This newborn was hiding a very special message for their mom

If you look at the population clock, you’ll see that the number of people in the world is increasing every minute – and that almost all of this action takes place in hospital rooms across the globe. Yes, in these rooms the new generation take their first breaths, and new moms and dads set their sights on their newborns for the first time. It’s an emotional time for all, and even more emotional for those who have been waiting their whole lives to be able to call themselves parents. Amazingly, the United States of America welcomed a whopping 3,945,875 babies into the world in 2016 alone, and it’s believed that that number just increases as the years go by. However, what’s even more amazing is that times have now changed, and these babies are no longer just being born into nuclear families with their perfect lives, their perfect marriages, and their 2.5 children. Instead, this next generation is allowing people from all walks of life to become parents.

Surrogate mothers are allowing those who cannot have children on their own the chance to raise a little one, single parents are taking on the challenge themselves, couples of the same gender are breaking down barriers and bringing a child into the world, and even those who didn’t plan to become parents are given the unique and wonderful opportunity to change their lives forever. While the concept of parenting may be scary to some, most parents have confessed that during that one moment in the hospital where you hear your baby cry for the first time… all of those worries float away. You’re so consumed with love and emotion that you don’t even think about the journey ahead of you. You just take in every little detail of your newborn, and fall even deeper in love. During this emotional moment, one mother realized that her life was going to become even more special after she welcomed her newborn into the world…

A hidden message

We’ve all heard of messages in a bottle that are washed ashore from ships and islands way out in the ocean, we might have uncovered time capsules and buried treasure ourselves in our backyard, and we might have even been sent loving messages by a former flame before, but this story is a little different. This tale involves a wonderful couple and follows the life of Chad McDevitt and his beautiful girlfriend, Lauren. After welcoming their new addition into the world, Chad and Lauren were overwhelmed with the love of seeing their newborn. Yet, as Lauren started to unbundle their baby to get a closer look at their little human, she was blown away by the message that was hiding underneath…

Getting ready

However, to truly understand this story we need to learn a little more about the family in question… and don’t they look wonderful! As Chad and Lauren lived their lives with their son, Kaden, the couple were over the moon to discover they were expecting another child. They couldn’t wait to expand their brood and finally add a daughter into the mix, so they got themselves prepared for the big day. The life-changing moment occurred in November 2014, and the pair welcomed the beautiful Everly into the world. When she was just a day old, Chad and Luke invited all of their friends and family to visit them in their Kentucky hospital room to see the newborn for themselves.

Passing her over

Lauren and Chad’s family and friends were just as in love with Everly as they were, and Lauren’s aunt was more than happy to hold the little one while Lauren rested on the hospital bed. However, she had to hand the newborn back to Chad when she realized that Everly had had a little accident and needed her diaper changed and to be fed. Chad warmly welcomed his daughter back into his arms and gave her a kiss before handing her back over to her momma and watching from the wings.

Caught on camera

During this time, Chad also whipped out his camera and filmed his girlfriend’s reaction to their beautiful newborn. He later uploaded the video to YouTube so people across the world could watch as Lauren set her sights on Everly. Although she was overwhelmed with how perfect she was, Lauren was also amazed at how tightly the nurses had swaddled her daughter. Through the video footage, we are able to see Lauren compliment the nurses on their handiwork. However, it’s safe to say that she had absolutely no clue what was coming next…

Practice makes perfect

As Lauren took in the precious moment she was having with her daughter, she was also taking in the amazing work of the nurses. Although we can’t see the person in question on camera, a voice soon made itself known on the recording, where they confessed that their swaddling was only perfect because they had practiced so much over the course of their nursing career. Lauren smiled at this notion but didn’t realize she would soon be undoing the swaddling handiwork she was so impressed with.

A family’s request

Chad and Lauren’s family and friends were completely enamored with the new addition to their family, but they felt as if they hadn’t seen Everly’s true beauty. Where she had been swaddled so perfectly, they could only see the tip of her head – and they wanted to take in the whole view of their new niece, sister, and granddaughter. In fact, one of her family members could be heard off-camera asking to see her properly. They wanted Lauren to remove Everly’s blanket and show her off to the room.

Taking off the blanket

As you watch the footage, the love Chad and Lauren have for Everly is evident – and the family members can see that, but they still wanted to see more! After the first person asked to see Everly without the blanket wrapped around her, more and more family members asked to see her without being swaddled. Voices from off-camera could be heard saying “Open her up” and that they “didn’t really get to see her.” Lauren didn’t need to be told twice, because she was more than happy to show off her incredible creation.

Removing the swaddle

However, Lauren soon realized that her compliments on the perfect swaddling were not misguided. Instead of coming away easily, the blanket was wrapped so tightly around little Everly she could barely find the corner to tug it out of the way. Thankfully, she managed to find a loose end on the top right corner and began to untuck her little bundle of joy from the cozy blanket she was wearing. Before too long, her baby was free of her swaddle and ready to make her first proper entrance into the world.

