All you need to know about the most popular new Royal

Is there anything more quintessentially British than the Royal Family? With the crowns, the gowns, the power, the jewels, the Corgis, and of course, their social standing, you don’t have to be a true Brit to appreciate what the Windsor family has to offer the world. And while Queen Liz may now be close to her 92nd birthday, it seems as though the British Monarchy as a whole is becoming more and more popular each year.

With the likes of Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry, and soon Meghan Markle bringing the Royal Family into the public eye, the Royal way of life is getting “down with the kids” and allowing a new generation of royals to form new bonds with those who obsess over popular culture. In the last few years, one new member of the Windsor family has come out of the woodworks and shone bright in the media spotlight. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Lady Amelia Windsor.

For centuries, the British Monarchy reigned supreme over the United States and the Commonwealth and showed that they were truly one of the most powerful families in the world. Back then, the queen or king and their relatives were considered to be above the rest of the population, and particularly over the non-royal majority, known as commoners. Yet, following the change to a constitutional monarchy and a more recent move toward approachability, the Royal Family has come back down to earth and become part of the people – thanks to a few new royals who have been added to the mix. This progression toward a more friendly and accessible Royal Family has been largely attributed to the lasting influence of the late Princess Diana.


Known as the People’s Princess, Princess Diana took herself out into the community and narrowed the divide between the royals and the common people. Despite her tragic death, Diana’s authentic spirit and morals have been carried on by the new Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. As a former accessory buyer for the clothing brand Jigsaw, Kate knows what life is like outside of Buckingham Palace – just like her future sister-in-law, Meghan Markle. Indeed, these women have shown it’s possible for female royals to show their more friendly, approachable side to the world… even if they do remain seemingly perfect in every way!

However, there is now a new royal on the block who is steaming ahead to steal the limelight. Here is everything you need to know about the most popular new royal…

Meet Lady Amelia

In today’s day and age, we’ve all got a bit of royal fever. Indeed, we love nothing more than catching up with all of the latest gossip and news regarding our favorite queens, kings, princes, princesses, dukes and duchesses. This is mostly because we’re interested, but in all honesty, it’s also because we’re super jealous! In recent years, the media has been plagued by stories surrounding Kate Middleton and the brand new addition to the Windsor family, Meghan Markle. Yet, it seems one royal has been missed off – until now. Meet Lady Amelia Windsor…

She’s smart

Although she has always held a royal title, Amelia stayed outside of the royal limelight for most of her childhood. Yet, this all changed when she attended the University of Edinburgh as a teen. With a top-class education under her belt, Amelia was able to score the grades to attend the University of Edinburgh to study Modern Foreign Languages. In fact, she’s fluent in French and Italian – as if you weren’t jealous enough of her already. Leave some talent for the rest of us, ey?

Studying abroad

Like many university students, Amelia took the opportunity to study abroad and experience university life in another country – but of course, this royal didn’t just stick to one country. During her year abroad, Amelia split her time between Paris and Rome, to acquire an in-depth understanding of the languages and the culture of both countries. Sounds amazing, though we wonder whether she slummed it in crowded dormitories like the majority of foreign exchange students, or stayed at a fancy penthouse suite or luxury hotel fit for a royal.

Giving back

However, before Amelia took the University of Edinburgh by storm, this royal lady wanted to give back to the world at large. So, in 2014 she took a gap year and jetted off to see various countries of the world, before returning back to the UK to offer aid and support for Veterans Aid. This UK-based charity helps those who have previously fought for their country and are struggling to integrate back into civilian life. During this time, she helped to provide them with food, accommodation, financial aid and more.

Helping those in need

Yet, it seems that this selfless act of charity work just wasn’t enough for Amelia. Towards the end of 2017, the young royal announced to the world she was preparing herself to run a half-marathon in aid of War Child. This national charity is a vital source of aid to children who have lost loved ones or have suffered at the hands of war. She is currently trying to raise as much money as she can to help such a worthy cause. Run, Amelia, run!

Her favorite pastime

As if her schooling, compassionate personality, and beauty weren’t reasons enough to be obsessed with this popular new royal – her love of reading paints her out to be even more of a dreamy princess. During an interview with Vogue in 2017, Amelia noted she adores reading in her free time. She is not fussy when it comes to the language of her books, as she can easily read books in either English, French or Italian. This girl is giving us serious cultured goals.

A social media superstar

After her public debut to the world at university, Amelia’s social media pages seemed to blow up. With 29,000 Instagram followers to her name, her verified account not only holds a blue tick – but it also holds a bunch of devoted royalists who love to keep up with this popular new royal. Amelia’s presence on social media is somewhat of an enigma in the world of royals, as new members of the Royal Family are normally not allowed to have their own personal accounts. We guess Amelia just does what she wants when she wants.

