What ever happened to the women of Saved by the Bell?

If you grew up in the ’90s, or just enjoy a good rerun, chances are you can still recite the words to the Saved by the Bell theme song. From 1989 to 1993, the popular sitcom made teens everywhere run to their TV every Saturday morning in order to catch up with the Bayside gang.

Saved by the Bell became the ultimate way to start your weekend off the right way. Up until then, the Saturday morning airwaves were mostly taken over by cartoons. Saved by the Bell, which was originally Good Morning Miss Bliss, paved the way for future teen sitcoms such as Beverly Hills, 90210, The O.C. and Dawson’s Creek, by becoming the first ever show aimed for young teenagers that focused on mature topics such as peer pressure, anxiety and illegal substance abuse. (And come on, will we ever forget Jessie’s famous emotional “I’m so excited” breakdown?)


But at the same time, it remained a funny, cheery show that had its good share of cheesy ’90s moments, and of course, amazing colorful ’90s clothing. In fact, watching the reruns 25 years later still brings great joy to its fans, not to mention some serious nostalgia. There is something about the ’90s that our generation is fascinated with, do a quick google search about the era and thousands of articles appear such as “Do you remember these ’90s music videos?” or “The best snacks from the ’90s” and so on… Or, just look around and you can find many trends, such as high waisted jeans, cropped sweaters, choker necklaces and colorful prints making it back from the era.

Besides the clothing trends, 2017 is pretty different than 1990. The biggest thing that has changed is of course, technology. And maybe that is why we are so nostalgic about the happy and fun times of the ’90s… because technology has advanced so much since then in such a short amount of time. Meaning, many of us can remember a time when we didn’t have everything we needed on a phone, and a time when we actually had to listen to the radio or watch MTV to hear our favorite song. So were times better then? Or are we better off now? We may never know the answer…

The cast of Saved by the Bell highlighted all the best parts of the ’90s: the fashion, the lifestyle, the music, the hair, the colors… we could go on and on. It also showcased a talented young cast, who rose to fame after becoming the students of Bayside High.

Although we love the boys of Saved by the Bell, the show would never have been the same without the girls. The young women on the show (for the most part) portrayed strong, smart, athletic and talented women during a time when beautiful women were still mostly portrayed on TV as simply “hot.”

Time to catch up with what the lovely ’90s girls of Saved by the Bell are up to today!

Lark Voorhies as Lisa Turtle – Then

Lisa is the trendy, outgoing, popular, and beautiful fashion expert of the group. She also has a reputation of being the number one gossip queen of Bayside High. She comes from a family of wealth with both of her parents working as surgeons. Lisa is also known as the woman who Screech has a massive, unrequited, crush on for the duration of the series. Unfortunately for poor Screech, the feelings never become mutual, although they do remain good friends. Lisa thinks of herself as a guidance counselor of some sorts, often offering her words of wisdom and advice to her friends, especially when it comes to matters regarding fashion and romance.

Lark Voorhies as Lisa Turtle – Now

After Lark said goodbye to the series (and the spin-off show and movie that followed) she ended up getting casted as Wendy Reardon in the soap opera Days of Our Lives followed by Jasmine Malone in another major soap, The Bold and the Beautiful. However, it seems like she has since retired from acting all together. In fact, her last role was back in 2012, where she played a character named Hanna in a low-budget drama titled Closer to God: Jessica’s Journey. She made headlines that same year when her mother told People Magazine that she was struggling with bipolar disorder. The 43-year-old has been married three times, each ending in divorce.

Leanna Creel as Tori Scott – Then

Tori is the new girl at Bayside High who makes her first appearance in the 4th and final season of the series. She is a tough girl who often sports a leather jacket and rides a motorcycle to school. She becomes an enemy of Zack Morris after she parks her bike in Zack’s usual space, but later they begin dating for a brief period.

Leanna Creel as Tori Scott – Now

After Leanna left the show, she appeared in a few minor TV roles until she got cast in the 2000 Jennifer Lopez movie The Cell, as Mother. Since then, she hasn’t returned to acting. Leanna is now 47-years-old and has been married to her wife Rinat Greenberg since 2008. The couple have two children together.

