Where are they now – the women of American Pie


Alyson Hannigan – “Michelle”

One time, at band camp, Michelle was the underdog we all loved; a secretly wild camp nerd, she was the most unexpected match (and last resort) for Jim after the guys’ prom pact. With all her undying devotion to Tall Oaks Band Camp, where she notably, uh, played the flute, Michelle grows to be extremely self-secure and confident, and after a typical romantic comedy cat-and-mouse chase, dates and eventually marries and settles down with Jim.

Alyson Hannigan: Now

Alyson Hannigan was already quite famous due to her role as Willow Rosenberg on cult TV show Buffy. Hannigan went on to star in another definitive hit sitcom, How I Met Your Mother, where she played Lily. Hannigan is married to Alexis Denisof, whom she met on the cast of Buffy, and has two daughters, Satyana Marie and Keeva Jane, and with a net worth of about $18 million, she seems at ease enough taking on the role of real-life mom.

Mena Suvari – “Heather”

Mena Suvari, the epitome of temptation in American Beauty, played an innocent school girl in American Pie, whom Oz courted only to fulfill the guys’ pact — but ended up falling deeply in love with. Heather travels to France in the sequels, providing the film series with another serious interruption moment, and then wins Oz’s heart again. In the coming sequels, she eventually settles down with him, after a usual romantic comedy pursuit.

Mena Suvari: Now

Mena Suvari is a successful actress who starred in many Hollywood feature films. She also appeared on the World Poker Tour and is an avid poker player. Suvari is most known for her role in American Beauty, but appeared in shows like American Horror Story (we’re sensing a theme) and Chicago Fire. Suvari has been married and divorced twice. She currently models for cosmetics company Lancome. Mena Suvari is involved in several charities, namely End Violence Against Women which targets young adults and gives them tools to deal with abuse.

Jennifer Coolidge – “Stifler’s Mom”

The list ends with the most iconic, most quintessential, and most American Pie-ish character of all American Pie characters: Stifler’s mom. Not a single character represents the very essence of the show as Stifler’s mom does. Stifler’s mom has a name, actually, Jeanine, and is the epitome of all fantasies for the boys as she portrays an extremely attractive older woman. The mix of vulgar and sweet finds home in this immortal character, who also provides a delightful plot twist when she becomes a repeated love interest of Finch.

Jennifer Coolidge: Now

The proud owner of the unforgettable title, “Stifler’s mom”, which is now a synonym for an extremely attractive older woman, usually a mother, is actress Jennifer Coolidge. Coolidge is also well known from her part in Legally Blonde, and has guest starred in TV shows such as Friends, Inside Amy Schumer, The Closer, and others; but, as she herself attests, “I will always be, even on my deathbed, Stifler’s mom. And yeah, I’m okay with that.”

Molly Cheek – “Mrs. Levenstein”

Unforgettably the unfortunate witness of the key scene in American Pie (and the movie’s namesake), actress Molly Cheek played Mrs. Levenstein, Jim’s mom. While Jim’s father, Noah, embarrasses him with “advice” and speeches, Mrs. Levenstein remains very caring and tolerant of her son’s various hormonal teenage shenanigans, even when they include her famous Apple Pie being destroyed. She is mainly seen comforting Jim and advising his father to be “cool”, though she has a small role in one of the sequels and is then never seen again.

Molly Cheek – Now

Molly Cheek has been working in Hollywood since the 70s. She has starred in numerous films and TV shows, most notably The Gary Shandling Show and Harry and the Hendersons. She continues to be a regular presence with leading roles in popular shows such as Cold Case, Murder, She Wrote, Diagnosis Murder, St. Elsewhere, and Family Ties. Following American Pie she also appeared in the films A Lot Like Love and Drag Me to Hell. Hailing from Connecticut, she now resides in Los Angeles.

Dania Ramirez – “Selena”

Only appearing in the Reunion film of American Pie, Dania Ramirez plays a former friend of Michelle and her classmate and, most importantly, a former member of Tall Oaks Band Camp. Considering the intense importance of the camp to the film’s arc and to Jim and Michelle’s relationship, even one scene discussing the “good old band camp days” with Michelle while the group is on vacation is enough to enter her into the American Pie Hall of Fame.

