Photos you would only ever see in Thailand

Many people go and visit Thailand each and every year. The tourism trade in Thailand is enormous, and they welcome approximately 30 million travelers to their country per year. With travel numbers so high, in relation to their relatively small population, there must be something great about visiting the Asian country. Of course there is! The landscape is one of a kind, there are loads of amazing islands that you can hop between, and the jungle, markets, and temples are all must-sees for anybody who goes there. The sprawling cities are as much as wonder as the tiny little villages, and there is an abundance of exotic wildlife throughout the country.


Lots of people like to go to Thailand on a spiritual journey where they can try and find inner peace through the national religion of Buddhism. There are many ancient temples all around the country that let many people traveling see what life was like several hundred years ago. There is one thing that truly makes Thailand what it is though, and that is the people. Without them, all of the incredible customs and culture would be lost forever. Thanks to those people these incredible pictures were able to be taken, exhibiting some of the most typical Thai experiences many travelers have gone through while visiting.

Sleeping on bikes

If you ever go to Thailand, you will quickly come to realize that motorcycles are everywhere. Practically everybody is driving one, and it can seem as though some people live on their motorcycles as they spend so much time on them. Not willing to leave his bike on its own, this tired man thought he would grab a quick snooze while somehow balancing on his bike. Little do we know that just minutes later this man fell off his motorcycle, losing all of the style points that he had won for so casually sleeping on his bike. At least he chose to sleep on this motorcycle while it was stationary!

Fried young Kate

We really hope that young Kate is alright, we can’t imagine being stir-fried is a pleasant experience. Hopefully, nobody ordered the fried young Kate, meaning she gets to live for another day. If we were forced to order the fried young Kate, we reckon we’d go for the dish that comes with chicken. Chicken goes with pretty much anything, so the same is probably true for stir-fried Kate. Fingers crossed this is just a case of a mistranslation and not the menu for the cannibal cafe in Bangkok. We are curious to know what they mean by the term young Kate though; hopefully, no children were harmed in the making of this dish.

Tire trash

There has never really seemed to be an obvious way to recycle used tires. In The Simpsons, they just throw all their used tires onto a great big bonfire, but Thailand has found a better solution than simply burning them. They have found a way to recycle used tires into trash cans, and they can be found on the sides of the roads. Not only have they made the main can from tires, but even the legs, stand and handles are recycled from old tires.

Splashing cops

The cops in Thailand appear to have a pretty good sense of humor. Once a year a water throwing festival takes place in the city of Phuket. While many people throw water at each other, a few brave souls turn their attention to the police officers on duty. The cops are happy to play along and replace their regular weapons with water pistols, helping everybody in the city to cool down thanks to a refreshing splash of water.

Sleeping dogs

There are wild dogs all over the place in Thailand, and much like most other dogs, they like to sleep as much as possible. If you are driving around, particularly at night, you are likely to come across a dog just lying in the middle of the road. While you might fear the worst and expect to see a dead dog, as you approach the sleeping pooch, it will likely just raise its head to look at you before going back to sleep, forcing you to drive around it.

So it’s okay to swim?

Learning languages can be tricky, and it seems as though the person in charge of putting the English on this sign has not quite got their message across. We think it probably is quite dangerous to swim in this water, but if you take the sign for what it is, then you might just go ahead and jump right in. Hopefully, anybody who does swim in this water is pretty careful and don’t get into any trouble.

That’s good to know

The worrying thing about this sign is that people might actually have gone into this restaurant and asked for those things. Sure there might be rumors that they serve those meats, but that’s not something they would want to advertise. Now they are having to convince their customers that they don’t serve those animals. Or maybe people have been bringing in their pet dogs, cats or worms and expecting them to get fed too.

Umbrella cycle

If there is one thing you have to accept when riding a motorcycle, it is that you are going to get wet when it rains. Many people wear biking leathers to prevent this, but this pair of motorcyclists have found an ingenious way to keep themselves dry. What do you do when it’s raining? Put up an umbrella of course! There does appear to be just one little problem with their plan. The driver is struggling to see and is having to ride one handed, this can only end in disaster.

