Police dog performs CPR to save the life of his partner

Animals are just about everywhere we look. From the birds up in the sky to the bugs down below, there is nowhere these great creatures don’t rule. Sometimes, we even let some of these special animals into our homes. Yes, we’re talking about the dogs and cats of the world. Although there has been a long-running debate about which could come out on top as the best pet, could there be a reason that dogs are known as man’s best friend? These intelligent creatures are known for their loving and caring ways, as well as how quickly they slot into a family. They’re almost too good to be true.


Maybe it’s no wonder that more than eight million American homes have a four-legged friend by their side? However, not all dogs make it into a family. Some special individuals are chosen to help us out. Whether they are service dogs or work in the military, these pooches put all their skills to good use as they help keep us safe. So what happens when we need their help once again? We’re not talking about a threat or something dangerous. No, we mean a medical emergency. No one ever believed this little dog would be so brave as to perform CPR to save the life of his trainer, but he was about to prove them all wrong.

Pooches on patrol

When it comes to enforcing the law, it’s not just the brave men and women in the world that keep us safe – they are also joined by some law enforcing four-legged friends. Yes, police dogs are a significant part of countries everywhere. From Australia to Sweden and everywhere in between, many of these countries rely on their specially trained pooches to ensure they keep the nation safe. One city that uses these incredible beasts is Madrid in Spain. These police officers are always asking their dogs to help them out, but now it looked as though one was going to turn their paw to a whole new task instead. Would he be able to get there in time?

The best for the job

Police dogs can be used for a whole number of jobs, as well as helping to sniff out any narcotics or explosives that might be lying around, they can also help find evidence at many crime scenes, search for missing people, hunt down subjects on the run, and even attack anyone they are instructed to by their trainer. Is there anything these dogs can’t do? The most popular police dog in the world is the German shepherd thanks to their easily trainable personalities, but they are closely followed by Rottweilers and Belgian Tervuren. They all come with their own strengths, and sometimes forces will use a range of breeds as part of their force.

Building the community

The police force in Madrid isn’t just there to help keep the streets safe; they also want to build relationships within the city to ensure everyone works together to abide by the law. One way they have gone about getting involved with the community is through their Instagram account. Here, they post photos of everything from their time patrolling the streets to missions they are working on, and safety campaigns to community events. Now, everyone can see what the officers are getting up to behind closed doors.

Grand events

Another way the police in Madrid help to make their presence known is to put on local events within the community. Plus, they might even be able to inspire the future generation of police officers. These could be anything from giving people a chance to see their rigorous training regimes to showing off their latest tech. It’s not just the men and women that host the events either. No, they are joined by their hooved and four-legged friends as they showcase the entire team.

Keeping things safe

Although Madrid is the capital of Spain and the third largest city in all of Europe, it has a relatively low crime rate. In fact, Spain comes in at number 17 on the list of 162 of the safest counties in the world. That’s quite the accomplishment! Unfortunately, the large number of tourists that flock to the city every year mean Madrid does suffer from a large number of pickpockets. This is where the dogs come into their own. Only, it seems as though they have a police pooch with a difference.

Showing off all their skills

As well as showcasing their latest plans at the event, the Madrid police force was also hoping to raise the awareness of people suffering a medical emergency. Many police officers are first aid trained. After all, they are there to keep people safe. What if someone needed their help while they were out on the streets? Over 700,000 Americans have a heart attack a year, and sometimes it’s the quick thinking of the people around them that saves their life.

Drop like a stone

As the dog trainer continues to highlight the importance of being prepared for any medical emergency, he suddenly falls to the ground. The audience has no idea what could be happening. Should they be worried about the fallen officer? They are surrounded by police. Surely someone must know what to do? Everyone waits in their seats to see what could be going on, but it’s then they see that help is on the way. Only, not in the form that anyone ever expected.

Help is on the way

From the corner of the stage comes running in a dog, but this isn’t just any canine. No, this is the man’s trained police dog, Poncho. He wastes no time in running straight to his handler to see what has happened to his fallen friend. It’s only then that the audience realizes it’s the trainers chance to show off his dog’s new talents. Poncho is prepared for any situation, and even comes running in wearing a tiny siren to tell everyone to stay out the way. Only, no one is ready for what he does next.

Springing into action

Poncho sniffs his trainer all over and stands back as he figures out what he needs to do next. The audience can almost hear the cogs of his mind ticking around as he assesses the situation. All of a sudden, Poncho springs into action. He needs to do something to help, but what could he possibly be doing? The dog begins to jump up into the air only to crash down on his handler’s chest. It’s then that he does something incredible.

