Hilarious photos of people who couldn’t hide their jealousy

Us humans are a wild bunch of people. We have so many thoughts and emotions running through our heads at once it’s sometimes completely impossible to understand what the heck is going on most of the time. While it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish hunger from anger and sadness from raging hormones, it’s also sometimes difficult for us to hide our jealousy. After all, it’s a natural human instinct.

When we see someone who has something that we want, we can’t help but feel bad for ourselves. It’s not that we’re not happy for them (well, sometimes we aren’t really), it’s that we wish things would have worked out better for us. Perhaps it’s that promotion we’ve wanted for so long and our co-worker gets, or maybe that person we have feelings for and someone else catches their eye.

Either way, it’s a natural thing. We might try to hide it, but eventually it will show. The human body is great at many things, but it’s not really built for trying to conceal our emotions – so when we’re happy, sad, angry, or jealous, someone is bound to take notice.

We don’t mean to be jealous, we just are. Jealousy is a part of us all, friends, and we need to embrace it. Actually, we might not need to embrace it because there are some weird people taking photos of people not being able to hide their jealousy, and they are so amusing it made our day. Jealousy has many faces, and apparently they’re pretty hilarious.

Can I get a lick?

In our eyes, ice cream makes the world go around. It’s yummy, it’s cooling, and it’s pretty fun to smush into someone’s face. Although most of us can go and buy an ice cream whenever we want to, kids have to wait for their parents to get some for them. It seems as though the kid out of the window is in the exact same boat, because their mom and dad just didn’t give them enough pocket money for a cone. We really do feel for you, kid. Life is hard.

Stealing the limelight

Hollywood is a competitive place, and actors and actresses are always trying to beat the competition and prove that they are the best of the best. That’s exactly what Jayne Mansfield did when she was invited to Sophia Loren’s birthday party. She decided to take the attention away from Sophia at this party by creating her own wardrobe malfunction. Although she brushed the exposed assets as a wardrobe malfunction, it was all a ruse. This picture is the result of that ruse, and we have a feeling that Sophia was not best pleased…

Cover your eyes

Although we like to think that we trust our significant others with our whole hearts and our cell phone passcodes, there are some insecurities that some people just can’t hide – and these insecurities normally involve beautiful men and women who they see as competition. This woman decided that it was best she didn’t even give her boyfriend the chance to let his eyes wander in this situation, and immediately covered his eyes with her hand so he wouldn’t see the dress blowing up in the wind in front of him. What a smart lady.

They called it puppy love

I mean, this photograph is hurting our hearts. We all know that getting a new pet is super exciting and you just want to cuddle and snuggle them for the rest of your days, but we do have to feel for this dog. Up until recently, he was getting all of the attention. He was the apple of that little girl’s life, and he was all she wanted. That was until the sneaky kitten came along and took his place. As you can see he’s not happy, but he’s trying to win her back in an adorable stand-off.

All about the va-va-voom

If you’ve ever seen the hilarious sitcom, Modern Family, you’ll know that Julie Bowen being jealous of Sofia Vergara isn’t anything new. The beautiful Colombian actress puts us all to shame in the looks department, but it seems as though Julie has her jealous eye on something else… her va-va-voom area! Amazingly, this photo was actually taken as a joke and was created as a parody of the Jayne Mansfield/Sophia Loren photograph above, but we can’t help but think the jealousy isn’t all an act.

I’m a dog person

If at first you do not see the jealousy in this picture, it’s probably because you’re too focused on the cute guy holding an even cuter dog. You know it’s true. Well, if you cast your eyes to the background of this photograph, you’ll notice that a guy is giving so much more than side-eye to his friend with the dog. He’s giving all of the eyes! Who knew that holding a cute puppy could be such a big magnet for beautiful women? We have a feeling that guy in the back is both jealous and intrigued. He needs to become a dog person.

