The new Bachelor contestants outside the show

One of the most exciting ways to start off the new year was with season 22 of The Bachelor. This award-winning show kicked off 2018 with a bang, as we saw a whole new cast return for the highly anticipated season. Arie Luyendyk Jr. came zooming into the women’s lives, with the 36-years-old race car driver on the hunt for love.

This Netherlands-born bachelor already earned himself the nickname of “The Kissing Bandit” from his time as a contestant on The Bachelorette, back in season 8, as he was always kissing the female star of the show, Emily Maynard. However, it is now Arie’s turn to make the decisions, as he was introduced to 29 women all fighting for his attention. Although it is hard to choose out of so many beautiful women, Arie must whittle the list down to just one as he gets to know them all individually, but would he still feel the same way if he knew what his potential suitors looked like outside of the show?


The Bachelor first graced our screens back in 2002. The aim of the dating show was to allow one man to slowly gets to know a group of women over several weeks, eliminating one (or more) each week at a rose giving ceremony. No rose, no spot saved for the lady until the next ceremony.

Throughout the show, there are a number of twists and turns that lead the potential couples on a rollercoaster ride to love. The ultimate goal is to see the bachelor on one knee proposing to the woman he has decided is the love of his life. However, with plenty of drama over the years we have seen the bachelor not choose any of the women, call off the engagement to propose to another contestant after the show’s finale, and eliminating more women from the show than planned. While it may seem as though it is all drama – which it can be – there have been two marriages that have come out of The Bachelor so far. Could season 22 produce the third?

On the show, we get to see the intricate details of the contestants dating lives’ unfold. What could possibly make the first date and kiss more awkward than millions of people watching and judging from the comfort of their couches? Although the women on the show keep their glamour and humor as they fight for Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s attention, plenty of secrets lay behind the camera. Is everyone who they say they are on this show, or are the contestants covering up major secrets?

Bibiana Julian on The Bachelor

This 30 year old was one of the chosen ones for season 22 of The Bachelor. Bibiana loves to dance, which could mean that her perfect date with Arie would include busting some moves on the dance floor. Although her love of dance may come from her cheerleading days, Bibiana wouldn’t be impressed with tickets to a football game as it is her least favorite sport. Hopefully, this will be the year that this 5’4” brunette will be able to find love, but will it be with Arie?

Bibiana Julian

Bibiana loves spending time in the water which is shown in her many Instagram posts. In fact, this contestant loves the water so much that Bibiana wishes she could be an orca. Although, that may not be the best idea as she has a crippling fear of sharks. During the rare times she is on land, Bibiana loves to spend her time traveling the world in between working as an executive assistant. On her Instagram, Bibiana shows off her glamorous lifestyle to more than 5,000 followers.

Jenna Cooper on The Bachelor

As a self-confessed funny woman, 28-year-old Jenna wants to find a man who can keep up with her humor on season 22 of The Bachelor. Arie Luyendyk Jr. better watch that he doesn’t spend his dates checking his phone as Jenna has stated how this is her least favorite thing a partner can do – take notes! As well as looking for a funny man, Jenna also hopes her ideal man will be intelligent, emotional, and loving. Jenna is a woman who knows what she wants.

Jenna Cooper

When she isn’t on the show, Jenna spends her day working as a social media manager. Many of her own posts online are promoting her work; however, Jenna also keeps the world up to date with her food and adventures. Jenna likes to spend her days meditating, in addition to going to the gym to stay fit – her Instagram is full of fun gym selfies and videos. Jenna also uses her Instagram to post sponsorship posts to her 15 thousand followers.

Kendall Long on The Bachelor

While Kendall is only 26 years old, this 5’6” blonde bombshell knows precisely what she is looking for in a man. This competitor loves searching for the next adventure, which is why one of her requirements in a boyfriend is that they look as though they could survive a zombie apocalypse – you sometimes have to pre-plan in times like this. As well as being physically fit, Kendall’s ideal man would also have an award-winning smile in addition to being tall.

Kendall Long

When she isn’t preparing for a zombie takeover, Kendall loves enjoying every aspect of the world. If she isn’t isn’t spending time with her family, Kendall is likely working on her bucket list, which includes visiting a hedgehog café, seeing the Bahamian pigs, and scuba diving through a shipwreck. When at home, Kendall has a rather… unique collection of taxidermy animals, some of which have been presents, while others she has found at antique fairs.

Chelsea Roy on The Bachelor

Chelsea has a few expectations that hopefully, Arie Luyendyk Jr. will be able to live up to. At 29 years old, this contestant believes that France is the most romantic country in the world – perhaps Arie should be writing this down? However, Chelsea hates the idea of having no conversation on a date. She also doesn’t like the idea of her man going over the top with his PDAs; Chelsea needs her own space when in public.

Chelsea Roy

When at home Chelsea works as an executive assistant at a real estate firm. Although her job and the show is enough to keep her busy, Chelsea also spends her days looking after her young son. She already has over 8,000 social media followers, whom she keeps up to date with her life and adventures with her son. In between her busy schedule, Chelsea also spends her time working out at the gym, as she has always been active since her hockey and soccer playing days in school.

