The most dangerous species around the globe


You don’t have to go to the far reaches of the earth to find some of the deadliest species around. Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, they are walking amongst us. There are insects and animals on here that we didn’t even know existed, let alone could be right outside of our home. As we always say, the key to handling critters of all kinds is the classic ‘don’t bug them and they won’t bug you!’.


The most classically annoying yet more deadly than you may think is the mosquito. As annoying as their bite is (itches for days!), the most dangerous thing about them is the fact that they carry diseases from all over the world. They are the reason for most of the most lethal epidemics in the world. Snakes are another common species that we know to be lethal if bitten by the wrong (or is it right?) one. 

There are species on here that we humans have each other to thank for creating. There is a reason man shouldn’t mess with nature! We made a regular old honey bee a hybrid we don’t even know how to understand and gave it the nickname of ‘killer bee’; nice. Other animals, such as dogs are perhaps considered man’s best friend but if not treated well and vaccinated, these best friends can catch rabies and be extremely violent towards humans. 

We thought it would be a good idea to gather the world’s most dangerous species into one list for you to look through and learn to recognize them and what to do, or what not to do among them.

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