The ultimate side eye

If you’re the kind of person that gets jealous easily, there’s a high chance that you try and hide this part of your character. Instead of out-right staring at the people you secretly hate for being perfect, you have to go for the sly side-eye that doesn’t give too much away. It almost always works… unless you get caught. While filming an interview for the comedy movie, Spring Breakers, Selena Gomez, and Vanessa Hudgens were caught in the act, and the whole thing was broadcast for the whole world to see. Awkward.

The look of food envy

Do you even go to a restaurant if you don’t get food envy every single time?! We think not. With so many options to choose from on a menu, it’s almost impossible to choose a dish you really want. You want a burger, but you also feel like you should have a salad. You want to have a dessert, but the cheese board is just calling your name. It’s a tough world, man. This woman obviously regretted her cheese board decision when she saw the tiramisu land on the table behind her. That does look good.

Where’s my attention?

Babies are super adorable, and we just want to squish their cheeks all day, every day, but it’s no secret that they are pretty needy. They constantly want attention, they are constantly craving something new, and they always love cuddles. While most parents are more than happy to give their babies as much time and attention as they want, there are some instances where they want a little alone time with their significant other. Is this you? Sorry, but the baby is not going to allow it. Just look at that face. How could you resist that face?

The third wheel

Judging by her face, we’re going to hazard a guess that the girl in the blue prom dress isn’t too happy with her friends. That’s just a guess, though. Don’t hold us to that one. After all, nobody likes to be excluded from the group photo, especially if they’ve just spent three hours making sure their hair is perfect, and their eyebrows are on fleek. This girl obviously didn’t want to hide the fact that she was annoyed and jealous, so delved deep to find her perfect envy-face. We think she’s nailed it.

Big fish, little fish

What do you like to do in your spare time? Do you like to go to the movies? Do you like to go shopping? Or do you like to go fishing? Getting a rig and perching by the side of the water is considered the highlight of their week for some people, and they can’t wait to see what their catch of the day will be. It’s obvious that the guy on the left absolutely smashed his fishing voyage, but the guy on the right wasn’t so successful. He probably wasn’t that hungry anyway.

No business like show business

Although we’d all like to believe that celebrities are perfect in every way and have the perfect relationships where everyone is obsessed with each other, that just isn’t the case. Celebs have wandering eyes too! While attending a basketball game, Victoria Beckham caught her hubby, David Beckham, looking a little too closely at the cheerleaders in front of them. Her face says it all really. Posh Spice is not amused. Not even a zig-a-zig-ah could save this Spice Girl from her jealousy in this situation.

Watching from afar

We love our friends with all of our hearts, right? Yes, same here. However, it’s often hard to watch your friend get close to a person of interest. While you want them to be happy, you don’t want them to change – and what would happen if they did get into a relationship? Would you ever see them again? Would your friendship come toa close? What would happen to Dungeons & Dragons evening? We guess those are the thoughts going through the third-wheels mind at the back…

The wrong choice

When you order a salad at a restaurant and your friend orders the burger, you just know you’re going to get serious food envy. You tried to stick with your diet and feel good about yourself, but how are you going to feel good about yourself when you’re eating a limp lettuce leaf, and your friend is eating a plump burger? It’s an emotional rollercoaster, it really is. You can see this rollercoaster in action as you look at this little man’s face. He should have gone for the ice cream.

You can stand under my shadow

If Rihanna is jealous of another woman, then there’s absolutely no hope for us left in the world. As one of the most perfect ladies in the history of ladies, Rihanna is the cream of the crop, which means that is really does just get worse for us from now on. We’re sorry to bring you the bad news. Yes, Nicki Minaj is obviously sporting something RiRi is envious of, and we think it might have something to do with her outfit choice. If it makes you feel any better, RiRi, we’re totally jealous of you.

