Popular female news anchors in real life

When television broadcast news first came onto the scene, it was typical for the anchors to be men. Some of the first and most notable anchors include Douglas Edwards and Walter Cronkite. Cronkite reported on news events from the late 1930s until 1981 and he was often referred to as “the most trusted man in America.” Cronkite covered some of the most notable events in his time such as the Nuremberg Trials, The Vietnam War and Watergate.

Cronkite hosted the CBS Evening News for 19 years as CBS had a retirement policy for its employees to retire at 65. While most of the anchors in the field were men in the early days of television, many prominent female anchors did appear on the scene soon after. As the medium of television grew in popularity, women became interested in pursuing careers in the field. Nowadays, a large number of women have made their way onto news programs and we are here to give you a glimpse into their real lives.


Although there are a lot of female journalists on television today, it was not always that way. Barbara Walters was one female anchor who blazed the trail for future female news broadcasters to gain respect and recognition. Walters became well-known in the 1960s when she began hosting The Today Show with Hugh Downs. She was the first woman to hold the title as host on an American news show and her career continued to grow from there. She famously went on to create and co-host The View in addition to hosting a number of special reports and conducting heavily watched interviews. At a time when there were few females in the newsroom, Walters worked her way up through the ranks and paved the way for future female anchors.

Since the success of Walters’ career, many other female news anchors have emerged on the scene. Women such as Diane Sawyer and Katie Couric have made their impact in television broadcast journalism. News organizations nowadays are hiring women to prominent positions on television. Sports caster Erin Andrews is another example, appearing on Fox NFL and from there becomong the co-host of Dancing with the Stars.

There are now so many news outlets and programs that we cannot keep track of all of the anchors on television. More and more women are becoming interested in the field of broadcast journalism, which means there are more female anchors on TV. But have no fear! We have compiled a list of some of the most outstanding and professional female anchors on television. While you may not recognize their names, you will most likely recognize their faces from seeing them on television.

Jen Brown – on air

Jenn Brown is a trailblazer for womens’ sports newscasting everwhere. Jen is a sports television host and has been broadcasting the most important college football and baseball games for ESPN for the past eight years. Jenn has received an Emmy Award for Outstanding Studio Show in 2008. She has hosted many television shows including The Collegiate Nationals for networks like CBS, CMT, ESPN, E!, and HDNet. Jenn has also co-hosted the show RoadTrip for ESPNU, which covered the major basketball and football games.

Jen Brown – off air

Jenn is not only a reporter and a studio host but she is also a model for Under Armour’s athletic apparel for quite a few ad campaigns. Jenn also dabbled in acting, she was featured in the television series Kingdom as well as the movie Two Tickets to Paradise. Jenn is currently married to Wes Chatham who is an actor famous for his roles in movies like The Hunger Games and The Help. They have been married since 2012 and have two children together in Los Angeles.

Jenny Dell – on air

Jenny Dell is a UMass Amherst graduate with a degree in Tourism Management and Hospitality. She started her career with New England Sports Network (NESN) covering the Boston Red Sox major league baseball team who have won a whopping eight World Series championships. Once Jenny started dating a player on the team she was reporting for, she decided to switch positions. Jenny worked for ESPN in the features unit for two years before started her current position of reporting for CBS on all things NFL.

Jenny Dell – off air

Jenny Dell met Will Middlebrooks while she was reporting on the sidelines of the baseball field for the Boston Red Sox and he was a third baseman for the team. They started dating in 2012 while she was still working for the New England Sports Network. The gorgeous couple got engaged in 2014 and were married in 2016. Will is now a free agent and most recently played for the Texas Rangers. Jenny is still covering NFL news and has been featured on the Campus Eats show presented by EatStreet.

Charissa Thompson – on air

One of the top sports newscasters and television hosts Charissa Thompson. Charissa has reported for Fox Sports 1, NBC, ESPN, GSN, the Big Ten Network, SportsNation and the list goes on. This impressive sportscaster was the host of Fox Sports Live when it debuted in 2013. Her most impressive reporting includes covering the Super Bowl in Texas, the NBA All-Star game, and the Fifa World Cup in South Africa for Yahoo!. Charissa even co-hosted FSN’s television show called The Best Damn Sports Show Period.

