongside his long rants that manage to insult just about every other character. He regularly berates J.D. and Elliot, but speaks towards the end of the show how this was always intended to build them up to make them understand the pressures of working in the hospital. His closest friend on the show is Carla who, he is shown to have feelings for in the first season, but doesn’t want to compete with Turk.

John C. McGinley – now

John has had a number of small roles for TV shows since Scrubs, but has appeared mainly in movies. Some of these include 42, The Belko Experiment, and Watercolor Postcards. When he isn’t acting John is an active member of the board of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation as Max, his son, was born with the disorder. In his spare time John enjoys watching the Detroit Red Wings as he is a big fan; he wore their jersey in many episodes of Scrubs.

Aloma Wright as Laverne Roberts

Laverne worked as a nurse who was able to make even the toughest of characters quiver. She had been in the hospital since the pilot where it was shown she was particularly close with fellow nurse, Carla. Laverne loved to watch soap operas and gossip about the employees in the hospital, but tragically she passed away in the sixth season after she was involved in a car accident and fell into a coma. Laverne passed away immediately after Carla was finally able to say goodbye to her friend.

Aloma Wright – now

Aloma was prematurely written out of the show as the creator, Bill Lawrence, thought the sixth season would be the final. He decided to write her back in as a new character where only J.D. could see the similarities between the new person and Laverne. Since then, Aloma landed the role as Maxine Landis in the show Days of Our Lives for seven years, as well as Mildred Clemons in Private Practice. Her most recent work has been in Suits where she played the character Gretchen Bodinski.

Michael Learned as Patricia Wilk

There were many patients on the show over the years, but Patricia Wilk was one of the most memorable for the audience and J.D. She was admitted to the hospital for a lengthy recovery from an illness where she grew very close to Dr. Cox and J.D. who were both treating her. Patricia was amazingly able to walk out the hospital fully cured, but contracted a disease after shaking hands with a doctor. She returned to Sacred Heart just one week later where she eventually passed away.

Michael Learned – now

Even at 78 years old, Michael has continued to have a thriving acting career following her departure from the show. She has appeared in series such as Cold Case, The Young and the Restless, and General Hospital over the years. Michael has also had roles in movies including Unplugged, After Life, An American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong, and The Killer. She hasn’t been in any production since 2014, but has yet to officially retire so watch this space!

Kerry Bishe as Lucy Bennett

Lucy takes over as the main character and narrator with a passion for horses during the ninth season following J.D.’s departure from the show. At the beginning of the season she struggles to come to terms with life in the hospital, not helped by her issues with self-esteem, or having a quirky personality that is likened to that of Elliot’s. J.D. sees that the young doctor is suffering so tries to help guide her during his time teaching the hospital.

Kerry Bishe – now

Kerry has continued to act in the seven years since the finale of the show. Recently she has managed to bag a recurring role as Cristina Jurado on the crime-drama Narcos. She had previously been playing the character of Donna Clark as one of the leading characters in Halt and Catch Fire, but her most acclaimed role to date is for her portrayal of Kathy Stafford in the movie Argo during 2012. Her role in the film won her two awards for her acting skills.

Donald Faison as Turk

Turk begins his career as an intern, but by the end of the eight season he has worked his way up to the Chief of Medicine position. He and J.D. are roommates for a long time, but even when they move out, they remain best friends. Turk is incredibly competitive with everything as he wants to always come out on top to assert his dominance, particularly amongst men. Turk is known to be an extrovert as he often takes center stage with J.D. by his side.

Donald Faison – now

Donald has been married for the second time since the show as he and wife, CaCee Cobb, tied the knot at Zach Braff’s house. Together the couple have had a son and a daughter together meaning Donald now has six children in total. He had a major role in The Exes as Phil Chase from 2011 to 2015, but has also had smaller roles in House of Lies, and Love Bites. Donald has also appeared in the movies Pitch Perfect and more recently Little Evil.

Tara Reid as Danni Sullivan

Danni is the younger sister to Jordan Sullivan who appears during the third season. She then goes on to begin an on again off again relationship with J.D. – even moving in with him at one point in the relationship. Danni also admits to J.D. that she hears a constant monologue in her head during their relationship. However, the couple didn’t last as they broke up during the sixth season, which was where we last saw Danni’s character.

