When this dalmatian gave birth she stopped every doctor in their tracks

What could possibly be more adorable than a puppy? They’re so full of love and energy and contain nothing but pureness and good. It’s impossible to walk past a new puppy on the street. Trust us, we’ve tried it. Choosing the right puppy is hard. There are so many options for getting one – from adopting from a shelter or kennel or buying from a breeder. Breeders, in particular, often focus on one type of dog breed to raise, study, and reproduce.


Cecilia Langton-Bunker of Ballarat, Australia is one of those breeders. She grew up loving dalmatians in particular for their incredible intelligence and athletic builds. In addition to breeding them she also submitted them for dog shows and competitions. One of her most award-winning dalmatian is Miley. The adorable and strong three-year-old is a frequent face in the Australian dog show circuit. When it was time to breed more dalmatians, she knew that Miley was right for the job. When she got pregnant, all the vets said it would be a typical and ordinary pregnancy. Cecilia knew something was off though and when delivery day rolled around, her suspicions were confirmed. This wasn’t going to be just any ordinary pregnancy.

The majestic dalmatian

Dalmatians are some of the most interesting breeds of dogs. They’re known for their gorgeous spots and majestic builds but their famous spots could take two weeks after birth to appear. What also sets them apart is, just like snowflakes, no two Dalmatians are alike. That’s right – each puppy is born with their own unique spot patterns and never match another dog. Pretty cool, right? It’s no wonder they’re one of the most sought after breeds for prospective pet owners. Breeders like the one in our story love to raise dalmatians for prospective owners but also for dog shows. With their athletic builds and gorgeous spots, they make the ideal winner.

Meet Cecilia

Cecilia Langton-Bunker loves her dalmatians. Growing up she always loved dogs but had a special place in her heart for the adorable, spotted breed. She owns her own breeding company in Ballarat, Australia called CCDalmatians. At her center she breeds the dogs for owners and also trains and plays with them. Sometimes dalmatians can grow up to be temperamental but Cecilia says that her company works to train them to be loving and well-behaved. It was at her center where Miley was born. The 3-year-old loved to play outdoors and lie in the grass. After a few years Cecilia decided to use her to breed new pups.

Time to breed

Cecilia and Miley have a special relationship. They spent much of their time together and Miley acted as a mother to the younger pups at the company. When it was time to breed Miley, she wanted to pair her with a male that would produce healthy babies as much as possible. She searched the grounds for a worthy match. She needed a male with esteem and strength to go up against Miley’s strong-will. After some searching she finally found the perfect match.


Enter stage left: Astro Wonder Boy. This prize-winning and competitive show dog was the perfect match for Miley. Cecilia put them together and they connected instantly. They played in the grass and tackled each other joyfully out on the lawn. After some time Cecilia was delighted to learn that Miley was pregnant. She took special care of the pregnant mom-to-be and made sure she had everything she needed to make the pregnancy a exceptional success.

Miley the winner

Miley was a prize-winning show dog as well. Cecilia would submit her for Australian dog shows all over the country with great success. The gorgeous girl was well-trained and athletic and was a huge hit at these competitions. Fellow judges told Cecilia that Miley was so special that if she wanted to, after her pregnancy there would be a chance that Miley would be able to go back to competing. It was something for Cecilia to consider.

Frequent checkups

Dalmatians need to be monitored closely during pregnancies. It’s very important to make sure they’re frequently healthy and comfortable as to not risk any complications. They have to carry several babies at one time in their womb after all. Cecilia took her to the vet regularly and after a few visits the doctors were able to see just how many pups she was to have. Three. Three healthy babies were what the doctors determined Miley would deliver.

The pregnancy

Miley’s belly continued to expand. Each day her progress was evident. It was amazing for Cecilia to watch. She had seen her fair share of pregnant dogs but there was something unique about Miley’s progress. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it so she let it go at first. Instead of dwelling she focused on treating Miley the best she could. She reminded herself what the vet said – everything looked good and she would likely give birth to three puppies.

It’s time

The vets reminded Cecilia that although a dalmatian can give birth to up to ten babies, it was common for first time mom Miley to produce only three. However – as Miley grew and grew Cecilia knew something was up. There was no way a dalmatian this size could only give birth to three pups. She knew something else was going on in there. Finally, it was time. With a few moans and growls, Miley was ready to give birth.

The first puppy arrives

At precisely 7 a.m. on May 18, 2017, Miley delivered her first pup. The adorable baby was healthy and looked great. Miley sure was a champ. Cecilia had set up a team of veterinary nurses to help with the delivery. She didn’t want any complications and for Miley to be as comfortable as possible. Then the second pup began to enter the world. At this point the pregnancy should have been getting easier. They were prepared for one more puppy… or so the vets said.

