These workers certainly won’t be winning Employee of the Month any time soon

In today’s day and age, most of us work to make a life for ourselves. For the most part, we simply get on with our jobs; we turn up to the office with a smile on our faces each day, chat with our co-workers about last night’s Netflix binge, and fill our bodies with dangerous amounts of coffee to get us through the day. Sure, working can be a chore – unless you’re a professional chocolate taster or fairground ride reviewer (AKA the dream).

Despite the necessity of a job, though, we cam also take pride of our work. Many of us have spent years at college to get to to a certain point in our careers, and have spent hours perfecting the role we are expected to do every day. Hopefully, over time we begin to excel at our jobs, with the role becoming a sort of muscle memory.

Of course, everyone has t0 start somewhere, so that before you get proficient at something, mistakes will almost definitely be made, with people’s lack of know-how at times leading to hilarious moments you couldn’t make up if you tried.


When it comes to starting a new job, there are two kinds of people. There are those who really want to excel in the role because they hope to stay there for many years, work up a good pension, and reap all of the benefits the company has to offer (health insurance is a must). Nevertheless, there is also another group of people who ruin it for the rest of us. There are those who just don’t care about the job, and only care about the paycheck at the end of the week or month. Instead of dedicating a huge amount of time and effort into perfecting their craft and earning themselves epic congratulations, these guys mostly show up late, slouch at their desks, play pinball on their computer and get through a limited amount of work.

Although this isn’t exactly beneficial for the company they work for, there is a lot of talent that goes into slacking off. It takes a dedicated individual to be so lazy and discreet – so we have to give those guys credit – mostly because we have all done it once in a while.

Of course, this ability to slack off often leads to some pretty hilarious and amazing results, but it’s fair to say that these workers certainly won’t be winning Employee of the Month any time soon…

Insert name here

Many of us dream of appearing on television and movie screens, mostly because we want to get our name in lights and start our journey to stardom. However, there are also those who inadvertently find themselves witnessing a crime or event, and land themselves on the news – and it’s down to them whether they want to remain anonymous or have their name strewn across Fox Network. We’re not sure whether this guy wanted to remain anonymous or not, but it seems he didn’t even have a choice…

Long yellow things

It’s no secret that working in retail is one of the most thankless jobs in the world, and you can’t walk through a grocery store without seeing at least one employee who looks as if they’d rather be anywhere other than at work. In some extreme cases, the daily grind could it cause some cognitive malfunctions, leading you to forget basic words. We’re going to give this person the benefit of the doubt, and assume they’re probably kicking themselves using one of their long appendagy things dangling from their torso.

You had one job

Nowadays, you can find a club for anything. There are a capella clubs where you can make music with your mouths, knitting clubs where everyone turns up in a homemade scarf, role-playing clubs where swords aren’t optional, and even limbo clubs. Unfortunately, finding the right location for a limbo club can be pretty tricky – but one bunch of back-benders were happy to discover this hidden limbo gem in an office block. Either that or someone had one job and completely messed it up.

Get ready for winter

If you’ve been to the Land Down Under, you might have realized that Australia is a little different to the rest of the world. With their love for putting shrimps on the barbie (not the popular blonde doll), their love of vegemite (which isn’t a species of termite), their love for the sheilas (who aren’t just women called Sheila) and their topsy-turvy weather, we don’t really understand the Aussie way of life. What makes this even more confusing is that they wear flip-flops in the winter – but they call them “thongs.” Weird.

Do not enter

When it comes down to it, we would all benefit from a few hours of exercise a week. However, finding the time, energy and motivation to work out at the gym isn’t easy – especially when a brand new season of Stranger Things comes out, and you have a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s in the freezer to finish. Most of the time, we find ourselves chopping and changing our mind whether we want to visit the gym or not, and the gym itself doesn’t make it any easier. Do we enter? Do we go home? Who knows…

Fake news

In today’s day and age, we’re constantly bombarded with advertising campaigns and deals that often turn out to be fake news. Although these companies offer seemingly impressive products and services, they normally just end up disappointing us. It seems Speedo was fed up of dealing with their fake news complaints and decided to just sell their swimming goggles for what they are – and what a deal they are offering! Don’t pay $9.95…pay $9.95! Bargain.

