Funny restaurant signs you simply can’t ignore

Sometimes, deciding where to eat can be a difficult decision. It can seem like a fatal choice when we’re not sure what we feel like eating, or where we feel like eating it.

With so many different places available today, it’s hard to know which ones will hit the spot and which ones will disappoint. That’s why many restaurants nowadays take advantage of their advertising space, like their signs and their chalkboards, to give themselves a little edge that will tip your decision their way.

Everyone loves to laugh, so if a certain place puts up a sign that’s so funny it makes our day, they’ll have our loyalty for life! Well, as long as they don’t cause us food poisoning. From signs promising a pizza dough that’s fresher than the  Fresh Prince, to signs looking for employees to put in their food – these adverts made us laugh so hard, we burned enough calories to treat ourselves to some fast food.

Whether someone hadn’t thought the sign through, showed an incredible sense of humor, or even used their shortcomings to promote their establishment, the results are pretty awesome. So take a look at this list to see some of the most hilarious restaurant signs that brilliant minds have come up with.

We all scream for ice cream

Dairy Queen pulled a genius move with this sign, which is based on a saying we all know far too well. When you’re driving with your family, and your kid throws a tantrum because they want to something good to eat – you’re probably going to have to pull over no matter how hard you try to avoid it. Apparently, Dairy Queen is not above getting your kids to switch into full screaming mode to make you stop and get them some ice cream. You may end up wishing you never left your house in the first place (or taught your kids how to read), but changes are you’ll be stopping for a tasty treat.

Strange ingredient

We don’t really know what this sign is supposed to mean, but we do know one thing: if we were looking for a job and came across this sign, we’re pretty sure we’d go to McDonald’s instead. Dear Wendy’s, choose better words next time, because this sign makes you sound like you’re pulling a Sweeney Todd and baking people into your pies. Combined with the fact that they’re also looking for employees, it kind of makes us wonder what happened to the former employees of this place… Come to think of it, does anyone know what ever happened to Wendy? This sign is much, much too suspicious!

Long live the king

Burger King has taken its war on McDonald’s to another level, y’all. They thought they could attract people to work there by convincing them it’s much better to work for a “king” than for a “clown,” clearly hinting towards McDonald’s’ iconic mascot, Ronald McDonald! Not cool, Burger King, because everyone knows Ronald McDonald is awesome. It’s funny to think there’s a battle going on between fast food chains over getting those highly competent teenagers to work for them.

Time to move

We love how this place really lowers your expectations. Instead of promising to bring you that pizza in 30 minutes or less, they’re basically saying there’s a good chance of that not happening. We don’t know a lot of people who would move to another house just to get their JD’s pizza faster, but we like their confidence. Hey, maybe their pizza pies are so good they’re actually worth moving for, who knows?

So fresh

Papa John’s Pizza totally nailed it with this nostalgia provoking sign! Remember The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? Will Smith was (and still is) the coolest guy to come out of the ’90s. We wouldn’t want to get pizza from a place that doesn’t use fresh ingredients, that would be the worst! But apparently Papa John’s Pizza claims their dough is so fresh, even the Fresh Prince would get jealous – so it’s probably a pizza worth trying, right?

This means you, Shawn

This sign feels like it’s aimed at someone in particular, doesn’t it? While food chains would normally just say they’re hiring, Subway felt the need to stress the fact that they’re not rehiring – which kind of makes us wonder who got the boot and what exactly they did to deserve it. Furthermore, did that person attempt to get their job back so many times that Subway had to mention in their sign that it just wasn’t going to happen? There’s definitely a story here.

Who needs a diet, anyway?

We all try to keep up with a healthy lifestyle and give up junk food and sweets every once in a while, but more often than not we end up binging on whatever we can get our hands on. Apparently, Happy Joe’s is waiting for just such a breaking point, when we will quit the salad life and have go for some of their pizza and ice cream. You won’t break us, Happy Joe’s, no matter how delicious your food is!

Vegetarians beware

Let us start off by saying we have nothing against being vegetarian. In fact, we admire vegetarian people for being able to give up on burgers and steaks for their principles. But even they would have to admit that this sign by The Original Rib Tickler is downright hilarious. This Texan eatery is not apologizing for selling those slow-smoked briskets and ribs, and we love their describing their food as “fantabulous.” We can only assume this place is a favorite stop for all the meat-loving church goers after their Sunday services.