Your average photo

Although she may be super beautiful, super intelligent, super rich and super posh, Amelia’s social media channels show that she’s (almost) just like the rest of us. Indeed, she fills her timeline with candid selfies, coffee shop snaps, photos that show off her epic outfits, and most importantly – pictures of her cats and dogs. As if that wasn’t enough, she also makes all of her followers jealous with her weird and wonderful photos of Glastonbury… a festival we ALL want to go to.

The travel bug

It’s commonplace for members of the Royal Family to travel around the world, meet new people, and help out wherever they can – and it seems this popular new royal has caught the same travel bug that has left her relatives with an attractive suntan and a warm heart. When she’s not studying or working, Amelia is filling up her Instagram feed with beautiful shots of her travels. From the beaches of India to the squares of Rome, to the Mountains in France and much more, you can guarantee she’s seen it all.

Most beautiful royal

If you couldn’t tell already, we’re pretty much obsessed with Lady Amelia – but it seems we’re not the only people in the world to think she is the best thing since sliced bread. In 2016, the popular magazine, Tatler, named this royal “The most beautiful member of the Royal Family.” Of course, we’re pretty annoyed that we weren’t first on their list, but we have to admit that Amelia looked better than we ever would in this plunging Erdem Dress.

A new career move

With her natural beauty and her epic fashion sense, Amelia caught the attention of modeling agencies towards the latter part of her teen years. However, she isn’t just your average model. Oh, no. Amelia is signed to the prestigious London-based modeling agency, Storm Model Management. This means that Amelia is rubbing shoulders with the likes of Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Cara Delevingne, Cindy Crawford, Emma Watson, and Jourdan Dunn who are also signed to the agency. Could she get any cooler? Well, it seems that she can…

A catwalk model

Ever since she signed to Storm Model Management, Amelia has been the crowning glory of the modeling world – if you’ll excuse the pun. In 2017, she was personally “Hand-picked as a muse” by the legends that are Dolce & Gabbana, and was given the impressive opportunity to walk down the catwalk in their designs during Milan Fashion Week. As if that wasn’t enough, she has also shown off her acting talents in a short film to promote the shoes of Penelope Chilvers. You really don’t get much better than that.

Making it big

Considering Lady Amelia is a smash hit in the modeling world, it would make sense that this beautiful 22-year-old would continue to stun those she walks past on the runway. However, it seems this royal has bigger dreams. Although she wants to stay within the world of fashion, Amelia is looking to make it big in its creative end. She would like to learn everything from fabric production to clothing design and runway production and hopefully use this knowledge to start a professional career.

Reaching for the big bucks

However, it seems as though Lady Amelia is perfectly happy living her model lifestyle at the moment – and we don’t blame her. Her modeling contract has provided her with life-changing experiences that have expanded her already perfect life. Yet, that isn’t all that has expanded. Thanks to her collaborations with major brands and companies, The Daily Mails has predicted that Amelia would rack up an impressive £1 million (around $1.35 million) profit in 2018 alone. Yeah, that’ll do.

Building up a brand

To properly expand her bank balance and add a few zeros onto her final figure, many experts have suggested that Amelia continues to do what she has been doing for many years. Although she is a royal and is often thrust into the limelight, she needs to build up a brand outside of the British Monarchy as a model and fashionista herself. Until now, Amelia has been incredibly selective about who she works with – making her even desirable – so we can expect her to adorn some of the biggest billboards in the world in 2018.

Making a name for herself

At the moment, Amelia is still making a name for herself outside of the Royal Family – and it’s safe to say that she’s absolutely smashing it. With her impressive social media status, her astounding modeling career, her enviable intelligence, her life experience and her family tree, we can only imagine that Amelia Windsor will soon be adorning every tabloid magazine in the world. You heard it here first! Remember the name, remember the face, remember this popular new royal!

Christmas at the Palace

Although Lady Amelia is joining the likes of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle as some of the chicest and coolest new ladies in the Royal Family – Amelia definitely has bigger bragging rights when it comes to her royal status. Unlike Kate and Meghan who are royal by marriage, Lady Amelia is royal by blood… and it doesn’t take a genius to work out that that’s kind of a big deal. Because of this, Lady Amelia recently got to dine at Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s Christmas lunch. Yummy.


With royal status comes royal responsibility – but Lady Amelia seems to be bypassing the tours of war-stricken areas and canoodling with the impoverished to live a life of luxury and fashion. When she’s not studying for her finals or jetting off to tan herself in the Caribbean or Apres Ski in the French Alps, Amelia is sitting on the Front Row of major fashion shows, including Tommy Hilfiger and Emporio Armani. Well, duh, what else would she be doing?!

