Funniest fails by people with tractors

The food on our table wouldn’t be there without one thing: a tractor. We might not think about these magnificent machines enough, but why not? After all, they keep the world turning and the population fed and clothed. That hasn’t always been the way.

Back in the beginning, farmers would have to plow the fields, pick the crops, and care for the animals by hand. If they were lucky, they might have a horse or a mule to help pull the heavy machinery. That was until the 19th century. For the first time, someone attached a steam engine to a tractor.


At last, there was help. Things continued to get better and better as by 1982 tractors had a gas-powered engine. Now, tractors are so advanced some can be controlled by satellites as they work in fields that are thousands of acres at a time. Plus, these machines also help save plenty of effort, make the jobs quicker, and can pull incredibly heavy loads without thinking twice.

Where would we be without these great tractors? Although we get to reap all the benefits of these vehicles, some people aren’t so lucky. No, they somehow end up in situations that are just too good to miss. Now, we’re fortunate enough to see the funniest tractor photos and fails thanks to the perfectly-timed snaps from the onlookers watching the chaos unfold!

Life is a balancing act

There are many times in life that we need our other half to help keep things in balance. This man knew that driving his tractor was one of them. Yes, he might be missing a tire, but does that really matter? Not when he has the support of his wife there to make sure things are in check. All it takes is some careful seating, and the whole vehicle is set to stay upright. Although it might not be the answer most of us are looking for, there is no denying that this man thinks on his feet. However, we think it might be time for a tractor upgrade, or at least a new tire, before it all ends in disaster.

Choo choo, coming through

Level crossings can be scary and dangerous. After all, there are huge trains coming our way that are carrying thousands of tons of goods. Who would want to take one on? Especially when your vehicle only goes a few miles an hour. Apparently, this tractor driver thought they could beat the train. Perhaps they had a crop in need back on the farm? Hopefully, the plant didn’t need too much help as it doesn’t look as though the farmer was going anywhere anytime soon. The nose is a pretty important part of any vehicle. We’re not sure it looks quite as good spread all over the train tracks, but at least now there is a reminder of why there are barriers.

Messing in the mud

Let’s be honest, getting down and dirty in the mud can be tremendous fun. It takes us back to a moment in our childhood where rules meant nothing. Unfortunately, it looks as though this farmer was ready to take it one step further. Although they wanted to enjoy a splash in the mud, apparently they tried to do it from the safety of their tractor instead. This was meant to be a fun game. Hopefully, the rescue vehicle didn’t suffer the same fate as its tractor friend.

Wheelie good wheels

We’re not tractor experts, but we’re pretty sure they need all their tires to work. This tractor had enough of rolling the field and decided it was time for a break. The farmer probably wasn’t too impressed to see their precious machine stranded in the middle of a field, especially when they are halfway through a job. At least they were able to see the funny side long enough to capture this snap with the offending tire in the shot. Next time, maybe check all the bolts are tight before setting off?

Cat, come back!

We’ve seen firefighters up ladders rescuing cats stuck in trees. However, we can’t say that we have ever seen a farmer using their tractor to do the same job. This tractor owner was willing to give it a go. The best bit? The vehicle is just the right size that it fits around the trunk of the tree making getting it back to Earth all that more difficult. We must admit, we never knew that tractors could go so fast they would end up in this predicament!

Need a ladder?

Sure, many people customize their rides. Why should a tractor be any different? Sadly, it looks as though this tractor owner could do with going back to college if they want to learn how to make the perfect machine for the job. Where is anyone supposed to put their legs? Plus, why would it ever need to be so tall? Have no fear; if you can’t wait to get your hands on the latest model then you’re in luck – the tractor is up for sale.

Hedge cutter, smedge cutter

There are so many chores that always seem to need doing in the yard. How is one person meant to have all the tools for the job? That’s why doubling up on equipment can save money and space. Unfortunately, we’re not sure this invention would make it past health and safety. Rather than buying a hedge cutter, these tractor owners have hitched up their ride to a crane to simply drive around the top of their bush. Better hope the rope holds out.

Beast on the land and water

What could be better than a tractor that dominates the land? One that is a beast in the water too, of course. So when this tractor owner knew it was time for an upgrade, they combined their two loves and made the boator. Now, all they need is some wings to make them the ultimate machine for land, water, and air. Hopefully, it won’t be long before they succeed at their plan to tackle all the elements of the world. Who knows?