Tara Reid – now

Over the years Tara has had many acting roles that have kept her busy. She has had a recurring part in the Sharknado television movie franchise, as well as working in If I Had Known I Was a Genius, American Reunion, and Clean Break/Unnatural Causes. In 2011, Tara was a contestant on the reality show Celebrity Big Brother, but was the third housemate that was evicted. Her most recent work has been for the television movie Trailer Park Shark, as well as for the film Due Justice.

Nicole Sullivan as Jill Tracy

One of the patients on the show was Jill. She was one of the most regular visitors to the hospital as she appeared six times over eight seasons. She is continually brought in through illnesses that both J.D. and Dr. Cox are treating her for, but they struggled to cope with her hyperactive personality. However, Elliot and Jill become close friends. She eventually passes away from what they think is a narcotics overdose, but turns out to be rabies. Her organs were donated meaning the recipients also passed away.

Nicole Sullivan – now

Nicole has had a successful career over the years with her acting and voice acting. She has appeared in shows such as Family Guy, Kim Possible, Raines, Grey’s Anatomy, and Girlboss – that’s not even half! She has also had starring roles in The Penguins of Madagascar, Rita Rocks, and her most recent project Disjointed where she plays the character of Maria Sherman. The 47 year-old actress has also pursued a small comedy career over her lifetime, as well as being mother to two children.

Heather Graham as Dr. Molly Clock

Molly was a psychiatrist at Sacred Heart Hospital, who initially walked through the doors in the fourth season. It was revealed that Turk had previously had a crush on Molly, but nothing had ever developed between the two. Molly was always able to look on the positive side of things, as well as being very intelligent and confident with herself. She began mentoring Elliot, but moved away later in the season when she was offered another job. Her and J.D. nearly had a fling, but nothing happened.

Heather Graham – now

Heather is just one of many stars from the show to have continued with an incredible acting career. She has starred in Emily’s Reasons Why Not, Petals on the Wind, and Law & Order True Crime over the years. Heather has also had roles in a number of movies, including The Hangover 1 and 3, 5 Days of War, and Horns. Her latest project due for release next year is the film Half Magic in which Heather has been able to help write and direct.

Eliza Coupe as Denise Mahoney

Denise joined the show in the eighth season as a tough new intern that quickly found herself looking up to J.D. as a mentor. She wanted to become a doctor, so she had an understanding of how the human body worked, but tried to learn from J.D. about how to feel more empathetic towards her patients so that she wasn’t so unsympathetic towards them. In the final season, Denise became one of the leading cast members of the show.

Eliza Coupe – now

Eliza is now married for the second time to new husband, Darin Olien, who founded a lifestyle company. She has had a number of roles in shows such as playing Jane Kerkovich-Williams in the show Happy Endings, bringing Nina Whitley to life in Benched, as well as currently being cast as Hannah Wyland in Quantico since 2015. Eliza has also had a number of smaller roles in movies including Anchorman 2, and I Think I Love My Wife, with her acting career looking set to continue.

Judy Reyes as Nurse Carla Espinosa

Carla was introduced in the show from the first season and continued to appear until season eight. She worked as the head of the nurses at Sacred Heart Hospital who had developed a no-nonsense personality over her years in the hospital. Carla and Turk tie the knot in the third season, going on to have their first child in season six. She is the only main character not to return in season nine as Turk confirms she is now a stay at home mom.

Judy – Reyes now

The same year Scrubs came to an end, Judy had her first child, Leila, born in November 2009. Since the show, Judy had continued to have a successful acting career as she has landed roles in Jane the Virgin, and One Day At a Time, as well as playing the character Zoila Diaz for three years for the comedy-drama show Devious Maids. Judy’s most recent work is portraying Quiet Ann in the drama Claws where she regularly makes appearances.

Neil Flynn as The Janitor

The Janitor was supposed to be a guest star in season 1 of Scrubs, however, the character became popular and he remained a regular on the series. The Janitor had a personal mission to torment and insult J.D. and he even destroyed his bike on two occasions and trapped him in a water tower. The Janitor is known for doing practical jokes and not really doing his work. Initially, the creator intended the Janitor to be a figment of J.D.’s imagination but the show did not get cancelled so they kept him on as a real person.

