Food presentation that went hilariously wrong

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Going to a nice restaurant and eating delicious food can be a lot of fun, especially if you’re with your friends or family. You get to eat all sorts of foods you may never have tried before, spend time laughing and chatting with your loved ones, and the best part is that you don’t have to worry about cooking for yourself. But something strange is going on in the foodie world – people are trying to come up with creative ways to present their dishes, and it doesn’t always go well.


Chefs are always working to cook something new, that nobody has made before, to make their own mark on the culinary world. They do this through their ingredients, their combinations of flavors, their methods of cooking, and of course, their presentation.

Sometimes chefs succeed in making something beautiful and scrumptious where your eyes and your belly are both satisfied after the meal. Other times, however, you take one look at the dish the waiter brings to the table and tons of questions come up in your mind, possibly causing you to lose your appetite entirely.

There are communities of people on social media who are calling out to restaurants to please put their food on plates, and we understand those people, but there’s definitely room for some experimentation and playing around. When it goes wrong, however, it can be really funny, and we do occasionally enjoy laughing a bit at some of the less successful food platings. Here are some of the funniest food presentation fails out there.

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Dessert on a flip flop

While this dessert actually looks very tasty with all of that chocolate and cream, the presentation leaves a little something to be desired. We really don’t think anyone should be forced to eat food out of a flip-flop – those things are meant for your feet, not for the table! While serving food in shoes may be considered trendy or edgy, this just looks kinda unappetizing. We also don’t think there’s any way that this can be sanitary!

A strawberry on a chair

It’s always a bummer when you order dessert and you wind up with something so tiny and disappointing. This beautiful little chair is not only not a plate, it also holds just one small strawberry, cut carefully in half. While we are very much fans of strawberries, we do not think that there’s any way this dessert is worth what the customers paid for it. The look on the face of that guy in the background says it all – what even is this?

We wouldn’t eat that

This appears to be some sort of metal briefcase full of curry, served in a wooden box. There are several problems with this meal, the most concerning being that we can’t see any sure way to clean it. That can lead to all sorts of health risks, and we wouldn’t want to be eating in a restaurant like that! Why not put it in a bowl, or at least a pot? We hope it tastes good, at the very least.

On a tablet

It would have been much cheaper to simply use a plate. The sanitary issue comes up again with this plating, because as far as we know, there’s no way to scrub a tablet clean the way you would a plate. Sure, it’s creative, but we see no reason why it would be preferable to eat your meal off of a tablet instead of a regular serving dish. It’s slippery, and flat, and just seems like a waste of a perfectly good tablet!


Is this dinner or some sort of a sick game? If you don’t grab your cheese fast enough, does the mousetrap close on your hand? We sure hope not! This plating doesn’t add anything to the flavor, and just makes us unsure if we would really want to eat whatever is being served, which just looks like some sort of fancy cheese stacked up with a leaf on top of it. It doesn’t really look like it’s worth the risk anyway.

Creepy cheese

If a waiter brought this tray to the table, we would probably lose our appetite. Normally, a platter of crackers and cheese would be delicious, a great dish for friends to share. But when it shows up with some weird mouse skeleton on top of it, we would probably decide it wasn’t worth eating anyway. We’re not sure what the chef was thinking or what that thing even is, but it’s super eerie looking, especially covered in pieces of meat.

Fit for a dog

If this is what it looks like – buffalo wings – then it is arguably one of the most delicious foods in the world. But someone decided it would be a good idea to serve it out of a dog bowl, making it look entirely unappetizing. There is a reason why we eat out of plates, and dogs eat out of dog bowls, and we don’t think that now’s the time to go around changing that status quo.

Lazy chef

How much would you pay to squeeze your own orange juice? Sure, fresh squeezed is part of the draw, but the other part of the draw is that someone else does it for you. After all, if we wanted to squeeze our own orange juice, we would have done it at home. It’s just another one of those restaurants where you pay the chef more to do less. We are simply not convinced that it’s worth it, no matter how delicious that juice comes out.

On a skull

Serving food on a skull is such a bizarre idea, and we wonder who came up with it. Sure, there are some foods that you eat on the bone, like wings and ribs, but it tends to be the bone that the meat started out on. When you take the meat and put it on an unrelated bone, it just takes on a creepy feeling. We wouldn’t want to eat that paté while staring at the empty eye sockets of that animal!

Not’yo can

Honestly, this unmarked can looks pretty sketchy, and anything that comes out of it might be a little bit suspicious, even if it’s an expensive dish in a high-class restaurant. It also simply looks like an accident waiting to happen – there are sharp edges on that can, and it doesn’t look too hard to cut yourself when you reach for a chip! So if you do decide to eat this, which we aren’t sure is a great idea, be careful.