Game, set, match

It’s no secret that Andy Murray is pretty good at tennis. You could actually say that he is one of the best tennis players in the world, so he’s kinda used to adding more and more trophies to his trophy cabinet. Sadly, things didn’t go too well for this Scottish lad in 2016 when he was beaten to the trophy by Novak Djokovic. They say that a picture speaks a thousand words, so what do you think Murray is thinking right here? Try not to be too rude; it’s a family article…

Jumping for jealousy

We’ve all heard of jumping for joy, but what about jumping for jealousy? If you’re not quite sure what that’s all about, you just need to take a closer look at this photograph. This couple are not lovingly holding the dog in their arms as they also cuddle each other. That dog has had enough of smelling love in the air and finally decided to do something about it. In his eyes, the only way to stop this once and for all was to bite the heck out of his arm.

Save a space

Aw, just look at the happy couple! Despite the rain, they’ve managed to pull through and share their umbrella while enjoying a romantic dinner of stadium food. Does it get much better than that? The rain isn’t even an issue to them anymore; they’re just loving their lives. Sadly, the same can’t be said for the woman sitting behind them. We don’t really know what she’s more jealous of; the fact that the couple looks cozy under their umbrella or the fact that she’s alone. You never know, there could even be a smile under that umbrella…

A new addition to the family

There is nothing more magical than bringing a baby into the world. Yes, people genuinely make another human in their bodies – and if that doesn’t freak you out and amaze you at the same time, then we don’t really know what to say. It seems as though this little one’s big brother isn’t too happy about the new addition to the family, though. You always know that someone with their arms folded over their chest isn’t in a good mood, especially when they’re giving the ultimate side-eye.

Ugh at the happy couple

If you’re a strong enough person to be proud of your pal for finding a girlfriend, we salute you. After all, it can be hard to let go of the most important person in your life. You might be okay with said girlfriend to come along to your movie dates, your game nights, or even to the mall. However, it seems as though even this guy has a limit. He was totally chill with having this lady come along to the restaurant, but the intense makeout sesh is just way too far over the line.

Jealouser Aniston

Do you like what we did there? Jennifer Aniston is and will always be one of the most fabulous women in Hollywood. She knows exactly what she wants in life, and she’s not afraid to make her moves. Because of this, it seems as though she wasn’t scared to throw some serious shade to her ex-husband, Justin Theroux when he wasn’t paying her enough attention at a party. As if the side eye wasn’t enough, the swipe of the bangs is enough to cause a man to cower in the corner.

Mmmm, solid food

Although being a toddler is all fun and games because you get to sleep all of the time and not have to worry about making it to the restroom on time, there are some downsides. Mostly, you can’t eat solid food. You have to survive on colorful mush, bananas, and fruit that you really don’t want to eat. Kids can get pretty darn sick of it, you know? This toddler was obviously jealous of the fact that his big sister was getting to eat a burger, and we don’t blame him.

What’s that in the corner?

On first glance, this is just your average mirror selfie. These girls are clearly having a lovely night at their sleepover and couldn’t help themselves. They just had to take a selfie in their matching pajamas because they were totes feeling themselves! However, what they didn’t realize is that there was actually someone else at their slumber party. Someone who was all ready to get involved in their shenanigans, but wasn’t given the correct pajamas so had to lurk in the shadows instead. Man, that sucks.

Baby, now we got bad blood

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ll know that there is some major celebrity beef between Taylor Swift and the Kardashian-West family. I mean, it’s a big ol’ juicy steak. Tay-Tay and Kanye have been feuding for a few years now, and now Kim K has got in on the action. Because of this, many people have questioned whether the queen of selfies is actually jealous of the princess of country, and this picture kinda does show that Kim now has bad blood with Taylor.

He’ll be back…

…Or not. When it comes to muscle mass, we’re pretty sure that Arnold Schwarzenegger has more muscle on his body than there is cheese on the moon. While he may not be the striking hunk of a man he was back in the day, people still look up to the actor/politician/ruler of the world. In fact, this little dude couldn’t help but feel a bit threatened by the man that was on his wall. He wanted to prove that he had just as much muscle as his hero, and we think he nailed it. Kinda.

