Hilarious fishing photos that will catch you hook, line, and sinker

Catching a headshot

Fishing is all about timing. To get that perfect catch you need to have precision skills to make sure you don’t let the slippery creature slide through your hands – or rod. That is why many people opt to use a net instead. However, there is using a net, and then there is taking it one step further. Who would use a net in each hand when there is valuable space going to waste elsewhere on the boat? That’s precisely why this person has added in their extra addition. They are now a triple threat on the waters as they aim to get the biggest catch out there. Although, we’re not sure any fish will be getting close enough to fall in…

Woah there, big boy

Nature is a powerful force, and fish are no exception. Have you ever seen some of the monsters that lay deep beneath the water?! They aren’t there to mess around. It is no wonder then, that only 5% of the oceans have been explored – you never know what lies beneath the surface! It looks as though this person has found one of the many creatures of the deep that isn’t ready to make their way to the shore. That, or they have accidentally latched onto a passing boat and are about to find out how fast those things really go. Either way, it sure makes for a hilarious fishing photo.

A friend in need

The bags are all packed, and the boat is loaded ready for a fishing trip between buddies. But wait, where are the fishing rods? They have traveled all that way and been so excited; it would be a shame to see the weekend go to waste. Rather than dwelling on what could have been, it seems as though these two decided to think on their feet. Who needs a fishing rod when you can dangle your buddy over the edge to catch the fish with their hands instead?

Double catch

You never know what you might pull up out of the sea. However, no one expected this man to make two catches in one day. Not only has he bagged himself a hefty fish for dinner, but this fisherman has also caught the girl of his dreams. We’re not sure if we’re more impressed that he was able to get his partner to agree to the photo, or how big the fish is. It’s a hard one to call.

On the rocks

“On the rocks” can have many meanings, but it looks as though this person took it a bit too literally. Boats are great until they go wrong or get stuck. What is anyone to do? It’s time to make that embarrassing phone call to admit the truth: you’re stuck. We wonder what took their eye off the sea? Perhaps there was an incredible catch that went swimming by, or a boat full of spring breakers? Either way, a pile of rocks is pretty hard to miss so it must have been impressive.

Say “bubbles”

Animals photobombing can make some of the best photos. Their cheeky faces popping up can be hilarious. However, we never thought we would see the day that a fish was able to cause quite the stir. What started as a quick underwater snap surrounded by the colorful fish of the deep has soon turned into a terrifying image of a backward merman. At least now we know what mermen look like the other way around… We don’t need to see it again.

Breaking all the rules

Rules are there to be broken, aren’t they? Of course, as the years go by it can be even more tempting to go against the rules and live life to the fullest. Plus, once one person goes against the sign, then chances are everyone will jump on the bandwagon. This photo just goes to prove how many rebels are living out there. No fishing from the bridge? How about not telling us how to live our lives? That’s what we thought.

No stranger to danger

Here we have one smart fish. It looks as though this fish has sussed out what those funny pieces of string with hooks mean and isn’t willing to find out where all those fish go as they disappear into the sunlight. This is just one more time that proves animals are a lot smarter than we give them credit for. That or the fish is looking to get an adrenaline rush like never before. We may never know.

Where there’s water, there’s fish

This man is determined to find out if the floods have made his fishing easier than ever. After all, what could be better than opening your front door to find your favorite fishing step ready and waiting on your doorstep? At this rate it looks as though he won’t even need to leave the house – the water will soon be in his front room. We’re not sure he would have caught more than a few old tires, but we’re happy to see his determination.

Sleep with the fishes

The thought of waking up and rolling over to see the one we love is a dream that many of us have had over the years. Thankfully, we are usually lucky enough to have our dreams come true. So when this man realized he was about to head on a fishing trip, he couldn’t wait to spend every moment with his one true love: his fishing rods. Yes, true love does exist, and this is just one of the many examples.

