Steve Harvey was brought to tears when his stepson made this confession on his show


An emotional ordeal

Nowadays, the world of television is full of celebs and famous faces who all want to make it as the next big TV host. While new hosts are arriving on the block each year, there are some names that have stood the test of time – and Steve Harvey’s name is one of them. As one of the most famous men in Hollywood, Harvey is known for his comedic style, and his confidence and his shows have racked up millions of viewers over the years. Yet, while it seems that we’re all privy to the goings-on in his professional life, we have known very little about his personal life. However, that all changed when Steve’s stepson made his way onto the show and made a heart-wrenching confession…

A hugely successful career

Even if you’ve never watched any of his shows, there’s a high chance that you’ve heard of Steve Harvey. After all, the comedian and TV host is one of the most popular names in America! Thanks to the hard work that Steve has put in over the course of his career, it’s suggested that he is now worth a whopping $100,000 – but that’s not all he has to be proud of. With five Daytime Emmy Awards and fourteen NAACP Image Awards under his belt, it seems the rest of the world have also been able to acknowledge his talent and legacy. However, it’s fair to say that life hasn’t always been easy for this funnyman.

Humble beginnings

In fact, Steve Harvey actually came from incredibly humble beginnings. After coming into the world on January 17, 1957, he was given the name Broderick Stephen Harvey. The man we now know as Steve Harvey spent his early years living in his hometown of West Virginia. He grew up with his father and his mother and watched as his father worked tirelessly to provide for his family as a coal miner. From an early age, Steve understood the concept of hard work, something he later adopted in his own life.

Nothing to his name

As he grew up, Steve Harvey worked various jobs to pay the bills – but he knew that wasn’t how he wanted to spend his life. Instead, he wanted to be a stand-up comic and would do anything he could to break into the show business industry. When he made his entrance into the world of comedy, Steve had nothing to his name. He had no money, he had no house, and he had to live in his car. However, this all changed in 1990 when he appeared on the Second Annual Johnnie Walker National Comedy Search.

A popular TV host

Before too long, Steve had made a name for himself in the comedy world and was becoming extremely popular with fans across the world. This exposure and popularity helped him add another string to his bow – and he soon became one of the most-loved television hosts in America. He worked on shows such as The Steve Harvey Show, Me and the Boys, and even the famous game show, Family Feud. His success continued to grow as the years went by, but he had no idea his name was going to get even bigger…

The Steve Harvey Show

While Steve Harvey has conquered the world of comedy and become one of the best TV hosts of all time, he has also been given his own slice of the television world. In 2012, he was finally given a chance to host his own self-titled talk show. With this platform, Steve was able to showcase his humor and invite guests from all over the world onto the stage with him. The Steve Harvey Show ran until 2016 when it was later replaced by another show, simply titled Steve.

Something completely different

While most of us love to tune into Steve on a weekly basis, there is one episode of Steve Harvey that has always stuck in our minds. This episode took place in 2015 when the comedian and host was joined on stage by some very special guests. They weren’t the latest boy band to secure a number one, they weren’t a group of A-list Hollywood actors, and they weren’t a sports team. Instead, he was joined by his family – including his beautiful wife, Marjorie Bridges, and the seven children they share.

A giant family

Yes, it’s safe to say that the Harvey family is pretty large, but it is a bit of a mishmash. Because Marjorie is his third wife, Harvey has had numerous children with his previous two wives. He welcomed twin girls called Brandi and Karli into the world with his first wife, and he later welcomed two sons, Broderick and Wynton, into the world with his second wife. When he married Marjorie Bridges in 2007, he also opened up his home and his heart to her three kids, called Morgan, Lori, and Jason.

Blending them all together

When you add step-siblings and step-parents into the mix, families can often struggle with the new relationships they have to form. However, Steve Harvey and his wife managed to mix all of their children together with ease. One of the reasons for this was because Steve was straight with them from the start. In 2016, he spoke to PEOPLE Magazine about his now-extended family and noted that didn’t give his kids a choice in the matter. He loved Marjorie, and he hoped that both of their kids would respect that.