Flour pot

When you’re looking for a place to grow your plants, you have your choice of nice pots. But when you’re looking for a way to serve bread, we usually go for plates. After all, bread won’t grow no matter how much water you give it. This serving idea begs the question: is this clever or just plain weird? We’ll let you decide. This bread does look delicious, though, even if it is served in an unexpected way.


If someone put this dish on our table, we would probably get up and leave. Don’t get us wrong – we understand the draw of serving fish whole, because it can be really delicious. But these terrifying piranha heads are clearly just for show, or at least we hope they’re just for show, because we don’t even know how you would try to eat them. The combination of their staring eyes and sharp teeth just makes us lose our appetite!

That doesn’t belong on the table

Some people spend a lot of time trying to teach their pets not to drink out of a toilet. So why would people eat out of a toilet? We don’t know who came up with this idea or why, but someone thought it would be fun to serve customers chicken wings out of a small toilet-shaped dish. While this guy seems to be happily munching on his meal, we’re sure others will be put off by the idea of eating out of a toilet.

Tired out

This is another one that makes no sense to us. Tires are very unsanitary, and we would never think to eat food out of one. Usually, if food touches a tire it’s because it was in the middle of the road, and got run over. So the idea of serving this salad inside a tire seems pretty problematic to us. The salad itself looks very pretty, but we think it would look oh so much better on a plate.

Spaghetti monster

In this restaurant, you can just skip the dishes altogether. They serve pasta in a big heap in the middle of the table and you can just pull a scoop in front of you and eat it straight off the table top. It seems like a whole lot of unnecessary mess because with no plates, how are you going to keep the food from sliding off the table? This family looks pretty happy about it though.

That’s not what we meant by a cup

When someone asks for a cup of water at a restaurant, they expect to receive a glass of water, and maybe some ice. But at this strange restaurant, the customers receive a literal cup-measure full of their drink. Sure, at least they can see exactly how much they were served (in this case they got two cups!), but it doesn’t look like a very practical way to do things. We would like to stick to a regular glass, thank you very much.

Hope it’s not raining

Somehow, we don’t think that’s what umbrellas were meant for. There are so many problems with this method of serving drinks. First of all, it looks quite unstable, like it could spill over on any of the diners at any time. It also takes up the whole table, so there’s no room for anything else next to it. And it simply looks hard to serve out of, not to mention to clean. It’s impractical and unsanitary, because you can’t really clean an umbrella as you would a plate.

Shovel it down

Serving food on shovels is more common than you might think, and every time we see it, we think about how bizarre it is. Again, there’s no way to clean a shovel like that to make it appropriate to eat food off of. Then we can move on to the impracticalities of it, such as the slanted surface, the difficulty making it stand, and large amount of space it takes up. Also, it’s on top of a plate, so why not just skip the shovel?

A coke can

This salad is absolutely beautiful, so why is it sitting inside a piece of trash? The can is not only garbage, but is also cut in such a way that it looks very sharp. If you reach your hand in there you’re bound to get cut. It’s some uncalled for branding that doesn’t really fit the mold of high-class food, and maybe that’s why the chef went for it. We would still rather eat that salad on a plate, though.

Carrot cup

This is an espresso shot inside of a tiny carrot cup. So after you finish your coffee, you can go ahead and have a tasty bite of carrot. Sure, it’s not your typical breakfast, but would you want to start your day this way? We are a little bit concerned that the coffee will retain some of the taste of the carrot, and we also wonder what they did with the inside of the carrot. Did someone eat it? We’ll never know for sure.

Bear trap burger

This burger looks dangerous, and we don’t quite understand what the draw is with this one. Hopefully, the bear trap on which the hamburger is sitting is not set to go off, or the person eating it could be in for a nasty surprise. This burger would be just as delicious on a plate, and it would be a lot nicer, a lot safer, and a lot less intense. Food and animal traps simply do not go together.

High heels

We’ve already seen a flip flop used to serve dessert, so it only makes sense that we’ll come across another shoe, this time filled with a starter. This shiny, black, high-heeled shoe is full of something fried, ready to be served. However, we remain of the opinion that shoes should go on feet and food should not come into contact with them, unless it’s accidental. Plus, that shoe looks way more expensive than a plate, and the price tag on the dish likely reflects that.

Dressed up for dinner

When you order a plate of meat, you probably wouldn’t expect it to come draped over a doll. The meat is placed very well, forming an impressively intricate dress, but that doesn’t mean that we would want to eat it! It’s a very strange idea, and we can’t help wondering why anyone would dress a doll up in a bunch of pieces of meat. Plus, we also have to ask – how do they clean the dolls between customers?