Maquel Cooper on The Bachelor

Maquel believes the key to landing herself the perfect man is to merely act like herself. This competitor doesn’t plan on putting on a show for Arie Luyendyk Jr. as she wants him to fall for the real Maquel. There may be some rules to remember about this 23-year-old, though, as Maquel likes her dates to involve going out for food, in addition to respecting personal space. If you look like Ryan Gosling, then you’re heading in the right direction to winning her over.

Maquel Cooper

When not on the show, Maquel’s primary love in life is her photography. Online she has been able to secure over 26 thousand followers already, as she posts her work in addition to modeling shoots of her own. Maquel is one for adventure as she confesses one of her loves in life is visiting an amusement park to fulfill her adrenaline rush need. Hopefully, Arie Luyendyk Jr. will be up for fancy dress too as Maquel’s favorite holiday Halloween as she gets to dress up!

Caroline Lunny on The Bachelor

A true romantic, Caroline isn’t just looking for a man on the show, but for her best friend. At 26 years old, Caroline admits she is ready to become a parent, but not to children – to dogs! She is hoping the show will give her someone to share responsibilities with, although Caroline has had practice at raising Phil, her plant. Caroline admits she wants someone who will never give up on their relationship – unlike Phil, who’s been a bit quiet lately.

Caroline Lunny

Caroline has competed in and won a number of beauty pageants over the years, including Miss Massachusetts. However, Caroline has now decided to focus on a career as a realtor. This contestant has always been active as she was once a keen cheerleader, but gave it up to pursue her pageant work. Over the years, Caroline has continued with sports such as horse riding and going to the gym. Caroline has already amassed over 20 thousand Instagram followersת which looks set to grow after her time on the show.

Lauren Burnham on The Bachelor

At 25 years old, Lauren is using season 22 of The Bachelor to look for love. Lauren believes she is open-minded to just about anything, which is nice if Arie has some secrets of his own. Yet, although she admits to being open-minded, Lauren has stated she has always remains loyal and is looking for someone that will show her the same respect. In addition to killing it in the looks department, Lauren is a second-degree black belt in taekwondo, so fair warning, Arie – don’t text during dinner.

Lauren Burnham

Lauren is a self-confessed animal lover who frequently posts online photos of her pooch, Dallas. Outside of The Bachelor, Lauren works as a tech salesman who likes to keep up to date with reality TV shows, such as Real Housewives and Botched. Lauren grew up in Virginia Beach so has spent many years on the water. She is a keen fisher, and enjoys all aspects of the beach life, such as rowing and body boarding.

Seinne Fleming on The Bachelor

At 27 years old, Seinne currently lives in Long Beach, California. Here this The Bachelor contestant works as a real estate manager for commercial properties but is hoping to find love this season. Seinne confesses that she is looking for someone who exudes confidence while remaining a charmer. Seinne also adds that she hopes her man will be intelligent and open-minded, in addition to staying loyal, funny, and, above all, kind. Perhaps Arie Luyendyk Jr. will be the one to tick all those boxes?

Seinne Fleming

Before applying for the show, Seinne won the title of Miss Teen Long Beach. Since then, she has continued to wow her social media followers with various life updates. Seinne loves elephants for their intelligence, but at 5’4” the star is a long way off their great size. Seinne has an Instagram following of over 8,500 members, as she posts model-worthy photos; it looks as though the show will give the real estate manager a bigger shot at the limelight, even if she doesn’t find love.

Jessica Carroll on The Bachelor

This 26-year-old Canadian beauty waltzed onto the screen for the first part of season 22 of The Bachelor. Sadly, though, Jessica wasn’t able to find love as she didn’t make it past the first rose giving ceremony. Jessica was hoping to find someone that shared her love of kisses as that is her favorite part of a relationship. She had a lot of relationship motivation, too, after watching the love her parents’ marriage while she was growing up.

Jessica Carroll

Outside of the show, Jessica has had plenty of practice in front of the camera due to her job as a TV show host. Jessica loves keeping fit in various ways. When she isn’t at the gym, Jessica is skiing, and when not on the slopes she can be found out hiking or doing yoga. In between all of this, Jessica also manages to find time to run a successful YouTube channel where she posts interviews with celebrities, fitness videos, and beauty product reviews.

Marikh Mathias on The Bachelor

Marikh has joined the show as another 27-year-old beauty competing for Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s love. When at her Salt Lake City home, Marikh loves cooking and owns a restaurant – hopefully that means she’ll be able to make a winning meal for her date. Even though Marikh confesses to a number of relationships that have ended in heartbreak, she still likes to believe herself to be romantic. We wonder if she will be the one to win over her bachelor?