Dania Ramirez: Now

Dominican-American Dania Ramirez is known mostly for her roles as Herrera in Heroes, Alex in Entourage, and Bianca, whom she portrayed during the last season of The Sopranos. She notably also portrayed Callisto in one of the X-Men film franchise, The Last Stand. Ramirez was born in Santo Domingo and caught her break starring in music videos for Jay Z, De La Soul, Santana, and others. She has two sons and a daughter.

Ali Cobrin – “Kara”

The very definition of the Girl Next Door, Ali Cobrin plays Kara in the Reunion film: Jim stares at her as she literally walks out of the neighboring house, and she reminds him that he used to babysit her. Her main role in the film is that of the cause of the fight between the group and Kara’s boyfriend, AJ, who mistreats her; she makes a move on Jim and he refuses, despite perhaps a slight temptation when she reminds him she had just turned 18. He later on gives her some fatherly advice on not moving too fast.

Ali Cobrin: Now

Ali Cobrin grew up in the world of dance and is a trained ballerina, even competing in the Junior Olympics. She later on attended Chicago Academy of the Arts where she decided to shift her major to theater, particularly musical theater. She has appeared in a few independent films, the most famous of which is Connected, but has sparsely appeared in Hollywood since. She is very active on social media and is a vocal advocate for causes such as human rights and environmental protection.

Eden Riegel – “Sarah the Sophomore Chick”

Only credited as “Sarah, the Sophomore Chick” in the original American Pie film, Eden Riegel, similarly to Katrina Bowden, had only a one-scene appearance in the feature. But her character, like so many other one-scene stars, is important, however, as she contributed so much to one of the many mythical scenes in the films (and undoubtedly one of the most vulgar ones). In this way, American Pie really is a full cast film.

Eden Riegel: Now

Eden Riegel is most known for portraying Bianca in the immortal soap opera All My Children. Her role in the show has brought on enormous critical acclaim and she presented a turning point in television when her character presented a new and unique plot line to the show. Though most known for her this role, which she held on and off between 2000 and 2013, she also does voiceover work and guest stars on various television shows.

Rebecca de Mornay – “Mrs. Finch”

Hollywood veteran Rebecca de Mornay plays Rachel Finch in the film, Finch’s mother, whose impactful scene in the movie series was that of another attractive older woman, almost a retort to the immortal character of Stifler’s mom. In a somewhat vindictive, somewhat sweet turn of event, she becomes a love interest for Stifler, who is still rageful over Finch’s advances with his mother, one of if not the most memorable characters in the film series and a quintessential example of the film’s raunchiness.

Rebecca de Mornay: Now

Rebecca de Mornay has been acting in Hollywood since the 80s, when her big breakthrough came when she played Lana in the film Risky Business. Since, she has been active in the industry, especially in the 80s and 90s, with parts in notable films such as Runaway Train and The Hand that Rocks the Cradle. American Pie seemed to have purposefully cast known and consistent older Hollywood actresses to play the role of the boys’ mothers.

Deborah Rush – “Mary Flaherty”

Deborah Rush, then, is no different — also a long standing Hollywood legend who portrays one of the characters’ mother. In American Pie, she portrays Michelle’s mother, Mary. She appears in American Wedding mainly as an instrument to Stifler’s childish slapstick jokes; since Deborah Rush is real Hollywood Elite, it well may be that her being cast in the film was simply a nod to her well-known status and a continuation of the Hollywood-veteran-as-a-parent tradition.

Deborah Rush – Now

Deborah Rush is a Hollywood and Broadway legend, who was nominated for a Tony award for the musical Noises Off and appeared on The Last Days of Judas Iscariot and Woody Allen’s The Purple Rose of Cairo. Not only well-known for her acting and singing skills, she is celebrity elite: her husband is the son of late famed newscaster Walter Cronkite.