Charissa Thompson – off air

Charissa has dabbled in reality television and in 2013 she co-hosted the reality series called Splash alongside actor Joey Lawrence. For 3 years Charissa co-hosted the television series Extra alongside Mario Lopez and racy Edmonds. Most recently, in 2016 Charissa was chosen to host the newest Netflix reality television series Ultimate Beastmaster.  Charissa currently lives in Malibu, California and is single at the moment and focusing on her career but she allegedly dated Jay Williams, a professional basketball player back in 2013.

Maria Menounos – on air

Maria Menounos is one of the biggest stars of entertainment journalism. Menounos began her career competing in beauty pageants and she earned the title of first runner-up in the Miss Massachusetts USA pageant. She began working at Channel One News in her senior year of Emerson College, which is where she got her start in journalism. She worked as an anchor for Access Hollywood, Today and Extra and she is the creator and host of an online podcast called AfterBuzzTV.

Maria Menounos – off air

Menounos has a rags to riches story as both of her parents worked as janitors in a nightclub and now Maria has a reported net worth of $7 million. She even starred in her own reality show called Chasing Maria Menounos. In 2014 announced that she would replace Giuliana Rancic an anchor on E! News, however, she recently stepped down due to her battle with a brain tumor. Menounos stated that she believes the stress of her job led her to put off getting the MRI that discovered the tumor.

Megyn Kelly – on air

Megyn Kelly worked for Fox News for years before rising to prominence during the 2016 presidential debates where she asked tough questions to the candidates and did not back down in the face of criticism. She began her career at Fox in 2004 and she even had her own show called The Kelly File. In 2016, Megyn’s contract with Fox News was up and she decided to take an offer from NBC. In 2017, she announced that she would host her own daytime program in addition to a Sunday night news show and covering major news events.

Megyn Kelly – off air

Megyn Kelly has many accolades to her name. She was featured in Time Magazine in 2014 as one of the 100 most influential people in the “Titans” category. She also appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair in 2016. The journalist is also an author who penned a book titled Settle for More. Kelly was married to anesthesiologist Daniel Kendall from 2001 until 2006. She married Douglas Brunt in 2008 and the couple have three children together.

Jenna Lee – on air

Jenna Lee is another journalist who has worked for Fox for the majority of her career. She was a co-host of Happening Now alongside Jon Scott and on Fox Business Morning with Connell McShane. She announced that she was leaving Fox News in 2017 in order to pursue other projects. She is a talented journalist and we expect to see her on our television screens in many interesting and new endeavors in the future.

Jenna Lee – off air

In 2009, Lee appeared in an issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine where she spoke about her strategy when it comes to her wardrobe. Lee is married to Navy SEAL, Leif Babin who is now Lieutenant Commander. He is a decorated military man who received a Bronze Star, a Silver Star and a Purple Heart. They met during a gala for the SEAL Warrior Fund in New York City. The couple now has two children.

Ainsley Earhardt – on air

Ainsley Earhardt is a political commentator for Fox News and a co-host of Fox & Friends. She earned a degree in Journalism from the University of South Carolina and put it to good use as a broadcast journalist. She has her own segment on Fox News titles “Ainsley Across America” where she travels across the country and investigates stories. Ainsley does not seem to be slowing down in her career anytime soon, as she continues to regularly appear on Fox News.

Ainsley Earhardt – off air

Ainsley Earhardt is a Southern belle and devout Christian who grew up in a small town. She originally wanted to go to college to study theater, but due to her parents’ discouragement, her she chose to study journalism. Earhardt married Will Proctor, a former Clemson University quarterback, in 2012 and she announced that they were expecting their first child in 2015. She gave birth to their daughter in November of 2015.

Erin Burnett – on air

Erin Burnett is the anchor of her own CNN news show called Erin Burnett OutFront. Before she got her very own show, she was the host of CNBC’s Street Signs and a co-anchor for Squawk on the Street. She has also worked for NBC where she appeared on Meet the Press and NBC Nightly News. On her current show, Burnett has reported lived from places such as China, Mali, Israel and Afghanistan.Her reporting often focuses on issues in the Middle East.