The yellow crayon

When we were kids, there was nothing we loved more than getting out our coloring books and trying to keep within the lines. However, there are some children around the world who are colorblind and cannot determine one color from the next. One crayon brand decided to help these children out by printing out labels for each color – but apparently, one worker wasn’t paying attention when they labeled these crayons. Multi-colored sunflowers all around, we guess.

Bicycle lane

These days, you can find bicycle lanes in pretty much any city. They’re used to encourage fitness fanatics or those who want to save the planet one pedal at a time with a designated lane where they can stay off the road. In theory, these lanes are an excellent idea for those who don’t want to drive everywhere, but we would advise against using this lane on the right – because you probably don’t want to faceplant the floor or get a bollard in the groin.

Pizza delivery

Let’s be honest; pizza is life. If it were socially acceptable, we would eat takeout pizza all day, every day. Unfortunately, society frowns on this, so we have to stick to once a week. This woman works for the kind of company that deals with strict deadlines – and if your pizza is not delivered in 30 minutes, you get a refund. Subsequently, she proved herself to be a real hero, driving her car into a ditch to ensure this pizza would be delivered on time.

In a mess

It’s fair to say that math is not our strong suit. For the most part, we fell asleep during our school lessons up until graduation. Because of this, we need a calculator to help us out – but we can’t imagine this calculator would prove beneficial. With all of the numbers in a complete mess, we hope whoever bought this really paid attention to what they were doing, especially if they were working out their earnings. That could be awkward.

Heder goes here

Okay, we’re not sure which part of this makes us more uncomfortable. It could be the fact that the editor completely forgot to insert a header for the article on basketball. It could be the fact that they didn’t remove the random jumble of letter onto the end of the fake header. Or it could be the fact that they didn’t even spell ‘heder’ right. We dread to think what the actual article is like if this is the state of the newspaper headline.

Compare Foods

Nope, the irony is not lost on us with this one. Considering this fruit and vegetable company is called Compare Foods, they are really living up to their namesakes. We’ve heard of hybrid foods before, and we’ve seen all of the photos of banana-kiwis and stoneless avocados, but this seems like something else: amazingly, this company has managed to create a watermelon that looks EXACTLY like an ear of corn. Either that or they got their labels mixed up. We really hope it’s the former.

A city of water

Rain rain, go away, preferably through an efficient drainage system. Sadly, though many countries and cities around the world are pretty susceptible to rain, in many cases their drainage efforts are just not up to scratch – and here is exhibit A. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that a drain opening should be lower than the rest of the ground around it, but then again, maybe we’re setting our expectation a bit high.

Dress of the week

We’re not really sure what to make of this one. Could this be a new and improved way of telling people to be comfortable in their own skin? Could the birthday suit be the new big trend in the world of fashion? Have they developed a new invisible material? Or did a retail worker simply forget to dress this mannequin in a fit of rage after a customer annoyed them? We’re not sure, but we’re more inclined to believe it is the latter.

Geography matters

We’re not gonna lie to you and say that we’re the best when it comes to geography, but we do know the major continents and what they look like. It seems that this t-shirt designer was paying even less attention in their geography class than we were, and this epic fail of a t-shirt is the prime example of that. On the one hand, at least they were close with the letter ‘A.’ but you’d think a simple Google search would take place before printing hundreds of these bad boys…

Give cyclists space

With more and more cars taking to our roadways, the roads are becoming increasingly dangerous for cyclists trying to get from A to B. Luckily, many cities and towns are now giving their cyclists specified bicycle lanes so they can get to work with no issues. This bicycle lane was a new addition to this road, and the council wanted to make the drivers aware of it. However, their informative sign didn’t exactly help the situation or give the cyclists the space they needed.

A little privacy

When it comes to using the restrooms, men and women have completely different experiences. While women always lock the door behind them in the stalls, men are lucky in the fact that they can stand up and use the urinals. We can only assume that a woman completed the building work on this men’s restroom, as she didn’t quite grasp male privacy. On a positive note, men can number one in private, but they’ll need to number two in front of everyone else.

Modern day technology

In today’s day and age, technology has advanced immensely. In fact, we’re losing track of all of the appliances and controls that can be used for certain actions. For example, this athlete is being interviewed with numerous different gadgets. There is a dictaphone, a microphone, a smartphone…and a remote control? We’re not sure whether this is a highly advanced remote control that also records dialogue, or whether this reporter simply picked up the wrong gadget…

Total workaholics

There are some people in this world who absolutely love their jobs. Indeed, they love nothing more than helping out other people, stocking the shelves, and serving their customers. We’re not sure what kind of orange juice these people drink in the morning, but we want some of it. However, the workers in this convenience store are total workaholics, because rather than opening 7 days a week like the rest of the world, these guys open 9 days a week. It’s unbelievable, really.