Leah Remini as Stacey Carosi – Then

Stacey is the daughter of Leon Carosi, who is the owner of the Malibu Sands beach Club where everyone in the group (besides Lisa who is a member) takes a summer job. Stacey, who is from the East Coast, is not impressed with Zack’s West Coast lifestyle and mocks him by calling him “dude.” Later on, they develop feelings for one another and they start to date in secret until Stacey leaves for New York at the end of the summer.

Leah Remini as Stacey Carosi – Now

Leah’s role on Saved by the Bell was right at the beginning of her acting career. Seven years later, Leah got casted in the role she is most known for, as Carrie Heffernan in the long-running sitcom The King of Queens. Now, the 47-year-old is appearing once again with her former on-screen husband Kevin James in the CBS sitcom Kevin Can Wait, which is now on its second season. Besides acting, Leah is also known for protesting against Scientology, after leaving the Church in 2013.

Bridgette Wilson-Sampras as Ginger – Then

Ginger is the super sweet, but slightly ditzy blonde student, who was known as being a bit too happy at times. Her relationship with Zack was short-lived due to the fact that the only thing she ever wanted to talk about with Zack was whether or not she had lipstick on her teeth. Okay, so the girl was maybe a bit of an airhead.

Bridgette Wilson- Sampras as Ginger – Now

Bridgette got casted in the series shortly after winning the title of Miss Teen USA in 1990. After her minor role as Ginger, she got casted in the popular daytime soap Santa Barbara. After that she made it into big films such as Billy Madison, Mortal Kombat and I know What You Did Last Summer. Bridgette’s last role was in a boxing film titles Phantom Punch in 2008, since then she has taken a break from acting. The 44-year-old now has two children with her retired Tennis player husband Pete Sampras.

Tori Spelling as Violet Bickerstaff – Then

Violet was Screech’s equally nerdy girlfriend, who dated a different nerd who treated her poorly before Screech convinced her to leave him. Screech ends up getting invited to a dinner date with Violet and her parents, but his nervousness ruins it and her parents demand Violet to stop seeing him right away. Violet listens to her parents, until Screech helps her save the glee club and she goes back to him.

Tori Spelling as Violet Bickerstaff – Now

Shortly after Tori landed the role as Violet, she got casted in another major ’90s show, produced by her father Aaron Spelling, Beverly Hills, 90210 in her longest role yet as Donna. Her last role was in the 2016 made-for-TV movie Mother, May I Sleep with Danger. The 44-year-old has been married to Dean McDermott since 2006, and the couple now have five children together. They even had their own reality TV show about opening a bed and breakfast called Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, which lasted from 2007-2012.

Jennifer McComb as Laura Benton – Then

Laura was the girl who Zack meets during the holiday season while he is shopping at the mall. Later on, Zack find out that she doesn’t just work there, but she actually has been sleeping there and doesn’t have a home. Zack and the gang end up going all out in order to help her and her father find a home and turn their lives around, because it was the holidays after all!

Jennifer McComb as Laura Benton – Now

Jennifer continued appearing in mostly smaller roles after her short-lived performance on Saved by the Bell. She made appearances in shows like ER and Dawson’s Creek, and played a minor role in My Best Friend’s Wedding and a model in Zoolander. She seems to have taken a break from acting since 2014, and is living out of the limelight for the time being. Her last role was a a mother in a 2014 comedy called Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife.

Kirsten Kemp as Rhonda Robistelli – Then

Rhonda was the resident tomboy at Bayside High. She was often portrayed as the exact opposite of Kelly. She appeared only in the first season, as the girl who was constantly chasing Zack around the hallways trying to talk to him or ask him out, but he would always run away from her and she would often yell after him in a deep voice. Rhonda never understood why Zack had such rigid ideas about how women should act and be “girly.”

