The definitive ranking of the 30 US cities with the highest crime rates


When people consider moving or relocating to a new city, some of the factors that they may keep in mind have a lot to do with their own interests like what is the level of education, what opportunities the city has to offer and sometimes whether the weather is suitable for them. However, there is one factor many people don’t necessarily keep in mind and that is the crime rate in that specific city. We all want to live in a peaceful environment and feel safe in our surrounding, however, you’ll be surprised to find out that some of the most unexpected cities in the U.S actually have an extremely high crime rate.


There are endless factors that lead to deciding how dangerous a city is. For example, there is the FBI’s annual report of the crime statistics in every state in the U.S which comes out in September. In 2015 alone, it was reported that more than a million cases of violent crimes were committed, a number which rose in almost 4% from the previous year. Crimes can be in a form of threat of force and are usually divided into 4 categories: robbery, rape, aggravated assault and murder.

Atlanta, Georgia, for example comes in at number 25 on our list. The big city has actually been cleaning up crime from its streets and the instances have been cut in half over the last 15 years. While this piece of information does make us hopeful regarding the crime statistics across the United States, there are still some places that are considered unsafe. This is the countdown to the most dangerous cities in the U.S. Some of these cities’ mentioning will definitely take you by surprise. Find out if your city is considered dangerous. To work and live in.

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