Most hilarious photos of college students on Spring break


Spring break is a time for all the young kids to finally take a break from all of their studying and paper writing, kick back and fly out to South Beach, Florida, so they can party their heads off and forget about school for a little while. And when they get themselves in that headspace, things can get a little bit crazy, there’s no doubt about that. Recreational outlets such as Spring break are almost necessary for these students’ health – but to what extent?

Tarantula terror

Practical jokes are a not only a big part of Spring break, but a part of college in general. As you can see here, we have ourselves two young ladies who have been scared by their fellow male student behind them, who decided to toss a gigantic tarantula in their line of view.

The truth is, one of them (the brunette) seems to be in on it. The other (the blonde) is the one who seems extremely surprised and frightened. But it’s all fun and games, right? When it comes to events such as Spring break, there really is nothing that you can’t expect, so we can’t imagine blondie took too long to move past it.

Tan much?

Every now and then, some of us go on a vacation, and when we do that, we get the occasional tan. Some people are really into tanning, to the point that they don’t even wait for a vacation – they just do it regularly.

This young lady here… Well, whether or not she did it on purpose, it may be safe to assume that she crossed the line with her tanning, right? Of course, she does have a million dollar smile on her face, so maybe it was intentional? Come to think of it, this is one of the deepest tans we have ever seen, and it’s hard to imagine it happening to someone by accident.

Taken by the tide

The title we gave this photo doesn’t stray very far from the objective truth. This girl was standing for a photo, and the cameraman/woman accidentally took a video.

What she caught on camera was priceless, when the girl who was smiling got taken by an incoming wave, falling backwards in the process. The pictures you see here pretty much tell the whole story, and you can see how comical the whole thing was.

Fifth wheel

There’s nothing like being out with all of your close friends, when all of the sudden you realize you’re the odd person out.

As you can see here, there are two young couples engaged in romantic intimacy, and stuck in the middle is this poor guy – we’ll just call him Bill. Listen Bill, you’re going to have to ditch these clowns. They aren’t going to help you, so it’s time to roam solo. You can do this, Bill – we have faith in you.

Distant photobomber

What’s one of the funnest parts of Spring break? Out of everything you could possibly list, perhaps the one that beats all of them is the picture taking.

Just take a look at this photo… all five of these girls are letting loose like there’s no tomorrow, and they just want to have a good time. Then again, we think there are five of them… Who’s that person in the back? Well how about that, there’s actually a young man in the background who has decided to photobomb this picture!

Hard landing

Before this young lady left her house to go on Spring break, we’re sure that her mother told her the following: “Don’t do anything inappropriate, and wear sunscreen.” Or something like that.

Whatever it was that she said, we can be almost positive that she didn’t think about advising her daughter not to try any flips or handstands on the beach! Taking a look here, it seems like this girl could’ve used a spotter while trying some serious aerodynamic exercises.

Which way to go?

Well doesn’t this picture just say it all? It seems like this guy could’ve used a hefty load of sunscreen before walking out into the sun on his fun day at Spring break.

We ask ourselves what he must have been thinking, understanding that this serious sunburn must’ve caused him a considerable amount of pain. Then again, it could’ve been done on purpose… Maybe this is his way of giving himself a lasting hug.

Letting loose

There is a certain simplicity to this photo that actually sums up what Spring break is all about. This young girl in college, perhaps a freshman or a sophomore, is sticking out her tongue in free exuberance, with the look of someone who doesn’t have a care in the world.

She may have been working her tail off for days on end trying to finish a research paper, and now it’s time for her to let loose. You go, girl!

Not a good idea

Now that’s just not smart at all. A laptop in the water? What is she thinking, precisely? We get it, she was trying to make a funny gimmick about Spring break, considering the fact that everyone there are students trying to get away from laptops and research papers and all of that stuff.

But come on, girl… Your laptop cannot survive this encounter. Hmm, maybe this was her intention all along. Is it possible that she’s hoping her parents will buy her a new and improved one?

Super spill

It obviously goes without saying that a huge part of Spring break is the drinking, and anyone who says otherwise is just kidding themselves.

Especially on a sunny beach, a cold beer is encouraged during Spring break, and as you can see here, these four young women are getting very riled up around a cup of beer, but there seems to be something amiss. The girl holding the beer all the way on the right can’t seem to hold it still! Hmm, maybe she’s had enough, wouldn’t you say?

