One Man’s Makeover Surprises Wife

Audiences will always be drawn to stories of transformation. Whether it be in fictional teen movies like She’s All That or the Princess Diaries, or watching people’s real lives on reality television, it’s something that unexplainably draws you in.

There’s a reason that reality makeover shows have been so successful. From home makeover like the Property Brothers, to individuals in What Not to Wear or “Queer Eye”, there’s nothing quite like seeing something considered a bit unfashionable and then watching it transform into something beautiful.

Some are all about the extremes. You love to see the new house built from the ground up, or the people who shed 200 pounds and change everything about their lives. They are the kind of transformations you’ll think of wistfully and wonder about everything that went into making them happen.

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But not every enjoyable makeover has to be about the extremes. For some, it’s as simple as giving them a new haircut and a different set of clothes. The little details that most of us employ on a regular basis can be wildly transformative on a person who hasn’t attempted those things in years. And audiences will come clamoring back for more and more of those types of people.

Long before we had the lovable makeover experts of Queer Eye, we had the one and only Oprah Winfrey. Oprah’s show was everything. It would make you laugh, it would make you cry, and sometimes it would shock you. Over the course of her long running show, Oprah employed the best of the best in the world of style and fashion to help people make their makeover dreams come true. During an episode, chosen participants would have their stories shared, and usually their families would explain why they wanted their loved one to get the makeover. After getting a good look at them, the participants would then be taken away backstage and the magic would begin. In just a short time the style team would use all the tools they had to transform someone into the beautiful person they could be. The actions were never drastic, but the outcomes usually left audiences with their jaws on the floor.


That’s exactly what happened in one particular episode back in 2003, when two bearded men stepped on the stage ready to be transformed. At first, you could barely tell what these men actually looked like underneath all the hair that weighed them down. Oprah’s team surely had their work cut out from them, but boy did they deliver some amazing results. And when one of the men walked through those curtains at the end people couldn’t believe what they were seeing. It was a reveal for the ages!

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