Neil Flynn – now

Neil Flynn appeared in 166 episodes of Scrubs and he went onto appear in a number of television series and films. Flynn plays the patriarch of the Heck family on The Middle and he even competed in three episodes of Jeopardy. Flynn has also offered his voice to a number of projects including the animated film, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and in a number of video games. He was also featured in the hit movie Mean Girls.

Ken Jenkins as Dr. Bob Kelso

Dr. Kelso is the chief of medicine at Sacred Heart Hospital and he appeared in almost every episode of the first 8 seasons of the show. Dr. Kelso experiences a personality change throughout the series. In the beginning, he is a heartless and cynical man who does not seem to care about the patients. He even admits that he cheats on his wife who he states is morbidly obese. However, by the end of the 8th season, he becomes a more compassionate person.

Ken Jenkins – now

Jenkins is best known for his role on Scrubs, however, he has appeared in other shows and numerous movies. He appeared in The Wizard of Loneliness and in the remake of Psycho. He has also had a recurring part on Courteney Cox’s show, Cougar Town. The acting bug runs in the Jenkins’ family as his son, Daniel H. Jenkins, is also and actor and he is related to the legendary Katharine Hepburn through marriage.

Robert Maschio as Todd “The Todd” Quinlan

“The Todd” Quinlan is a surgeon at the hospital who is good friends with Turk as the two began working around the same time. Todd is known for making unoriginal, inappropriate jokes and giving everyone high-fives. Todd thinks of himself as a ladies’ man and he also fits in with the other surgeons due to his ‘jock like’ personality. He appears in the show more than any other supporting character and is both the first episode and the series finale.

Robert Maschio – now

Maschio is best known for his role as Todd and he hasn’t appeared in too much else in show business. Before he appeared on Scrubs, Maschio was on the show As the World Turns Spin City. Since then, he has appeared on the show Cougar Town and he made his last appearance in 2013 on the show Men at Work. Maschio also made an appearance in the French comedy movie, Hollywoo.

Sam Lloyd as Ted Buckland

Ted Buckland was the lawyer at Sacred Heart Hospital, but he eventually retired to go travelling with his girlfriend, Stephanie Gooch. Buckland was an easy target for insults as he was bald and often sweaty. Most of the mocking was done by Dr. Kelso and the other employees didn’t mind Buckland too much (unless he was making their life more difficult). Buckland had a rather depressing life and he often thought about taking his own life but he never had the guts.

Sam Lloyd – now

Sam Lloyd had already made appearances in a number of Hollywood movies before his time on Scrubs including Flubber and Rising Sun. After his time portraying Ted Buckland, Sam appeared in several other shows such as Cougar Town and The Middle. Lloyd has also had smaller parts on shows such as Modern Family and Desperate Housewives. He is also the nephew of the television producer Christopher Lloyd and the son of the actor, Sam Lloyd Sr.

Johnny Kastl as Doug Murphy

Doug Murphy starts as an intern at Sacred Heart as the same time as Elliot, J.D. and Turk. He is known for being a horrible intern and he even accidentally kills many of his patients. He eventually becomes a pathologist due to his frequent exposure to death. Murphy is extremely self-conscious and unsure of himself, which is one of the reason that so many of his patients die. In addition to killing patients, Murphy is also extremely paranoid and believes that the patients in the morgue are out to get him.

Johnny Kastl – now

Before Kastl was cast as Doug Murphy, he appeared on the shows Cold Case and Veronica Mars as well as in the movie, Hulk. Kastl portrayed the role of Todd Jaracki on the show The Beast in 2009, however, he has not appeared in anything since then. Since then, Kastl has chosen to get out of show business and attend law school instead. He now lives in Chicago where he practices law.

Dave Franco as Cole Aaronson

Cole was a surgical student at Winston University but he only got into the program because his wealthy parents made a big donation to Sacred Heart Hospital. Aaronson is known for having a frat boy mentality and a lack of respect for the other doctors at the hospital. He feels entitled to everything, which leads him to make a lot of enemies. Cole was diagnosed with skin cancer but he has the cancerous mole removed and he turns out to be fine.