A sick joke

We’re all for playing tricks on people when it’s April Fools, or even on Halloween. Nevertheless, we draw the line when people play tricks on our food – because that really is one sick joke. The workers in this ice cream factory obviously wanted to give their customers a little trick when they were making these ice creams because this Galaxy is in another dimension. The chocolate is all wrong, the look of it is all wrong, and the whole thing makes us feel all wrong.

Jesus woz here

When you wander around a city or take a trip into the public toilets, you might have noticed wannabe graffiti artists adorning the walls with ‘Derek woz here’ or ‘Shaniqua was here.’ Yet, it seems that this superstore was visited by a new kind of graffiti artist – the divine kind. Although Jesus didn’t sign his name on the aisle, he’s made his mark in another way. All of those bottles were filled with water before he worked his miracle. What a legend.

Do not stack

When you’ve worked in the same job for a number of years, you start to realize that some of the rules you have to abide by are just there to be broken. After placing these boxes on the floor individually for years, this worker decided to tempt fate and stack them on top of each other, ignoring the very strict instructions. Amazingly, the world didn’t implode, and the worker didn’t sprout horns from their head. Rules, schmules.

A different kind of BBQ

When you travel to a different state or different country, you’ve probably realized that some of their delicacies are a little different to what you’re used to. In France, they eat snails. In Japan, they eat tuna eyeballs. In Canada, they eat jellied moose nose, and the list goes on. As if this wasn’t enough, there are some cultures that completely remake the traditional BBQ – including this food company, who think that hamburgers fit into hot dog buns and that hot dogs fit into hamburger buns. What is the world coming to?

Double yellow lines

If you’ve learned your highway code (and not pretended to learn it), you’ll know that parking on the double yellow lines is illegal. Nevertheless, it seems as though these double yellow lines weren’t in place when this car rocked up and parked on the road. Whether there was a sign in place to warn residents about line painting or not, we bet the owner of this car wasn’t too impressed when he realized the line painters had also painted their car.

A night at the movies

Nowadays, we’re overrun with new movies – and if we could, we would take a trip to the theater to watch a new movie every single night. However, with so many movies to choose from, even the employees at this place are getting confused. Of course, we all know of the two epic movies, Suicide Squad and Sausage Party, but we’ve never heard of these two hybrid movies. On the other hand, the 7 o’clock film still seems pretty gritty, and the 9:20 showing still sounds like a raunchy comedy.

Sopt, in the name of love

We’ve all heard The Supremes smash their ‘Stop In The Name Of Love’ performances, but apparently, they also made a remix of the song, which told people to ‘Sopt In The Name of Love.’ One road worker was so in love with the remix that he decided to adorn the roadsides with it. Of course, we’re totally kidding. It seems this worker hadn’t had enough coffee to wake him up in the morning, and his brain hadn’t quite switched on when he had to spell out his letters.

Breaking news

Unless you simply watch Netflix all day every day (lucky you), you’ll know that no matter which channel you watch, there will always be some kind of news bulletin. Although this usually occurs every few hours, television channels often make an exception when there is breaking news. After the death of Osama Bin Laden, Fox News was so desperate to break the news before any other channel; they forget to double check what they were actually talking about. Poor Obama…

Taking attendance

When we were younger, we didn’t enjoy going to school. Because really, who enjoyed spending eight hours a day in the same classroom, learning Pythagoras theorem which has proved useless ever since?! There are some students who lose the will to live, alongside teachers who give up with their students. One student used their teachers’ inability to care to their advantage, and used a balloon to take their place in class. Amazingly, the teacher counted it as a student, and they got away with it!

Under no circumstances

In a world full of rules and regulations, anarchists are uniting and sticking it to the man – including this bunch of hotel workers, who were fed up with their managers mistreating them. Instead of calling in sick, or holding a protest, these workers decided that passive aggression was the way forward. So, when management put up a sign that said ‘Do not leave furniture here under any circumstances,’ what did the employees do? They left furniture there, of course!