Something smells fishy

There’s loving fishing and going every weekend, and then there’s taking your love for the sport one step further. Who even knew that these existed? Now we know we think it’s time to get a pair ordered before they’re all gone. Just look at these bad boys. Now, you can look down to be reminded of your favorite pastime even when you are miles away from the water. Life doesn’t get much better than this. That is unless they are real fish – then we’re not too sure.

Hoping for a catch

People have been known to fish in the craziest of places. Take ice fishing. This sport involves sitting in freezing cold temperatures, hoping a fish will swim by your hole in the ice and fall for your bait. If they do, then great! If not, you could find you have used a whole weekend getting frozen for nothing. Although ice fishing might be a huge sport, we have never heard of pothole fishing. However, this person looks set to start a trend. Why get cold in the ice when you can enjoy the breeze of passing traffic?

Hands and feet in the boat

Fishing isn’t just a great way to escape from the stresses of life. It can also be a brilliant chance to spend time together as a family. Have young toddlers? No problem – this couple have the perfect solution for all your childcare issues. All it takes is a travel cot, and you have yourself the nanny you have been searching for all these years. Hopefully, there’ll be no emergency turns or storms out there on the water, or things could soon take a turn.

Teeth twinsies

Did you know there are around 20,000 species of fish on the planet? That’s a lot of scaled friends in our water. Plus, they all come with their unique characteristics. Peacock flounders are the masters of blending in with their surroundings, tiger fish can catch birds flying through the air, and parrot fish can even build entire beaches. However, it looks as though this fish’s unique talent was having the exact same teeth as his capture. We wonder what orthodontist he uses?

Thank you for the warning

Sometimes it can seem as though the world has gone health and safety mad with all these warnings plastered everywhere. Thankfully, there was someone there to warn us of the dangers when crossing this bridge. Without the sign, we could have hurt ourselves performing the perfect swan dive or wasted an entire day waiting for out big catch only to find no fish were ever going to swim pass. What would we have done without them?

Determination always wins

Why let age slow you down? Sure, your hair might be grayer than it has been, your joints could be starting to ache, and all of a sudden boiled candies taste better than ever before. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the things that have kept you so happy over the years. In fact, it means the complete opposite. Rather than sitting back and taking your later years at a slower pace, why not get out there and feel what it is to be alive? Even if it does mean getting your walker wet.

Big day for a big catch

When it comes to our favorite hobbies, nothing can hold us back. Not even our wedding day. While this bride was supposed to be at the altar saying “I do,” she couldn’t help but think about what a perfect day it looked to go fishing. It’s not like your wedding is supposed to be one of the most important days of your life; where is the harm in skipping the reception to go and land yourself that game-changing catch?

Fishing in style

Some of us know how to get the most out of life. These two are no strangers to a life on the water, and it looks as though they know just what they need to stay comfortable. Lazy boy chair? Check. Grill? Check. Some bottles of the cold stuff? Check. All they need now is each other, and they have the perfect combination for a brilliant days fishing. Even if they don’t catch anything, at least they would have been able to spend the day in both style and comfort.

Which do we believe?

We’re back at it with the signs again. How can it be so complicated? It’s almost as if they want to confuse you deliberately. On the one hand, it looks as though you can enjoy the calm waters in peace, just you and your fishing rod. On the other hand, you’re not allowed anywhere near the bridge if you plan on bagging a catch. We just don’t know who to listen to anymore! Now we’re just upset and bemused all at the same time.

Having a giraffe

Perhaps fly fishing is your choice of sport? It means getting all the waterproof gear on and wading out into the water before you can cast your line. Unfortunately, it does mean you could go home soaking wet, especially if you take a stumble or get hold of an unusually strong fish. This man has ideas. He was determined to up the fly fishing game that makes us wonder why we never thought of it first. Why get yourself wet when you could bob around on a giant giraffe floatie? We know.

Make your feelings clear

One of the most important pieces of equipment when it comes to fishing is the boat. After all, if you want to head out onto the open waters, then you need a vessel that will keep you safe, have plenty of room for all your catches, and be the perfect place to store all those fishing snacks. So when it comes to naming your ship, how do you decide on the perfect name? Do you go classic or choose something out there? This owner opted for a straight to the point name for their boat, and we like it.