Not given a choice

No matter whether they had misgivings or not, both Marjorie’s children and Steve’s children got on with their new lives and tried hard to mesh together as one large family. Although it all seemed as though everyone was getting on swimmingly, Steve soon found out that one vital member of his family had been keeping his thoughts quiet. In fact, Jason had something to say to his step-father. He decided to finally make his feelings known on the Steve Harvey show in 2015, and the whole world watched in unison…

A birthday celebration

So, why did Steve’s family appear on the show in the first place? Well, Steve’s wife and children decided to surprise him on the show to celebrate his birthday. They wanted to give him a gift worth so much more than any expensive gadget, and they wanted to show their love. To do this, they all sat in front of their husband, their father, and their step-father and thought of the most heartwarming stories they could muster to celebrate his life. The whole ordeal was a truly emotional one, and fans could feel the emotions at home.

Telling it like it is

As his family members spoke one by one, they all recalled memories of Steve Harvey that filled them with joy and happiness. His twin daughters spoke of one childhood Christmas where they were given brand new bicycles and rode around their house. Morgan fondly remembered the time that the talk show host had walked her down the aisle and given her away when she tied the knot, and Broderick cheekily remembered the first cigar he smoked with his father. All of his family members had something lovely to say, but Jason hadn’t had his turn yet…

Speaking his mind

When it was Jason’s turn to speak to his step-father, he knew that he had to speak his mind. He knew that he had to get something off his chest. So, he took a deep breath and told Steve Harvey that he may have been able to gain his wonderful mother in his life, but he also gained something even more. As he said this, Steve knew exactly what he was talking about. While he had found a loving wife to spend his life with, he’d also gained a whole new family.

Getting emotional

As Jason thought about the next words he wanted to say, the audience could see that he was starting to well up. Tears were forming in his eyes, and his lip was beginning to tremble. Despite all this, he knew that he had to continue voicing his opinions. He went on to compliment his step-father for stepping up and becoming the father he had lacked in his life. While his own biological father tried his best, Steve Harvey was the one who stepped up to the plate and took Jason under his wing.

A touching moment

Before too long, the camera panned to Steve Harvey, and the audience was able to see his reaction to his step-son’s touching words. In a look that broke the heart of the nation, fans could see that Jason’s story had affected him. Like Jason, Steve had tears in his eyes and seemed overcome with emotion. Although he tried to contain his quivering lip, Steve just couldn’t help the tears that were threatening to spill over. However, Jason was not done with his speech just yet. He still had more to go.

A fitting tribute

Jason was nearing the end of his emotional speech, but it seemed as if he had left the best until last. In his final moment in front of the camera, Jason noted that Steve would never know the true amount of love he holds for his step-father. In fact, he even went as far to call Steve Harvey his dad – despite the fact he is not his biological father. In Jason’s eyes, Steve had earned the right to be called his father, and he wanted Harvey to know this. As soon as he finished his speech, the audience erupted.

An emotional reaction

As the audience erupted into a tumultuous applause, Steve Harvey tried to gather himself. Although the speeches from all of his children had made him incredibly emotional, it was Jason’s touching tribute that sent him over the edge. Harvey tried to compose himself but had to hang his head in his hands to cover the tears that were pouring out of his eyes. After a few moments of calm, Steve knew that he had to repay the favor. So, he decided to talk directly to his children for his next few words.

Working for them

In a speech that has since touched the hearts of millions across the globe, Steve noted that he was never working for himself. Although he had been incredibly successful over the course of his career, he also worked incredibly hard. His schedule is currently full, he often works various full-time jobs at once, and he works himself to the bone. Yet, he’s not doing that for fame and fortune. Instead, he’s working because he cares so much about his children and the mark they can have on the world. He wants them to have the best life possible.

Defending their honor

The more Steve Harvey spoke, the more his voice shook. He had one final statement to make and had to compose himself to make it. His wife urged him on with a supportive rub of his back, and Steve opened his mouth. He spoke of his love for all of his children and made a promise to them that he would defend their honor for as long as he was on this planet. He also confessed that the moment they were sharing on the stage was the single greatest moment of his life.

A double life

This exchange between Steve Harvey and his children has since gone viral and been watched by millions of people across the globe. While it has filled them with emotion, it’s also filled them with pride – because they now have evidence that their favorite talk show host and comedian really is just like the rest of us. While he may be in the spotlight and live a second life as a rich and famous celebrity, his first port of call will always be his family. They are his lifeline, and he is a father before anything else.