Feeling a little stuffed

Although us humans like to think that we’re the most jealous beings on the planet, it’s fair to say that dogs are also pretty darn jealous. They will always pine for your attention, and they hate it if someone else tries to step in on their territory. This isn’t mutually exclusive to other dogs and humans, by the way. This dog is actually jealous of a stuffed toy! She can’t seem to understand why the toy is getting so much more attention than she is, and she’s ready to put up a fight.

Sibling rivalry

If you’re the youngest child in your family, you’ll know that it’s the best place to be. You get spoiled rotten, and you always have someone looking after you. It’s the greatest. That’s probably why the little guy on the left is pretty darn annoyed and jealous right now. He knows that if he looks at his new little brother or sister, he’ll probably be sucked into how cute they are and not be able to hate them for taking over his coveted spot. His eyes are definitely averted.

Blinded by the bling

You’re engaged! Huzzah! You don’t need to worry about other people liking you for the rest of your life! This was the case for Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde when he popped the question in 2013, and Olivia couldn’t help but show off her new bling to their basketball pals, Christopher McDonald and Tom Hanks. However, it seems as though these guys weren’t the only ones checking out the sparkle. The woman behind was clearly torn between being excited by the jewelry and being hopelessly not engaged…

All in the family

If you’ve ever paid to have a professional family photo shoot, you’ll know that there is a lot of pressure on families to prove that they are all happy and in love in front of the camera. While most parents can hold in their urge to shout at their child for eating their shoelaces again for a couple of hours, children don’t seem to have the same levels of restraint. The little lady on her mom’s lap just couldn’t hold in the fact that she was jealous of her white dress. After all, her mom wouldn’t let her wear white.

Eyes up, lady

Do you ever find yourself standing next to someone completely breathtaking and realize that you really want what they have? Perhaps they have a great career, an amazing relationship, or even the beauty of a unicorn. Because we all want to be unicorns deep down. If you’ve never experienced that, it’s fair to say that this woman has. While she may not have been that impressed with this woman’s job or relationship status, we have a feeling she was definitely impressed and overwhelmed by her assets.

Out of control

When the cake comes out, we lose all of our control. We run like a gazelle to the cake table and shove a load in our mouths and a little somethin’ somethin’ in our purses for later, and we savor every darn moment. What’s even worse is that we can’t seem to control ourselves when we see someone else with cake and we don’t have any of our own. This woman was obviously overwhelmed by the fact that this man was enjoying this cake right in front of her and couldn’t stop her mouth from dropping open.

A man’s best friend

If you recognize this dog, it’s because he has now become a viral meme that has entertained the world! The not-amused-dog obviously wasn’t happy when his owner decided to bring along his girlfriend on their camping trip. He was expecting to swap jokes with his pal, play around in the snow, make s’mores over the campfire, and snuggle up together in the evenings to keep warm. She just had to ruin it, didn’t she? His owner can put his arm around him all he likes, but it’s not going to work.

Jealous of the rose

There are certain celebs that seem to have it all, and Amber Rose is definitely one of them. Sure, she’s often been surrounded by controversy and rumors, but that doesn’t make her any less beautiful. With her iconic shaved head and her red dress, it’s no surprise that she had heads turning – but it was one woman in particular who was extremely jealous of the social media star. That look says it all. She just wishes she could be her – but don’t we all?

Hard work paying off

Nowadays, everyone is obsessed with what they look like. They look at their favorite celebs and hope that they will look like them one day, and they spend their time playing around with new eyeshadow palettes and working hard in the gym to get that toned body all of the famouses swear by. However, it’s not just celebs that can make us jealous. Sometimes spotting a random person on the bus can spark a few insecurities inside of us, and we can’t help but stare with a glazed look in our eyes…

Dogs vs cats

In a battle of dogs vs. cats, who will win? Well, we can’t really answer that question, because they have so many adorable qualities to them. It seems as though this woman also couldn’t decide between the two animals, so thought it would be best to keep it fair and get a puppy and a kitten at the same time. It would be all gravy, right? Err, not quite. When one gets attention, the other gets annoyed. You don’t want to see two animals annoyed at each other. There will be fur everywhere!