No standing on the toilet

Just in case you were getting any funny ideas about standing on the toilet, this sign will not take any of your nonsense. Many of the toilets in Asia are squatting toilets, which mean they are closer to the ground, or sometimes even just a hole in the ground. It seems as though some travelers have gotten confused about what to do when facing a Thai toilet and have stood in the toilet itself. Thankfully that is no longer a worry in this restroom as everyone has now been warned.

Jellyfish washing

So jellyfish are known for carrying a sting from their tentacles. Instead of getting out of the water when the jellyfish are around, these people are deliberately swimming with them. It is their job to clean the jellyfish for sale to the markets. They essentially take a bunch of colanders and go fishing for them in this big tank. Hopefully, they don’t get stung too much while working, as the only cure for a jellyfish sting is to urinate on it. Unless that’s the liquid they are sitting in already.

Put the foam guitar away

It seems that the people in charge of maintaining this waterfall have another job, as the fun police. Not drinking near a waterfall just seems like good advice, but not bringing foams guitars? That was totally what we were planning on. Maybe the bottom of the waterfall is completely littered with foam guitars and the people in charge have just had enough at this point. There must have been one too many foam guitar parties at the top of this waterfall, next inflatable microphones will be banned.

Family bikes

Motorcycles aren’t known for their practicality. If you have a large family you’re better suited to driving around in an SUV if you want to go on a trip together. Not in Thailand though, these young children have just piled on to the bike as they didn’t want to be left behind while the others went somewhere fun. We wonder how legal this is, most likely it is not legal at all, but the kids sure look like they are having fun though.

Poor father-in-law

Hopefully they asked first. Sausages are pretty great, they are basically handheld meat that is made even more delicious when put in something like a hot dog bun. Sausages are probably less delicious if they have been hanging around inside somebody’s father-in-law. Still, it could be worse, the sausage could be made out of father-in-law. This menu error just goes to show that you should always get your translations proofread by someone who speaks the language.

Spa with a difference

These fish baths became popular around a decade or so ago, and many of us have seen them around once or twice, but in Thailand there are a few around that are a little different. This spa has converted a famous Thai mode of transport, the tuk-tuk, into something else entirely. At least the tuk-tuk is unable to move now, as we can’t imagine being paraded around a city while tiny little fish nibble at our feet.

Not so happy families

There’s something sinister about the menu translations from Thailand. Either some restaurateurs struggle to grasp the language they are translating to, or they really are cooking people. Maybe it is where the Hansel and Gretel story originated from. Perhaps this family were wandering through the woods when they came across a witch’s house. She managed to convince them to stay, fattened them up and then served them in her casserole. At least they are happy about the whole situation.

We’ll take the fine

Sometimes it really isn’t worth trying to sneak into a ticket-only event, the risks are just too high. Sure it might look like they are having a great time inside, but if you fail to produce your ticket here, the consequences could be dire. If you can’t stump up the money to pay the fine then they reserve the right to eat you, and you can’t even argue against it, they did warn you, it’s right there on the sign!

Drinks bags

Most places offer you a cup to drink your chilled beverage from, but in Thailand some places will provide you with a vinyl bag instead. While on the face of it drinking from a bag seems like a good idea, we can think of one problem. Where are you meant to put your drink when you are tired of holding it? This is where you will have to turn to a friend and ask them to carry your bags for you.

Phew, we were going to go the other way

We hope there is a restroom where that sign is directing people to go. It is unusual for a restroom sign to be so upfront about what it expects from the people visiting it, but this sign is getting straight to the point. It even has the courtesy of being super polite about it afterward. It grabs your attention with the toilet function and then, out of politeness remembers its good manners to make sure you aren’t offended.