Getting a higher look

Fishing at the beach can be great, but it could also be dangerous. The tides can quickly change and leave you stranded on the beach as you find yourself surrounded by water. Not quite the outcome anyone was hoping for. It appears as though this pair have been burned more than once when it comes to a change in water. Rather than miss out on their trip, they simply reversed in a cherry picker. Now they should stay dry and can get a bird’s eye view of the catches.

Gaining some fans

Cats can be a popular choice of animal for boats. They keep the rats away on larger ships and can make the perfect company for those on their own out on the open water. However, it looks as though this pair left their furry friends on the shore waiting for their return. We wonder what drew all the felines to the docks? The fishermen’s personalities? Their captivating conversation? Maybe their supply of fish? We think we might have found the answer.

Room for one

Sometimes, fishers just want to be left alone. It’s a chance to become one with nature as well as enjoy the peace of the water. So how do you tell someone they can’t come on your trip when they ask if there’s room on the boat? That’s where this man is one step ahead of the rest of us. They won’t be able to join you if you make a float for one. Now it’s time to crack open one of those bottles and enjoy some alone time.

Flip it around

Going fishing can often mean plenty of early mornings to get the best selection of fish on offer. However, those early starts can wreak havoc with our minds, even after several cups of coffee. Unfortunately, we’re still not sure quite how this person managed to pull off this one. Maybe they thought they were driving an amphibious vehicle? It’s the only thing that makes sense. It looks like rather than an adventure on the water, these fishers will be taking a trip to the mechanics.

Take every opportunity

One minute you are sitting in your pool in your yard, and the next you are surrounded by floodwater. How did that happen? We’re not sure, but we do know that this man wasn’t about to let an opportunity pass him by. The floods have made the rivers burst their banks, and that can only mean one thing: the fish are on the move. Instead of watching them swim off, he did the first thing any true fisher would do and became one with the fish to tempt them to his bait.

Making a point

Some signs are there to tell you what you can and can’t do. Others are there to lay out the rules while also still trying to have fun. Here is a perfect example. Not only do dogs need to keep their masters firmly attached to a leash, but there is no danger in a swimmer getting tangled up in a random fishing line. Why? You are only allowed in the water if you have feathers, or gill and fins. Last time we checked, we don’t have any of those.

Some “us” time

If you’re one of the lucky ones that can land themselves a partner who is there to support them throughout all their passions then be sure to hold onto them tightly. However, it looks as though this woman didn’t quite appreciate what she was in for when she signed up for a couple’s fishing trip. Sure, the idea of spending all day in the sun on a boat on the lake sounds good, but there isn’t much to look at out here.

A keen follow through

Learning to fish can be tough. There is a lot more to the sport than people appreciate. One of the toughest bits of learning how to fish is perfecting your follow through. It’s all in the arms. So when this man headed out to show off his newfound skills, he thought he would wow the crowd with his follow through. Unfortunately, the plan backfired. Rather than bringing home the perfect catch, he got closer to the fish than he ever thought possible.

Sprucing up the home

There is a huge variety of novelty items on the market that can bring our homes to life. Why be content with just enjoying your hobby in your free time? No, we need to tell all of our guests how we feel about our sport, even when they are using the bathroom. The reel can make or break a rod. Without it, you would never be able to collect your catch. So why not use it to house the most essential item in the bathroom? Now, everyone will know how much you love fishing.

Not ready to leave

The big catches of the sea can leave us in awe. How can fish get so big? Plus, how can these fishers have the strength to haul them to shore? Occasionally they are even forced to get in the water if they want to secure their winning catch. However, this fish had other ideas. Rather than becoming this person’s latest trophy, they quite enjoyed their life under the water. In a quick turn it was back to the water for this one, but not before giving the fisher a sharp slap with their fin first.

