The story of Heather Locklear


Heather Locklear is best known as one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood. Over the years, the actress has aged gracefully and looks just as young as she did when she starred on Melrose Place in the 1990s. Locklear got her start in acting after she modeled for the school store when she was a student at UCLA. After she graduated, Locklear began acting in well-known television shows such as CHiPs and Eight is Enough. As she began to get noticed by casting directors, Locklear started getting bigger roles in television shows. She starred in the series Dynasty and T.J. Hooker alongside Star Trek actor, William Shatner. Locklear’s career kept growing and she made a big name for herself in tinseltown.

A role that helped Locklear earn recognition for her work was for her work in the show Spin City in which she acted alongside Charlie Sheen and Michael J. Fox. The show ran for six seasons and Locklear was nominated for two Golden Globe awards as a result of her acting talents. Locklear’s television career kept growing and she eventually earned herself a high spot on a list of the 100 greatest television icons.

Unfortunately, like most celebrities, Locklear has not been able to avoid the controversies that come with life in the public eye. From very public breakups to allegations that she attempted to take her own life, Locklear has faced her fair share of public scrutiny. Locklear is known for her affinity toward rock stars and the tendency they have to break her heart. One rockstar that she fell in love with even betrayed her and got together with her best friend. Fame is known to take a toll on celebrities and Locklear is one of the stars that fame and fortune has affected.

A high price to pay

Although Heather Locklear may not have had to struggle as an actress as she started her career right out of college, she has not had it too easy since then. Locklear has gained accolades and recognition for her acting work, however, she has had to pay a high price for her fame. Hollywood is no walk in the park and it can deeply affect one’s psyche and even their relationships. Locklear has definitely discovered this for herself.

Surprising divorce

While Locklear’s life has not been problem free, her biggest issues seem to stem from her marriage to Bon Jovi guitarist, Richie Sambora. This was a second marriage for Locklear and although the couple insisted they had a strong relationship, they ultimately split in 2005 and divorced in 2006. It was rumored that Sambora did not did see the divorce coming and that he felt blindsided. So what was Locklear’s reasoning for divorce?

Heather discovered photos

It seemed surprising that this strong couple would divorce so suddenly with no hint of marriage problems but Heather filed for divorce after she came upon some harsh evidence. Locklear discovered an e-mail that was sent to her husband from a mutual friend that the two shared. The e-mail contained inappropriate pictures, which Sambora insisted were nothing, however Locklear filed for divorce the next day. A source spoke to People Magazine at the time and said, “She’s devastated. Absolutely devastated.”

She has a type

Sambora was not the first rock star that Locklear fell for. When she was first introduced to Sambora in the mid 1990s, Locklear had just ended her marriage with Tommy Lee of the band Motley Crue. Locklear ran straight into a new relationship right out of her first divorce after she met Sambora through one of their mutual friends. They had many challenges throughout their relationship as they lived on opposite sides of the country.

She didn’t inform Sambora

Locklear was so hurt by her ex-husband’s betrayal that it has been rumored that she neglected to call him before she went to file for divorce. A divorce is usually something a couple discusses quite a bit, however, it is rumored that Sambora was informed of his divorce by a news reporter right before he went on stage to perform. People magazine claimed that, “Richie told one friend that if his marriage was on the rocks, it looked like he was the last to know.”

The child they share

Besides the alleged inappropriate e-mail, there is another reason floating around the rumor mill about why the couple split. Sambora and Locklear had their only child in 1997 named Ava. Some of Sambora’s friends reported that he was not content having only one child and that he wanted more kids. Allegedly, a couple years before their divorce, the couple was arguing about whether or not they should have more children. Richie told the media that he wanted more kids but Heather was not willing to have more.

Settling down

Locklear clearly has a thing for rock stars as she married two of them (and allegedly dated a few more). Musicians who were known for living chaotic lifestyles seemed to be drawn to Locklear and slow down their partying ways while they were with her. Before Sambora met Locklear, he was known for enjoying his rock star life but after they got married he settled down into family life with their little girl.

Rockstar marriages

Although Locklear married two rock musicians, the two men were very different from each other. While Sambora enjoyed his home life, Tommy Lee was very far from being a family man. The couple met appropriately, backstage at a concert and immediately hit it off. Lee and Locklear were smitten and she said, “Tommy doesn’t worship the devil, he worships me.” Although Locklear stated that she only planned on marrying once with Tommy, the relationship did not stand the test of time.

