Shady facts about Lisa Rinna and her family

Back at the beginning of the 20th century, it was a race to see who could bring the first television to life. The winner is: Philo Taylor Farnsworth. The 21-year-old released his invention in 1927 to finally put an end to the battle. What started out as one man’s imagination has grown into a global phenomenon. Now, more than 1.5 million houses have at least one TV.

So what did Philo think his new invention would be used for? To keep people up to date with world events? To help educate the next generation? As lovely as those thoughts may be, the world is now fixated on one genre in particular: reality TV. For the first time, we are seeing celebrities molded and shaped in front of our very eyes.


One of the biggest reality franchises out there is The Real Housewives. The series now has various spin-offs, including The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. One of the biggest stars on the show is undoubtedly Lisa Rinna. The celebrity rose to fame thanks to her time in the drama show Melrose Place as well as the hit soap opera Days of Our Lives, but it looks as though she is now set to take the world of TV by storm in a whole new way.

However, with so many secrets and being on such a public show, will Lisa ever be able to keep her private life away from the public? Perhaps she would if her actions weren’t quite so shady.

Behind the scenes

For many years we have enjoyed watching reality TV. This genre gives us a chance to see what happens behind closed doors, even when the cameras would usually switch off. One of the most successful franchises out there is The Real Housewives – a show that focuses on the lives of the rich and the famous as they go about their daily lives. So when a celebrity such as Lisa Rinna signs up to the show, it’s only natural that a lot of drama would come to the surface, whether it’s within the family, or between housewives. So it was inevitable that Lisa Rinna wouldn’t be able to keep her secrets for very long.

Card with a theme

Lisa was a contestant on the reality competition show Dancing With the Stars back in the second season. Amazingly, the star was able to come in fourth place before she was booted from the show. Although, this is still debated as many fans question why she was sent home in the first place, after the judges scored her higher than the other competitors. But unlike her fans, Lisa didn’t seem to mind the confusing elimination too much, and just embraced the experience she had gone through on the show. She even sent out this Dancing with the Stars themed Christmas card that year to commemorate the moment.

Failing store

As well as her busy career on screen, Lisa has also pursued ventures outside of Hollywood. One of her business ideas was to go into partnership with her husband, Harry Hamlin, back in 2003. A family business – sounds great! Well, it would have been, except Belle Gray was forced to close in 2012. Although the actors reported the closure was due to work commitments, it is rumored the real reason for the shut was due to finances. What could be true?

Depends on the price

Back in 2012, many fans criticized the star for modeling Depend’s incontinence briefs. In the commercial, Lisa was shown to be wearing a tight fitting dress while on the red carpet, but some didn’t take well to seeing the star’s face next to the brand. So why would Lisa go along with it all regardless of the hate? The price tag might have something to do with it. The star walked away with a $2 million check for her work – that’s one way to bring in some income.

Bedtime reading

Many people have asked Lisa how she has managed to make her marriage last 20 years. Most of the time, the star responds that it takes some work, but the pair naturally slot together. However, it looks as though there could be more reasons that her marriage has been so successful. Lisa has released a book packed full of tips about how to make the love life with your partner more fun. However, her daughters have since read the book – we’re not sure that was in the plan?

Divorce bells

It nearly all came to an end back in 2014 when Lisa announced to her husband, Harry Hamlin, that she would be signing up to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, or so she thought. Harry informed his wife that if she signed the contract, he would be making a phone call to the divorce lawyer he had saved in his phone! Thankfully, it was all a joke from Harry who told Lisa as long as he wasn’t on the show he didn’t mind. Even that has changed as Harry has been seen many times throughout the series.

Making friends

Brandi Glanville was on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for five seasons before she left for good at the end of season six. Brandi and Lisa did cross paths for three seasons, but with such busy work lives surely the pair have put their time together behind them? Well, that might not be the case. In fact, Brandi decided to take the war to Twitter where she insulted Lisa’s hair by implying she wore a wig, as well as questioning a rumored eating disorder.

Under the needle

Nowadays, many people may turn to cosmetic surgery in a bid to alter their appearance, restore youthfulness, or become someone else entirely. This is no different for celebrities. Many stars have gone to the surgeon’s office but don’t want to admit their choices. Lisa has no issues with confessing she is an advocate of Botox, as well as undergoing the procedure herself. To top it all off, Lisa has also admitted to having silicone injected into her lips. It looks as though that’s one way to spend the paychecks.