Dave Franco – now

Dave Franco is the brother of another famous actor, James Franco. After Scrubs, Dave went onto have a successful career in Hollywood and he has appeared in both 21 and 22 Jump Street as well as both Neighbors movies. Dave has also offered his voice to many projects including 2 lego movies and the animated series, BoJack Horseman. Franco is married to fellow actor and star of Community, Alison Brie.

Travis Schuldt as Keith Dudemeister

Dr. Keith “The Dude” Dudemeister is a doctor that began as an intern at Sacred Heart at the same time as J.D. and Elliot. Keith and Elliot began casually hooking up but they ended up dating and getting engaged. However, a few months later, Elliot gave him the ring back because she didn’t really love him, which caused him to be resentful of her. After Keith sucked up to J.D., he became popular at the hospital.

Travis Schuldt – now

Travis Schuldt appeared in 39 episode of Scrubs and after the show ended, he went on to get small roles in a number of shows and movies. Schuldt has been featured in The Big Bang Theory, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and CSI. He also appeared in a Hallmark film called This Magic Moment and he recently appeared in the movie DriverX. Schuldt is married to fellow actor, Natalie Zea and the couple have one child together.

Michael Mosley as Drew Suffin

Before becoming a medical student at Winston University, he was at the top of his class at the medical school at Shoremont University 10 years earlier. Before leaving Shoremont, Suffin tackled the keynote speak at the white coat ceremony and used underhanded tactics to put himself ahead of the other medical students. Drew dates Denise Mahoney even though he is still married to another unnamed woman whom he is trying to get divorced from.

Michael Mosley – now

Michael Mosley has had quite a successful acting career since his time on Scrubs. He went onto appear as Ted Vanderway on the show Pan Am and as Johnny on Sirens. Mosley has also had some smaller roles on shows such as Law & Order and 30 Rock. Michael has also been featured in many films including 27 Dresses and Hot Pursuit. Mosley was married to actress and singer, Anna Camp from 2010 until 2013.

Courteney Cox as Taylor Maddox

Dr. Taylor Maddox worked as the chief of medicine at Sacred Heart after Dr. Kelso quit. However, Maddox was fired after the hospital staff complained to Dr. Kelso about her. When she is first introduced, Maddox appears to be outgoing and sweet, however her true personality is revealed later on. Maddox was extremely Greedy and would even keep patients with good health insurance policies at the hospital so she could take funds from their insurance.

Courteney Cox – now

Courteney Cox got her breakout role playing the neurotic clean freak, Monica Geller, on Friends. After Friends ended, Courteney went onto star on her own show called Cougar Town. She also made appearances in several movies including Scream 4 and Bedtime Stories. Cox has been nominated for a long list of awards and she won a TV Guide Award for her role on Friends. Cox was married to fellow actor David Arquette from 1999 until they divorced in 2013. They have one daughter together named Coco.

Kate Micucci as Stephanie Gooch

Stephanie Gooch is a singer and ukulele player who sings for sick kids at Sacred Heart Hospital. Ted developed a crush on her but he was painfully shy and could not talk to her. The Janitor and J.D. worked together to help Ted talk to her, which he eventually does. The two start dating even though Ted knows that she is too good for him and they eventually move in together. When New Sacred Heart Hospital is built, Ted and Stephanie decide to leave their jobs and go travelling together.

Kate Micucci – now

Kate Micucci is an actress and singer who has appeared in a ridiculously long list of television shows. Micucci has had recurring roles in a number of shows including The Big Bang Theory and Steven Universe. She has also voiced a number of characters on shows such as The Powerpuff Girls and Milo Murphy’s Law. Micucci often performs with the improv group, Upright Citizens Brigade and on her own in theaters around the country.

Michael McDonald as Mike Davis

Michael McDonald appeared as a patient on 6 episodes of Scrubs. Mikel became a patient after his father punched him and his mother pushed him down a flight of stairs because he called her fat and boring. A few months later, Mike returns to the hospital after a lady pushed him off a bus because he insulted her. Mike had a dislocated shoulder and Carla and Turk had to pop into back into place. Mike constantly insults the for the rest of his stay at the hospital.