Interesting body shave

Students really do pull out all of the stops when it comes to spring break, and as you can see here, they really don’t hold back.

This young fella right here decided to give himself a liberal body shave, but as you can see, he was very particular about where he shaved himself. It seems that he wanted his body hair to fit in well with the bathing suits of his female contemporaries, and clearly him and his good buddy thought the whole thing was hilarious.

Tribal energy

When you have a giant beach of student bodies from colleges all over America, you’re bound to have a merging of fraternities and sororities.

After all, they’re all connected, even if they aren’t in the same college. In this picture, there seems to be a gathering of a number of young ladies who seem to be a part of the same tribe, or sorority, which is characterized by the hand symbol that they are all holding up. Our favorites are the two lasses in the middle posing for the camera.

That hurts!

Our title here does seem to say it all, doesn’t it? We aren’t sure why this girl brought a pair of nunchucks to her Spring break gathering, but we can’t say that we’re surprised.

These type of events are always enabling young college students to act a little bit crazy, and it seems that this girl may have gotten a bit carried away with how hard she was playing with her toys. Maybe she should’ve brought her karate master with her as well.

Wacky expression

At the end of the day, it’s all about getting a little bit wacky at these type of events. No matter how many pictures you take, there is always another way to screw it up somehow.

And that’s essentially the point, right? No one wants a perfect picture from Spring break. They’ve got to have a certain element of craziness. This picture certainly has that, with this young girl on the right making the wackiest of expressions to lighten the mood.

Batman appearance

Perhaps it’s one of the extra exciting things to happen when you go to Spring break. You kick back, you relax, you grab a few cold ones, you dance, and then you meet – of all people – the one and only Bruce Wayne, AKA Batman.

Okay okay, we get it, he’s not the real Batman, but let’s real… neither is anyone else. As far as DC Comics are concerned, anyone can be Batman, and we don’t blame these girls for being a bit starstruck.


This isn’t the first picture we’ve shown you of a guy who managed to get seriously sunburnt, but you have to admit, there is a certain magic to this one as well.

It seems that this dude here may have chosen to wear an article of women’s clothing for a little while when he was out in the blazing sun, and when he took it off, he found himself in an uncomfortable position. But what we love most about this is how he took it lightly in stride.

Grandpa photo

Well, hello there grandpa, never thought you’d find your way to this part of town. No seriously, how this man find himself with a bunch of young Spring breakers, and why is everyone acting like it’s normal?

Alright, alright, we get it… we won’t be sticklers like those kids from High School Musical that tried to force people into their stereotypical roles. If an elderly man wants to hang with these young ladies, who’s to stop him?

Chasing waterfalls

Ahh, such lovely smiles. How nice is it to see a group of healthy college students, away from their books and term papers, excitedly hanging out in the sand and playing drinking games from dawn until dusk.

It truly does make you feel good inside, especially when you consider how particularly nutty these girls are here. They are all laughing like hysterical hyenas, and one of them is pouring a drink into another’s mouth by the means of a cascading waterfall.

Creepy stingray

Have you ever heard your girlfriends tell stories about times that they were hit on by creepy men? Well, those stories are a dime a dozen, but how often have you ever heard of a girl that was hit on creepily by a stingray in the ocean?

Yeah, not so much – that’s what we thought. As you can see here, a stingray swooped down on three merciless young ladies while they were on Spring break, and once they realized what was up – they freaked out.

Ocean high heels

Dressing up for a high class event is certainly not the same as dressing up to go to Spring break. One requires a nice dress and perhaps some high heels, and the other requires a sweet bathing suit and perhaps some flip flops or sandals.

It seems that this Spring breaker didn’t exactly get this memo, when she tried to live multiple lives, and get the best of both worlds like Hannah Montana. What’s she doing wearing high heels in the ocean?

Taking precautions

When you’re out on the beach with thousands of rowdy strangers, it can be easy to get lost. Now, add to that the fact that you may very well be under the influence, and things can get hazy and scary real fast.

Phones can lose battery faster than expected, and for this reason people like to take precautions. As you can see here, this girl had a very thoughtful friend, who wrote her phone number and name for someone to call in case her friend got lost.