Dating a bad boy

Before Locklear agreed to go out with the Motley Crue drummer, he had to win her over. Lee called Heather’s manager multiple times just so he could get in touch with her. Lee recalled, “I had called like a million times. I wanted to send her flowers or invite her to something…anything just to talk to her.” It seems that flattery will get you everywhere with Heather as she agreed to go out with the rockstar.

Leading Hollywood men

Before Locklear developed a love for musicians, she was linked to some very famous Hollywood actors throughout the 1980s. Locklear is rumored to have dated Tom Cruise, Scott Baio, and Mark Harmon. Harmon did not have too many nice words about Locklear and he called her, “an emotional cup of coffee.” However, this insult did not stop the guys from asking Heather out and we can’t blame them either.

An unlikely pair

The public was confused when Locklear began dating Tommy Lee as the two do not seem like an obvious match. Locklear was the all American girl next door type from the hit show Dynasty, while Lee was a long-haired bad boy with a reputation for partying. Locklear went through a sort of image change though their relationship as she made her hair more rocker chic, but she also had to try and keep up with the tumultuous lifestyle.

First date disaster

Just like most of us, Locklear had to go on some very bad first dates in order to find her prince charming. However, unlike most of us, one of her first dates was with none other than Tom Cruise. Locklear shared many years later that their date was so awkward that it was the first and last. Locklear recalled that Cruise had some odd dance moves and said, “It was weird. I just sat down.”

A failing grade

While Locklear has an image of being a blonde haired, blue eyed all American girl, she can be defiant when the situation calls for it. In her first year of university, Locklear was required to recite a monologue for an acting class she was taking. She had to perform in front of her whole class and she did not want to participate. Even though her father was an administrator at the school, Heather took the failing grade she received and did not give in.

Getting jealous

While Locklear seemed to attract a lot of male attention, she never had an easy time creating friendships with women. When Locklear was in high school, she wanted to be on the cheerleading squad but she did not make the cut. Locklear was upset at the time but it may have turned out to be the best thing for her as it let her focus on her studies and acting.

Calming Tommy down

While Locklear was head over heels for Tommy Lee, she may not have known what she was getting herself into when she married him. Locklear was a good influence on the rockstar and tried to help him get control of his demons during their relationship. However, there was only so much Locklear could stand. Tommy was allegedly inattentive to Heather’s needs and it is rumored that he was not faithful to her. The marriage ultimately ended as a result.

Working through the pain

Although their marriage was crumbling, Heather decided to stay for seven years in an attempt to pick of the pieces and rebuild their relationship. Years after it ended, Heather opened up about why she stayed with Lee for so long, knowing that the marriage would not last. She said, “I gave it my best shot.” She continued, “But when it was hurting more to be in than out, I had to do something. I was losing myself. I had to stop. I had to find myself again.”

Losing a husband and a friend

When Locklear filed for divorce from her second husband Richie Sambora, she lost more than just her husband. Around the same time, Locklear and her once close friend, Denise Richards had a falling out. Locklear claimed that after she split from Sambora, Richards went to one of his concerts. Everyone else close to Locklear did not attend the show and she felt betrayed by Richards’ actions.

A downward spiral

As one can imagine, this was a very challenging time in Locklear’s life. Not only was the actress going through a very public divorce, but she had also lost one of her best friends and was struggling to adjust to her new reality. Locklear was given medication prescribed by doctors to ease her burdens but in 2008 things got a lot worse for Locklear. Emergency services were sent to her house after he doctor dispatched them because he was concerned for her health.

A devistating breakup

While Locklear was able to quickly move on from her first divorce, her second was not quite the same. However, some claim Heather “was truly devastated” by the breakup of her first marriage and she believed that no one would be willing to date her because she was so hurt by Tommy. Heather was proved to be wrong since she met and married Sambora very soon after her first marriage ended.

Stabbed in the back

As if things could not get any worse for Locklear, they did. Her divorce from Sambora was not yet finalized when Heather found out that Denise Richards was romantically involved with Sambora. Locklear was understandably upset but Richards said that she only began dating Sambora after her and Locklear had ended their friendship. If either of the friends thought that they could repair their broken friendship, this truly was the end of hope for reconciliation.

The wrong lawyer

While Locklear had obvious complaints about her ex-best friend, Richards also had problems with Locklear. When Locklear decided to file for divorce, she hired a lawyer used by Charlie Sheen who is Denise’s ex-husband. At that time, Richards and Sheen were engaged in a legal battle and Richards took offense to Locklear’s choice of lawyer. To the public it seemed that Richards was getting revenge on Locklear by dating Sambora but she denied the rumors.