Michael McDonald – now

Before Michael McDonald appear on Scrubs, he was a cast member on the sketch comedy show, MadTV. In addition to appearing in Scrubs, McDonald also took a behind the scenes role and directed a number of episodes. McDonald has also appeared in episodes of Cougar Town and House of Lies. McDonald is currently on a stand-up comedy tour and he also has a comedy special, which aired on Showtime.

Charles Chun as Philip Wen

Dr. Philip Wen was the chief of surgery at the hospital and he trained the surgical interns. Wen didn’t have a great sense of humor and he took a no-nonsense approach to his work. As such, he was not happy when the interns goofed off on the job. He is a very serious guy and straight talker, however, he occasionally had wheelchair races with Dr. Cox. Dr. Wen is married to an unknown woman who broke both of her legs in a car accident.

Charles Chun – now

Since his time playing Dr. Philip Wen on Scrubs, Charles Chun has mostly appeared in small parts on television. He has been featured on shows such as Criminal Minds and Hawaii FIve-O and he also had a recurring role on the soap opera, General Hospital. Chun’s biggest role was as General Jong in the comedy movie, The Interview. His latest role was as a priest on the series, Timeless.

Frank Encarnacao as Dr. Walter Mickhead

Dr. Mickhead is an attending surgeon and doctor at Sacred Heart Hospital. He has worked there for eleven years and he is known for having some strange habits and quirks such as huffing paint. Mickhead’s wife passed away and he was almost convicted for her death. In one episode, he hints to Julie Quinn and J.D. that he killed her with a hammer. Mickhead gets romantically involved with many women at the hospital including Dr. Cox’s ex-wife, Dr. Taylor Maddox, and Julie Keaton.

Frank Encarnacao – now

Frank Encarnacao had more of an active career in the 1990s and he appeared on the television series, Highlander: The Raven and on The Lost World. Encarnacao has not appeared on much since his time on Scrubs but he did make an appearance on one episode of Courteney Cox’s show, Cougar Town. There isn’t much information out there about the actor and we can assume that he is no longer working in show business.

Mike Schwartz as Lloyd Slawski

Lloyd Slawski is a delivery man turned ambulance driver who works for Sacred Heart Hospital. Lloyd Slawski is often made fun of by the staff at the hospital because he is short and wears shorts to work. Slawski went through a sobriety program at the hospital, however, he still uses illegal substances after he completes the program. Slawski becomes a patient of Turks and Dr. Cox after he believes he is ill, however, it turns out that he is just paranoid.

Mike Schwartz – now

Mike Schwartz appeared on Scrubs for the first eight seasons but he also worked as an executive producer and a writer on the show. Schwartz has written for other shows including Saturday Night Live, Big Lake and Bored to Death. He also had a role as co-executive producer on Big Lake. Schwartz was born in Boston and raised in Santa Barbara. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career in entertainment.

Michael Hobert as Lonnie/post_page_title]

Lonnie is an internal medicine resident at the hospital. He works under J.D. and he often means well, however, he ends up getting in trouble for J.D.’s actions and he and Dr. Cox do not treat Lonnie well. J.D. is jealous that Lonnie can grow a mustache in one day and he plays basketball when he is not working. Lonnie has three daughters that he knows about and potentially more that he is unaware exist.

[post_page_title]Michael Hobert – now

Michael Hobert has appeared on TV shows such as Casual: The Series, The Flip Side and The Sixth Lead. He also appeared in four episodes of Spin City where he played three different characters. Hobert has a lot of writing experience and he was on the writing staff of ‘Til Death and Undateable. Hobert is multi-talented as he directed 8 episodes of The PET Squad Files and also produced 12 episodes of the show.

George Miserlis as Crispin

Crispin worked in the shipping and receiving department of the hospital and he was a member of the barbershop quartet called The Worthless Peons. He and Ted were members of the quartet for years and they love showing off their skills to the staff in the hospital. Crispin is the best looking member of the group as he is the only one with hair. He briefly leaves the group but returns to perform at Turk and Carla’s wedding.

George Miserlis – now

George has appeared sporadically in several Hollywood projects. In 1999, he appeared as Peter Dopler in the film The Incredible Genie and he had a small part in 2003 on the series, ER. He appeared in 15 episodes of Scrubs from 2002-2009 and took a break from acting until he was seen on one episode of Cougar Town in 2012. His last performance was in 2015 on the show The PET Squad Files. George mostly works as an onstage actor and he has appeared in many productions.


