The most memorable Instagram photos of female flight attendants

What would you say your favorite part of flying on a plane is? If you had to ask us, we’d say it’s the lovely stewardesses. There are many different things that we all experience when we go on a flight, and they aren’t always the most exciting. Sure, it’s always nice to travel, and granted, some trips are more pleasurable than others, but the process of flying isn’t always the easiest thing to do.


First, you have to book your flight, and pay an exorbitant amount of your hard earned dollars to simply get the ticket. On the day of the flight, you must go to the airport extra early, only so you can spend at least an hour waiting in lines and going through security. It also doesn’t help that you’re carrying a heaping collection of baggage (of course, by the time you’ve reached security, you’ve already gotten rid of most of it). Finally, you’ve arrived at the gate, and they’re announcing that it’s time for you to board the plane.

But once you’ve taken your seat, and the female flight attendant smiles that wonderful smile at you, like only she can… you know it was all worth it. It’s at that moment that you understand that you’re in the best of hands.

Brigita Jagelaviciute at work

This picture perhaps sums up what it’s like to be a stewardess in the most traditional way possible. Here’s what we mean by that. The outfit that Brigita is wearing here has sort of an old school look to it, and her expression has that vibe as well, almost like she’s a character in Catch Me If Can, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. But let’s be real. Regardless of what “era” this girl’s outfit looks like it’s from, we’d all love to see her waiting on us on our flight.

Brigita Jagelaviciute outside of work

Is she serious? Women like Brigita shouldn’t be allowed to own an Instagram account, or even take pictures at all for that matter. This may sound unreasonable, but you see what we’re saying, right? She’s just that mesmerizing. It’s like she’s taking the playing field and dominating it like it’s nobody’s business. It looks like she’s one of those ladies that has no trouble evoking a smile whether she’s serving you hot tea on a plane, or chatting you up on a subway.

Andressa Schenkel at work

This young woman hails from the beautiful country of Brazil, and it seems she may have adopted some of her country’s traits. This picture is so perfect that it almost looks like it’s a promotional ad. Of course, the beauty here is that it’s not. She took this picture on her own, and posted it on her Instagram account. If these are the kinds of stewardesses that roam the flights in South America, perhaps it may be time to pay a visit down there.

Andressa Schenkel outside of work

She’s used to traveling thousands of miles above the air, but in this case she’s traveling on solid ground. We all know the feeling… you’ve been flying for hours and hours, and then when you finally land, you’re so ready to jump into a regular car and cruise around even if you have no where to be. It seems that not only was Andressa more than ready to hop into her car for a good spin, but she wasted no time snapping a nice selfie of herself as well.

Evelina at work

On Scandinavian Airlines, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll receive the services of the lovely Evelina. This blonde young lady is as good as they get when it comes to flight attendants, and she seems to love her job as well. Or at least, she loves her outfit. What is it about those neck accessories that they always make stewardesses wear? It really is an interesting uniform style, but perhaps it makes sense… after all, she does look great in it.

Evelina outside of work

After Evelina is done working hard on the plane, pretty much never sleeping for hours on end, you can imagine that this girl would eventually get exhausted. Once she returns to her hometown in Scandinavia for a small break, you can only imagine how welcome a steaming hot shower would be. As you can see on her face, there is a sense of satisfaction that is beaming bright, because she knows how relieving it will feel after being on her feet for so long.

Patricia at work

Not many people give flight attendants enough credit. People forget that they are all regular people just like the rest of us. This means that they have their own unique personalities, and their own quirky tendencies. Patricia is clearly one of these zany individuals who not only has an Instagram account that is followed by many, but enjoys posing for her fans in the most unconventional of ways as she attempts to kick back on a flight.

Patricia outside of work

If you were wondering whether or not we’d like to take back our choice of words for describing Patricia – zany – we’re happy to say that we don’t want to. Whilst looking at Patricia in this picture, perhaps we can add the word captivating to describe her. Right off the bat, we are hypnotized by her eyes. Are her eyes really the color yellow? Do they even make eyes that color? Is she wearing contacts? Wait, what were we talking about again?

Alexandra at work

Alexandra comes from Bucharest, Romania, adding to the list of foreign countries the stewardesses on this list are being compiled from. As you can see, Romania may very well be the place you want to go next, especially if ladies like Alexandra will be there. There’s just a certain mystique about her that draws you in in a way you can’t quite describe. It looks like she would be able to calm any nerves you may have about flying, and like she’d be able to get you to drift off before you know you’re in the air.

