Smart and easy cleaning hacks for your bathroom

There are many rooms that come together to make up a home, but none of those would be complete without the hub behind them all – the bathroom. This room is a chance for us to express ourselves and feel fresh for the day behind the safety of a locked door. It could be putting on a number one solo concert to the backdrop of a running shower, making some of life’s most important decisions while soaking away in the tub, or scrolling through hours and hours of the internet while…

Well, we think you know what. The bathroom is an underrated part of any home, and we wouldn’t be anywhere without it. Long gone are the days of scrubbing in lakes, public bathhouses, and washing once or twice a year – mostly. Now, we get to climb into a tile-lined room and prepare for whatever the day has coming our way. Thankfully, the internet holds the answer to some of the best cleaning hacks for your bathroom that will get the whole room looking brand new in no time.

Lemon to the rescue

As much as we try, there is no way that we can keep water out of the bathroom. Isn’t that one of the whole points of the room in the first place? Sadly, all that water means little marks left all over our beautiful chrome fixtures.

We scrub and we clean, but nothing ever seems to get those taps gleaming the way they used to. At long last, there is a bathroom cleaning hack that saves us plenty of money with all those expensive products. Lemons. All you need to do is cut one of these citrus fruits in half and rub them over the chrome. Voila! Your bathroom will look sparkly clean and have a lemony scent. Brilliant!

Baby oil shine

Perhaps you have got rid of those watermarks on all your chrome appliances and want to make sure they won’t be returning any time soon? The answer could be as simple as using something that may already be in your house.

Have you guessed it yet? We’re talking about baby oil! Cheap and easy to use, baby oil makes the perfect coat to protect your metal from any unwanted stains without damaging the metal. To get the best results, apply a small amount to a cloth and lightly wipe over any surfaces that need your attention. Baby oil has so many wonderful uses already, and cutting down on cleaning time is just another to add to the list.

Shine on

Our bathroom mirrors go through a lot, don’t they? Shaving, brushing our teeth, and washing our faces can leave plenty of marks all over the mirror that just won’t budge. Even if we do get them off, our mirrors can often be left streaky and looking worse than before. Help!

Now, it seems as though the best way to get that mirror-perfect shine you have been looking for is to brew a cup of black tea and use a microfiber cloth to wipe over the surface. It’s as simple as that.

No more fog

After cleaning up the mirror, it would be a shame to see all your hard work go to waste. Unfortunately, daily bathroom life means the chances are your mirror will soon be fogged up. Usually, just as you need to see yourself.

If you want to jump out of the shower and say “good morning” to the beauty staring back at you without the fog, then don’t worry. Wiping the mirror with a bar of soap will help prevent any mist from building up, no matter how hot the shower.

Crystal clear

Glass shower doors might look modern and neat, but they can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to keeping them clean. Any little water droplet seems to leave the biggest stain.

Instead of showering in the corner to avoid any splashes, there is a simple trick that can leave your doors looking cleaner than ever before. All it takes is a quick wipe over with a dryer sheet, and those marks will be a thing of the past.

Magnet strip

The bathroom can be the place to perfect all kinds of grooming. From tweezing your eyebrows to dying and styling your hair and everything in between, all of these little tasks seem to have the smallest equipment needed.

Bobby pins seem to get everywhere – how? If you want to keep everything neat and tidy, a magnetic strip could be the answer to your worries. They can be placed anywhere on the wall, and will also stop anything getting lost.

Dust free vents

If you have a computer or work in an office, then you may have seen spray dusters around before. These cans have a long nozzle that helps get into all the hard to reach places of a PC or keyboard to remove any dust and dirt.

These don’t have to stay in the office. If your bathroom is fitted with an extraction vent, then it could be time to give it a clean out. All you need to do is get your duster in there and give it a spray! Just be careful of what might fly out.

Flowing drains

Over time, dirt and hair can all get trapped in the depths of our pipes. This can lead to several clogs. If you don’t know what you are doing, those plumber bills can be pretty expensive. So how do you avoid a massive payout?

By keeping your drains flowing freely. Mix together vinegar, baking soda, and salt to create the perfect solution for keeping drains free of any mess. Plus, this mixture could help eliminate any unwanted odors from the pipes below.

Shower head wonders

Next time you are in the shower, just take a look up at the shower head. No, not directly underneath, but enough that you can see all the built up limescale that has accumulated over the years.