Paul F. Perry as Randall

Randall is an account at the hospital and another balding member of The Worthless Peons. Randall does not appear in too many episodes and when he does, he does not have too many lines as he is busy singing. Like the other members of the barbershop quartet, he enjoys showing how talented he is and performing around his office. Perry was the perfect actor to play Randall as he was an acapella singer at Syracuse University along with Sam Lloyd.

Paul F. Perry – now

In real life, Paul F. Perry is a member of the a capella group called The Blanks along with the other singers in the group from Scrubs. However, according to the band’s website, they have not performed since 2012. Like many of the other actors to make this list, Perry has appeared on Cougar Town in addition to appearing on The PET Squad Files. As well as having credits for music and acting, Perry has worked as a director and in the costume department.

Andrew Miller as Jack Cox

Jack Cox is the son of Jordan Sullivan and Perry Cox as well as the older brother of Jennifer Dylan. When Jordan gets pregnant with Jack, she and Perry are not in a committed relationship and have only been seeing each other a couple times a week. Perry was scared when he found out Jordan was carrying his child as he thought he would be a bad dad. However, in the end, he and Jack become very close.

Andrew Miller – now

Andrew Miller was just a little kid when he appeared on Scrubs and he is now all grown up and still working in Hollywood. Miller has gone on to get small roles in TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds and Code Black. He is set to appear in the role of Vincent in the TV movie, Stay. He also appeared in the Steven Spielberg movie, Super 8. We bet that Miller will continue to land acting roles.

Philip McNiven as Roy

Roy is another member of the a capella group The Worthless Peons and he works in the on-site property management, pest control (and many other things) division of the hospital. An interesting fact is that Roy was the only actor on the show to have another actor replace him. McNiven did not appear in the episode titled “My Brother My Keeper” and was replaced by Robert Beckwith.

Philip McNiven – now

McNiven appeared in a number of shows before his stint on Scrubs. He appeared in the TV series Quantum Leap and ER as well as on CSI. After Scrubs, McNiven continued to perform with his a capella group, The Blanks and in an episode of Cougar Town. Not much else is known about McNiven as he has not been active in Hollywood since 2012.

Aziz Ansari as Ed Dhandapani

Ed Dhandapani was an extremely incompetent intern at Sacred Heart Hospital and he was eventually fired. Ed did not care too much about his work and spent most of his time on his cell phone or in online forums about the TV show, Lost. Despite the fact that he is a slacker, he does better than most of the interns but his bad attitude bothers Dr. Cox. Dr. Cox gives him another chance by telling him to study a book on heart disorders, however, he fires Ed for failing to complete his assignment.

Aziz Ansari – now

Since his 2009 appearance on Scrubs, Ansari has become world famous celebrity and stand-up comedian. Ansari appeared in 121 episodes of Parks and Recreation and went on to create, producer, write and star in his own show called Master of None. Ansari has been nominated for numerous awards and has won two Primetime Emmy Awards and a Peabody Award. Ansari is now 34 years-old and his career continues to grow. Ansari had a relationship with professional chef, Courtney McBroom but the pair split up in 2016.

Brendan Fraser as Ben Sullivan

Ben Sullivan was Danni and Jordan’s brother who was once a patient at Sacred Heart Hospital. Although Dr. Cox and Jordan got divorced, Ben and Cox were still very close and Cox diagnosis him with leukemia after he comes to the hospital for nailing a board through his hand. Ben remains optimistic about his condition and he immediately goes through chemotherapy. Around 2 years later, it was revealed that Ben passed away from cardiac arrest after he failed to get his condition checked up on.

Brendan Fraser – now

Brendan Fraser is best known for playing the role of Rick O’Connell in The Mummy Trilogy and as George in George of the Jungle. In addition to Scrubs, Fraser had recurring appearances on shows such as Texas Rising and The Affair. He has appeared in a number of films including G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and Gimme Shelter. Fraser was married to fellow actor Afton Smith until their divorce in 2008. They have 3 children together.