Marikh Mathias

Even though Marikh is known in her hometown for her restaurant, on social media pages the young competitor keeps the world up to date with her glamorous lifestyle. Due to her job, a lot of Marikh’s time is spent in the kitchen. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t time for the occasional modeling shoot. Although a lot of her photos are posted to her Instagram account, Marikh admits she likes to keep an air of mystery about her; perhaps that is her secret to bagging a man?

Jacqueline Trumbull on The Bachelor

Jacqueline is the 26-year-old from West Virginia looking for love on The Bachelor; will Arie Luyendyk Jr. be the man of her dreams? This competitor is looking for someone she can create a new life with by starting a family, in addition to helping each other grow. Jacqueline is also looking for a man that will help support her career as a research coordinator as that is the most essential part of her life.

Jacqueline Trumbull

When she isn’t working, Jacqueline loves spending as much time with her family as she can. She regularly posts updates of her family on social media, as well many pet updates. Jacqueline also has plenty of traveling photos from her many adventures across the country. Hopefully, her future man won’t mind a bit of mess as Jacqueline has confessed to not being the tidiest person in the world! Although, you could never tell from her perfect appearance.

Lauren Schleyer on The Bachelor

This southern blondie from Dallas, Texas, has walked onto the show at 31 years old in the search for love. At 5’7” Lauren is looking for someone that can live up to her standards, as well as being a good cuddler. When asked, the contestant revealed she would love to be an otter so she could spend all day cuddled up – Arie Luyendyk Jr. really should be checking for hints and tips when it comes to his dates.

Lauren Schleyer

Lauren spends her days working as a social media manager, meaning she has become an ace at all things internet. Using her powers, Lauren has been able to get herself 11 thousand followers on Instagram where she keeps the world posted on family life in addition to her charity work. Lauren admits to spending a lot of her time in Starbucks; hopefully, her new man will keep up with her love of coffee! We’ll have to wait and see whether she and Arie Luyendyk Jr. will be sharing a latte…

Nysha Norris on The bachelor

This 5’4” contestant joined the show in the hope of looking for love. At 30 years old, Nysha admitted to being a good listener, as well as always remaining loyal, and being honest with others around her. Nysha confessed that before the show she had tried to meet a man through online dating, but had never had any luck. Sadly Nysha didn’t make it past the first rose giving ceremony so it looks as though it may be back to the apps for this singleton!

Nysha Norris

Outside of the world of TV, Nysha spends her days working as an orthopedic nurse. When she’s not working hard, Nysha loves watching Scandal, as well as all the famous horror movies from the ‘80s. Even though she didn’t make it very far on the show, Nysha and the other girls that were booted from the show have joined forces for a number of Instagram posts. It looks as though the story could only just be beginning for this contestant.

Ali Harrington on The Bachelor

Sadly for this 27 year old personal stylist she never made it past the first rose giving ceremony. Ali was hoping to find someone willing to share her wish for commitment where she could act entirely as herself. Even though Ali was booted from the show, she was looking for a man that could accept her flaws just as she would accept theirs before walking down the aisle. Unfortunately, Ali’s humor wasn’t enough to win over Arie Luyendyk Jr. on the show.

Ali Harrington

Even though she is no longer on the show, we don’t think it will be long until Ali finds herself a brand new man. She has confessed that the most romantic city to her is New York City – a perfect date could be out there yet. Ali loves all things fashion and beauty (which is helpful working as a personal stylist!) so uses her social media to post plenty of fashionable updates. Ai also lives her life full of ‘90s nostalgia so makes sure to post plenty of old-school updates.

Krystal Nielson on The Bachelor

At 29 years old, Krystal is taking the show by storm in her search for love. Krystal has admitted that she is competitive, which is just one reason she stands out above the rest – and she has already upset her fellow competitors! Krystal has tried to take more of Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s time than anyone else gets, but will he be the man able to take on her family? Krystal is already a mother to Chucky and Wayne – her two beach loving pooches!

Krystal Nielson

Outside of the show, Krystal continues to be as competitive in real life. The star works as a fitness coach at the famous Orangetheory Fitness, as well as being a sponsored athlete and qualified yoga instructor. Krystal rocks out at bikini competitions where she took home second place in her first ever event, as well as qualifying for the national championship. When not working, Crystal loves spending time on the beaches of California or playing in the snow of her hometown, Missoula Montana.

Bekah Martinez on The Bachelor

This 5’5” nanny is ready to take the show by storm. Bekah admits that she is already looking to settle down into married life and start a family, but will season 22 of The Bachelor be where she finds her future husband? Bekah has a role model in mind for her prospective partner, as the contestant admits she most admires her own father. She has said that her dad has always been a family man so is looking for someone to replicate that in her married life.

Bekah Martinez

Bekah should have a lot of secrets to success up her sleeve as she confesses that one of her guilty pleasures is watching reality TV for hours on end. It may be hard to compete with Bekah, as she has admitted that she is all about being the center of attention. With over 38 thousand followers on Instagram, Bekah has posted a number of modeling photos over the years in addition to snaps of her many adventures around Los Angeles and the world.