Comfort first

Although she is known for her impeccable style and her love for all things related to the fashion world, Lady Amelia doesn’t stray from her own style when it comes to her wardrobe. In fact, she regularly fills her life with the same mantra: ‘comfort first.’ In an interview with Tatler, Lady Amelia let the world know that she would always choose comfort over style – which means wearing comfortable shoes when she’s partying the night away and taking a clutch bag with a zipper so that her epic dance moves don’t cause her belongings to fly across the room…

A father’s love

So, we now know that Lady Amelia is a member of the royal family from her father’s side of the family – but who is he really? Well, George Philip Nicholas Windsor (wow) is more commonly known as the Earl of St. Andrews. As the son of Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent and Katharine, the Duchess of Kent, he is fairly closely related to Queen Liz… which is kinda cool. Like most royals, the Earl of St. Andrews went to school at the prestigious Eton College before studying at Cambridge University. What a smarty pants.

A divorcee mother

As soon as it was announced that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were engaged, haters were quick to jump on the bandwagon that Meghan could not be royal – because she was a divorcee. Yet, she isn’t the only divorced woman in the royal family. Lady Amelia’s mother, Sylvana Tomaselli is a Canadian native who was married before she became the Countess of St. Andrews. Amazingly, Sylvana is more commonly known as Dr. Sylvana Tomaselli, as she works as a doctor of history at the University of Cambridge. Oo-er!

A family trait

Although it may surprise and impress you that Lady Amelia Windsor is a lover of modern languages, it seems as though this linguistic side to her is a prominent family trait. Her older brother and the first child of the Earl and Countess of St. Andrews, Edward Downpatrick, also read modern languages at Oxford University. Yep, this royal specialized in German and French and has since used these skills to become a high-profile financial analyst in the Big Smoke. He’s also the godson of Princess Diana… how cool is that?!

A close bond

However, Lady Amelia doesn’t just knock heads with her older brother – she also has an older sister to contend with. In 1992, the Earl and Countess of St. Andrews welcomed their second royal baby into the world: Lady Marina Windsor. At 25 years old, Marina is just as much an ‘it’ girl as her younger sister and even had her own foray into the world of modeling. Yet, Marina has since left the fashion world and is aiming to take over the world as a diplomat within the United Nations.

Causing a ruckus

Lady Marina is definite a contender for the Windsor popularity throne – but it seems recent exploits may have got her in hot water with the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family. In February 2017, Marina was photographed having the time of her life while out on the town in London. While partying the night away in a London nightclub, the raucous royal was papped locking lips with one of her female friends. Rumors have it that ol’ Liz wasn’t too happy when the photos were leaked to the press…

Forfeiting the throne

Although Lady Amelia Windsor is the youngest child of the Earl and Countess of St. Andrews, she is actually the first of the three siblings to be in line to the throne – y’know, if something major ever happens and the 36th heir manages to wear the crown. By royal law, all heirs to the British throne must be protestants, which poses a few problems for Amelia’s brother and sister. In recent years, both Edward Windsor and Marina Windsor have become members of the Roman Catholic Church. Because of this, they have forfeited their right to be King or Queen.

She loves her sister

If you have a brother or sister, you’ll know how difficult it can be to pretend that you still love them after they’ve ripped your favorite dress, or given you a sly little punch behind your mom’s back. Yet, it seems that the Windsor sisters get on extremely well – so well, in fact – that they have their own endearing nicknames for each other. Lady Amelia calls her big sister ‘Big Win,’ while Lady Marina calls her little sister ‘Little Win.’ Could they be the new Kate and Pippa?

A secret getaway

As a member of the Royal Family, Lady Amelia Windsor gets to be involved in all of the royal action – but sometimes even the most famous ‘it’ girls have to have a break every now and then. In December 2017, Lady Amelia and her sister Marina decided to pack their bags and take themselves away to Meribel, France, for a little skiing trip. The pair took to Instagram to show off their sisterly bond, as well as their SUPER expensive matching necklaces – which supposedly cost around £1,520 ($2160) each.

A debutante in Paris

If you’ve ever watched Gossip Girl, you’ll know that the Upper East Siders countdown the days until their Debutante Ball, where they can finally ‘come out’ into the world of high society. There are gorgeous gowns, terrifyingly high heels, penguin suits and more – and Lady Amelia Windsor got to be a part of that in 2013. That year, Amelia took a trip to Paris to come out as a debutante at the Bal des Debutantes. In an interview with Teen Vogue after the event, she noted that she felt like “The most spoiled girl in the world.” Well, you said it.

She loves her Uncle Charles

Let’s be honest; the world is a little bit divided when it comes to Prince Charles. Whether you love him or loathe him, you can’t deny that he is a prominent member of the Royal Family. As well as being the 1st in line to the British throne, Prince Charles is also Lady Amelia’s great-uncle – and she absolutely loves him. In 2008, Lady Amelia posted a photo of the pair of them on what appeared to be her official Instagram page, writing the caption, “Love you Uncle Charles!”

