This Homecoming King did something that will make your entire week

With everyone wanting to show they have the most spirit, students can go to extreme lengths to show their devotion. However, there was one Homecoming story that caught everyone’s eye when the ceremony took a 180. Max Atkin took not only his whole school but the entire internet by storm when he made a Homecoming to remember.

The man behind the crown

There’s always that popular kid at school. Well, at Fossil Ridge High School, it was Max Akin, the leading quarterback for the school’s football team, that was number one. Within the local community, he became somewhat of a celebrity as everyone knew this young man’s name and face. But it was one thing in particular that this football star did that made him become a local hero with the residents; he took everyone by surprise with his actions.

His fellow team members

The school’s football team, The Fossil Ridge SaberCats, had a reputation for winning. They had their share of losses too, but overall the team was known to stay out of trouble and focus on the game at hand. They had a rigorous training routine to ensure on the day they all came together to do what they do best – beat their opponents. In 2016 they managed to claim back the title from their local rivals, a team from Fort Collins. The win was the first they had managed to achieve after five years of losing the their opponents.

A star player

Game night rolled around, and there wasn’t one person that didn’t know about it. It seemed nearly everyone from the school turned up to cheer on their team as they were on the edge of their seats with anticipation to see who would be victorious. Max was on fire as he scored four touchdowns during the first half of the game alone! The crowd was going wild, but he was about to make this night even more memorable. And no, it wasn’t his scoring record that was about to lead him to fame, but rather something he was about to pull off at halftime.

His popularity record

It wasn’t just sports for this popular guy; Max was involved with just about everything at the school. As long as the group said yes then he would join. Max was always spotted in pictures of events at the school where he would be cheering everyone on; he loved to be the highlight of any social event. As well as getting involved, Max would often attend other sports games the school was competing in to rile up the crowd and build the team spirit. No one was surprised when Max’s name came up in the nominations for Homecoming King.

Down to Earth teenager

Underneath the rugged football player, his friends say there is a gentle side to Max Atkin. In everyday life, Max is always there to help anyone that needs it. The nomination for the crown was just another page in this young man’s book, but when he heard that his name being called Max decided he would turn this nomination into something truly unexpected. The people that knew Max the best weren’t surprised by his decision, but to the rest of the world, he showed us just how kind he could really be.

Chance at the crown

As if being the school’s star quarterback wasn’t enough, when the students decided to put his name forward for the crown it looked as though winning the title would be a shoo-in for Max. However, Max didn’t feel as though he should be given this opportunity. Despite the fact Max knew he would easily win, he decided that he wanted to use the chance to do something different for a change. What this teenager did left no dry eye in the house.

Another contender

On the football team, there was another member that was up for the chance of winning Homecoming King: K.L Norwood. His job was to manage the team as he was desperate to get involved, but unfortunately, there was something stopping him from being able to make it out onto the pitch himself. K.L. had spent his life living with the condition cerebral palsy. This tragically meant that he was never able to participate in the rough sport that is American Football as the risks involved were just too high.

Looking forward to the crowning ceremony

K.L. had also made quite a name for himself within the school. The teenager loved managing the team, and the team loved him back. Even though K.L was living with cerebral palsy, he had always enjoyed a healthy teenage life just like any of his peers. Like Max, K.L. enjoyed getting involved with activities at the school which is how he, too, became so popular. He believed that Max was who the school would give the crown to, but wasn’t jealous; K.L. and Max were close friends, and he was looking forward to celebrating together.

The King and Queen

With his Queen waiting for him on the pitch, it was tradition to crown the King at the football game during halftime. However, Max seized the opportunity to take the whole crowd by surprise when the event took a sudden turn. With his plan already mapped out in his head, Max put a stop to the ceremony. It was here that the quarterback decided to do something drastic that would make his name go down in school history.

Giving away the title

Max decided the crown ought to be placed on the head of someone more deserving of the title. Even though he was one of the most loved kids at the school, he didn’t feel as though he had earned the royal award. Max wanted to choose someone that he had always looked up to, someone that had always worked hard, and someone that had always been part of the team. With bated breath, everyone watched as Max took his crown and introduced their true King, K.L.

Making the proposal

No one in the crowd was able to hold in their emotions as they watched the events unfold. Max bent down to propose the crown to K.L. who was left utterly speechless by the offer. Holding the prize above his head, Max made it clear that he thought the teen deserved the title more than he ever had. K.L. didn’t know how to respond to such a gesture but managed to compose himself enough to accept what Max was offering.

Long live the King

The whole situation was overwhelming for K.L., but he was left so grateful to his friend for the chance he had been given. Donning the crown, K.L. couldn’t leave his Queen standing as she offered her hand for their official dance to complete the ceremony. However, there was a deeper meaning behind why Max decided that he needed to hand over the prize, even though it meant he lost out at the chance to be King for the day.

Real-life buddies

Everyone at the game was chanting Max’s name as he made his grand gestures, but Max didn’t want anyone to believe that he was handing over the title out of sympathy towards his friend. In fact, that was far from the truth! Max thought that K.L. was the one that was truly behind getting everyone into the school spirit all this time. Max confessed that K.L was the one that was always making sure everyone was in a positive mood, and it was this attitude that had made him so popular at the school.

Life of a King

The two friends began celebrating on the pitch as they were both able to enjoy what had just happened. K.L. didn’t forget about what his friend did though. He has spoken about how overwhelmingly joyous it made him to be offered the opportunity, and how grateful he was to Max for making it all happen. K.L. also added that he never had any inclination that Max had been planning any of this. The news quickly spread online sending the teens viral across social media.

Nationwide support

As soon as everyone had heard of what had happened, it wasn’t long before the story got picked up by the media. And one person in particular that wanted to appreciate the pair was Ellen DeGeneres. K.L. and Max were invited to her show as special guests where she offered them an incredible gift – $10,000 each! Max used his time on air to explain that everyone should always treat people how they want to be treated, just as his friend does every single day. These two really know how to spread their love far and wide.