January Jones – “Cadence”

Not included in the original movie but an unforgettable addition to the sequel, American Wedding, which revolved around Jim and Michelle’s wedding, January Jones portrayed Cadence Flaherty, Michelle’s sister. Stifler attempts to add her to his conquests list, and she does indeed fall for him, though they break up right after their wedding. Though Jones not being included in the original film is considered a fluke on the writers’ part — why did Cadence not also attend the high school – she gave an unforgettable performance.

January Jones: Now

January Jones is an immensely successful actress, who rose to fame following the film, most memorably for portraying Betty in Mad Men. Jones is repeatedly including in the “most beautiful people” lists — even, or especially, at 39 years old. January Jones was involved in some Hollywood drama when she gave birth to a child in 2011 without revealing the father’s identity. She currently stars in another critically acclaimed TV show, The Last Man on Earth.

Natasha Lyonne – “Jessica”

Natasha Lyonne appears in American Pie as Jessica, Vicky’s friend. As she is the only one experienced in the matter, Finch attempts to bribe her into spreading rumors regarding his mature escapades through the school in hopes it would help him find a date before prom. She also serves as a helping force is mending Kevin and Vicky’s relationship. In the sequel films, she has a much smaller role, but generally serves as the (perhaps only) voice of reason within the gang’s frantic attempts at fulfilling their pact.

Natasha Lyonne: Now

Natasha Lyonne is perhaps one of the most successful cast members of American Pie. Also a star of other teen films, most notably But I’m a Cheerleader, Lyonne has had a prolific film and television career in both comedy and drama — and a particularly interesting personal story: after damage to her heart, she had to undergo open heart surgery. She currently stars on the hit Netflix show Orange is the New Black as Nicky, a role for which she has earned numerous awards.

Beth Behrs – “Heidi”

In the movie American Pie: The Book of Love, Heidi is Rob’s love interest. However, Rob tries to tell Heidi time and again that he has feelings for her but they keep getting interrupted. Stifler pushes Rob to confess his feelings already by saying that if Rob doesn’t try to get with Heidi then he will. Heidi finally agrees to meet up with Rob later that night and says that she feels the same way about Rob.

Beth Behrs: now

Beth Behrs is a famous actress who is most well known for her role on the CBS sitcom called 2 Broke Girls. Her first role on the big screen was actually as Heidi on American Pie Presents: The Book of Love, which was the 7th America Pie movie. Beth also played smaller guest roles on shows like Castle and NCIS: Los Angeles. In 2013 Beth presented the Academy of Country Music Awards. Beth is engaged to Michael Gladis who she did a short film together with called The Argument.

Jennifer Holland – “Ashley”

Ashley is a cheerleader in the movie American Pie Presents: The Book of Love and is close friends with Alyson and Amy. Marshal Lube, one of the main characters, has a massive crush on Ashley, however, Ashley is with Rob. Despite this love triangle, Lube prevails. Lube decides to put his feelings on the table and tells Ashley how he feels about her. Ashely responds by crying and agreeing to date him. The two being an intimate relationship and Lube literally lives happily ever after.

Jennifer Holland: now

Jennifer Holland is the gorgeous actress behind the cheerleader Ashley in the American Pie movie. Jennifer is most famous for her roles on Sun Records, The Glades, American Horror Story, Bones, Cougar Town, and Rizzoli & Isles. She also played guest roles on television shows like CSI: Miami and Drake & Josh. From her pictures on Facebook, it seems that she is dating fellow actor James Gunn. In one of their pictures, he is seen kissing her at the Thor premiere.

Arielle Kebbel – “Elyse”

Elyse Houston was one of the main characters in American Pie: Band Camp. Elyse was in the marching band as the senior drum player. She starts out as a very uptight young woman but slowly loosens up over the course of the summer. Back in high school Matt (Steve Stiffler’s younger brother) was responsible for spraying all of the instruments of the band club with pepper spray and Elyse told on him to their principle. Now he is at band camp with Elyse as punishment and they surprisingly begin to date.