Admitted to hospital

Locklear’s personal life was a mess in 2008 and she took a drastic step to begin the healing process. Locklear knew that moving onto another relationship was not healthy and she needed to fix her own demons. The actress admitted herself into an inpatient program for her mental health issues in July of 2008. While Locklear was trying to cope with her issues, to the media and the public it seemed as though she had taken on some of the illicit habits of her rockstar husbands.

An encounter with John Stamos

John Stamos divulged some personal information in 2015 when he was a guest on the Howard Stern Show. Stamos did not portray Locklear in a good light and he claimed that he met a young Locklear at a party and the two were drinking heavily when Heather invited Stamos back to her room. Stamos agreed, however, he stated that the encounter did not really go anywhere.


While Locklear was trying to get help for herself, she ran into trouble with the law in 2008. Soon after she discharged from the hospital, Locklear got pulled over by police for allegedly driving illegally. While the officers and the public thought that Locklear was under the influence of illegal substances, the truth was later revealed. Lcoklear’s erratic driving was thought to be a result of the medications she took to keep her anxiety and depression under control.

David Spade

Locklear was able to keep her mental health relatively stable for the next two years. Part of the reason for this was because she began dating comedian and SNL alumnus, David Spade. In 2017, a gossip news outlet asked David Spade how he was able to date so many beautiful women. He responded comically by saying that women were attracted to his humor as well as his good looks.

Custody of their daughter

While the beginning of Heather’s split from Sambora was filled with heartbreak, the two were able to agree on getting joint custody of their daughter Ava. Although Heather was going through a difficult time with her personal life, she was able to maintain a healthy relationship with her daughter. Based on Ava’s recent social media posts, they still have a strong bond. However, Heather’s problems did not end with her divorce.

A new beau

Very shortly after her divorce was finalized (a month to be exact) from Sambora, Heather entered a relationship with her former costar on Melrose Place. Wagner is famous for his roles in The Bold and the Beautiful, General hospital, and Santa Barbara. The two dated for a couple of years and in 2011, they got engaged. It was not a happy ending for the two as the called it off only months after they announced it.

Calling an ambulance

During Locklear’s second divorce in 2008, an unknown person worried that the star was displaying concerning behavior and called emergency services. The person was later revealed to be her doctor who claimed that Locklear was attempting to inflict self harm and ambulances rushed to her house. Emergency respondents rushed to check on Locklear’s condition but was the problem as serious as her doctor thought?

No cause for concern

It looked as though nothing was wrong with Heather and it was just a false alarm. There were not any signs that she had harmed herself and it was later discovered that she did not even seek medical assistance. Although the authorities believed that the call for concern was sincere, they examined her but could not find anything wrong with the actress so they left her home.

Medical attention

Although authorities could not detect anything wrong with Locklear, she checked herself into a medical facility in Arizona only a few months later. Locklear got a full examination and received an accurate and specific diagnosis for her mental health issues. She was prescribed medication and returned to her home after receiving treatment. Her agent later released a statement saying that Locklear was indeed suffering from health issues just as the media had suspected.

More concerns

This was not the end of Locklear’s health concerns as another caller, this time her sister, phoned emergency services on behalf of the actress. Heather’s sister claimed that Heather was taking too much of a medication and combining it with drinking. Her sister was nervous that Heather was putting herself at risk and did not want to take a chance. In this instance, there was reason to be worried as Locklear was admitted to the hospital and released the day after.

Into the ditch

Back in October 2017, a crash was reported in Los Angeles, California. A white porsche had crashed into a ditch, and there was a person inside who appeared to be injured. As it turned out, the driver of the car (and the only person inside the vehicle at the time) was none other than Heather Locklear. What happened? Was she under the influence when she crashed? Was she ok?

The call

A good samaritan saw the crash and immediately called the authorities. The famous celebrity gossip site TMZ somehow got a hold of the audio from the police, and we got to hear exactly what the good samaritan said. It appeared as if the car swerved off the road and into a ditch about ten feet off of the road. But at this point, no one was sure who it was in the ruined Porsche.

Celebrities treated better

The audio recording of the female dispatcher continued with the police officer who arrived at the scene of the crash. the dispatcher asked if the person involved in the crash was a celebrity, and the officer replied that she was. The dispatcher then said that EMS teams would probably respond quicker because it was a celebrity. Just goes to show that not only do celebrities get better treatment at restaurants, but that they are clearly more important when it comes to rushing an ambulance over.