Walk the plank

Some people will do anything to find that perfect spot to fish, even if that means risking your life (and dryness) out on the open water. This man thought nothing of stepping out onto the board to get his prized catch. However, it was all fun and games until everything went wrong. Thankfully, someone was there to capture this hilarious fishing photo before the big splash. We’re not sure we have heard of this fishing technique before.

Always come prepared

Who knows what will happen when you’re out there next to the water? That is why it is extra important always to come prepared. Whether that be an extra line, a spare rod, or an additional snack, there is no harm in being ready for anything. This person took that motto one step further. One of the best bits of fishing can be measuring up your catches to see if you’ve beaten your record, but what happens if you’ve forgotten your ruler? Never fear; this fisher has you covered. After all, they won’t go anywhere without theirs.

Saving the environment

Just a few simple changes in our lives can help dramatically save the environment. Who knew that it could be so simple? This person was looking to prove that anything can be reused as they took all those old beer bottle caps and turned them into something brilliant – fishing lures. Yes, you really can make anything you put your mind to. Plus, now there is more reason than ever to take a fresh pack of drinks on your next trip. Bonus.

It was going so well

Did you know there are several different types of fishing rods on the market? They can do all the hard work for you or require an expert pair of hands to make sure you get the catch you deserve, one popular choice of rods is a bat caster. Unfortunately, they aren’t the easiest option for fishers, as this man learned the hard way. If you don’t get the pressure just right, you could find yourself in a heap of backlash. On the plus side, he now has the perfect bird’s nest.

Who needs stands?

Fishing is great and all, but we don’t always have time to stand at the water all day. We could need to visit the bathroom or be craving a cold drink after hours in the sun. What are we to do? That is when a fishing rod stand is the perfect answer. How about if you never knew such a thing existed? That’s when you and your friends are forced to take it in turns as you become the equipment you need. Perhaps a trip to the store might be required before the next fishing adventure?

Disappearing act

There are some mighty monsters that hide beneath the surface of the water, but we had no idea that their favorite meal was a human – why did no one ever warn us?! Thankfully, this is just a fisher pulling a prank on us all with some cleverly placed wellington boots. However, it goes to show just how humongous this catch really is. We bet that cooked into quite the meal for the family. We weren’t fooled by their trick, promise.

That looks tasty

Fishing in the woods can offer some incredible catches that you won’t find anywhere else in the world, especially if you time it right. Unfortunately, Mother Nature has also made some natural fishers of her own who don’t take too kindly to us stealing their food. So next time you think about how many fish there are in the streams, just think about who else might like a taste. If not, you could end up with an unwelcome visitor on your fishing trip, too.

Not willing to share

Sometimes, the creatures of the water don’t want to share their homes with us. That’s understandable. However, they don’t need to get so mad about it either. We’re pretty sure this man was hoping for a relaxing weekend on the lake where he could catch a few fish before heading home. What he really managed to do was anger the local crocodile who decided to make their feelings known. We sure hope the fisher didn’t trip during their escape.

New kind of fishing

Okay, so we have heard a lot about different types of fishing by now. However, we’re pretty sure you won’t have heard of this one: sewer fishing. Yes, you read that correctly. Believe it or not, but this Texan teenager dives into the sewers of his city where he catches all the missed fish. One time he even managed to land himself a largemouth bass. Sadly, his friend wasn’t quite so quick on his feet as he took an unexpected fall into the sewer below.

Is anyone down there?

Some fishing trips can offer up hundreds of catches. Other times it can be hard to know if there are any fish left. So why not take a closer look at what lies beneath? That’s what this person decided to do when they no longer wanted to wait for their finned friends. That, or their rod slipped out of their hands, and they couldn’t bear the idea of losing their stuff to the water below. Whatever it was, we hope they got their face out the frozen waters before it was too late.

Snack shack

Yes, we admit it, we snack when we’re not doing anything. Does that make us bad people? Of course not! However, it looks as though we aren’t the only ones that can’t resist the odd sandwich or sweet treat. This man must be the master of fishing as he knows precisely how hunger-inducing it can be standing in the water for hours. So when you can’t get to the snacks, you make those bad boys come to you.