Erin Burnett – off air

Before she made her way to journalism, Burnett worked in the world of finance as a financial analyst. She had an interesting transition into television as she did not originally intend to be on television. As a child, Burnett did not have cable television so she watched broadcast news. She admitted that when she was young, she would kiss her television set when Dan Rather came on the screen. She was a big fan of one of the anchors at CNN and after writing a letter soon after she graduated college, she got the opportunity to appear on the show Moneyline and the rest is history. Burnett married David Rubulotta, a finance executive, in 2012 and the couple have two children together.

Yanet Garcia – on air

Yanet Garcia is known around the world as arguably the most attractive weather person in history. The Mexican native is known for presenting the weather in risqué outfits that have prompted many male viewers to suddenly care about the weather. She went viral on the internet and was named by both TMZ and Playboy as the most beautiful weather girl on the air as a result of her provocative style. She was described as “a girl that makes you want to watch the weather forecast.”

Yanet Garcia – off air

Yanet Garcia is now a model and has a huge Instagram following of 5.4 million. She has modeled for a number for lingerie companies and she appeared on the cover of a Mexican men’s magazine called ‘H.’ She has turned her passion for modeling into her career and she now trains a new generation of models at her school called Yanet Garcia’s Models. In addition, she recently appeared in Sharknado 5.

Natalie Morales – on air

Before she was a news anchor, Natalie Morales had a more average job working for Chase Bank. Morales started out as an anchor for a local Connecticut channel where she covered major events such as the terror attacks on 9/11 and the 2000 presidential elections. Morales worked for MSNBC from 2002 until 2006 before becoming a co-anchor on The Today Show. In 2011, Morales replaced Ann Curry as the Today anchor.

Natalie Morales – off air

She continues to anchor the show until today and audiences love tuning in to see her host. In addition to being a talented anchor, Morales is also an avid athlete who has competed in five marathons, three of those being the New York City Marathon. In addition, she participates in triathlons and has even been featured in a magazine for triathlons. Morales is married to Joe Rhodes and the couple have two children.

Sandra Smith – on air

Sandra Smith is a co-host on the Fox News show Outnumbered and a reporter on the Fox Business Network. Both of these projects keep Smith very busy and on our television sets often. However, Smith did not set out for a career in journalism. She began a career in business as a research associate at a capital group. She later became a business trader and the Director of Institutional Sales at Terra Nova Institutional. All her business experience must come in handy to Smith in her role of the Fox Business Network.

Sandra Smith – off air

In addition to Sandra’s own background in finance, her family was in the business world too as her father was a floor trader and her other relatives worked in the Chicago financial district. Something many people do not know about Sandra is that she comes from a big family. She is one of 6 siblings and her parents now have 14 grandchildren, including her 2 children! An additional member of Smith’s family is her dog named Whiskey who is a hunting breed with a lot of energy.

Dana Perino – on air

Prior to having a co-host position on the Fox News show, The Five, Dana Perino had a career in politics. Before making her way to television, Perino had a career in the White House. Perino served as the Deputy Press Secretary in the Bush administration from 2005 until 2007. She was promoted from Press Secretary to the role of Assistant to the President, a role she served until the end of his administration.

Dana Perino – off air

Since becoming a commentator on Fox News, Perino has also become an author and she can also be seen posting pictures of her dog, Jasper, on her social media pages. She even wrote a book about her four-legged friend titled, Let Me Tell You about Jasper…: How My Best Friend Became America’s Dog. Perino has had other television appearances, besides the ones she has on the news, including being a contestant on Jeopardy!. Perino is married to Peter McMahon who is an English businessman.

Tamron Hall – on air

After earning her degree in broadcast journalism, Tamron Hall had a number of positions for news channels in Fort Worth, Texas and Chicago, Illinois. In 2007, Tamron joined NBC news where she had a one-on-one interview with Barack Obama before he announced he was running for president. Since then Hall has been a co-host on The Big Picture, she has hosted NewsNation with Tamron Hall and has co-hosted Today’s Take on NBC. In 2017, it was announced that she would be producing a daytime talk show with a now disgraced producer but she instead teamed up with Hulu for the show, Tamron’s Hall Pass.

Tamron Hall – off air

In addition to being an accomplished news anchor, Hall is also an advocate against domestic violence. This cause is close to her heart as her sister, Renate was murdered following multiple instances of domestic violence in 2004. She fights domestic abuse through Today’s Shine a Light campaign which supports serious causes such as abuse, homelessness and hunger. In addition, Tamron fundraises for Day One New York Inc, which aims to end domestic violence through community education.

