13,000 women? The fascinating love life of Warren Beatty

There are just some actors that really make an impact on our lives. Whether it’s comedy actors such as Charlie Chaplin or Adam Sandler, strong female leads such as Barbra Streisand or Goldie Hawn, or those ones that don’t really fit into any category – because they’re so darn amazing. Warren Beatty fits into the latter and has made a name for himself as one of the most prolific actors of this era.


However, what makes Warren so prolific is the fact that he not only stars in these movies, but he is also an established filmmaker, producer, and director (is there really anything that he can’t do?) Although he is most famous for his acting roles, his filmmaking skills have also pushed him even further into the realm of Hollywood legends. And it seems we’re not the only one to think this way, either. Over the course of his career, Beatty has won an impressive collection of awards for his acting and filmmaking talents. In fact, he’s the first person EVER to be nominated for the acting, direction, writing, and production of the same film. That’s a pretty amazing achievement.

Because of his talents, Warren Beatty has spent the majority of his life in the limelight – which means his name has adorned numerous headlines, magazines and more. However, he has often graced these pages because of his personal life more than anything else. There’s no denying that Warren Beatty made a reputation for himself during the early stages of his career, and this label has stuck to him throughout the later years of his life; no matter how much he tried to change it. Nevertheless, some of the descriptions and labels attached to him have been warranted, as he’s had a pretty scandalous life – full of illicit affairs, award ceremony mix-ups, family troubles and more. Check out the fascinating and scandalous life of Warren Beatty.

Before the love affairs: who is Warren Beatty?

Warren Beatty was born Henry Warren Beaty on March 30, 1937, in Richmond, Virginia to a family of teachers and school workers. Beatty spent much of his early years surrounded by his older sister Shirley MacLaine. Of course, Shirley is now a celebrity in her own right, as an actress, dancer, activist, author and all-around legend (we think so, anyway). Just like Beatty, Shirley was interested in films and acting from a young age, and he would often accompany her to the movie theater. I mean, what a pairing. Wish we could have joined.

Problems at home

Unfortunately, Warren Beatty and his sister didn’t have the easiest upbringing. His father, a highly intelligent man with a Ph.D., suffered from an excessive drinking problem which devolved into alcoholism. This put a massive strain on the family, and Beatty would use films and comedy to remove himself from the life he was living at home. He would close off from his family, and lose himself in filmmaking, acting, and writing – because it was the one thing he could be in control of.

College years

As Warren Beatty watched his sister become one of the biggest stars in Hollywood he was spurred on to make a name for himself as an actor and filmmaker – but acting wasn’t his only talent. Beatty was also a sportsman, and one of the best football players at his high school. Subsequently, he was offered ten college football scholarships but turned them all down in order to attend Northwestern University. However, Beatty soon realized college life wasn’t for him, so moved to New York to attend the Stella Adler Studio of Acting.

Changing his name

At one point during the start of his career, Warren Beatty got so fed up of people pronouncing his name incorrectly that he changed it by deed poll. Although the spelling change did not help with the pronunciation, he preferred the look of it. By adding an extra ‘T,’ his first name and his surname had the same number of letters in them. (Yep, you can count them if you want) Beatty also loved the idea that his names would require the same amount of lights when they were adorned in front of movie theaters. Smart.

The start of his career

Warren Beatty’s career first began to take off in 1957 – and he made a name for himself pretty quickly. He began to appear on TV shows like Kraft Television Theatre, Studio One, Playhouse 90 and The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis. He also made his one and only Broadway debut in 1960 in the popular William Inge production, A Loss of Roses. However, it wasn’t until 1961 that he FINALLY made his cinematic debut. And the rest is history.

His most famous films

Warren Beatty has starred in movies that have changed the course of his career. These include Bonnie and Clyde (1967), Splendor in the Grass (1961), Shampoo (1975), Bugsy (1991), Dick Tracy (1990), and Heaven Can Wait (1978) amongst others. Incidentally, Beatty also produced all of those movies – which shows just how incredible he is. If you haven’t watched these epic movies yet, you need to get on it… just as soon as you’ve found out the rest of the fascinating and scandalous life of Warren Beatty, obviously.

A part-time job

We’ve all had some pretty dodgy part-time jobs in our lifetime – and celebs are no different. Some have flipped burgers, there are others who have served drinks, and a load more who have worked in retail. But of course, Warren Beatty isn’t your average celebrity. While he was trying to give his acting career a good go, Beatty needed to also pay the bills; so he took a job in a cocktail lounge, as a pianist. How cool is that?