Sink or swim

It looks as though this man could have taken a leaf out of the boator’s book before taking his tractor for a dip. Yes, it might have seemed a good idea at the time to answer the question of whether boats sink or swim. Unfortunately, it looks as though they just like to get stuck instead. Thankfully, someone was there to capture the tractor fail in all its glory for the world to see. We wonder if he was ever able to get his red beauty out of the water, or if it became a permanent water feature?

Turbo tractor

Tractor racing is a huge sport all across America. After all, what could be better than showing off your prized possession in a nail-biting race to the finish line? We’re not talking about just any tractors either. No, we mean the ones pumped full of horsepower that take no prisoners on their race to the top. This person pulled out all the stops for this hilarious tractor photo as they have not one, not two, but three super-sized exhausts. At least there is a roll bar – safety first and all that.

Here comes the bride

Choosing a wedding vehicle can be tough. Many newlyweds want something that is special to them without having to break the bank to get there. Plus, it can be hard to find a car big enough for the bride’s dress. This pair opted to save two issues by using their tractor for their big day. Who knew that the digger attachment could look so romantic when it was filled with a bride on her way to the altar? Certainly not us.

Keep your head up

It looks as though these tractor drivers could do with a refresher on the kind of mud they can and can’t drive through before we end up with any more tractor fails. Although this farmer knew the field was flooded, he had a job to do and wasn’t going to rest until it was complete. We can only wish that we ever have that kind of dedication. However, it looks as though this fail quickly turned into a win thanks to an epic wheelie just as the camera snapped the shot.

How’d you get up there?

Occasionally there are photos that just don’t have an explanation. This is one of them. It looks as though the farmer was busy spraying his crops when it all just went so wrong. Perhaps there was a strong wind? An unexpected rock maybe? Or could there even have been a spider in the cab, and this is a result of a perfectly understandable overreaction? We will just never know. To make it even better, it looks as though the farmer doesn’t even understand how things went so wrong so quickly…

Shopping for two

Tractors don’t have to be big and mighty. Sometimes they are used for the simpler tasks in life. This couple headed down to their local store to stock up on groceries, but couldn’t face the walk back home. Rather than wasting energy, why not make your own DIY trailer and get two jobs done at once? Now they have a cart while browsing the store as well as an extra seat and trunk for the ride home. That is what you call planning ahead.

Change of body

What happens if you have all the parts of a tractor laying around that you need apart from the body? Have no fear; there is still hope that you can join the other farmers in the field. All you need is a spare car and plenty of duct tape to keep it place. Then, just attach the tractor tires, and you’ll blend in no time. You can thank us later. As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll probably have the most comfortable ride of anyone out there in the fields.

Where did they go?

There is getting stuck in the mud, and then there is disappearing entirely. Was there a super soft patch of dirt that no one knew about, or perhaps there was a hole that nobody saw coming? Either way, this photo certainly makes for a hilarious tractor fail. We are now just left wondering whether the farmer rescued the yellow beast from the ground below, or gave up hope that their vehicle would ever see the light of day again.

Topsy turvy tractor

Pulling a trailer can be a hard job for anyone, especially when you’re driving a vehicle that weighs more than a ton. So what happens when that goes wrong? Unfortunately, their size mean these tractors can’t go unnoticed, even more so when a fail is involved. It was all going so well until the trailer took a wobble and ended up on its side. Hopefully, the driver wanted to learn what it was like to fly as this crash would have certainly given them a chance to catch some air.

It takes two

Two tractors can be better than one when it comes to getting the job done. That is until you realize that the two vehicles are meant to be joined together. Perhaps this wasn’t such a good idea after all. Do you know what makes this picture even more of a fail? The tractor decided to leave half of itself behind just when the farmer was at the peak of the season. It’s soon to be all hands on deck to get the rest of this job complete before they miss their harvest time.

The need for speed

Sometimes we get the chance to combine our two loves in this life. So when this couple saw the opportunity to bring all their passions together, they couldn’t pass up the opportunity. At last, they could enjoy the wind in their hair as if they were on a hog while still getting the feel and smell of a John Deere tractor engine behind them. We never knew such a vehicle existed, but we’re sure they have turned plenty of heads along their adventures.

Make your own

Some of us are geniuses with wrenches and hammers. These are the people that can quickly fix that squeak in the engine or even build an entire car. So what about when you need a tractor of your own but don’t have the funds to buy one? No worries, this person has the answer. All it takes is an old Audi grill, some tractor tires, motorbike handles, and a car seat, and you’ll blend right in with your tractor driving friends.