Miss Fantastic

When you’re at spring break, one of the funnest things about it is that you get to meet all sorts of people. You may meet students who are part of the chess club, the model UN team, and sometimes… a young gymnast who can stretch into all kinds of crazy shapes you never expected.

This young college student here is clearly one of those people, for her legs are stretched behind in her in a way that would be visually striking for anyone to look at.

Get a room

This picture may take you a little while before you realize what is going on, but we’ll be patient and allow you to arrive there in a safe and steady fashion.

At first glance, we have a young spring breaker laying on the beach, and smiling at the camera because there are two cute dogs behind her in the distance. But after looking at the dogs for a while, it becomes apparent why the girl is smiling – those dogs should get a room!

Waterfall part two

For our second edition of pictures of students waterfalling drinks into their peer’s mouth, we decided to up the stakes a little bit. As you can see, these guys figured a waterfall in the sand wasn’t enough… they needed to bring it out to the ocean.

However, a more tumultuous setting makes it a lot harder to get the job done. As you can see, this young lady is having a real tough time catching the drink in her mouth, and it’s getting all over her eyes instead.

Over their limit?

There really is no better way to describe the craziness that ensues over at spring break as well as this picture does. What we are looking at is pretty simple, and there’s no beating around the bush.

These two young women have found themselves sprawled across a bathroom floor, half in half out of a stall, and they clearly have had too much to drink. However, one of them doesn’t look like she’s passed out, considering she’s smiling – maybe she just wants to be on the floor?

Unlikely photobomber

As much as everyone would like to go ahead and assume that everyone that attends these events are saints, the fact is that students do get arrested.

But here is something that was kind of surprising to observe. On the left we have a student who has been handcuffed by the police, and to our right is a group of four girls taking an innocent picture, smiles and all. Talk about a little contrast, right? Perhaps they could have waited a few seconds?

Interesting dance partner

Now this picture is just absolutely hilarious, and we believe that it epitomizes to the fullest degree what it’s like to be in college. You pretty much never know what you’re going to get, and sometimes you get students that feel like dancing with old ladies at spring break.

Of course, we aren’t sure why they came to the students’ spring break party in the first place, but all the same – these two jocks couldn’t miss the perfect opportunity to haze them.

Funky horse criminal

Everyone gets a little bit crazy during spring break, and some people take things too far. For the person in this picture, perhaps the reason that he wore this horse costume was so that he wouldn’t be identified while he was doing his petty crime.

Funnily enough, the sheriff seemed to go along with this idea. Once he arrested the young student, he allowed him to keep his horse costume on so that people wouldn’t be able to recognize him – how nice of him!

Monkey business

You can’t help but laugh after looking at this picture, and even if you managed to not laugh, we’d have to imagine that you gave a slight snigger.

After all, how could you not, with the way these monkeys have surrounded this lady in search for some highly coveted bananas. Animals are just the cutest things, and they are especially so when they want food. This lady seems to be having fun with them, and we’re happily watching it unfold.

Strange swimming partner

Romantic intimacy is something that is very hard to come by in this world, there is no doubt about that. And even harder to come by is that thing – what do they call it?

Oh yeah, love… Navigating one’s love life is hard, and doing so in college can seem even harder at times. It seems that this young man decided to have some fun with a blow doll in the ocean, as a nice distraction while on spring break.

Daredevil crowd diver

One of the most common things that you may see occur at a spring break event is something like this. It resembles a rave, but it’s outdoors and it’s on the beach.

The music is blasting, the beer is flowing, the sun is shining, and everyone is smiling. And sometimes, people like to dive into the crowd from high altitudes, hoping they’ll get caught. As you can see, this guy swung for the fences with this one, and we are seriously hoping that he was caught.

In your face

Aren’t dogs just the cutest things on the planet? All they ever want from is just some love and affection, and the truth is, they deserve it.

But it can get pretty funny when dogs cross a certain boundary in attempt to try and get the attention they want. As you can see, this young student was buried deeply in sand by his friends, and this dog walked right up to him, and backed his rear into the student’s face!

Burger King snapshot

As you can see in the background, there is a sign that reads “Spring Break 2010,” showing us just how popular these events are.

Stores and restaurants that are located near these popular beaches are well aware that their businesses could skyrocket during this time, and so they pull out all the stops. For fast food tycoon Burger King, hose “stops” can sometimes come in the form of the Burger King mascot, as you can see him posing with these excited spring breakers.