How did dispatch know?

One of the things that surprised the police officer at the scene was that the dispatcher immediately knew that the person involved in the crash was a celebrity. When the officer asked the dispatcher why she asked if it was Locklear specifically, the dispatcher said she had no idea and that it was a police chief who wanted to know. But did the dispatcher actually know? And was she planning to sell the audio the to TMZ the whole time?

Going to the hospital

After crashing her car into a ditch, Heather Locklear was taken to the Los Angeles area Los Robles Hospital. The actress was hospitalized with what are considered “minor injuries.” She had cuts, bruises, and she also broke her collarbone. However, for some reason, she was in a psychotic rage. She was apparently so angry at something that she allegedly attacked a nurse!


Heather Locklear was discharged from the hospital the day following the crash with some minor pains and allegedly a broken collar bone. She went home and posted a photo on her instagram that she was doing fine and happy to be out of the hospital. Many people were concerned that she had perhaps had too much to drink or was under the influence of illegal substances, but the police report says that she was completely sober and lucid at the time of the crash.

Support from fans

When she got back home, Heather Locklear received a ton of support from her fans on her via her social media pages. The fans were giving her advice, such as to take it easy and “watch a whole bunch of funny shows.” Yet another fan said that they had seen what happened to her on the news and that it was really a frightening thing to hear. The fan was ecstatic that Locklear was ok, and wished her a speedy recovery.

Rehab rumors?

Rumors were flying around earlier this year that Heather Locklear was back in rehab. She had not been seen at public events or parties for over a year, and the paparazzi was beginning to suspect that something had gone amiss. So, when she all of a sudden appeared at the Farrah Fawcett Foundation’s Tex-Mex Fiesta, she was swarmed by cameramen asking where she had been. She said that she was away and working on herself… whatever that means.

Nope, just in Hawaii

It looks like that a part of “working on herself” included going to hang out on the beach in Hawaii. Paparazzi found her sitting on the beach at the four seasons on the big island of Hawaii, hanging out with her friends and her daughter. If this is the rich and famous version of “working on yourself,” we then we think that we could get used to it! After all, what better place for self reflection than a five star Hawaiian resort?

High School sweetheart

Heather Locklear is off the market once again, but this time, she has changed from dating bad boy rock stars to dating plastic surgeons. Her newest boy toy seems to be one Chris Heisser. But it turns out that this is not just some random guy she met on a dating app, but the guy who she used to date in high school! It is funny how that works out, and shows that it always pays to keep in touch with old friends.

Tough love?

Usually, it is the woman who is abused at the hands of the man, but this time around, it seems like Heather is the one strong arming her man – literally. She apparently got so angry at him that she not only started smacking and kicking him, but also throwing things such as lamps and plates at him. It seems as if some of those rock star urges wore off on Locklear.

Reason for the crash?

It turns out that this incident along with another fight may have been contributing factors in the reasons behind the crash. Heather Locklear seems to have been so angry while she was driving in what appeared to be the road leading away from Heisser’s house that she lost control of her car and drove into the ditch. Wow, she must have been really upset at him. But then, this happened…


Despite the repeated beatings and the fact that him and Heather have had several very intense fights recently, Heisser popped the question and asked Heather to marry him in October of 2017. And according to all of the reports, she gave him an emphatic yes. Apparently, he chose Locklear’s birthday to propose to her. So instead of a new car or a puppy, she was surprised with a huge diamond ring!


Chris Heisser may seem like any old boring and ordinary Los Angeles plastic surgeon, but it turns out that he also has a wild side and has had many brushes with the law. In fact, according to some reports, Heisser has been charged over the years on over 40 different crimes. The crimes, while not fun rockstar crimes, are still serious, ranging for forgery to corruption. Who was he trying to pay off? And why?

Against family wishes

Interestingly, no one seems to want to see this couple get married. Heisser’s children as well as Ava have gone on record as saying that the two fight constantly, and that they are both bad for each other. In fact, it has been alleged by those in the couple’s inner circle that Heather has begun drinking and abusing illicit substances with her new fiance. All of Heather’s family believes that Heisser is “no good for her.”

A successful career

Although Locklear’s life has been consumed by health and relationship problems, much of her life was filled with the glitz and glam of Hollywood. She was a part of many hit television shows such as Spin City and Melrose place and she gained a lot of notoriety and acclaim for her acting work. She worked with famous celebrities and even received nominations for illustrious awards. Locklear even made it from the small screen to the big screen as she appeared in movies like Wayne’s World 2.