Heather Locklear as Julie Keaton

Julie Keaton is a pharmaceutical representative who sells the medication, Plomox. When Julie comes to Sacred Heart Hospital to sell her product, everyone is stunned by how beautiful she is. She flirts with many male doctors including J.D. until Dr. Cox interrupts them and tells Julie that he does not like her because she marked up the price of the medication. Dr. Cox and Julie ultimately get into a relationship until Jordan reveals that she is pregnant.

Heather Locklear – now

Heather Locklear was already a famous actress before she guest starred on Scrubs as she played lead roles on shows such as Melrose Place and Spin City. Locklear has had a tumultuous personal life as she has been married to and divorced from Motley Crue drummer, Tommy Lee and Bon Jovi guitarist, Richie Sambora. Locklear has been sent to treatment centers for personal problems and she was recently hospitalized after being in a car crash.

Mandy Moore as Jane Quinn

Jane Quinn is a klutzy and geeky, 23 year-old girl that J.D. dates and she often drifts off into fantasies just like J.D. one of J.D.’s patients is Julie’s great-aunt and she sets the pair up on a blind date. When J.D. asks Julie to be in a long-term relationship, Julie ends it because she says that she was not ready for one. In real life, Moore dated Zach Braff, who plays J.D. The couple also broke up because one of them was not ready for a long-term relationship.

Mandy Moore – now

Mandy Moore is a famous Hollywood actress and singer and she has released three solo albums. More has appeared in other TV shows such as How I Met Your Mother and she currently stars in This is Us. Moore voiced the role of Rapunzel in the animated movie Tangled and she has also appeared in Love, Wedding, Marriage. Moore was married to the musician Ryan Adams but the two divorced and she since got engaged to Taylor Goldsmith.

Michael J. Fox as Kevin Casey

Kevin Casey was a surgeon and doctor that briefly visited Sacred Heart Hospital. It turns out that Dr. Cox and Casey were residents together at the same hospital when they were younger. Dr. Cox gets annoyed with Casey as he is better at giving diagnoses and figures out why Carla’s food tastes unusual. Casey suffers from OCD and he cannot stop washing his hands after performing surgery. Elliot gets upset at Casey because he helps everyone except her.

Michael J. Fox – now

Michael J. Fox was a famous Hollywood actor before he made a guest appearance on Scrubs. Fox was the star of the Back to the Future movies and was in the main cast of the sitcom, Family Ties. Fox went on to appear on Spin City until he took a break after revealing that he was suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Fox now has his own organization that raises money for Parkinson’s and he starred in his own show called The Michael J. Fox Show.


Betsy Beutler as Katie Collins

Katie was one of the stars for the web series of the show, Scrubs: Interns. As the title suggests, Katie is an intern at Sacred Heart who goes through some incredible changes during the year she is shown working there. Carla tries to guide the young Dr. as she wants her to become more understanding of the patient’s needs, but it doesn’t always go to plan. She also manages to trick Elliot into getting research for her from Turk showing her character didn’t change after all.

Betsy Beutler – now

After her time on the show, Betsy has had a number of acting roles. The young actress has had minor parts in What’s Life Got to Do With It?, Austin Lake, Blindspot, and Rosewood to name just a few. Her most notable role since Scrubs though is for her character Jeanie Halverstad in the web show The Most Popular Girls In School which revolves around a cheerleading squad that wants to take over the school’s popularity once again; the characters of the show are all barbie dolls.

Sarah Chalke as Dr. Elliot Reid

When the show was first aired, Elliot was a character that was overly competitive as all her family were doctors. She also came across as cold hearted and emotionless with her patients. However, as the show continued, Elliot became the brilliant doctor we grew to fall in love with. We weren’t the only ones, as J.D. and Elliot were married by season nine. Over the show, Elliot had many romantic relationships, and she was finally able to become friends with nearly all her coworkers after she realizes that she needs their help to succeed.

Sarah Chalke – now

Both before and after the show Sarah has had a fruitful acting career. Not only has she landed roles in movies such as After the Reality, and Mother’s Day, she has also been cast as the voice as Beth Smith for the animated series Rick and Morty, as well as playing Stella Zinman for 10 episodes in How I Met Your Mother. Sarah has had two children since Scrubs, a son and a daughter, alongside having a reboot of Roseanne in the pipeline for next year.