Surpassing expectations

No one could believe it. The vets were wrong. Miley gave birth to the third pup… then the fourth… then the 10th. They just kept on coming. Cecilia and the nurses were dumbstruck. How could this be? After the tenth baby they thought that must have been it. After all, they did know that dalmatians rarely give birth to more than 10 pups at once. But then Miley began to groan again and again and out came the 11th adorable puppy.

In utter disbelief

Everyone at CCDalmatians couldn’t believe their eyes. When it was all over Miley gave birth to a whopping 18 puppies. Not only did Miley produce 18 puppies but they were all healthy and so was the mother. It was an exhausting procedure but thankfully everything was an overwhelming success. Cecilia rushed to Miley’s side to comfort her. She was clearly exasperated but was pulling through. Once the dust settled and the puppies all proved to be in great condition, Cecilia finally thought about what a challenge this would be.

Meeting their mother

It was a grueling 13 hour process but Miley was doing well. The puppies clung to their mother and began to latch and feed. It was quite the sight to behold all these adorable newborns pushing for a spot as close to their mother as possible. In total Miley gave birth to 12 females and six males. Cecilia documented the amazing birth on her Facebook page and it went viral instantly. Everything about this event surpassed everyone’s expectations.

The team

Cecilia attributes the enormous success to her team and Miley herself. “They have been a really healthy, happy, thriving litter from the time they were born which is largely because of their mum’s dedication and perseverance,” she said. Sometimes life throws you curveballs that no doctor or expert could predict. When faced with these challenges, it’s harder to get through it alone. Cecilia prepared for Miley’s extraordinary delivery by surrounding herself with the most trusted staff and team players.

Father time

Meeting the father was the next step. Shortly after Miley delivered 18 happy and healthy puppies, Cecilia let Astro in to meet the newborns. Cecilia says Astro didn’t know what to make of the sight. “[He was] a bit disconcerted by the 18 puppies running around, he’s like ‘are these all mine?’” Cecilia says. He made his way from puppy to puppy taking in their new smells. The meeting was pleasant and adorable according to all who watched from a distance.

Record breaker!

After Cecilia documented the event and put it on her Facebook page, the international news media picked it up quickly and it spread like wildfire. When it went viral Cecilia learned just what a feat it was. Miley broke the record for giving birth to the largest litter of all time. Nobody could believe it. Cecilia talked to the Daily Mail about the event. ‘We got to 16 and thought she was done,” she recalls. “After 13-and-a-half hours of labour, it was quite amazing, she popped out another two.”

Letting them go

Once the puppies were old enough and healthy enough to go out in the world, it was time to find them a home. It was a bittersweet moment for Cecilia. On the one hand, it was her job to produce healthy and happy babies and pair them with loving owners. On the other hand, it was sad to watch them go. “I expect to get an empty nest feeling when they all start going to their new homes… because this is a very special litter,” she said.

The real-life 101 Dalmatians

Journalists called it the real-life 101 Dalmatians. The famed story was turned into several films and books. It tells the story of a litter of adorable dalmatians on the run from the evil Cruella de Vil who wants to take their gorgeous coats and turn them into… well… coats. It’s a delightful family-friendly story about a group of unlikely working together to overcome evil. Numerous news sources couldn’t help but make the lovable comparison between the two stories.

Couldn’t resist

When the news broke about the record breaking pregnancy, tons of Australians flocked to the scene to adopt one of those adorable faces. Cecilia watched the babies get swept up and she had this sinking feeling in her stomach. She had a yearning that she couldn’t explain. She knew what she had to do – she had to adopt one of those gorgeous puppies herself. She took one of the females home and called her Paris. Cecilia says that Paris is “outgoing, smart and highly spirited.”

A puppy reunion

Nearly a year later Cecilia came up with a great idea. After all the attention Miley and her pups received, she thought it would be wonderful to have a family reunion. She put out the notice on her Facebook page and through local media. She called the event a “puppy party” and 10 out of the 18 puppies arrived ready to interact with their mother and siblings. The event was adorable and featured the pups swimming and running through the grass.

Happy ending

It’s quite a feat that everything from the pregnancy to the adoption were a complete success. After the pregnancy Miley was energetic and healthy. She went back to running in the grass and she maintained her athletic build. All of the puppies were adopted and greeted by happy homes. Everything about Miley’s pregnancy surpassed everyone’s expectations. As for Cecilia and Miley – they continue to enjoy life at the dalmatian hub. She continues to post updates on Miley who is doing great.