David Spade paid this touching tribute to his sister-in-law Kate Spade

We’ve lost many famous faces in 2018. Some were unexpected, others not so much, but one person we never imagined losing so soon was Kate Spade. The fashion designer passed away in June after tragically taking her life, and the world has been in shock ever since. Kate first made an impact on the fashion scene back in the ‘90s after her husband invested all the money he had into her business. It was a big risk to take, but one that definitely paid off for the both of them. Only a few years later, the Kate Spade brand grew in size, eventually reaching the level where big names wanted a piece of them.


Although on the surface, Kate may have appeared a woman delighted by her success and enjoying life, she was facing a difficult fight away from the public eye. Few people knew about Kate’s turmoil, and no matter how hard her family tried to help her, there was nothing they could really do. Eventually, she succumbed to her struggles and decided to end things, leaving her loved ones and the world heartbroken.

One person who was particularly devastated by her death is actor and comedian David Spade. The two may have been siblings by law, but their connection was incredibly genuine. After Kate’s passing, David posted a tribute to her on his social media account, and it touched the world.

Heartbreaking loss

It was a sad day on June 5th, 2018 when it was discovered that fashion designer Kate Spade had passed away. The businesswoman was found in her Park Avenue apartment on the Tuesday morning by her housekeeper. It was very apparent that the woman had taken her own life and that it hadn’t been accidental; a sign that Kate was dealing with a lot of mental turmoil that many of us didn’t realize. It’s believed that she was dealing with mental illness, in particular depression and anxiety, for many years before she made the heartbreaking decision to end it all. The effect that it’s had on everyone around her has been immense.

Years in the making

Kate’s sister, Reta Saffo, has speculated that while the loss is devastating, it may well have been years in the making. She first became concerned about her sister’s wellbeing back in 2014 following the passing of legendary actor Robin Williams. Saffo commented that Kate seemed fixated by the news and believes that it may have hindered her ability to deal with her mental struggles. Over the last few years, she did what she could to help improve her sister’s health. This included inpatient hospitalization, although it didn’t have the desired impact that Saffo wanted. No amount of treatment was enough to restore Kate to the positive, excitable person she knew growing up.

Leaving a note

Upon passing, Kate left behind a note for her 13-year-old daughter, Frances Beatrix Spade, which referenced the difficulties she’d faced with her mental health. She urged her child not to blame herself for her mother’s passing, stating that it had nothing to do with her. The note suggested she should ask her dad who had a much better understanding of what was going on in the designer’s head. As well as being husband and wife, the couple had also been business partners, although things had recently gone downhill.

Relationship struggles

For the best part of a year, Kate and her husband Andy had been living separately, although they had no plans to divorce. Even though they were apart, the two were in regular contact with one another; they’d even spoken the night before her passing. At the time, Kate had seemed in a positive headspace, so when the news broke Andy was completely taken by surprise. He knew she’d been working with doctors to try and improve her mental health issues, but the problems were more severe than they’d realized.


Pressure at work

It’s unknown what caused Kate’s depression and anxiety to flare up, and whether it’s something that’s been there since she was born. Her sister believes that the pressure of her job may have been what pushed her over the edge. She speculated that the success of her brand and the stress that created might have been too much for Kate to handle. Having never shown any mental struggles while growing up, Saffo believes that it had to have been an outside influence that brought it all on.

Sending their thoughts

Following the announcement of Kate’s passing, many people paid their respects to the fashion designer online. Celebrities and fans alike voiced their shock and sadness at the news that the talented woman is no longer with us. Many used it as an opportunity to point out just how devastating mental illness can be, and urged followers to reach out to anyone they know who might be in a similar position. If tragedies like Kate Spade’s and Robin William’s passing have taught us anything, it’s that anybody could be suffering.

Remember me

The devastating effect that her mental illness has had on her is a contrast to how Kate was back when she first made a name for herself. In 2002, the designer commented during an interview that she hoped people would remember her for being “a lot of fun.” She wanted to be known as more than just a woman who was good at running her own business. Thankfully, many people remember the happiness that she brought them, especially one person in particular.

Loving brother

When Kate passed away, one person who was extremely devastated by her loss was David Spade. The two had been in each other’s lives for years after Kate tied the knot with his brother, Andy. Although they might not have been related by blood, the two always shared the kind of bond that only siblings can have. They saw each other as family, so when she took her life, David felt as though he’d lost a part of himself. That’s why he found a way to pay tribute to her.

Posting a tweet

David took to social media to share with the world just how much Kate meant to him. He posted a picture on Twitter from one of his book signings that the designer had attended. In the caption for the photo, he states that people weren’t aware of just how funny his sister-in-law was. Now that’s she gone, they’ll never be able to see that for themselves. At the end, he tagged on that “Its a rough world out there” and told his followers to “Try to hang on.”