Arielle Kebbel: now

Arielle Kebbel is an actress and model who has starred on the best of the best television shows and movies. Some of her many movie and television credits include John Tucker Must Die, 90210, True Blood, Gilmore Girls, The Vampire Diaries, Ballers and so many more. Before Arielle made it to the big screen she worked as a full-time model and was featured in Men’s Health, Maxim, and FHM. Her most recent movie is the tantalizing Fifty Shades Freed.

Katrina Bowden – “Mia”

Katrina Bowden, who also appears first in the Reunion of American Pie, plays Oz’s self-absorbed supermodel girlfriend after his break up with Heather. Though she mainly serves as an instrument for Heather and Oz’s eventual reunion and renewed relationship, Bowden jumpstarted her career following the film. Her character, Mia, is also responsible for a common rumor among fans that John had a thing for Oz when she asks, “who wants to see my baby shake his booty?” and John replies, “I know I do!”

Katrina Bowden: Now

Katrina Bowden is most notably known for portraying Cerie in Tina Fey’s hit sitcom 30 Rock. Following the film, she cemented her television presence with her key role in the show, a stunningly beautiful but completely incompetent secretary to the writing team of 30 Rock. She also guest starred in Law & Order, New Girl, and One Life to Live, and is married to musician Ben Jorgensen from the band Armor for Sleep.

Lisa Arturo – “Amber”

Lisa Arturo played the role of Amber in American Pie 2. The role of Amber was a comparatively minor role, but a funny one none the less. She is seen to be best friends with a girl named Danielle, and the guys believe that Amber and Daniel are in love with one another, and that they prefer women to men. As it turns out, the girls are into both men as well as women, and the two have a surprise for Stiffler at the end of the film.


Lisa Arturo – Now

Lisa Arturo continued to perform after her role in American Pie 2. She took on roles in shows such as Charmed, Las Vegas, Joey, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, 90210, and most recently on Bones. She has not really been acting in much since 2016, seeming to be taking a break. She is a big animal rights advocate, volunteering the majority of her time to rescuing dogs from the gritty streets of Los Angeles, California.

Denise Faye – “Danielle”

Denise Faye played the role of Danielle in American Pie 2, and would later go on to reprise the role again in American Reunion at the end credits. There is a lot of speculation by the guys as to whether or not Danielle is in love with Amber. It turns out that the two girls are in fact in love with each other, and this leads the guys to go crazy. Stiffler is seen at the end of the movie crying tears of joy after sleeping with Danielle and Amber at the same time.

Denise Faye – Now

Denise Faye is an award winning dance choreographer when she is not acting in raunchy teen comedies. In fact, she was nominated for the Fred and Adele Astaire Award due to her choreography for Cher’s Dressed to Kill tour. She was also the one who was behind Jennifer Aniston’s choreography in the hit comedy We’re the Millers, and performed in the movie Chicago. Faye also choreographs Broadway musicals, including Guys and Dolls as well as the Broadway musical Chicago.

Nikki Ziering – “Officer Krystal”

In the movie American Wedding, Nikki Ziering plays a woman who makes a living as an exotic dancer. The character that she plays as an exotic dancer is usually that of a very attractive police officer who needs to “punish” the people she dances for. The dancers, brought over by Stiffler, are discovered by the guys’ parents, and “Officer Krystal” has to pretend to be a real live police officer. An actress having to act like a different actress is quite difficult acting indeed!

Nikki Ziering – Now

Nikki Ziering continued to act in a few more movies, including National Lampoon’s Spring Break, and National Lampoon’s Gold Diggers. A model by trade, she was a microphone hand-off girl (called a “Barker’s Beauty”) on The Price is Right, and she has appeared on numerous celebrity reality television shows. Ziering was formerly married to actor Ian Ziering, and has been in a (very) long term relationship Rick Reynolds, with whom she has a daughter named Tatum.

Alexis Thorpe – “Jennifer”

Alexis Thorpe already had a pretty solid resume by the time she got the minor role of Jennifer in the movie American Wedding in 2003. In fact, she actually started out her movie career in the The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle before going on to play the role of Rianna Miller for several episodes of The Young and the Restless. Thorpe was even able to score herself a role (as herself) on the hit 1990s television comedy Friends.