Staring danger in the face

Dogs have been known to do some incredible things over the years. From saving children to rescuing lost people, these pooches abilities know no bounds. However, it was one dog, in particular, that was about to do anything to save their owner, no matter how much danger they were about to be in themselves. Kelsey is a golden labrador retriever. The dogs are known for being incredible family pets, but no one expected her to go this far to save her family.

A cold winter’s night

Bob lives in Michigan and was settling down to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2016 when his life was about to change forever. The temperature had dropped down to -4 Celsius (25 Fahrenheit), and Bob needed some more logs for his fire. However, it was warm in the house; Bob was only wearing a shirt and long johns with a pair of slippers. He expected to head outside for a few moments, but that is when Bob slipped and fell. He was stranded.

No one to hear

Sadly, no matter how hard he tried, Bob was stuck. He began to shout for help, but it looked as though he was calling to no one. Bob lives off the beaten track, and his closest neighbor is about a quarter of a mile from his house. There was no way his shouting would reach that far! Plus, it was 10.30 pm on New Year’s Eve. The chances were everyone was out or watching loud fireworks. Bob had to keep calling. That’s when he heard a noise behind him – Kelsey had come to see what was going on.

Quick-thinking pooch

Kelsey had no idea how to help but knew there was something she could do. The dog curled up around her owner to make sure he was kept warm until help finally arrived. As if that wasn’t enough, Kelsey began to lick bob’s face to make sure he stayed awake. The dog barked and barked all night until someone finally heard at 6.30 pm the following evening. Nearly 24 hours later, help finally arrived. Bob was taken straight to hospital where they discovered the extent of his injuries.

One person to thank

The hospital discovered that Bob had broken his neck during the fall. The way he had landed meant he had been unable to move all throughout the night, and now he needed emergency surgery before he was paralyzed for life. The doctors were amazed that Bob didn’t have frostbite, but they knew who to thank. It was Kelsey’s quick thinking that saved her owner’s life. Bob knew this too and will be forever grateful to his four-legged best friend.

Checking the vital signs

Just like Kelsey, Poncho knew he had to spring into action if he wanted to save the life of his trainer. However, after jumping into the air, the dog stopped and lay down onto his handler’s neck. Now everyone was even more confused than they had been before. Poncho was still wagging his tail, but what was he doing? Then it clocked. Poncho wasn’t keeping his owner warm – he was checking to see if he could find a pulse!

Running through the motions

Poncho does all his checks and quickly begins to jump up and down again. He has to keep going with his CPR if he wants to save the life of his trainer. After a few attempts of getting his heart to restart, Poncho lays his head down on his handler’s chest. It seems as though the dog was now trying to see if his trainer was breathing by feeling the rises and falls of his chest. Poncho just keeps going and going with his routine.

Driving the point home

Thankfully, it’s not long before Poncho’s trainer sits up to reveal to his four-legged friend that he is healthy and safe, all thanks to his dog’s quick thinking response. Although it was just a training routine, the trainer wanted to show the world how his hard work and dedication meant he was able to teach his dog how to perform CPR. Who knows when you could find yourself in the same situation and only have your pet to rely on for help?

Taking to Twitter

Of course, it wasn’t long before the Madrid police force posted a video of their latest adventure to social media. Their post on Twitter explained how Poncho hadn’t hesitated for a moment when he saw his trainer was in need. In fact, he would have kept going and going until he was satisfied that he had saved the life of his handler. Just what did we do to deserve a creature so beautiful as little Poncho?

An online storm

It wasn’t long before people from all around the world began to fall for Poncho. In fact, the video has not been seen more than 2.8 million times on Twitter alone, as well as getting over 15,500 retweets and 30,500 likes. Although many people questioned whether Poncho’s CPR was effective, many couldn’t help but fall for the new medical hero. Some commenters even used the chance to tell stories of their own about the unusual medical help they have received over the years.

His next role

Unfortunately, it’s not clear whether Poncho will serve any purpose in the Madrid police force. After all, it seems as though his CPR skills are more to show how the trainer has been able to teach Poncho the new trick rather than putting his medical skills to the test. However, that hasn’t stopped the dog from causing an online storm thanks to his brave actions. The internet isn’t always a place filled with doom and gloom; sometimes it’s filled with slobbery kisses and wagging tails instead.