Insta love

Alongside his tweet, David also uploaded a photo to Instagram that echoed a similar message. He said that although the picture is fuzzy, it’s one of his favorites, and was taken on a good day that they’d spent together. He commended her ability to always make him laugh, and repeated his comment that it’s a rough world. David’s request to “hang on” seems to be aimed at others facing the same struggles that Kate did, in the hope that their families won’t go through the same pain he has.

Finding his feet

David and Kate first became family back in 1994 when his older brother married her. At the time, David was still finding his feet as an actor, having appeared in several smaller roles during the late ‘80s. He was also in the middle of a successful run on variety show “Saturday Night Live,” where he was a comedian and writer. The series helped him bag three Emmy nominations for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series, the last of which came just a year before Andy and Kate tied the knot.

Stepping out of line

Although Spade’s appearance on SNL earned him several opportunities to clinch an Emmy Award, things weren’t all great on the variety show. One sketch, in particular, resulted in a feud that lasted for 20 years. After poking fun at Eddie Murphy on his skit, the movie star launched a tirade against Spade. He was furious that the comedian would dare to make a joke at his expense, and so Spade started avoiding him like the plague. Ridiculing a famous actor is certainly one way to make a name for yourself.

Asking permission

It’s not a huge surprise then that a few years later, Spade requested permission to poke fun at someone instead of just going for it. It was during the filming of his adventure comedy “Joe Dirt” that Spade voiced his desire to include a line belittling rock band Def Leppard. Initially, he was told that it was a step too far, but after approaching the band’s manager and explaining the context, he was given the go-ahead. At least that’s one feud that the comedian managed to avoid.

Getting inked

You can’t say that David isn’t dedicated to his work. Back when he was on SNL, the comedian needed a skit and decided to get Sean Penn involved. However, the actor only agreed to do it if he was allowed to give Spade a tattoo on camera. Viewers at home might not have realized that Penn was genuinely inking the comedian’s skin, and that was a permanent piece he was putting on the man’s arm. David might have some regrets about it now, but it made for a good sketch.

An attempt on his life

If he thought that getting on the wrong side of celebrities was the worst that things could get, Spade received a bit of a surprise when his assistant attacked him. The man, who went by “Skippy,” broke into David’s home and went for his boss with a stun gun. Clearly, he didn’t enjoy being the comedian’s personal assistant that much if he tried to take him out in his own home. Thankfully, Spade came out of the struggle with only minor injuries.

Laughing in the face of danger

That’s not the first time that someone’s broken into the comedian’s home. Back in 2017, someone else got into his house, although they didn’t make an attempt on Spade’s life this time. Following the break-in, David discovered that his entire safe had been stolen, not just the contents inside it. Although the burglary might have distressed the comedian, he managed to see the lighter side of things. Even in the face of crime, he was still able to crack some of his famous deadpan jokes to the reporting officers.


Ladies man

While he might be best known for his time on Saturday Night Live and other comedic appearances, David Spade has also attracted plenty of media attention due to being something of a ladies man. He’s been connected with all manner of famous females, including Naya Rivera, Heather Locklear, Julia Bowen and Kelli McCarty, just to name a few. While a lot of his relationships have only been flings, someone who he did have a meaningful connection with was Jillian Grace, with whom he intentionally fathered daughter Harper.

Tumultuous love

One of Spade’s most high-profile relationships was with Lara Flynn Boyle back in the late ‘90s. The star rose to fame on mystery horror show “Twin Peaks” and apparently caught the eye of many suitors. She was famously hit on by Jack Nicholson in front of Spade, who did nothing to stop the movie star because he felt he was “outranked.” Although Boyle protested Nicholson’s advances, she was later seen climbing out of his sunroof after he crashed his car. Spade broke up with her shortly afterward.

Losing a friend

Losing Kate isn’t the first time that David Spade has had to deal with immense grief. Back in 1997, the comedian lost one of his closest friends and coworkers, Chris Farley. Although the two had their disagreements, their relationship was stronger than most people realized. Spade was so distraught by his friend’s passing that he couldn’t bring himself to attend the funeral. While some assumed that it was a sign of their strained relationship, the reality was the complete opposite. Now he’s had to go through that all over again.

Dredging up the past

Even earlier than that, Spade had to deal with another loss that hit much closer to home. After his father walked out on him when he was very young, he grew up finding a father figure in stepdad Howard Hyde. Although he had his problems, the man provided stability for Spade’s family that had been lacking before. However, when the comedian was only 15, his stepfather took his own life. The devastating similarities between his death and Kate’s is understandably a lot for David to handle at this hard time.