Everything you wanted to know about Drew and Jonathan Scott and their show


HGTV has produced some incredible shows over the years. From Flip or Flop to House Hunters, Love It or List It to Home Town, and Rehab Addict to Fixer Upper, the list goes on. Home and Garden television broadcasts a range of home improvement, remodeling, and gardening shows that have given many people inspiration to get decorating over the years. However, there is one show that has remained the highest rated HGTV show since its debut. A show that took the world by storm. That show is Brother vs. Brother.

The series premiered in 2013 where the world instantly fell in love with the stars Jonathan and Drew Scott. The twin brothers have completed some incredible renovations over the years, but what happens when the cameras stop rolling? Do they really get along so well, or are there secrets behind the starring brothers of the show, meaning they aren’t as innocent as they appear?

From childhood adventures to the mysteries of the show, there are certain truths that the Scott brothers may not be so willing to share. Here we get to see some of the most hidden gems that over the years have become buried underneath the world of show business on their climb to fame…

Modeling career

Even though the two brothers are now hugely successful house flippers, they were left needing to make ends meet before their fame. It was during this earlier period in their life that Jonathan and Drew began a career in modeling, and not just any modeling.

No, the pair were underwear models. While they have refused to name any of the companies they worked for at the time, both have confessed the pictures do still exist somewhere in the depths of the Internet.

Acting to success

It was the house flipping years of college that changed everything for this pair. Both Jonathan and Drew had big dreams of becoming actors, but it was the thought of having no money that put them off the idea and pushed them towards real estate instead.

However, in 2005 Drew wanted to give acting one more go. Jonathan agreed to continue running their business, while Drew flew off to see if he could make it in Hollywood. Thankfully for us, he returned to Jonathan not long after he left.

New employee

A lot of the viewers love how the brothers can work so closely together, so they thought they would expand on their growing family/work relationships when looking for a new creative director to head their production company.

For Jonathan and Drew, there was no one better for the job than Drew’s girlfriend, Linda Phan. The couple has since got engaged, and Linda has been promoted to the head of social media for the company, as well as organizing any unique product campaigns.

Giving back to the community

Many people believe that Jonathan and Drew have a team of contractors that travel the country with them as they go about their renovations. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The pair always hires local workers when they are renovating the houses on the show in an attempt to give back to the local community. It is estimated that they provide around 150 jobs per city each time they begin renovating a property to try and help the locals.

No staging here

As with many TV shows, Brother vs. Brother has been accused of being staged to make the series more entertaining. However, the twins have confirmed that too is false. In fact, Jonathan and Drew have said that panel of judges building anticipation as they view each house and decide on the winner is entirely real.

Drew went on to explain that sometimes their friends have different opinions depending on the day, which is what swings their final choice so much each episode.

Fast renovation times

According to Jonathan and Drew, people are always commenting on how quickly they are able to finish renovating someone’s house. The twins reveal that while the audience believes it is all a quick process, the illusion comes from the fact it is cut down for TV.

The pair have stated that their projects usually take between eight and thirteen weeks from start to finish, but that they look a lot faster, since we don’t get to see the inspiration boards or idea meetings.

Music video adventures

After their time as keen bagpipe players, the twins never lost their passion for music. In fact, back in 2015 the pair shot and starred in their very own music video for their song Hold On. The song managed to climb to number 38 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Over the years, they have played around with the idea of forming their own boy band, as well as recording various songs. It appears as though there is nothing this pair can’t achieve if they put their minds to it.

Bar brawl

Back in 2016, Jonathan hit the headlines after a night out in North Dakota, only this time it wasn’t for one of the twins’ incredible renovations. Rather, Jonathan had found himself in a bar brawl.

Apparently it got to closing time at the bar, so the staff came and took the drinks away. Unfortunately, this didn’t sit well. It is reported that the bouncer had to put the TV star in a headlock before asking them to leave, but Jonathan was adamant that he was sticking up for the group.

Big surprise

When the twins were born, Jonathan was the first to greet the world. However, Drew was a complete surprise! Neither their parents nor their doctors knew that the couple were expecting twins, so when baby number two made his appearance, everyone in the room was left speechless.