Bamboo scaffolding

Much of the scaffolding in the western world is metal, but in Thailand they use a material that is much easier to find. Bamboo scaffold has been used for centuries and is often used for construction in Thailand. The great thing about using bamboo scaffolding is that there are no screws required, but are tied together using string. That means the workers who use it are putting their lives in the hands of the people who tie the knots.

Be blind

Sometimes as we drive around, we are left wondering whether some of our fellow road users can actually see where they are going. Maybe they are weaving all over the road or just keep passing through red lights and stop signs, well perhaps they have seen this sign and are practicing being blind. This warning for drivers to look out for blind people has been hilariously mistranslated. Hopefully, people are not seeing this sign and deliberately making themselves blind, that would be a terrible idea.

Full Moon party

If you’ve been to Thailand, you’ve probably heard of Full Moon parties, which take place before and after every full moon. The first Full Moon party was actually 30 years ago, on the island of Ko Pha-ngan. During these parties it’s accustomed to use glow in the dark body paint and party until the break of dawn. Since then, parties like this have spread all over the world, but they definitely know how to do it best in Thailand – and we think this picture proves it.

Cooking with goggles

Thai food is known to be one of the most delicious kinds of food in the world. And they certainly take it to the extreme when they make it. The woman in this picture is actually a Michelin star chef, and when she’s cooking up some of her Michelin worthy dishes in her restaurant, she does it with woks on open flames. She has to wear protective goggles whenever she cooks just to protect those eyes from the flames.


This place is sending us mixed signals. On the one hand, there’s a sign that says “closed.” That would be fine, if it weren’t for the more permanent looking sign that says “we never close.” They shouldn’t be surprised if customers don’t get the message and try to barge into their store anyway! The least they could have done is place the “closed” sign strategically on top of the other sign – that way no one would know about their faux pas.

No thank you

Really, we’re not interested. We’re not sure whether this sign is a lost in translation kind of situation, or there’s something really, really gross inside these pastries We know they eat all kinds of strange foods in Thailand, and we’re adventurous enough to try new things every once in a while. But rats is pretty much where we draw the line when it comes to unusual things to eat – and we don’t care if it’s Thai rats or American ones.

Dancing models

In the U.S., models are often brought into shows and expos, in order to draw in the crowds and make them curious about the product. But in Thailand, these models don’t settle for just standing there and looking beautiful. These models were actually photographed dancing away (quite enthusiastically, too) to attract attention to the product they were advertising. And to be honest, we think it’s pretty genius, because they showed some serious dancing skill and people couldn’t get enough.

He’s got the power

In such a big country, it’s pretty reasonable that you would have so many power lines, to provide electricity to all the homes and businesses. All these power lines are bound to create a mess, so working as an electrician in Thailand is probably a nightmare! But we’re not sure this guy’s way of work is very safe. It seems that he’s actually standing barefoot on these power lines, which are also high up in the air, with nothing to protect him from falling… or being electrocuted.


Have you ever been to a restaurant or a café, and it was so incredibly crowded and noisy, you just felt like telling everyone to shut up? Well, this place have got you covered! They let you know in advance that you should sit down and shut up. No talking here, no yelling at your kids here, and no laughing at your own dad jokes here. Just sit down and drink your coffee… quietly, please.

That clears it up

It’s very important to have traffic signs and directions when you drive through a road. How else would you know where you need to stop, where you can’t enter, or where you can make a U-turn? These traffic signs found in Thailand and especially helpful, if you’re trying to figure out where to go. Just don’t go write, don’t turn to the left, and basically don’t go anywhere else. Just get out and leave your vehicle there.

Songkran festival

The Songkran is a national holiday in Thailand, marking the Thai new year. And apparently, it’s accustomed to have water battles in the middle of the street, in honor of this special day. So if you happen to be in Thailand during this holiday, you might just come across people with water blasters shooting water at each other playfully. Sounds like a lot of fun, and definitely a great way to cool off during a hot Thailand day.

