Where are they now: The cast of Crocodile Dundee

Crocodile Dundee was a popular 1980s comedy film set in the Outback of Australia and New York City. The plot revolves around Mike Dundee and Sue Charlton played by Paul Hogan and Linda Kozlowski respectively. The movie, that was made on a low budget of $10 million, turned into a world wide phenomenon that millions of people watched and enjoyed. The creators of the film indented to produce a story that would resonate amongst both Australian and American audiences and they were very successful in their execution. The film grossed a whopping $328 million at the box office and even spawned two sequels. Not only was it a hilarious story, but the film coined some of the most iconic lines that everyone uses today when they are imitating and Australian accent. We have all said “put another shrimp on the barbie” before. The plot revolves around Sue Charlton who is a writer for her father’s newspaper and the girlfriend of the editor, Richard Mason.


Charlton travels from New York to Australian in order to meet and interview Michael J. “Crocodile” Dundee, who is rumored to have lost half of his leg by a Crocodile. Sue discovers that Mick has not lost half his leg but rather was bitten by a crocodile and she is unimpressed by his personality. However, that all changed when Mick saved her after she was attacked by a crocodile. Sue then invites Mick to come back to New York with her for a visit and hilarity ensues after Mick experiences a big culture shock. In the end, Richard proposes to Sue and she accepts, only to realize that she loves Mick and the two end up together.

Due to the discrepancies between Australian and American culture, two versions of the film were created, one used Australian slang words and one did not. However, some Australian critics believed that the film portrayed Australians in a negative and uncivilized way. Not only did the film cause controversy for Australians but it also started some trouble in Paul Hogan’s personal life. The actor left his first wife the be with his on-screen love interest!

The film trilogy shot many of its starring actors to fame, but what have they been up to since the last movie was released in 2001? We have compiled a list of the stars of the Crocodile Dundee movies and we are here to show you what they look like today and tell you what they are up to. Keep reading to find out the facts you did not know about your favorite Crocodile Dundee actors.

John Meillon as Walter “Wally” Reilly | Then

Walter “Wally” Reilly was a character that appeared in both the first and second Crocodile Dundee movies. Wally was the Crocodile Dundee’s goofy sidekick and he brought a lot of comedic relief to the films. John Meillon was already famous before he appeared in the films as he began his acting career at the young age of 16. He was a member of the Shakespeare Touring Company and was the voice for many beer commercials.

John Meillon as Walter “Wally” Reilly | Now

Meillon was best known for his role as Wally Reilly and being a talented comedic actor. He appeared in many other films throughout the 1960s and 70s such as Watch it, Sailor! And The Picture Show man. Unfortunately, Crocodile Dundee II was Meillon’s last film as he passed away at the young age of 55 due to cirrhosis of the liver. Before his death, Meillon had 2 children, one with each woman that he was married to and divorced from.

Mark Blum as Richard Mason | Then

Richard Mason is Sue Charlton’s boyfriend and his eventual fiancee as well as the editor for her father’s newspaper. While Mason has a prestigious education and comes from a good background, he is not as strong and manly as Mick. Richard is revealed to be a snobby person who views people in terms of class. After he proposes to Sue, she realizes that she does not want to be with him and chases after Mick instead.

Mark Blum as Richard Mason | Now

The role of Richard Mason paved the road for Mark Blum’s future career. After the movie, Mark Blum started getting noticed in Hollywood and wast cast to play roles in many television shows such as The West Wing and Frasier. He also appeared in other films such as Desperately Seeking Susan and Just Between Friends. Blum has performed on Broadway and is now part of the faculty of HB Studio, an organization dedicated to helping struggling actors.

Reginald VelJohnson as Gus | Then

Gus is a limo driver who comes to Mick’s rescue when he gets himself in trouble. After the Dundee gets into a fist fight with some of the bad guys, Gus saves the day by pulling up in his car and running over their leader. He even uses a piece of his car as a boomerang to knock on of the bad guys down. There is another funny moment when Mick mistakes Gus (who is African-American) for a member of an indigenous Australian tribe.

Reginald VelJohnson as Gus | Now

Crocodile Dundee was the launching pad for VelJohnson’s acting career and it continued to grow as he was offered more and more roles. VelJohnson’s most notable role was as Carl Winslow on the sitcom, Family Matters. VelJohnson also appeared on numerous on series such as Mike & Molly and Real Husbands of Hollywood. He also played the role of Al Powell in Die Hard. Nowadays, VelJohnson is still landing minor roles in projects such as Girl Meets World and Penn Zero” Part Time Hero.