Presidential ties

Warren Beatty became extremely close to Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy during the 1968 Presidential Campaign. He would often work scrupulously to find volunteers to knock on doors and canvass the Kennedy and would volunteer his own time to drum up voters. Robert was always a fond fan of Beatty and knew that he understood the real problem of the world. However, Kennedy was later assassinated. Beatty used this horrific murder as a way to fight for better gun control.

Bonnie and Clyde

One of Warren Beatty’s most famous roles was in Bonnie and Clyde. However, Warner Bros. wasn’t too excited about the movie and didn’t think it would succeed at the box office. Because of this, Warner Bros. decided to give Beatty 40% of the box office revenue before the film had been released. Thankfully, the film was a huge success and earned Warren a cool $28 million over the course of six years. What a result.

Boogie Nights

As Warren Beatty’s name began to circulate in the world of Hollywood, he was soon inundated with movie offers from every angle. This meant that Beatty had to make some difficult decisions on which movies to choose, and which to dump. One of the roles he dumped was the role of Jack Horner in the hugely successful movie, Boogie Nights. Burt Reynolds ultimately bagged himself the role and an Oscar nomination, and Beatty has always regretted his decision to reject the movie.

Ladies Man

When you think of Warren Beatty, you think of his incredible acting skills. However, Warren Beatty also has a reputation for being a ladies man. Throughout his career, Beatty has dated some of the most prolific actresses, singers and famous women in the business, including Madonna, Melanie Griffith, Mary Tyler Moore, Janice Dickinson, Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Goldie Hawn, Barbra Streisand, and the list really does go on and on! It seems women just can’t resist the Beatty.

A tiring relationship

At the tender young age of 22, Warren Beatty was trying to get his foot in the door when he met fellow actor Joan Collins. Warren loved the chase and spent a whole week trying to get her phone number from those around the world of Hollywood. Eventually, he found it, and the two started dating. After a while, Beatty moved into Joan’s apartment, and he even proposed to her! Joan has later admitted that her relationship with Beatty was tiring, as he needed at least two or three… er… ’intimate moments’ a day. Wow.

An illicit affair

There were numerous times where Warren Beatty’s name cropped up in the newspaper and magazine headlines – mostly because of his reputation as a male lothario. His relationship with Joan Collins broke down because of these rumors. While on the set of his first ever movie Splendor in the Glass, Beatty became wrapped up in an illicit affair with co-star, Natalie Wood. However, it didn’t stop there. On nearly every film he worked on, rumors began to circulate of Beatty’s relations with his female co-stars.

Bad Boy Drive

If you’ve ever visited Los Angeles you’ll know that Mulholland Drive is one of the most famous streets in the area. This street is lined with huge mansions and properties belonging to some of Hollywood’s most rich and famous celebrities. As he began to establish himself as a famous actor (and lothario), Beatty bought a mansion on Mulholland Drive and became neighbors with fellow ladies men Jack Nicholson and Marlon Brando. Because of their reputations the street was unofficially renamed ‘Bad Boy Drive.’

Playboy problems

Of course, there are certain things that just mix together – and rich, successful, women-loving men and the Playboy Mansion just seem to mesh quite well. So it’s no surprise that Warren Beatty made a few trips to the house that was just around the corner from him. However, new blueprints of the Playboy Mansion have discovered underground tunnels that lead from numerous houses on Mulholland Drive to the mansion itself. And we reckon you can guess what’s coming next. Yep, Warren Beatty’s name is on the list.

Love at first sight

Despite his reputation for bedding nearly 13,000 women – Beatty has been able to tie down numerous long-term relationships. In fact, Beatty has been with his current wife, Annette Bening, since 1991. The pair met just a couple of weeks before he filmed the epic 1991 movie, Bugsy. Unlike most of his other conquests, Beatty knew that Annette was different. During an interview, Beatty confirmed that it took his just ten minutes to fall head over heels in love with her. It really was love at first sight.

Playing a different game

However, Beatty was different with Annette. Although he knew that he wanted to get to know her, he didn’t court Bening like he did with the rest of his relationships. Instead, he stayed professional and respectful while they filmed Bugsy, and didn’t make a move on her. Nevertheless, as soon as the movie wrapped up, he finally asked her on a date. They soon took things to the next level, had their first child just one month after the premiere of Bugsy, and were married two months after this.

Fear of divorce

Warren Beatty’s marriage came as a surprise to people across the world, as many never thought they’d see the day that he’d tie the knot. Nevertheless, Warren made sure he waited until he was older to get married – and was 55 when he finally got hitched. Warren addressed this decision in an interview, stating that his reluctance to get married was not because he didn’t want to get married, but because he was afraid of divorce. He wanted to stay with the person he married for life.