Hopefully, Jonathan and Drew’s parents had enough spare outfits until they could double their purchases for the surprise twin. Thankfully, after getting over the shock, they were overjoyed to have double trouble.

Surprise musical interests

Jonathan and Drew may have grown up in Canada after their father immigrated to the country, but their family is initially from Scotland. Due to their Scottish heritage, the pair have some unusual musical habits. The two are both keen bagpipe players.

As children, the competitive pair would reportedly regularly enter bagpipe competitions. Although Jonathan claims that he was the better of the two as he won all the medals, this could be a case of sibling rivalry.

Ranch boys

There is a very good reason that the boys’ father, James Scott, immigrated to Scotland while the boys were young: he had grand dreams of becoming a cowboy. As his passion for a career change was so intense, he moved halfway across the world to raise his family on a ranch.

The change of scenery meant the brothers are knowledgeable about many farm animals, as well as being able to both horse ride.

Entertaining lifestyles

Both Jonathan and Drew’s childhoods were full of entertaining long before their hit show. In fact, Jonathon used to make all his own props to perform magic tricks when they were growing up.

His dedication to performing illusions continued with Jonathon into adulthood, as he has been seen entertaining crowds in Las Vegas in recent years. Drew, however, preferred to spend his time as a clown until he no longer wanted to use face paint or deal with the costumes involved.

Black belt masters

As well as having many other talents, both Jonathan and Drew have another secret hidden up their sleeve, or perhaps we should say belt, as the two have studied martial arts ever since they were young children.

The pair continue with their training to date, which has earned them both second-degree black belts. This means that the twins have already received their black belts, as well as being one step away from being known as a sensei.

Going into business young

The boys were both determined to get their foot on the property ladder as early as possible. While a lot of us were still worrying about school work, Jonathan and Drew were purchasing their first house. Yes, at just 17 years old the brothers were proud homeowners.

If that wasn’t enough, they went on to renovate a property so well, while still in college, that when they flipped it. They ended up walking away with a $50,000 profit.

No other TV gigs

Both brothers have reported that they aren’t interested in taking up any TV offer that comes their way. Thankfully, after their massive success in the property market, they can afford to be picky when it comes to what shows they are willing to appear on.

Jonathan was asked to be a contestant on The Bachelor but declined the offer as he wasn’t interested in the programme. However, Drew took the opportunity to appear on Dancing with the Stars in 2017 where he finished fourth.

Crazy collection

The brothers both reside in Las Vegas in a house that they renovated from the ground up. As they now have plenty of their own designs (including a spiral water slide to their pool, and a basketball court in the yard), the brothers can do whatever they like with the space.

One of the things they have made room for is their extensive collection of medieval armor and weapons. The twins have arranged the items in the foyer of their home to welcome any new guests.

No sibling arguments

While many siblings admit that they may have the occasional falling out, Jonathan and Drew are quite the opposite. In fact, the brothers have reported that they haven’t fought for over two decades!

The pair says their last argument was back when they were at college which resulted in Jonathan clenching his teeth so hard they broke. The twins admit their secret to remaining friends is to be completely honest with each other, even if they have bad news or different opinions.

Growing competition

As the years go by on the show, some people may assume that the competition dies down as the pair settle into their roles. However, this isn’t the case. In fact. Both Jonathan and Drew have confessed that the rivalry between the two to win has only grown since they started the show.

Both are determined to push their renovations further with each new property, as well as reveling in the win if they are the successful twin of the episode.

Love of haunted houses

When purchasing properties that you will be selling on, perhaps avoiding the homes that already come with ghosts is the best approach. However, when they’re not on the show Jonathan has admitted that he always loved Halloween when he was growing up.

His love of the supernatural has developed into a passion for haunted houses now he is an adult. Jonathan adds that he doesn’t mind if they’re cheesy or legitimately creepy – any scare is a good scare in his eyes.

No tiny houses, please

These brothers have made their lives in the property market meaning they have developed some strong opinions towards certain housing trends, tiny houses being one of them.

The pair have road tested one of these builds to ensure their feelings were correct, but they confess they can’t get on board with the trend. Jonathan reveals the reason they are against tiny houses is due to the fact they believe the homes don’t offer everything a house should, nor do they utilize the space properly.