Alexis Thorpe – Now

Alexis Thorpe continued acting, and is today perhaps most well known for her work playing Cassie Brady on the hit daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives. The show, which debuted in 1965, has over 10,000 episodes, in which Thorpe performed in 228 of. After she was done on Days of Our Lives, Thorpe went on to act in Nip/Tuck, The Man From Earth, and even had a role on House, M.D.

Joelle Carter – “Natalie”

Natalie plays a momentary love interest for Jim, in the second American Pie movie. He is about to be with Natalie for his first time ever in his dorm room in college, when all of a sudden, his father walks in on him and Natalie. Instead of leaving, Jim’s father sits down on the bed and starts speaking with the couple. Jim’s mother walks in and freaks out, followed by both of Natalie’s parents. It is quite a way to begin a movie.

Joelle Carter – Now

Joelle Carter has continued to act in various shows and movies, taking on roles in shows such as Justice, CSI: Miami, Cold Case, Body of Proof, Grey’s Anatomy, and Chicago Justice. She has also continued to appear in movies, playing roles in films such as When Will I Be Loved, Room 314, It’s Not You, It’s Me, and The Living. Joelle married Andy Bates with whom she started a production studio in New York City. They also have a daughter named Luna

JoAnna Garcia – “Christy”

Really only appearing in one scene, but a pivotal one, in the first sequel film, JoAnna Garcia plays an East Great Falls student who is present at one of Stifler’s party. Intoxicated, she meets Stifler in the back garden after he makes advances at him, and as the situation becomes raunchy, a classic American Pie bodily fluid interruption occurs, paving the way for even more classic American Pie racy slapstick humor.

JoAnna Garcia: Now

Pretty much unknown when she appeared on American Pie 2 (though an actress since long before), JoAnna Garcia now actually has a fairly steady Hollywood presence. She’s a frequent guest on TV show Once Upon a Time as mermaid Ariel, and played the lead in a show called The Astronauts Wives Club. Garcia dated to a childhood friend of Justin Timberlake’s, but is now married to baseball player Nick Swisher. She is involved in an organization that helps teach English as a second language around the world.

Tara Reid – “Vicky”

Tara Reid played Vicky, Kevin’s girlfriend, who later on accused him of only being with her for sex. Kevin spends a large portion of the film trying to mend their relationship. More notably, she contributed to one of the original film’s many memorable scenes, where she is late for dinner but reassures her father urgently that she is, indeed, coming. Vicky later on breaks up with Kevin, and they eventually part ways amicably; Tara Reid reserved the Hot Girl status from the film for years to come.

Tara Reid: Now

Before her appearance on American Pie, emphasis on appearance, Tara Reid was on The Big Lebowski, so she was semi-known, or at the very least recognizable, when she appeared in American Pie. Reid, now 42, was a child actress. Her career didn’t exactly soar following the American Pie films, and she was a lead in what was crowned the Worst Movie of All Times, Sharknado. Reid has other business ventures: shares in restaurants, and a clothing line with Ed Hardy. She continues to appear scantily clad most of the time.

Shannon Elizabeth – “Nadia”

Shannon Elizabeth portrays Nadia, a gorgeous and unattainable exchange student from the Czech Republic with, seemingly, a special fetish for geeks. In another one of American Pie’s numerous quotable scenes, she attempts to seduce Jim after he catches her flipping through an adult magazine and stripping for him. Despite her undeniable looks, out of anxiety, Jim is unable to be with her and she becomes another non-hit, much to Jim’s dismay.

Shannon Elizabeth – Now

Not unlike her character in American Pie, Elizabeth’s appeal in Hollywood currently seems to revolve around her looks, as she stars in many modeling campaigns. She actually managed to appear in numerous films and TV shows, in small roles albeit: Love, Actually, The Outsider, Just Shoot Me!, A Green Story, and other. Her most notable and touching work is a charity she founded with her former husband, dedicated to find homes to abandoned pets, called Animal Avengers. Elizabeth has not been active in Hollywood in the past few years.