Man spends over $60k to look like an elf

The last few years have brought us plenty of famous plastic surgery fanatics. You may already be familiar with the human Ken doll, Barbie doll, and Jessica Rabbit, who each have shelled out thousands and thousands of dollars in order to create and maintain their unique appearance. But have you heard of the human elf?

Luis Padron, a 26-year-old from Buenos Ares, Argentina, has dedicated his life to becoming a real-life mythical creature, and is now known by many as the “human elf”. He has spent over 60 grand so far in multiple cosmetic treatments and surgeries, and has no plan on stopping anytime soon. So far, he has had dozens of procedures including a vampire hairline surgery, jowl liposuction, laser skin and hair bleaching, multiple eye color treatments, a nose job, botox, skin bleaching, fillers, and more. His last two procedures, however, have been his most dangerous, painful, and dramatic ones yet.


Over the last few months, Luis feels as if he has finally gotten closer to transforming into a true mythical being. He recently went under the knife for two drastic surgeries, one where he got his jaw re-shaped to look like that of an anime character, and an ear-shaping procedure which gave him pointy elf-like ears. Although he says it will take several months until he is completely healed, he is excited to finally feel like a true human elf.

Luis has been making quite a mark in social media with his special look, and has garnered a huge fanbase and Instagram following of over 42 thousand followers. Over the last year, he has become an internet sensation, and has gained the attention of even the biggest plastic surgery celebrities out there, including Plastics of Hollywood’s talent manager, Marcela Iglesias. He has also made several friends in the business, including the LA-based human Ken doll who has had over 300 procedures, Justin Jedlica.

Unfortunately, not all of the attention Luis has been receiving has been positive. He continues to receive hateful messages and comments on his social media profiles, telling him that what he is doing is wrong. However, Luis, who was bullied as a child and found solace in fantasy films and stories, is now more confident than ever thanks to his new look. Today, he refuses to let bullies get to him and is proud of who he is, and everything that he has accomplished.

The human elf

Over the last few years, we have seen people transform themselves into the human Barbie doll, Ken doll, and Jessica Rabbit thanks to the help of plastic surgery. Next, comes something we haven’t seen before, the human elf. One man has spent a total of $60,000 in order to transform into a mythical creature from a fantasy novel, and you might just want to see the results for yourself.

Mythical transformation

Luis Padron is a 26-year-old from Buenos Ares, Argentina, and he has one goal in life- to become a real-life, human elf. He has had this dream since he was a young teenager, after finding protection in the world of fantasy after suffering from bullying. In order to deal with the cruel bullies at his school, he focused on his favorite fantasy novels such as The Lord of the Rings series.

Multiple procedures

In order to reach his goal and desired look, Luis has undergone many cosmetic procedures such as body hair removal, jowl liposuction, fillers, a nose job, botox, laser bleaching, 5 eye color changing surgeries, and a hairline operation in order to create a vampire-esque v-shaped hairline. It hasn’t been easy creating the image that Luis is aiming for, and he has broken the bank during the process, costing him over 60 grand so far.

Dramatic surgery

His most recent and dramatic surgery, which he had done in December 2017, was an ear-reshaping procedure. He had his ears snipped and reshaped in order to resemble a pointy elf-like ear. He surprised his many social media followers after the procedure with a photo of his newly pointed ears saying, “Now I am an elf! I hope this allows me to be in Lord of the Rings!” He certainly would fit right in!

A new jaw

The ear-reshaping surgery came only months after he traveled to plastic surgeons in Korea in order to have a jawline procedure, which meant breaking his jaw and getting it placed back together in order to create a v-shape, similar of that of an anime character. On Instagram, Luis wrote about the procedure and said that he is hoping it will give him, “some sort of Asian face app filter, but in real life.”

Closer to his dream

Since undergoing his recent dramatic ear and jaw-line alterations, Luis claims that he feels a lot more confident and comfortable than ever. He believes that the new look makes him look like an official elf, and will hopefully let him reach his dreams of starring in the new Lord of the Rings television show. Luis said, “These surgeries were necessary to become the fantasy being I want to be, now I feel closer than ever.”