A matter of survival

You know what? This actually makes perfect sense. If dinosaurs never ate at Woody’s Pizza and they’re now all extinct, it might just mean we should all hurry down to Woody’s and get ourselves a tray before it’s too late! Then again, dinosaurs probably never ate at a Pizza Hut or Domino’s, either, so it’s hard to say which pizza place is the real deal. How are we supposed to know where to eat if we want to survive?

A deal too good to pass up

Have you ever had a sandwich, only to have mustard drip through the sides and mess up your shirt? Subway presents – the bargain of a century. Did you know that with every purchase you make at Subway, you’ll get a napkin, absolutely free of charge? That’s amazing. We’re confident this unbelievable deal helped boost Subway’s sales by hundreds of percent, because who doesn’t want to get a free napkin with their sandwich?

No WiFi, deal with it

Many places now offer their customers free WiFi, because they know people these days would rather be on their phones than interact with other their fellow man. Well, this place has no WiFi and they’re encouraging people to actually talk to each other! Can you believe? What would we even do if we couldn’t take photos of our food for Instagram and text emojis to friends near and far? Hopefully, we’ll never have to find out.

Promises, promises

It might seem original, but this is actually the oldest marketing trick in the book! It’s meant to catch potential customers’ eyes, making them think for a second that this establishment serves free beer. But even after they’ve realized the beer isn’t free – only the WiFi – they appreciate the sense of humor so much they might still choose to enter. And hey, if the beer turns out to be bad, we could always use the free WiFi to look for another place to hang out.

Don’t become their enemy

This looks like a sign taken straight out of Game of Thrones – like the men of the Night’s Watch have just battled against some wildlings and are now serving their tears as the soup of the day in their communal dining room. But seriously, one must have a pretty fierce sense of humor to sketch up this joke on the board. And we have to say, any place that makes us laugh is a place worthy of our hard-earned cash.

Poor Nemo

This fish and chips place’s name is basically a cruel joke! They decided to name their restaurant Frying Nemo, just like the hit animated movie Finding Nemo. What did Nemo ever do to you to deserve such a deep-fried fate? One thing’s for sure, it would probably be tricky to get your kids to eat in a place with a name like that, and we couldn’t ever imagine eating our favorite Disney character there, either.

Try it

Sometimes it seems like restaurants are all but giving up on trying to market their new dishes. It’s like they don’t even care anymore! How about giving us a bit more information, or putting up a picture of your latest items to get our taste buds going? No? Okay, fine, McDonald’s. We’ll try your new stuff anyway, but only because our kids are screaming in the back of the car for us to stop and get them a McFlurry.

Worst nightmare

Have you ever been to a restaurant, quietly having a meal with your friends or family, only to have other people’s children interrupt your dinner? This place is aware of the problem, and so it promises parents who don’t make sure their kids stay seated at the table, to give their little angels a shot of espresso and a puppy – two things that will definitely make them more energetic, just in time to go home with their parents. How fitting.

Don’t take the chance

Well, we wouldn’t want to risk running into a bear. Better come inside and have a few drinks instead of wandering off into the wild. If given the choice between getting mauled by a rabid animal, or sitting down and having a nice beverage, we’ll go with the latter. The employees of this pub might use scare tactics to get people rolling into the place, but it’s pretty creative, and for that we give them props.

Soy milk

Every once in a while, we come across a sign that really makes us wonder about life and question everything we know. Mexican restaurant El Arroyo is known for its hilarious signs – and there are quite a few of them – but this one takes the cake. What if everything we think we know about soy milk is wrong? What if soy milk really is just regular milk introducing itself in Spanish? The thought is really crazy when you consider it, or should we say muy loco?

Worst sandwich of some guy’s life

When you get a bad review on Yelp, and probably every place that serves food has gotten some of those, instead of getting angry – just use that energy to write a hilariously sarcastic sign that dares people to ignore that one bad review and decide whether they like the food themselves. That one guy who had that one meatball sandwich isn’t always right, so why not live on the wild side and risk it for the biscuit?

Battle of the cookies

The competition can be fierce sometimes. This Subway branch decided to lure in customers by letting them know they can get cookies inside. They even used Homer Simpson’s catchphrase for some additional humor! And it might have worked if it wasn’t for those KFC employees who decided to use THEIR sign to let everyone know they too have cookies, a little sooner than their competitor. Now that they’ve leveled the playing field, it’s really anyone’s game in this head-to-head cookie throw-down.