Most memorable looks of Mariah Carey

Female solo artists have some of the most influential voices on the planet. Just take a look at the likes of Rihanna, Beyoncé, or Adele. What do they all have in common? Their powerful lyrics and distinctive tones.

However, long before these stars, there was another singer on the scene. Someone that set the bar high for any future talent to come. A singer that has gone down as one of the greatest legends in music history. Mariah Carey. This singer has topped the charts a considerable number of times over the years, as well as taking home some of the top awards, including various Grammys, Billboard Music Awards, World Music Awards, and American Music Awards.


Mariah fell in love with music after she turned to the art as a way to cope with her parents’ divorce. In fact, the youngster would often try to imitate opera singers she heard on the radio. Now, many people all around the world try and copy Mariah’s incredible range in a bid to climb their way to the top.

However, if there is one thing they can’t imitate it’s her sense of style. Mariah has always been known for her bold choices when it comes to her outfits, and now we get to look at some of the most memorable looks from over the years.

All glitz and glam

When it comes to standing out from the crowd, Mariah Carey certainly knows how to do it best. After all, what better way could there be to catch the media’s attention than by wearing as many sparkly items as you can find? From the main dress to the jewelry, and even the tights and shoes, this singer sure does shimmer under the spotlight. They say you are never fully dressed without a smile. Here, Mariah finishes off her look by flashing that winning grin to the world. Even dressed in this piece, Mariah still makes her fashion choices look so effortless. If only we knew the secret to success, too.

Laced up

Mariah certainly has a large selection of dresses in her wardrobe thanks to her various red carpet appearances over the years. Back in 1999, Mariah arrived at the Billboard Awards to collect just one of the many she has in her collection. However, it wasn’t her music that got everyone talking this year. No, the singer caught everyone’s eye thanks to her popping choice of dress. Although she opted for neutral emerald green, the crochet detailing and plunging neckline didn’t leave much to the imagination. It looks as though Mariah has always known how to work her curves, even in this outfit. She also finished off the look with some simple strappy heels. How elegant.

Never change her… Stripes

This singer was born to rock the world of fashion, and it seems nothing can ever change her ways. Here, Mariah looks as though she is more set for one of her sell-out concerts rather than walking the streets. Sequin mini dress? Check. Fishnet tights? Check. Full blowout hairstyle? Check. The best bit of this photo? It was taken at 10.30 in the morning. By then we are usually still a drooling mess as we’re struggling to wake up. Not Mariah.

Oldie yet goodie

What better way could there be to revamp the little black dress than by adding a floor-length back? That’s precisely what Mariah did back in 2015 when she arrived at the Billboard Music Awards. The singer is a regular to all these ceremonies thanks to her many hits over the years. However, she is still just as determined to steal the show from everyone else on the red carpet. She certainly did that when she teased some leg as well as opted for a scoop neckline in this number.

Going retro

Who else could rock a pair of jeans on the red carpet like Mariah Carey? No one, that’s who. It was the turn of the century, and the singer was set to see the new year off with a bang. That is why she opted for a low-rise jean and sequin butterfly halter neck combo. It looks as though Mariah wanted to ensure anyone wouldn’t upstage her at this event. To finish the whole look off, Mariah opted for her signature heels.

Here, doggie doggie

We don’t usually feel the need to get too dressed up when we take the dog out for a walk. In fact, it’s usually a case of wearing some sweats and an old t-shirt. Not our Mariah. No, she wouldn’t be seen in anything less than a canary yellow bandage dress and strappy heels when taking her pooch out for the afternoon. After all, this is the person that has bought her dog his own private limo. It wouldn’t be Mariah if it weren’t outrageous.

Bit of bling

Not even a broken arm can keep Mariah down. The singer first injured herself back in the summer of 2013 while filming for one of her music videos. Unfortunately, the injury led to many more months in a sling as she tried to recover. However, she wasn’t about to let it get her down. Instead of moping, Mariah incorporated her sling into her outfit. Gone was the hospital sling and instead we got to see a studded addition. It couldn’t get much better.

Mermaid madness

Mermaid dresses are a hugely popular choice for many, with the red carpet being one of the many places to enjoy the variety on offer. Mariah was set to prove that you don’t need a bold color to stand out, or pop out, when she attended the Golden Globes in 2018. All the singer required was the right lighting and some sparkly accessories to bring the whole outfit to life. The singer even teased the audience by blowing kisses – how superstar.