An expensive education

When it comes to royal children, it’s fair to say that no expense is spared when it comes to their education. While they COULD attend public schools, most royal families send their children off to expensive boarding schools that will offer the best teaching the country has to offer – for a hefty price. When she was younger, Lady Amelia attended the St. Mary’s School in Ascot, which was around two hours away from her home in Cambridge. So, how much dollar dollar did it cost the Windsors? A whopping £39,000 a year (which is around $55,500 a year).

Getting racy

If you’ve been keeping up to date with all of the latest Meghan Markle news, you’ll know that as a soon-to-be-Duchess, Meghan has extremely strict clothing rules to abide by. Most importantly, she has to maintain strict decorum and class at all times. Yet, as the 36th in line to the throne and with a whole host of Instagram followers to impress, it’s plain to see that Lady Amelia Windsor doesn’t really care what her Royal Family member think of her outfits. After all, it’s all about the style, y’all.

Flashing her briefs

During Paris Fashion Week in 2017, Lady Amelia took her racy outfits to a whole new level when she attended the Dior fashion show. Rather than covering up her assets and letting imaginations run wild, Lady Amelia laid it all out on the table when she turned up in a sheer floor-length dress splattered with polka dots. But it didn’t stop there. She paired this sheer dress with a tiny crop top designed by Dior, as well as some pretty unusual Dior Boxer shorts. Well, it certainly was unique.

A media storm

If you’ve been keeping up with the Royal Family as much as you Keep Up With The Kardashians, you’ll know that Prince Harry has always been the ‘raucous royal’ to party the night away and get in trouble with his grandmother. Yet, it seems as though Lady Amelia Windsor has taken it upon herself to replace the Prince ever since he announced his engagement. In recent years, Amelia has adorned headlines across the world for her ‘go hard or go home’ lifestyle…

Partying the night away

In 2016, Lady Amelia caused a media storm when photos emerged online of the young royal getting into cahoots during her travels around the world. As party-goers plastered photos of their exploits on social media, Lady Amelia was called out for her drunken ways, her racy behavior, as well as the cigarettes that were seen hanging out of her mouth during her late nights in Greece and Goa. Perhaps she was just getting herself ready for her time at University? Either way, Queen Liz probably wasn’t happy…

Maintaining grace and decorum

Despite these minor slip-ups, Lady Amelia Windsor has still managed to maintain grace and decorum throughout MOST of her royal life. While she often lets her hair down and lets loose with her friends, she always ensures that her royal reputation is upheld during more classy trips abroad. During this trip to Paris, Lady Amelia was pictured in an exquisite fluffy robe, with her hair in curlers and her pinky up in the air while drinking a cup of tea – in true quintessentially British style.

Keeping an eye out

Well, it’s fair to say that Lady Amelia Windsor is going down a storm not only in England – but also across the world. As a fresh new royal on the block, fans can’t wait to see what she will wear next, where she will travel to next, and what she will be doing with her life. Although we don’t imagine her donning a crown anytime soon, we can see her donning even bigger catwalks and magazine covers as the most popular new royal to grace modern culture. You go, Amelia!

Listening intently

Although she loves to read books when she’s not studying for her university exams, it seems as though Amelia also likes to listen intently to the words of others. When she’s on the go or when she’s trying to fall asleep, Amelia will pop in her headphones and listen to audiobooks to fill her head with knowledge before she dozes off. During her Vogue interview, Amelia mentioned that she had just recently listened to iconic designer Vivienne Westwood’s biography – and loved every second of it.

A lover of art

Considering Buckingham Palace is full of priceless works of art, it’s no surprise that Lady Amelia is just as obsessed with art as the rest of the Royal Family. During her semesters abroad while at university, Amelia would fill her time with trips to the Louvre, the Paris Center Pompidou and the Musée d’Orsay to see one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork from some of the most famous artists and painters in history. Not too bad, ey?

The royal wedding

It’s hard to obsess over a new royal without knowing where on earth she came from – so who is Lady Amelia Windsor? Born on August 25, 1995, Amelia is known to the world as the daughter of the Earl of St. Andrews and the Countess of St. Andrews. If you’re not up to date on your royal names and royal titles, her parents are more commonly known as George Philip Nicholas Windsor and Dr. Sylvana Palma Windsor.

Royal connections

Okay, so those names probably didn’t help you get to grips with her family tree – so let’s break it down for you. In short, Lady Amelia’s grandfather is Prince Edward, Duke of Kent. If you didn’t know, Prince Edward is the grandson of Queen Mary and King George V, as well as Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin. Thanks to this epic royal connection, Amelia is the 36th in line to the British throne and manages to score herself some pretty awesome family invitations.