Girl Power

We know this pun might make you shudder, but there is definitely no harmony in this photograph. Get it? Because Camila Cabello was a member of 5th Harmony? It’s funny, right? Okay, we’ll move on. Camila Cabello has always been an individual within the popular band. Not only has she branched off to have her own successful solo career, but she also kept herself to herself during appearances. So, when her fellow band member was getting all of the attention, she couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

Jealousy queen

Beauty pageants are tough, man. Although you want to be happy for all of the other contenders, you’re there to win – and if that means you have to break a few spirit sticks in the progress, then that’s what you’ve got to do. If you’ve got this winning streak in you, you’ll probably know just how hard it is to lose. You constantly want to better yourself and prove that you’re the best of the best, and the last thing you want to do is stand and clap the person who really won. You’re totally not happy for her.

Wanna take a selfie?

We’ve paid a lot of attention to adorable cats and dogs in this article, so we thought it was about time that we gave another animal the attention they deserve. Yes, seals may be big, and they may smell like fish, but they just want to be loved. They love to jump up on kayaks and say hello to swimmers, and they love to have their photos taken with their fans. Although you better be careful, because seals can get pretty darn jealous when they want to be.

Envy allowed

While they may not be quite as famous as the best female brit-pop group in the world, Spice Girls, the band Girls Aloud managed to find international fame during the height of their careers. These ladies rocked the airways with their sounds of the underground, and they blew us all away with their beauty. Today, Cheryl Tweedy is still the star of the band, and perhaps that’s why Sarah Harding is looking upset and jealous standing next to her. It’s tough standing next to a legend.

Leo or Oscar?

Oh, Leo. Although he’s one of the most legendary actors in the business, Leo has been pretty darn unlucky over the course of his career. He may have worked on some of the most impressive movies to date, but that doesn’t mean that he’s been able to snap up Oscars here, there, and everywhere. In fact, he’s been cheated out of these awards for years and has had to watch as other actors claimed his prize. Thankfully, things turned around for him when he finally received his first Oscar.

Let it go

It’s hard watching your parents play with your brothers and sisters because you’d like to think that you’re the apple of their eye and their favorite child. Of course, the reality of the situation is that parents definitely shouldn’t have any favorites and should love their kids equally – but this kid just can’t seem to see that. He sees his dad hugging and kissing his little brother, and he just can’t control his jealousy. He just needs to do like Anna and Elsa and let it go…

Looking for the rose

Although we love the reality show, The Bachelor, as much as the next guy, it’s safe to say that the whole premise of the show is just asking for jealousy and resentment. 30 women all fighting for one man? You just know it’s going to end in tears. While the man himself looks pretty content with the two ladies he has on his arms, the ladies at the back of the photograph do not look happy at all. In fact, the two ladies on his arms don’t look fond of each other either.

In the party mood

There are two kinds of people in the world; those who love to be out socializing and hitting up the latest parties, and those who aren’t too fond of people in general. From this photograph, we can definitely tell that the two women on the right are well up for getting on the dance floor and shimmying the night away. Yet, we’re a little conflicted with the woman on the left. On the one hand she looks like she wants to go home, but on the other hand, she looks like she wants to be a part of the action.

Getting the blood pumping

It’s always good to get your blood pumping sometimes because it’s important to keep fit and healthy and keep your body in tip-top condition. This woman was obviously trying her best to do that by grabbing her bicycle and going for a ride along the beach, but when she saw this woman in her short-shorts running along the sidewalk without a care in the world, she probably thought that she could have left the sweatshirt at home and opted for her tank top instead.