Cosplay king

Besides being the human elf, Luis Padron takes on some other cosplay characters and goes to conventions all over Argentina as different characters. Although his platinum-blonde elf character, with the exaggerated long pointy ears, is what he is most known for, he also occasionally takes on different roles. From his version of Pikachu, to Batman’s Joker, to Prince Gumball, it seems like Luis can transform himself into pretty much anyone.

Meeting Ken

Luis also attends several plastic surgery conventions all over the world, where he gets to meet other plastic celebrities. He recently boasted on social media about getting to meet his idol, the human Ken doll, Justin Jedlica, when he was in Beverly Hills, California. Like Luis, Justin has spent a whole lot of money, over 500 grand, to look like Barbie’s boyfriend Ken. While the pair do not at all look similar, they connected over their similar passion and dedication in plastic surgery, which is something not everyone is able to understand.

Painful recovery

The procedures that Luis has gone through, are some of the most painful plastic surgery operations out there. Luis admitted that he feels some pain, but he is used to it by now, “I feel a little bit of pain here and there, but it’s common considering how recent my surgeries are.” He described his recent v-line jaw surgery and said, “It was performed by Dr. Park of ID Hospital and consists of breaking, filing, and screwing the jaw to give it a perfect diamond shape.” Ouch!

Worth it

It takes Luis several months to heal after each operation, but for him, the results are worth the wait. He explained, “After all the swelling goes down, I will look like an anime character, that’s what I asked the doctors for, an unreal fantasy jawline.” Luis understands that not every doctor is willing to take on such a challenge, but he is willing to travel to get the best of the best, just like he did for the jaw-line procedure that was done in Korea.

Almost there

Luis spoke about the ear modification surgery he recently had, and said it was done by Dr. Cristian Perez Latorre. “He was very famous in Argentina as a celebrity surgeon.” He continued, “He cut my ears and then stitched them to make them pointy.” Luis expressed his excitement and plans post-healing, “When all the swelling goes down, the ears heal, and my vampire hairline starts growing more strong, I will start bleaching my hair and skin again.”

Time to heal

Luis understands that the final shape of his ears will take a long time, but he is certain the new ears will finally make him feel like the real deal. “The final shape will take a long time, because the same as the jawline, it takes months to heal, but then finally I will start feeling like an elf.” He continued, “I feel closer than ever to my dream, I still have to heal and make some touch-ups to be complete, but I am finally close to my goal.”


Each of Luis’ procedures have made quite the hole in his wallet. His last two modifications alone have cost him roughly $20,000. Luis claims that his close friends and family remain supportive of his decision to invest so much money and time into his plastic dreams. However, the ear reshaping surgery he managed to keep a secret from everyone, even his closest friends and family members. many of his loved ones found out about the surgery on his Instagram page, where he shared a photo of his stitched ears and wrote, “Surprise!! Secret surgery done.”

Surprise surgery

Luis explained,  “It was a surprise surgery, I didn’t tell my family or followers that I was going to do it until it was done.” He continued, “They were shocked, but they saw how nice it looked and felt happy for me, because they know how long I have been waiting for this.” Luis says that he is lucky to have such a supportive group of friends and family who support him every step of the way.

Negative attention

Unfortunately, not everyone is so supportive. Although he receives plenty of messages of admiration and encouragement on social media, he also receives plenty of hateful comments from people who don’t agree with what he is doing to his body. One Instagram follower wrote, “You are a product of the commercial world, living for attention.” Luckily, Luis doesn’t let the harsh criticism get to him, and he chooses to focus on his fans who respect and support what he does instead.

Supportive fans

Luis’ many fans always have his back. With each negative remark on social media, come hundreds of more comments defending Luis. One user said, “Whatever he wants to be, what’s the problem? It’s his body and he is an adult. He probably knows better than you the consequences of surgery.” Another fan wrote, “There’s always going to be someone wanting to bring others down. You are beautiful and awesome, keep being you.”


Luis has become an internet celebrity over the last year, due to his unique appearance. He has been written about in several news sources, and has appeared in television shows in Argentina to talk about his decision to become the human elf. He is a social media king, and has over 42 thousand followers on his Instagram account and over 16,000 on his Facebook page. His fanbase seems to keep growing with each procedure he has done.