Kirsten Kemp as Rhonda Robistelli – Now

Kirsten’s role on Saved by the Bell was her first ever acting job. After getting rejected by Zack, she moved on to the series Head of the Class where she played Monica. She continued to get casted in hit shows such as Growing Pains, Married with Children and Sister, Sister, but most of the roles were small and not recurring. In 2005, she hosted the TLC series Property Ladder for three seasons, and later appeared as a “real estate expert” in the TLC show Hope for Your Home. Since 2002, the 47-year-old has retired from acting.

Soleil Moon Frye as Robin – Then

In the fourth season, Screech gains popularity and even a TV advertisement for inventing a new kind of spaghetti sauce. Robin, a rich, popular and beautiful girl at Bayside, suddenly approaches Screech and the two start dating. Shortly after, the gang discovers the truth about Robin- she is actually nothing more than a devious little gold-digger who was only ever interested in stealing Screech’s recipe! Poor Screech, he thought she really liked him!

Soleil Moon Frye as Robin – Now

Soleil got her acting career started at a young age, when she played Penelope ‘Punky’ Brewster in the popular ’80s sitcom Punky Brewster. In 2000, she got casted in another major role as Roxie King in Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. After that, she went on to work as a voice actress where she voiced for animated series such as The Proud Family, Bratz and most recently- Robot Chicken. Since 2014, the 41-year-old seems to be taking a break from acting which she probably deserves considering she has been working since she was 7-years-old! She has been married since 1998 to film producer Jason Goldberg, and the two have 4 children together.

Tiffani Thiessen as Kelly Kapowski – Then

Kelly was the most popular girl at Bayside. She was not only the head cheerleader, but also the captain of several other teams as well including volleyball, softball and swimming. So naturally she was Zack’s crush throughout the series. They had their ups and downs of course, but in the end they maintained a solid friendship and eventually got married. Although Kelly is very popular, she doesn’t let it get to her head and remains a caring person and loyal friend.

Tiffani Thiessen as Kelly Kapowski – Now

After Tiffani said goodbye to the Saved by the Bell cast for good, she got casted in her next big role- as Valerie Malone in Beverly Hills, 90210. After her six-year run on the show, she continued with her career and got casted in smaller roles in series like Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place and Just Shoot Me! She landed another larger role in 2009, as Elizabeth Burke in the series White Collar. Her next role will be as Lori in an upcoming Netflix comedy series titled Alexa & Katie.The 43-year-old has been married to actor Brady Smith since 2005 and the couple have two children together.

Nancy Valen as Nurse Jennifer – Then

Right when Zack was about to finally go steady with Kelly, who he had been chasing for quite a while- he met the school nurse. Jennifer was the attractive and young (but still much older than Zack) school nurse who Zack starts to spend time with after faking an illness. She ended up scaring him off after she called him out on his “illness” and actually turned the heat up, and that was the end of Zack’s nurse visits.

Nancy Valen as Nurse Jennifer – Now

After Nancy’s one-episode role on Saved by the Bell, she continued further with her career and got casted in several minor roles until getting casted in the hit ’90s series, Baywatch, where she played Samantha Thomas. She returned to minor roles shortly after, including a quick appearance in CSI and Spin City. The 51-year-old hasn’t taken an acting gig since 2007, and is still married to her husband of 23 years, actor Nels Van Pattern.

Christine Taylor as Heather Brooks – Then

Heather had both beauty and brains, and was impressed with Zack after he surprisingly scored a 1502 on his S.A.T. exam. Zack develops a crush on her and uses his new “intelligence” to get her attention and ends up inviting her over to his house to “study.” Unfortunately for Zack, the feelings weren’t mutual and she really did just want to study, this was made clear when she brought along her boyfriend, Bob.

Christine Taylor as Heather Brooks – Now

Christine first gained her fame in the late ’80s Nickelodeon show Hey Dude. Her career started to take off shortly after her appearance on Saved by the Bell and was casted in several popular series including Friends. In 1995, she got casted as Marcia Brady in The Brady Bunch Movie, and shortly after in The Wedding Singer. She then went on to appear in several movies with her ex-husband Ben Stiller, such as Dodgeball, Zoolander and Tropic Thunder. Sadly, after 17 years of marriage, the celebrity couple, who have two children together, decided to call it quits.