Steve Rackman as Donk | Then

Donk is the aggressive sidekick of one of the characters in Crocodile Dundee. When a man shows up with a gun and tells one of the characters, Nugget O’Cass, that he is not going to win a fight without a gun, he replies that he does not need one as he has Donk. Donk, who is a huge and less than appealing man, comes up behind in and knocks him over with one punch. The character was played by the perfect actor as Steve Rackman was a real life wrestler.

Steve Rackman as Donk | Now

When Steve Rackman was a wrestler, he went by the frightening name, Crusher. Crusher made had a memorable fight with Andre the Giant, which brought in a live audience of around 10,000 people! Rackman appeared in all three of the Crocodile Dundee films, however, after his time in the spotlight, he chose to retire. Rackman went onto to open a couple of gyms in Sydney, Australia with his business partner. He ran the gyms until 2010 when he retired from the business world too.

Gerry Skilton as Nugget O’Cass | Then

Nugget O’Cass was another character that appeared in all three of the Crocodile Dundee movies. His character was so successful that the creators even discussed giving him his own spin-off series. A pilot episode called Nugget Gets A Life was made about O’Cass’ adventures in the outback, however, it did not take off. Skilton even financed the show himself but it was not enough to make it a success. Unfortunately, Skilton was not able to move past his role as Nugget.

Gerry Skilton as Nugget O’Cass | Now

It seems as though Gerry Skilton is still stuck in the past and cannot move on from his icon role. The proposed series about his character Nuuget was attempted in 2012, nine years after the last Dundee film was released. However, Skilton did manage to make appearances in some Australian TV shows such as in The Heroes and Cyclone Tracy. Skilton was never able to break into the American business and he is now 72 years-old.

Terry Gill as Duffy | Then

Prior to appearing as Duffy in Crocodile Dundee, Gill had established himself as a famous Australian actors. He had already appeared in over 26 TV productions and was on the verge of retirement when he was cast in the Dundee films. Gill was a professional so it was easy for the cast and crew of the movies to get along with him. At the beginning of the movie, we see Duffy sitting in the bar where Mick is being interviewed and he calls him a crocodile poacher.

Terry Gill as Duffy | Now

Terry Gill was an established Australian actor, director, producer and writer who appeared in dozens of Australian TV shows. He was a recurring cast member on shows such as Prisoner and The Flying Doctor. Gill suffered a stroke in 2014 and battled lung cancer. Unlike many famous people, Gill managed to stay married to one person for 52 years. He was married to Carole Ann Gill from 1962 until his death in 2015. They had two children.

Maggie Blinco as Ida | Then

Maggie Blinco was already well-known before she was cast as Ida in the first two Crocodile Dundee films. Blinco made many television appearances in series such as Return to Eden, 1915 and A Country Practice. She clearly proved that she was a talented actress, which is probably why she appeared in the Dundee movies. Following her role as Ida, Blinco continued to act. In fact, she is still acting until this day at the age of 83.

Maggie Blinco as Ida | Now

Maggie Blinco has been getting steady acting jobs since she appeared as Ida alongside Paul Hogan in Crocodile Dundee. In the early 2000s, Blinco appeared in TV shows such as Escape of the Artful Dodger and All Saints. More recently, she has appeared in The Moodys and Doctor Doctor. Her most recent role was in a short film titled Baba in 2017. We give Maggie Blinco a lot of credit for continuing to work at 83 years-old.

Caitlin Clarke as Simone | Then

Simone was a call-girl who Mick is seen getting close with the in film. Before Caitlin Clarke played Simone, she played the role of Valerian in a Disney movie called Dragonslayer. This was her acting debut and she definitely made a great first impression as the film was nominated for two Oscars. In addition to her on-screen roles, Clarke also made appearances in Broadway productions. So what is the gorgeous actress up to today?

Caitlin Clarke as Simone | Now

Caitlin Clarke continued to get cast in films after her appearance in Crocodile Dundee. She was featured in Blown Away, The Big Picture and in Never Again. In addition, she also made a return to Broadway and played Charlotte Cardoza in the musical version of Titanic. Unfortunately, Clarke was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2000, after which she decided to take some time away from the spotlight. In 2004, Clarke lost her long battle with cancer.

John Snyder as manager of ladies of the night | Then

John Snyder’s character in Crocodile Dundee did not have an actual name, however, his role was managing the call girls in New York City. Snyder’s tough guy attitude and Boston accent made him fit into character perfectly and added an authentic feel to the movie. Snyder definitely had the experience to play this role as he attended Boston University and graduated with a degree in fine arts. Although Snyder’s character was not permanent in the films, the plot would not have been as interesting without him.