A way to escape

Luis explained that he began getting fixated on the genre of fantasy and sci-fi while he was a teenager. He said delving into the world of make-believe was a way for him to escape the cruel bullying that he faced each day. Before he knew it, he was determined to transform into his favorite characters from films such as Labyrinth, The NeverEnding Story, Harry Potter, and The Lord of the Rings. He said, “I was bullied as a child and as an escape, I would submerge myself in fantasy movies and fantasy tales.”

More confident

As he got older, he felt more confident. “Over time, things changed, older teens liked me because I was unique and that’s what encouraged me to start turning what I felt on the inside into a reality.” He decided to start with cosplay, dressing up like different fantasy creatures and characters, but he said it “wasn’t enough” and he wanted to become his “own perception of beauty.” By becoming a mythical creature, he finally feels confident in his skin and more comfortable with his body.

Plastics of Hollywood

Since reaching fame in the plastic industry, Luis has been asked to join other plastic human dolls, aliens, and more in the world’s “first agency for modified humans”, Plastics of Hollywood. The agency, which is run by talent manager and producer Marcela Iglesias from LA, will be the focus of an upcoming reality TV show which will feature 12 “human dolls” including Ken Dolls Rodrigo Alves and Justin Jedlica, Pixee Fox aka Jessica Rabbit wannabe, and a Kim Kardashian imitator, Jennifer Pamplona.

Proud mentor

Luis will also join the cast as the “human elf”, and Marcela Iglesias thinks he will be a great addition to the agency. “Luis is very determined to finish the work to make him look more like an elf, there are still a few more surgeries in the future planned and more surprises coming.” She continued, “I’m proud and happy with his achievements, within a year his life has changed, he also became part of the plastic family.”

New family

Marcela spoke about the talent she manages, and calls them all “incredible characters” who have the desire to “become somebody else because they were born in the wrong body.” She continued, “The Plastics of Hollywood Family are growing from people all over the world, we have become a safe place where people can talk to us about their modification wishes and desires.” Luis has found a safe haven in the agency, and feels like he has found a group of people where he really belongs.

Not done yet

Of course, Luis is nowhere near done on his plastic journey, and has plenty of more procedures planned for the near future. He explained, “It is always one step backwards to go two steps forward, the next plan will be eye shaping and lifting, then fillers.” He has also considered redoing his nose in Iran to look more fantasy-like, as well as “BrightOcular eye color changing in India and new hair color bleaching laser treatment.”

Monthly costs

Luis has an expensive road ahead of him, as these procedures and traveling expenses are in no way affordable. He has already spent over $60,000, but is spending more each day. His regular monthly cosmetic expenses, from professional creams, SPF 100 sunblock, dyes, fillers, botox, makeup, and other various treatments cost him more than $5,000 a month. Although he has shelled out a great amount of money, he sees it as an investment for the long run, and one he is willing to pay.

Future procedures

The complete list of surgeries that Luis has planned for the near future is as follows: A surgery to make his Adam’s apple look smaller, a limb-lengthening procedure in order to make him stand at 6ft 5 in tall, getting four ribs removed, changing his eye color once more, an eyelift in order to give him cat-like eyes, another nose job, and Permasmile – a surgery that gives you a permanent smile. He doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon, and claims he has even more surprises up his sleeve.

A lifestyle

Although Luis has had to dedicate his life towards his dream of becoming a mythical creature, he doesn’t see it as an obsession, but as more of a lifestyle. He said, “I don’t consider this an obsession, but a lifestyle, for me reality is cruel, but in the fantasy world you have all of the hope, love, friendship, and good feelings.” He continued, “That all helps me to feel like a good person, but also in fantasy, you have to be beautiful not only on the inside but the outside too.”


Luis often shares photos with his many followers on Instagram of what he used to look like, before he had all the alterations. In this photo from 2012, Luis was just starting to make his dream of becoming a real-life mythical creature into a reality. In this pre-operation photo, Luis looks very different from the platinum blonde elf that he is known as today. However, even without surgery he let his individuality and unique style shine through.

Ultimate transformation

Luis is proud of his achievements and claims that he is happier than he has ever been in his life. He doesn’t let the negative attention and bullies get to him anymore, and feels like a true individual with his unique appearance. He has made many fans, and friends along the way, and is excited to see what the future holds for him on this journey. Luis said, “This has changed my life for good in so many ways, I can’t even begin to describe it.”