Alexandra outside of work

What were we talking about again? Oh yeah… the fact that Alexandra has this mysterious ability to cast a spell on not just us, but on her hordes of Instagram fans as well. In case you were wondering, she has over three thousand of them. This may not sound like that much in relation to other celebrities, but something tells us this girl is on the rise, and to be honest… you can add us to the list of her admiring fans.

Whitney Young at work

And now we have a wonderful lady who goes by the name of Whitney Young. She hails from good ol’ America, and she works on an airline that you probably won’t expect – Alaska Airlines! To be honest, we’re kind of jealous that she gets to visit the state of Alaska so often. We have always wanted to go there… Of course, we’re even more jealous of the passengers that get to converse with her on the plane while she’s working.

Whitney Young outside of work

It’s unclear whether this picture was taken in Alaska, or literally any other place in the world, but does it really matter? This girl didn’t amass herself over 19 thousand followers by relying solely on the locations that she takes pictures in. Besides, it is much more important who the person in the picture is than where it was taken. And as you can see, Whitney is an absolute stunner when it comes to taking a quality shot that will last forever.

Georgia Nielsen at work

Is this girl a movie star? Because we honestly feel like she should be one. She even bears a soft resemblance to that of Angelina Jolie… right? But regardless over who she might look like, Miss Georgia Nielsen is clearly one of those flight attendants that you get excited about when she walks by your chair. How could you not? This Melbourne native clearly knows how to put herself together, and we wouldn’t be surprised if she causes hold ups in the aisles.

Georgia Nielsen outside of work

Yes, yes, we know that you’ve already fallen in love with this girl, but don’t hold your breath, because you may very well fall some more. Just listen to these words of wisdom she had to say: “Life,” she said, is just like “taking a selfie.” You have to sometimes approach things from different perspectives if you want to find that “money maker.” Well look at her with the analogies! We dig it, Georgia, we dig it. Now how about that number?

Marie-Elyse Nantel at work

Miss Marie is a Canadian stewardess who works for… you guessed it, Air Canada. There is a saying around the world that people from Canada are super nice. There is even a further saying that they sometimes like to leave milk and cookies by the door for people. That last one probably isn’t very accurate, but if we ever met Marie in real life, you can bet that we would be the ones providing the cookies – it’ll be our treat.

Marie-Elyse Nantel outside of work

If you weren’t convinced from the previous picture that this Canadian flight attendant is as awesome as they come, perhaps her five thousand plus Instagram followers can convince you. They certainly have good taste, and it makes sense that they follow her, because Marie really knows how to take a well put together selfie. There really is nothing quite as wonderful as a good mirror pic, and the one she pulled off here is one of the best we’ve seen in a while.

Lauren Bushnell at work

The story of Lauren Bushnell is actually a very interesting one, and it will probably surprise you. Lauren was not only a flight attendant, but a former star on the reality television show, The Bachelor. She was put into a competition with over 20 other women, trying to win the affection of one man – Ben. And guess what – she was the first place winner! Talk about meeting a star – it was probably a dream come true for any Bachelor fans who met her on the plane.

Lauren Bushnell outside of work

When Lauren isn’t engaging in her flight attendant duties, she is continuing to put together eye popping Instagram pictures such as the one you see here. The truth is that she hasn’t been a flight attendant for a while – that part of her life is in the past. Thanks to Instagram, she’s managed to remain somewhat in the spotlight. And as long as she keeps up posting pictures like these, you can count on us to give her a follow.

Victoria Tsuranova at work

Oh, Victoria. How many songs will continue to be written about you? Keep up with the outstanding job you’re doing as a stewardess, and we guarantee you that you’ll be given all of life’s goodness, and you won’t even have to ask. It’s no surprise that you’ve managed to lock down over 23 thousand followers on your Instagram account. You seem to have a vibrant light about you that surrounds every person you come into contact with, and this includes the individuals on your flights. Mark our words… if we’re ever flying on Aeroflot airlines, you can bet that we’ll be requesting that you make an appearance.

Victoria Tsuranova outside of work

But while it can be fun to hope and dream about possibly meeting this lovely young lady one day, chances are we never will. Still, that doesn’t mean we can’t admire her pictures from afar. After all, that’s what they’re there for, right? Here’s the thing… Some women have a certain natural glow about them, but not all of them make it their business to get the perfect picture for their social media fans. We have no doubt in our minds that Victoria put a lot of effort into this picture, however effortless it may seem. And we’d like to let her know that the hard work she’s putting in is paying off.