Thankfully, there is a bathroom cleaning hack that could get your shower head looking brand new overnight. All you need to do is place half a cup of vinegar in a sandwich bag with two teaspoons of baking soda, tie the bag around the head, and allow it to sit while you sleep.

No more rust

While this may not be a cleaning hack, it will certainly save you plenty of clean up in the future. Metal cans teamed with the water of the bathroom have a habit of going rusty. These red rings can then leave unsightly marks all around our bathroom.

To avoid any stains, all you need to do is paint the bottom with a layer of clear nail varnish. The moisture will be kept out, and you will no longer have to spend hours scrubbing off the marks!

Line of shame

Who loves taking long baths? Us too. However, you know things have got bad when you are left with a line of grime and soap build up around the tub once you’re done. No one must know how dirty we truly were.

Grapefruits may be a healthy snack, but did you know they can also double up as bathroom cleaners? This citrus fruit is perfect for getting all those marks out of the bath without the need for expensive products or hours of work.

No more bending

Perhaps you already have the perfect product for cleaning your bathtub, but just can’t face the idea of bending into all kinds of positions to get it all clean? Plus, no matter how hard we try we always seem to end up stepping in some as we clamber out.

To avoid the bathroom yoga, one solution is to use a mop or broom to reach around the tub instead. It’s so simple, why had we never thought of it before?

Tile rescue

Tiles are brilliant for bathrooms as you no longer have to worry about the water damaging the walls. However, they can also be a major downfall when it comes to keeping everything clean. Did you know there is white grout behind them after all?

If your tiles have you feeling shameful, but you don’t want to spend hours scrubbing away, then a quick brush and drill combo will see you through. A two in one quick and easy alternative to hours of work.

Sanitary brush

There is nothing worse than scrubbing the toilet with a brush only to drip toilet water all over the seat as you try and put it away. Why do we even bother trying to get things clean anymore? If you no longer want to wash your toilet twice then look no further.

Rather than putting your toilet brush away immediately, leave it to rest underneath the lid so the water can drip off. This will help the eliminate the build-up of germs in the holder as well as avoid any water splashing around.


It may be no surprise that there are thousands of germs all over people’s toilet brushes. After all, they are in charge of cleaning the dirtier parts of the bathroom. Instead of putting your brush away into a dirty holder, merely cover the brush with bleach or another cleaning agent each time.

This will ensure your brush kept germ-free in between uses a well as give you a head start when you need to next get scrubbing. Perfect.

Fit for a king

Toilet bowls are one of the most important aspects of the bathroom. When nature calls, no one can stand in our way. With all that dirt going down the pan it could be impossible to imagine putting your hand in there to give it a clean.

Instead of permanently traumatizing yourself, just head to the shop and buy a family bottle of coke. Pouring the drink all over the bowl and leaving it to sit for a few minutes will have it looking good as new.

Hard to reach places

We hate to be the ones to break it, but not all men have the perfect aim they think they do. Although it may not look like it, toilets can be covered with hidden messes that have been spilled over the years.

One of the worst places is in between the toilet back, and the seat as the little gap can fill with all kinds of gunk. A flathead screwdriver is a perfect tool for the job thanks to its stability and size. Simply place a disinfectant wipe over the end and run it underneath.

Pumice perfection

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we just have to get our hands involved when it comes to cleaning the toilet bowl. Over time, a line may begin to appear around the top of the water. This is only natural but can be very annoying.

If you have left it for too long and can’t seem to get the stain to budge then all you need to do is invest in a pumice stone. They are cheap and robust enough to remove the mark without damaging the bowl.

Avoid a bowl build-up

The best way to avoid any build up in your toilet after you have finished cleaning is to prevent the problem from happening in the first place. How? This one may sound out there, but for the answer, we need to look for some false teeth.

Dentures can be hard to clean after chomping up food all day. Thankfully, denture tablets have solved the issue. Now, these tablets can keep your toilet clean. All you need to do is drop a couple of tablets into the cistern before bed, and you’ll be all set!

Neutralize odors

Yes, the bathroom is one room that is certainly subject to plenty of odors over the years. We’re human, leave us alone! However, what happens if one decides to hang around? Over the years, all the water and bathroom activities can leave you with an underlying stench.

Instead of forking out on expensive air fresheners, the NatureFresh Bag will last two years, uses no chemicals, and can sit on any surface. This not only saves time but plenty of money in the long run.