Laurie Dhue – on air

Laurie Dhue began her journalism career in 1990 as a weekend anchor for CNN. She left and switched networks to MSNBC where she became a an anchor for Newsfront. In 2000, she began her career at Fox News and she made appearances on The O’Reilly Factor and The Fox Report with Shepard Smith. Since she left Fox, she became an evening anchor at TheBlaze TV and she now does public speaking engagements and has released a book about her experiences at Fox News.

Laurie Dhue – off air

In 2011, Laurie Dhue revealed that she had been struggling with a 15 year battle with addiction. The journalist admitted that she was dealing with her challenges in silence and as the years went on, she could not recognize the woman she had become. She feared that other people would reveal her struggle but on she had overcome her battle, she felt comfortable enough to speak about it in public. Dhue is engaged to Joe Schrank who is a social worker.

Sara Walsh – on air

Sara Walsh is a sportscaster who began working at ESPN in 2010. Before she was hired by ESPN, Walsh worked as a Sports Director for a local station in Georgia. Before that, she worked for WUSA-TV in Washington, D.C. and prior to that position, she worked for a local network in Nashville, Tennessee. Walsh won 4 regional Emmy Awards for her work in Nashville. In 2017, ESPN laid-off a number of employees and unfortunately, Walsh was included in the layoffs.

Sara Walsh – off air

In May of 2017, Walsh revealed that she had reportedly suffered a miscarriage live on the air and she continued the broadcast even though she was aware of the tragic event that was occurring. At the age of 39, Walsh conceived twins through in-vitro fertilization. She spoke about her struggle to conceive children in an emotional post on Instagram. Walsh was fired from ESPN before she was able to return from her maternity leave.

Mélissa Theuriau – on air

Mélissa Theuriau is a French journalist who works for M6 as a news anchor. Like many of the other women on this list, Theuriau received her education in journalism before beginning work in the field. In 2006, she became the editor and presenter of a French weekly magazine show titled Zone Interdite (Forbidden Zone). She became a popular French figure after working for as an anchor for La Chaine Info in addition to uploading video compilations online.

Melissa Theuriau – off air

Theuriau has been voted as one of the most good-looking anchors on television on multiple occasions and Paris Match magazine even called her a “television bombshell.” Outside of her work in television, Theuriau is involved in charity work and along with her fellow journalists, launched a organization called La Rose, which helps girls get an education.  Melissa got engaged to French-Moroccan actor, Jamel Debbouze in 2008 and they tied the knot in the same year. They now have two children and they were ranked on a list of France’s most popular couples.

Kimberly Guilfoyle – on air

Before becoming an anchor of Fox News, Kimberly Guilfoyle received her law degree from the University of San Francisco Law School in 1994. Guilfoyle began working as a prosecutor upon graduation but unfortunately she was let go in 1996 until she was eventually rehired in 2000. In 2004, she moved to New York where she began working as a legal analyst for Anderson Cooper’s show. She eventually landed her current position as a co-host of The Five on Fox News.

Kimberly Guilfoyle – off air

While Kimberly was in law school, she worked as a model on the side and was featured in a bridal magazines and Macy’s advertisements. In addition to being a model and lawyer, she is also the author of a best-selling book. In 2003, Guilfoyle married former mayor of San Francisco and now Lieutenant Governor of California, Gavin Newsom. The couple split in 2006 and a few months later, she married furniture heir Eric Villency. The couple had one son before divorcing in 2009.

Erin Andrews – on air

Erin Andrews began her career in the news as reporter for Fox Sports in Florida. She began working as an ESPN reporter in 2004 for ESPN National Hockey Night. From 2012 until the present, Andrews has been an anchor for Fox Sports where she can be frequently seen interviewing athletes and covering games from the sidelines. She is a very popular anchor on television and many fans tune in just to watch her coverage of games.

Erin Andrews – off air

Off the air, Andrews engages in a lot of charity work and she is a spokesperson for Kraft Foods initiative to fight hunger in America. In addition, she partnered with StubHub in a campaign to promote women being proud of their love of sports. Andrews has been voted one of the best-looking sportscasters by Playboy Magazine on two occasions. She has also had to overcome a major struggle in her life as she was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2016. Thankfully, she is now cancer-free.