Opposites attract

Warren Beatty and Annette Bening are still together today, and their 25-year marriage has been relatively simple – with few rumors or problems (which is a bit of an achievement for Beatty). Many fans say that Annette is the first woman to tame the lothario, but she puts their successful relationship down to something else. She believes the fact that they are so different is what keeps their marriage alive. Although they are always respectful to each other, their differences can cause fire and passion that keeps them going.

Their kids

The year they got married, Warren Beatty and Annette Bening welcomed their first child, Kathlyn Beatty. Two years later, they announced the arrival of their son, Benjamin Beatty. In 1997 came Isabel Beatty and lastly there was Ella Beatty, born in 2000. As their kids were growing up, Beatty and Bening took a career hiatus to really focus on their children and bring up their family out of the spotlight so they could grow up as normal kids.

Stephen Beatty

As a child, their eldest daughter, Kathlyn Beatty began to question her identity. At the age of 14-years-old she began to transition into Stephen Ira Beatty. Beatty has always been incredibly supportive of his son and has always gushed over him, his spirit and his incredible bravery. To Warren, Stephen is his hero, and his transition has been revolutionary. Nowadays, Stephen is a public activist for gender identity and is also a poet and writer.

A public figure

Warren Beatty has been pretty quiet on the movie front over the past few years. Since 1998, he has starred in Town & Country, The Dick Tracy TV Special and Rules Don’t Apply. However, he has spent most of his time enjoying his elder years and making appearances as a public figure. He is often called in to present at award ceremonies, attend parties, or walk the red carpet. However, it is one recent attendance that had everyone talking.

Oscars 2017

Like many celebrities, Warren was asked to attend the 2017 Oscar ceremony – and was given the honor of presenting the award for Best Picture alongside Faye Dunaway. After announcing the nominees, Faye Dunaway announced the winner to be the hugely popular movie, ‘La La Land.’ The cast of La La Land made their way to the stage, accepted the award and began to say their thank you’s to the audience when they were interrupted. La La Land weren’t the winners, though…


In fact, the film ‘Moonlight’ were the actual winners. The ensuing commotion on stage was incredibly awkward and embarrassing. There were audible gasps and whispering among the audience members, and nobody quite knew what was going on. Warren Beatty then took back the microphone to explain his own version of events, explaining that the envelope he had in his hand read ‘Emma Stone – La La Land.’ The event will forever go down in award ceremony history – but not for the best of reasons.

The wrong envelope

It was later found that Beatty and Dunaway had been given the wrong envelope by the producers. Instead of having the name of the Best Picture award in their envelope, they had been given the envelope from the previous award that had already been read out. Many people were angry that producers of the Academy Awards had managed to make such a monumental mix-up, but the event was soon forgiven – and people learned to laugh about it (after a while).

His life story

There’s no doubt that Warren Beatty has made an impact on the world of cinema and Hollywood, which has left many people screaming – ‘where’s the Warren Beatty movie?!’ If we’re being honest, we’d totally watch a 10-hour movie about his life if there ever was one. However, Beatty has already said that he would only agree to a movie if, and only if, Colin Farrell played him. It’s an odd character choice, but we can get behind that.

What’s next?

We’re all a little devoid of Warren Beatty in our lives so we’re constantly wondering what he’s going to do next. Although it seems he has now taken a break from the acting and filmmaking world, we can’t help but linger on something he said a while ago. Years ago he reported that he had always wanted to produce and star in a live-action Pokemon film. Of course, he would play Giovanni. We don’t know whether this will happen or not, but we’re so ready for it. We love you, Warren Beatty.

Cinematic influences

Nearly all famous actors have their own memories of actors and films they admired when they were a child. Many of these movies had a profound impact on their craft, their lifestyle and their passions and sparked their interest in acting. In Warren Beatty’s case it was The Philadelphia Movie (1940) that really caught his eye. Beatty absolutely loved the movie, and Katharine Hepburn’s role in it. Beatty was also inspired by the 1939 film Love Affair, a film which he would later remake as a filmmaker.

You’re so vain

Dating so many strong, independent and famous women can often leave you feeling a little embarrassed – especially if the relationship didn’t end well. During his younger years Warren Beatty dated singer Carly Simon. Of course, one of Carly’s most popular hits is the song ‘You’re so Vain.’ In recent years, Simon has confirmed that the inspiration for this pop hit came from her experiences of dating Warren Beatty. Because apparently he kinda loves himself. Even though he has the right to be a little arrogant, that’s still pretty awkward.

The 13,000 women rumor

In fact, there has been a rumor circulating around the celebrity rumor mill that Warren Beatty has actually had ‘intimate relations with around 13,000 women! This number first appeared in an unofficial biography of the actor, and fans have taken it as gospel (probably because it’s not difficult to believe it’s a very high number anyway). However, Beatty himself has rejected the rumors, stating that there just isn’t enough time in the day to have such relations!