Another addition

However, as she was untucking her baby from the constraints of the swaddle, Lauren realized that there was something underneath the blanket that wasn’t there before. Because she was the only one in the room that could see it, her friends and family were surprised when she let out a little squeal. As they craned their necks to see what Lauren had seen, they noticed that Everly’s onesie wasn’t as plain as it once seemed. In fact, there was something written on it that had caused Lauren to jump with surprise…

A look of disbelief

As Lauren took in what was written on her daughter’s onesie, she seemed to be lost for words. A look of disbelief crept onto her face, and she had no idea what to do with herself. She looked towards her boyfriend for help and couldn’t help but ask him whether what she was seeing was real. Although Chad didn’t answer her, Lauren knew she had to say something, so she simply screamed “Yes!” at the top of her lungs. Her family and friends were stunned, what was written on the onesie?

Clutching onto something

As their friends and family continued to look at the situation in front of them with confused looks on their faces, Chad suddenly reached out towards his newborn daughter and took something from her hands. At this point, neither mommy or daddy had read what Everly was sporting on her onesie, and the situation seemed to get more cryptic by the minute. However, when Lauren and her family realized what Chad was holding in his hands, they knew that they were witnessing something truly special that they would never forget.

Saying yes

Before too long, those in the hospital room realized that Everly had been clutching onto an engagement ring before Chad took it out of his daughter’s hands. At the same moment that their friends and family realized what he was doing, Chad asked the question that they had been waiting for for years. “Will you marry me?” Without hesitation, Lauren responded with an answer she had already given. She accepted his offer for the second time, and the pair soon found themselves in a romantic embrace.

A tight squeeze

The room erupted in cheers, and the smiles on both Chad and Lauren’s faces were captured on camera for them to remember forever. As they looked down at their beautiful baby and embraced the moment they were having together, Chad slid the engagement ring onto the finger of his new fiancée. Although Lauren’s fingers were still fairly swollen after giving birth, they weren’t going to let a tight squeeze ruin their big day. However, the rest of the room were still waiting for an answer. What was written on Everly’s onesie?

Lifting her up

As if on cue, Lauren lifted her baby girl up into the air so all of their family and friends could see her onesie in all of its glory. Because she was so tiny, there were some people in the room who couldn’t quite see the words on her stomach, so they asked Lauren to read out what it said out loud for them all to hear. Lauren cleared her throat, and said with a smile on her face, “Mommy, will you marry Daddy?” The proposal had been there all along!

In on the surprise

Lauren was amazed at how creative Chad had been with his proposal, but it seems as though he hadn’t done it alone and that many of their family and friends had been in on the surprise. In fact, many of Lauren’s cousins had racked their brains to come up with a unique proposal, and all of the family members had been made aware of the plans in place. Yet, that wasn’t all. It seems as though the nurses who were looking after Everly and Lauren were also in on the plan.

A media storm

After their emotional ordeal, Chad decided to upload the video of his proposal on YouTube. The video was uploaded on November 11, 2014, and became an instant hit. People from across the world watched in wonder as Everly became a part of Chad’s romantic proposal, and the video was soon boasting millions of views. However, it wasn’t all happy families for Chad and Lauren, as there were other people who weren’t too impressed with their video, and were more than happy to raise their concerns about the couple and their children…

Waiting for marriage

Although there were people who poured in their congratulations to the couple, there were those who put their beliefs before Lauren and Chad’s happiness. They had countless comments from people around the world who weren’t impressed that the couple had had children before marriage. In their opinion, the couple should have waited to have children until they were a married couple, and not after they had just given birth. Chad also received similar backlash when he posted the video on his private social media page.

Coming to their aid

While the couple were inundated with comments of those who disapproved of their proposal and the way in which they have lived their lives, there were even more people who were coming to their aid and celebrating their love. They reminded Lauren and Chad to ignore all of the negativity and criticism they were receiving and reminded them to enjoy their lives. They were in no pressure to live by a certain timeline or get married and have children in a certain order, and these positive commentators wanted the couple to remember this.

A family of four

Despite all of the criticism that came with their proposal and the arrival of their daughter, Lauren and Chad were over the moon to see that their love had reached so many people across the world. As well as this, they were so wrapped up in their newfound happiness that they didn’t have time to think about what other people thought of them. They were overjoyed with how the proposal went, and they are happy with how their lives have turned out. They were now a family of four, and they didn’t need anything else.

The whole world

Amazingly, Chad and Lauren are now husband and wife and love spending time with their two children who have now grown so big! While their video is still receiving backlash, Chad has nothing but love to share on his social media. In May 2018, he took to his Facebook page to praise his wife and the family she has given him. He wished her a happy Mother’s Day and noted that she meant the world to him. After a heart-wrenching surprise, their story had an incredibly happy ending!