Robin Meade – on air

Robin Meade is a former Miss Ohio as well as a Miss America semi-finalist turned lead news anchor. Robin has her very own morning show for HLN called the Morning Express with Robin Meade. Robin is an Emmy Award winner as well as a host on Oprah Winfrey Network’s show called Ask Oprah’s All Stars. Robin was also listed in the top 20 most popular TV broadcast news personalities by Lycos in 2002.

Robin Meade – off air

Robin is not only a famous and award-winning news anchor but she is also a singer. she released a country music album in 2011 called Brand New Day. Robin even sang “Star Spangled Banner” for the NASCAR Sprint Cup. Robin is a true triple threat because she is also a writer. She released her book in 2009 called Morning Sunshine!: How to Radiate Confidence and Feel It Too which made it to the New York Times Best Seller list. Robin got married to Tom Yeager in 1993.

Heidi Watney – on air

Nowadays, Heidi Watney works as a reporter and host for the MLB Network but prior to her foray into the works of sports broadcasting, Watney competed in 2002 Miss California pageant. Wantey got runner-up and we can understand why she went so far in the competition. She is beautiful and well-spoken, which are fitting characteristics for a news anchor. Watney can be see covering baseball games on the sideline and hosting the show Quick Pitch.

Heidi Watney – off air

Before Watney began covering sporting events for her job, she participated in them. Watney was an athlete in high school and she competed in sports such as diving, hurdles, cheerleading and gymnastics. It seems as though Watney chose the perfect career as she is sports obsessed! Watney is rumored to have dated Red Sox catcher, Jason Varitek before she settled down with her husband Mike Wickham. It was even alleged that Varitek ended his first marriage due to his interest in Heidi, however, that rumor was never proven to be true.

Nicole Petallides – on air

Nicole the Petallides could be a businesswoman if she wasn’t on television since she’s mostly been on business networks. She was once a segment producer for The Wall Street Journal Report with Consuelo Mack as well as an anchor on Bloomberg Television, both business based. In addition, she was a business anchor at a WPIX news show in New York while she was still on the Bloomberg channel. Now she is continuing her journey in the field of business as a anchor on the FOX Business Network.

Nicole Petallides – off air

Nicole’s family has lived somewhat of an American dream story. Her mother is an immigrant from Cyprus who came to States and started a Greek language newspaper called The Greek American. Nicole grew up in New York and after graduating from the American University Nicole married dentist, Nicholas Tsiolas and the couple have two children together. Nicole is extremely passionate about her job and often posts photos of herself and colleagues on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange on her social media pages.

Molly Line – on air

At the start of her career Molly Line worked as a photographer and reporter in West Virginia which lead her to more journalism work in Albany, New York where she worked as a reporter at WXXA. She then went to a Boston affiliate channel called WFXT (Channel 25) where she covered the story of the infamous shoe bomber. Most recently, Line has covered national stories such as the arrest and extradition of alleged British criminal, Neil Entwistle. The anchor now works at FOX News.

Molly Line – off air

Molly Line grew up in West Virginia and after graduating high school she attended Virginia Tech where she studied political science and mass communication. In 2012 Line married her long time boyfriend, sales rep Matt Peturs and in 2016, Molly shared a picture of her newborn baby to her Facebook fans. On her Twitter page, Line posts pictures of her and her adorable family out in about in New York City where she lives.

Julie Banderas – on air

Julie Banderas began her career as an anchor for a local news channel in Boston and worked at many other news outlets prior to becoming a familiar face on Fox News. In 2008, she replaced Laurie Dhue as an anchor for the Fox Weekend Report. Banderas is best known for a fight she had on air with a member of a notorious church. Fox News viewers can expect to continue seeing Banderas on the network as she is a talented anchor.

Julie Banderas – off air

During and episode of America’s Election Headquarters in 2008, Banderas announced that she was engaged. Banderas is married to a board of directors member for Habitat for Humanity, Andrew J. Sansone. The couple have 3 children together. Banderas did have a brief controversy as their were rumors that she had allegedly been unfaithful to her husband. However, this rumor was silenced and Banderas continues to work as a successful journalist on Fox News.