Don’t sleep

Every time we go to the gym, we’re overcome with this overwhelming desire to just fall asleep. We thought it was just us, but apparently in Thailand it’s a common sentiment. This gym owner, for example, decided to put up a sign that asks people not to sleep on the equipment. Seems like a legitimate thing to ask of people. You’re at the gym, after all, not at home on your couch watching Netflix and chilling.

Just a snake

There are many animals on the streets of Thailand. Monkeys, elephants, dogs, and even snakes. And while we wouldn’t mind our kids making friends with a monkey, for example, we’re not sure how we’d feel about letting our child touch snakes on the street. These parents, however, don’t seem very concerned with the idea. They’re just standing there and snapping pictures of their adorable kids touching a dangerous animal. We don’t see this happening anytime soon in the U.S., that’s for sure.

Elephant massage

One of the best things a person can do when going on a vacation is get a massage. What’s more relaxing than having your worries fade away in a relaxing spa? But in Thailand, you can get a massage that’s a little more extreme than your regular one. Being massaged by an elephant seems kind of scary. It weighs a few tons and could probably crush you under its weight. But this girl is having a blast having her back massaged by an elephant, so who are we to say?


Another thing you can do in Thailand as a tourist, is try your hand at Muay Thai, or Thai boxing. You can even enter a real ring and combat against your friends. Thai boxing is pretty common in Thailand, and not just among men. In the picture below, you can see this incredibly skilled woman pretty much dominating this battle against a robust looking man. We wouldn’t want to go against her, that’s for sure!

Washing dishes

If you’ve ever complained about washing your dishes at home, or having to load the dishwasher, consider these women in Thailand who wash dishes in water bowls outside in the heat. On another note, this makes us question whether we would ever eat at a restaurant in Thailand, having seen how the dishes are washed. That doesn’t seem like a very sanitary way to do it, but perhaps that’s just us. These ladies definitely don’t seem concerned about that.

One day in Thailand

The sun in Thailand can be pretty fierce sometimes, somethings many travelers become aware of when they get there. This British couple didn’t realize that the sun in Thailand has a much stronger effect than those sunny days in the UK. They probably should have packed on the sunscreen before going to the beach, but they didn’t. And this was the very painful result after just one day in Thailand. This serves as a valuable lesson to wear sunscreen, unless you want to end up looking like a ripe tomato.

We weren’t going to

Judging by the pictures, Thai people are sometimes up to the strangest things. We can’t think of anyone we know that would wash their feet in the toilet, so this seems like a weird request. But then again – we’re not Thai. The bigger question that we have regarding this sign is not why the owners of this place care whether people wash their feet in the toilet or not. That’s probably the worst thing you can do with a toilet.

When you don’t have a truck

The people of Thailand are very resourceful, there’s no question about that. Take this person, for example, who didn’t have a truck at hand. They came up with the most original solution – just load everything on the back of a regular van. So what if it can barely hold the weight of the cargo? As long as you get from point A to point B with everything intact, it’s all good when you’re in Thailand.


Where else in the world but Thailand could you find this going on? This monk is showcasing just how powerful meditation can be, by doing it while sitting inside a giant pot. A giant pot with burning fire underneath. He doesn’t seem to mind the water is boiling at all, which is really quite impressive if you ask us. We think this man is amazing, and we think the people standing around him and taking pictures of the show would agree.

A refreshment

Monkeys are everywhere in Thailand – the streets, the jungles, and the beaches. And when the temperatures get as high as they do in Thailand, they have to do something to cool down as well, right? Take this monkey, for example, who is just chilling on the beach and drinking a refreshing beverage on a hot day. This monkey sure gets it – there’s nothing like a nice, cold soda to help you fight off the heat.

Okay, fine

This sign was placed inside a zoo, warning visitors not to succumb to their urges and eat the delicious looking animals. But seriously, we’re pretty sure no one was intending on eating the animals anyway – and we sure hope that we’re right about this one. It actually makes us wonder whether there was ever a case of a visitor eating an animal, that prompted this sign to be put up. And again, we’re really hoping for the contrary.