John Snyder as manager of ladies of the night | Now

John Snyder has been acting since the 1970s and he has continued his career as an actor in addition to doing voice acting. Snyder has done a lot of voice work and has played characters in shows such as Tweeny Witches and Paranoia Agent. He has also voiced characters in video games such as The Last Remnant and Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen. Snyder has not made any voice or acting appearances since 2015 but he could be slowing down due to the fact that he is 65.

Rik Colitti as Danny the Cab Driver | Then

Rik Colitti was the perfect person to play a New York City cab driver as the actor was born and raised in the big apple. Rik has creativity in his genes as he was born to a well known fashion designer from Italy. Rik was born in 1934 and began acting in the 1960s. He had some bit roles in the show Car 54, Where Are You? Form 1961 until 1963.

Rik Colitti as Danny the Cab Driver | Now

After his appearance in Crocodile Dundee, Colitti continued to act and he appeared in a TV movie called Almost Partners and on The George Carlin Show. More than his television appearances, Colitti was known for his commercial roles as he was cast in more than 100 of them. Colitti also appeared in a film called Dead Presidents in 1995 and he made his last acting appearance in 1997 on Law & Order. Unfortunately, Colitti passed away in 2010 just a few days before he would have celebrated his 76th birthday.

Ritchie Singer as Con | Then

Ritchie Singer played the role of the con man in the first Dundee movie, however, it was not the most memorable of the actor’s appearances, which could be the reason that he did not appear in the subsequent sequels. Prior to appearing in the film, Singer only had 3 other acting credits on his resume, which included Palace of Dreams and The Story Johnny O’Keefe. Singer is an Australian actor who graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Art located in New South Wales.

Ritchie Singer as Con | Now

After he appeared in Crocodile Dundee, Ritchie Singer did not make too many other appearances in films or on TV. He did, however, have recurring roles on shows including Crownies and Water Rats. His most well known role was as Richard Shapiro in the 2005 TV movie docudrama called Dynasty: Making of a Guilty Pleasure. His most recent role was in 2014 in the movie Charlie’s County. That film also featured another Dundee actor, David Gulpilil.

Linda Kozlowski as Sue Charlton | Then

Sue Charlton meets the crocodile dundee after travelling to Australia to interview him. She invites him back to New York City and the two eventually fall in love even though Charlton is dating another man. Fantasy mimicked real life as the actors who played Mick and Sue ended up together in real life years later. The role of Sue Charlton was Linda Kozlowski’s big break and she ended up starring in all of the Dundee films.

Linda Kozlowski as Sue Charlton | Now

Before Kozlowski was the star of the Crocodile Dundee trilogy, she was a Broadway actress who played the role of Miss Forsythe in Death of a Salesman and went on to play the same role in the 1985 film. Kozlowski did not have too many acting roles after her appearance as Sue Charlton and she only got bit parts now and then. Her personal life was as about as successful as her personal life as her marriage to Paul Hogan ended in 2014. The couple had a son together before they divorced.

Paul Hogan as Mick “Crocodile| Dundee | Then

There would have been no movie without Paul Hogan who played the starring role in all three films. Hogan was a great choice to portray Mick as he already had the Australian accent along with the good looks. Hogan played Mick who was known as a “knife-wielding bushman” that often fought with crocodiles. Mick goes to New York and experiences a big culture shock and falls in love with the journalist, Sue Charlton.

Paul Hogan as Mick “Crocodile| Dundee | Now

Paul Hogan ran into some personal troubles following his major film role. The actor had been married to Noelene Edwards twice from 1958 until 1990 with a one year break in the middle and the couple had five children together. However, Hogan left Noelene for his co-star Linda Kozlowski, but that marriage also ended in divorce. Hogan also had a legal battle over his alleged undeclared taxes in Australia. The actor reportedly did not declare almost $38 million in income.

David Gulpilil as Neville Bell | Then

Neville Bell was an Aboriginal Australian that was always dressed up in traditional garb clothing and face paint. Bell had some great lines that poked fun at some of the stereotypes that people have about Aboriginal people. For example, when Sue goes to take Neville’s photo, he says that she cannot. Sue asks if it’s because his tribe believes that photographs will take their soul away to which Neville replies, “No, you got lens-cap on it.”

David Gulpilil as Neville Bell | Now

Although David Gulpilil was hilarious on-screen, his real life was not so funny. Gulpilil is a member of the Yolngu people of Australia and in addition to appearing in Crocodile Dundee, he narrated the film, Ten Canoes and appeared in The Tracker. Gulpilil has had to face some legal battles as he allegedly pulled out a machete during an altercation with his friends. Gulpilil was also charged with aggravated assault after he allegedly threw a broom at his wife. He was found guilty and sentenced to a year in prison.