Julie St. Claire as Danielle – Then

Danielle was the attractive and older college student from USC who Zack meets and quickly falls for. She was beautiful and liked to have a good time, so Zack was obviously interested. How does he end up getting her attention? By pretending to be a fellow college student of USC and letting her use his giant brick of a cell phone. The two have a brief relationship, which includes them dancing together in an awesome ’90s-esque club called The Attic.

Julie St. Claire as Danielle – Then

Julie was known pre-Save by the Bell as Tawny Richards in the soap opera Santa Barbara. After her brief appearance, she landed her next bigger role in the series A.J.’s Time Travelers. She had mostly smaller roles until getting casted in her most recent role, as Maria Antoni in the crime-filled series Lincoln Heights. The 47-year-old hasn’t acted since 2009, and has been married to her husband, actor Patrick Robert Smith, since 1995.

Krystee Clark as Kristy Barnes – Then

Kristy was the wrestling champion who Zack had a brief (one-episode) relationship with. Kristy was the perfect package, she was beautiful, strong, and a good bodyguard! One night, when Zack and Kristy were on a date together at The Max, a bully came to pick a fight with Zack and Kristy was straight to his rescue. Talk about girl power. Although their episode ended on a high note, she was never seen again on the series. So the mystery continues, what ever happened to Kristy?

Krystee Clark as Kristy Barnes – Now

Like many of the guest stars, Krystee’s quick appearance on Saved by the Bell was her first time working as an actress. She later on moved to roles in popular ’90s series such as Roseanne, The Wonder Years, Step by Step and Boy Meets World. Her last role however, hasn’t been since 2007 where she played the lead, Lucy, in a low-budget horror movie called Shining Water. She has since moved on to politics, and is currently running for City Council of Los Angeles District 7.

Jennifer Blanc-Biehn as Melissa – Then

Melissa was the sweet girl who Zack met while working for Teen Line. Everything was fine until he found out that she was in a wheelchair, and he started to treat her like a little kid. Zack ends up coordinating a wheelchair basketball team, which creates one of the greatest Saved by the Bell moments when Slater jumps out of his wheelchair while playing and everyone has to actually spend time explaining to him that no Slater, you can’t jump if you are in a wheelchair…awkward.

Jennifer Blanc-Biehn as Melissa – Now

After Jennifer’s quick role on Saved by the Bell, she got casted as Tiffany in a series called The Mommies, and as Kate Bishop in the classic ’90s show Party of Five. Later on she landed another recurring role as Kendra in the series Dark Angel. Since then, she has been working (and still is) in minor TV and movie roles. Her last role was as Lorie in the Canadian sci-fi movie Altered Perception. The 43-year-old is now married to Terminator and Aliens actor Michael Biehn and the couple have one two-year-old son together.

Elizabeth Berkley as Jessie Spano – Then

Jessie was Zack’s neighbor and childhood friend, and he would regularly visit her by climbing through her window. She is a tall, strong and bright girl who is often portrayed as the show’s liberal and feminist. Jessie has the most epic scene in all of Saved by the Bell history during the second season, when she gets addicted to caffeine pills after getting a bad grade in geometry and has the famous breakdown, “I’m so excited… I’m so excited… I’m so…. scared!” No Elizabeth, we will never forget this great moment…

Elizabeth Berkley as Jessie Spano – Now

Shortly after appearing in the Saved by the Bell movie, Elizabeth got casted in one of her most famous roles yet, as Las Vegas dancer Nomi Malone in the (slightly racy) movie Showgirls. Although the film originally received poor reviews, it has since turned into a cult classic that has a pretty large following. After that, she continued to appear in (mostly smaller roles) in films such as The First Wives Club and Any Given Sunday. More recently, she has appeared in shows like The L Word and CSI: Miami. Her last role was in 2016, where she made a guest appearance on New Girl.