Muddled model

As human beings, we all have very similar body shapes, and because of this, we all know that our heads go on the top of our body, and the rest of our limbs follow suit. I mean, it just makes sense. So, we’re not sure what was going on with this billboard worker this day, or whether this is some kind of elaborate marketing technique, but he just could not get the two sides of the body matched together. Good thing he’s not a surgeon, ey?

The road to nowhere

Working in construction is one so important to modern living. After all, we wouldn’t be able to cross lakes, rivers, or even other roads without bridges to carry us over them. However, the guys working on this bridge seemed to have run into a problem – and we’re kinda worried that they only noticed this problem towards the end of their construction project. As they stand on the edge of the wonky bridge, we can only assume they’re saying “oops” to one another.

Can you feel the love tonight?

Let’s be honest; we’re all Disney fanatics. Whether you make it known to the rest of the world, or whether you’re a closet Disney lover, you’ve probably watched The Lion King at least 156 times. Although Simba is obviously one of our favorite characters in the movie, Nala comes a close second, so it’s no surprise that people want a stuffed toy of her. However, we wouldn’t want to pick this version off the shelf, as we definitely can’t feel the love tonight with those eyes.

Pop Pop Baby

In today’s day and age, major corporations own the world – and you can’t turn a corner without running into the Golden Arches of McDonald’s. Not that we’re complaining, because we can’t get enough of the McNuggets, but thanks to their world domination, you’d expect ol’ Ronald McDonald to be a bit more specific. We’re not sure when McDonald’s started selling popcorn flavored ice, and we’re not even sure it’s a real thing. It would be cool if they did, though.

Place price tag here

When you first start a new job, you like to put 110% into everything you do, and you always make sure every task is completed to perfection. However, when you start to lose focus and cease to care about the company, your attention to detail starts to slip – especially when a box starts telling you what to do. This rebellious employee wanted to prove that this inanimate wasn’t the boss of them, and stuck all of its price tags anywhere but on the ‘Place price tag here’ label.

Extra fresh

When you wander around a superstore, you probably don’t look at the product descriptions on the price tags. If you do, you might have noticed that big brands often use abbreviations to describe their products. Unfortunately, some of these abbreviations lead to a few awkward laughs, as those who want minty fresh breath choose this interestingly named product. We really hope that abbreviation means “spearmint,” because otherwise, this product would be in a whole different ball game. Quite literally.

An impossible task

If you’ve ever worked with customers, you will know how difficult it is to please everyone. As much as you tell yourself that the ‘customer is always right’ – there are also times where you know the customer is 100% wrong, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Or is there? Well, this employee found the perfect way to get back at their annoying customers and made it impossible for them to get their fix of Skittles or M&M’s. So subtle, yet so effective.

Made in China

It’s no secret that buying things from China is a risk. Over the years, there have been numerous horror stories about wedding dresses that are completely different to the pictures online, and toys that break after the first use. With fake products littering the internet, it’s difficult to spot whether these items from China are real or fake – but you can normally tell from the box. However, if this box were from China, you’d expect them to know their own flag…

Out of place

If you struggle with out of place items, you might want to look away now. When you walk down the pathways outside your house, you might have noticed that there are little patterns and colors strewn across the pavement for decorative effect. Of course, it can’t be easy to make sure this pattern is just right, but the end result here is just ridiculous and makes us super annoyed. I mean, come on! How hard could it have been to notice that one red squared in a sea of grays?

A toy Tarantula

For some reason, kids just love to play with bugs and getting their hands dirty in the mud. For the most part, you don’t expect these youngsters to have a major grasp on animals, their names and their anatomy – but this mistake is pretty obvious. Considering the picture on the packing is of a tarantula, it’s even easier to see that the bug inside is not a tarantula, as a beetle is much less scary. Rookie mistake, guys.

Back to school

Whenever you take a trip the store, you’re overwhelmed with colorful displays offering deals of all kinds, from food and homeware, to school supplies. When this person walked into the store for back to school deals, they didn’t expect to be greeted with a whole load of knives. We’re not sure whether this is a new school requirement for pupils or just really bad product placement, but either way… you could cut this tension with a knife.

To the left

With up-to-date technology taking over the world, even remote controls are being upgraded. With new functions, buttons, and even voice-activated technology, it’s easy to get confused when choosing your channel or changing the volume. However, things aren’t made any easier when the buttons are wrong in the first place. Obviously, the person who made this remote control wasn’t sure on their rights and lefts, so just made it up. Well, they had a 50/50 chance of getting it right.