Lady in the streets

So we’ve had dresses, we’ve had jeans – what about lingerie? Yes, you read that correctly. It looks as though Mariah loves to wear anything that could make her stand out from the crowd in all the right ways. So in 2016, the singer opted to skip the clothes altogether and head out in a pair of fishnet stockings and some lingerie. However, Mariah did opt for a leather jacket to accompany her outfit. After all, it could get cold.

Going nautical

Mariah Carey put Janet Jackson down as one of her musical influences. However, it seems as though she was looking to Janet’s brother, Michael Jackson, when it comes to fashion tips. Here, Mariah has gone for some sparkling silver gloves to finish off her sequined blue dress that has left us feeling all nautical. Sounds innocent enough, right? Team that with a low neckline and revealing side split and you might be on the same level as Mariah.

Sweater dress too far?

There is a time and a place for most outfits in this world. However, is the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards really the time to leave the house in little more than a sweater? Probably not. Mariah arrived at the orange carpet with her former partner, Nick Cannon, as well as their two children, Monroe and Moroccan, as the family all wore matching outfits. Hopefully, the zip stayed put and didn’t give the audience more of a show than they were bargaining for.

Fishnet tangle

It looks as though Mariah got in a fight before arriving at the 2013 BET Awards, and it looks as though the fishnet won. We admire her style, but was this look from Mariah Carey just one step too far in the name of fashion? The singer didn’t seem to think so as she jazzed up her outfit choice with dangle earring, some blinged out bracelets, and even a ring or two for good measure. Only Mariah could pull this off.

Prepared for prep

Preppy style is a choice many of us dabble with over the years. Pastel colors and the obligatory sweater tied around the shoulders are a must when it comes to perfecting the fashion. Somehow Mariah has even managed to rewrite the rules here with her very own take on the trend. Many of us could only ever dream of being able to pill such a look off. However, we bet Mariah was glad she brought a sweater by the end of the night – we imagine it got a bit chilly in that dress!

Who’s ready for the game?

Yes, Mariah really has taken her unforgettable looks that one step further. Who else would be able to pull off this outfit when throwing the first pitch at a baseball game in Japan? The standard sunglasses are back for another return as well as a pair of denim hotpants, and a shimmering pink baseball jacket. To bring it all together, Mariah has a set of casual heels. Would Mariah’s outfit be complete without them? We think not.

Less is more

Sometimes all it takes is a show-stopping dress to grab the attention of the crowd. Here, Mariah has done just that. Who needs accessories when you could opt for a sheer dress instead? The pattern covers up all the right places while still giving the singer a chance to show off those signature curves that lie underneath. Mariah certainly is one to showcase some unforgettable looks on the red carpet, but she always gets media’s attention. It’s win-win.

Pretty in pink

Once again, Mariah doesn’t need accessories to make her outfit stand out from the crowd. Instead, she has opted for a plunging sequin gown that accentuates all the right places. Now, Mariah can brighten up any room she walks in to – literally. It was the Fresh Air Fund Salute to American Heroes in 2004 that got to experience Mariah’s lightening ways. All it took was a bit of lip gloss and some bouncing curls to finish the look.

Minion madness

Unfortunately, these colors may now be more associated with Marge from the animated series The Simpsons, or the minions from the animated children’s franchise Despicable Me. However, that didn’t stop Mariah from putting her own spin on the look as she turned up in a crop top and hot pant combo for her time on stage. To make her outfit even better, Mariah added in a blinged out microphone and whistle, you know, in case of emergencies.

Glowing in gold

Even way back in 1998 we got to see some of the most memorable looks of Mariah Carey. Who would have thought? The young singer was still breaking onto the scene as she won over the world with her incredible voice, but that wasn’t all. Mariah was also there to take the world of fashion by storm. The sunglasses were back as the singer posed for all the right photos in her barely-there gold number. To finish it off, Mariah also opted for some pretty modest heels.

Going green

Sometimes the most beautiful things can be seen in nature. So why not use the environment as inspiration for your outfit? This combination consisted of a patterned ball gown and chain necklace. It may sound innocent enough, but the singer was determined to make it her own. Mariah opted for a neckline that gave people plenty to see as well as a split that showcased her legs that go on for days. We’re not jealous at all.