Questionable choices

Lisa is no stranger to the doctor’s office thanks to her many cosmetic procedures, but it looks as though she is spreading the love of medical care to her daughters, too. In a recent episode of The Real Housewives, the star was seen talking with her two teenage daughters about how they’re all feeling sick. So how does Lisa fix the problem? Of course, she orders three vitamin drips for her and her daughters. That’s normal, right? Well, not everyone agreed that this was the best parenting decision ever made.

Ongoing feud

It’s no secret that the cast of The Real Housewives know how to make explosive reality TV. The arguments, insults, and drama all lead to reality TV gold as far as producers are concerned. So when Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards are in the same room, it’s all cameras rolling to capture the action. In a reunion show during 2017, Lisa admits that she believes without her on the show, Kim wouldn’t have a chance of making the cut. Ouch.

The big apology

It may seem as though that is something that is hard to come back from, so why is it that Lisa and Kim are now on talking terms? Lisa actually came clean with her co-star. However, she once again did it in the biggest way possible. Lisa apologized in front of everyone, including the entire nation watching at home, and even managed to wangle an apology from Kim for the cheating rumors. Could the two have finally put their differences behind them and be willing to move forward? After all, they are some pretty serious allegations.

Ongoing rumors

While to the rest of the world Lisa’s relationship with her husband, Harry Hamlin, may seem perfect, things may not always be as they seem behind closed doors. Lisa’s co-star Kim Richards has been one of the leading people in spreading rumors that Harry has, in fact, been unfaithful to his wife. However, as the years go by, many more stories and questions begin to crop up. Could the rumors be right, or is it all a ploy to bring Lisa down?


In trying to uncover the truth of the rumor, Lisa and Kim came to blows. Lisa believes that Kim has been drinking again even though she has struggled for years with a dependency. In retaliation, Kim lashes out and tells Lisa that her husband has been unfaithful. Not a wise move. Lisa reacts by throwing a drink over Kim before having to be restained by the others on the show. If not, it looks as though the two could have come to blows!

Interesting outfit choice

You may find yourself waking up thinking that it would be brilliant to walk out the door wrapped up in your duvet rather than waking up and jumping to it. Well, Lisa came up with her own way to cope with the cold in January 2018. The star was spotted heading out to breakfast with her husband, but what could have been so bad? Did she choose a Gucci coat? Maybe a Dolce and Gabbana jacket? No, Lisa actually opted for a bathrobe! It looks as though money doesn’t necessarily buy you everything.

Fake fans

Lisa was one of many people to log into her Twitter in January 2018 only to discover the was missing millions of followers. Where had they gone? People have been purchasing fake followers for years, and one company, Devumi, behind selling these followers has recently been taken down by Twitter. Although many feel the cull of fake accounts is a great thing, it has shown the world just how many followers Lisa Rinna really has… Will she be able to make a comeback?

April Fools gone wrong

As April 1, 2018, rolled around, everyone was getting ready to trick their nearest and dearest. Lisa Rinna was no exception to the rule. However, it looked as though her joke went too far for many social media users. The star uploaded a photo of her photoshopped to be bald with a caption stating “I feel so free” and “#BaldIsBeautiful”. Sadly, it looked as though her joke caused a lot of controversies as many felt as though Lisa was mocking cancer patients. Not a good move.

Secret battles

It has recently emerged that model Delilah Belle Hamlin hasn’t always come across as the outgoing and confident young woman she appears to be. In fact, Lisa revealed on a recent episode of Real Housewives that her 19-year-old daughter first started suffering with anxiety attacks when she was just 11 years old. Her anxiety became so controlling that Harry was forced to attend school with his daughter, but they would have to leave after an hour or so. Thankfully, Delilah is now learning how to cope with her anxiety.

Brave admission

Delilah’s sister, Amelia Gray, has recently taken to Instagram to share a story close to her heart, her battle with anorexia. The teenager posted a photo of herself where she explained in the caption how she has been struggling with the eating disorder for over a year, but now she finally felt strong enough to tell the world what had been happening behind closed doors. According to Amelia, part of her reason for posting about her personal story was to help others feel as though they can reach out for help.

Supportive mom

The young model continued to add that she felt as though she had come to terms with her disorder and feels as though she has beaten the illness. Alongside her supportive family has also been a selection of fans all offering kind words and well wishes. Amelia finished the post by thanking everyone for their support, as well as stating she wouldn’t have been able to make it out the other side if it weren’t for friends and family.

Telling the world

In true Lisa fashion, this star couldn’t wait to tell the world about how proud she is of her daughter and what better way to do that than by posting a Twitter update? Here, Lisa expressed how happy she was to know that her daughter was overcoming the eating disorder, before posting a picture of Amelia as a child on Instagram. It looks as though everyone is stepping up to help Amelia receive the care and attention she needs.