Backhanded award

Heather Locklear’s incredible acting has not only seen her win over the world but has also seen her win many awards over the years. Her first was not the award that she may have been looking to take home though, as she picked up the Worst Actress award in 1989 for her role in The Return of Swamp Thing. The movie was a colossal flop with the critics. Even though the reviewers didn’t enjoy the film, the audience appreciated Locklear’s acting enough to give her the award – no matter how bad!

Better winnings

Her first award may have been one that she could have done without, but Locklear has been nominated for plenty of awards worth shouting about over the years, and won two of them! In fact, it was Melrose Place that earned her both as she received the awards for Best Actress and Favorite Teen Dream for her role as Amanda Woodward. Even with the history of the star in the media, Locklear was undeniably brilliant at her job.

Landing the role

Getting a role in her first soap opera was the role that changed Locklear’s career forever. The actress was cast to play the character Sammy Jo Dean Carrington in 1981 for the show Dynasty. Locklear was cast by Aaron Spelling who was working as a producer for the show at the time. Her character lasted seven years after she joined the cast in the second season, but was loved so much she was made a full-time cast member by season six.

Bigger and better things

Landing the role on Dynasty saw the actress get offered the chance to star in T.J. Hooker as Spelling was working as the producer for both shows. Locklear joined the team in 1982 as she was once again written in for the second season. It was here she was able to meet William Shatner as he was playing the starring role in the police drama. After the show was canceled, it gave Locklear the opportunity to put her full time and dedication into Dynasty.

Making history

Over the years Locklear has kept herself incredibly busy, even making history with the amount of work she took on. Locklear is one of the only actresses that had ever worked on two television series simultaneously. While working on Dynasty, the actress was also starring in T.J. Hooker during 1981 and 1982. Some of the only other actors that have done this include Niecy Nash, Jon Hamm, and Lisa Kudrow. Locklear sure did like to keep herself busy!

Friends in high places

While acting school may not have been the calling for Locklear, over the years, she has had two incredible mentors to guide her in the way of acting. Both John Forsythe and William Shatner have had a hand in helping the actress over the years. Not only this, but Locklear had admitted that they had both become two of her best friends as they have had such a close working relationship. Locklear has managed to work with her mentors in television shows over the years.

Turning down roles

In her heyday, Locklear was one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood, with her name and face still being recognized worldwide to date. Due to her popularity, she was able to pick and choose the roles she wanted to play. One character she turned down was a recurring role in Good Morning, Miami in 2002. The part was similar to her role in Spin City but eventually went to Ashley Williams. It was around this time that Locklear appeared in shows such as Scrubs and Ally McBeal.


Unfortunately, in December 2010, the actress was hospitalized for a severe bacterial infection. Luckily, Locklear had just finished filming her latest movie ‘He Loves Me’ before she was rushed to the hospital, but a course of antibiotics later and Locklear was back up and running. It just goes to show how working too hard can definitely have an impact on your health. Hopefully, Locklear learned her lesson! She was released from the hospital the following day with doctor’s orders to take it easy.

Movie hits

During her career, Locklear has starred in not one, not two, but three Lifetime Original Movies! These include Flirting with 40 that was rated as one of the top three films created for the use of the network, as well as Angels Fall. The latter is still ranked as one of the top ten films for the highest audience numbers in the network’s history. The final movie was He Loves Me that did overly well with the critics as they praised Locklear’s acting and the storyline of the film.

Life advice

While Locklear is often in the media for her latest drama or her run-in with the law, she has also had some attention after she released some beauty secrets to help anyone stay looking young. One of her tips included her recommending to moisturize your skin with *cough* male bodily fluid, but she also says that sleeping on your back will prevent wrinkles. As Locklear has always been noted for her incredible looks it seems as though this actress may know what she’s talking about when it comes to beauty; it just depends on how far you are willing to take it.

Against her father’s wishes

Locklear’s fans were not the only ones who were surprised at her choice to date Tommy Lee. Her parents were stunned too and they could not believe that their bright, sweet daughter brought home a musician covered in tattoos. Tommy knew that he had to make a good first impression and he said of the first meeting with Heather’s folks, “I’m pulling earrings out, putting on a long-sleeve shirt, and when he comes in I’m sitting like a gentleman on the couch.”

Doomed from the start

It seemed that the couple’s nuptials began on less than ideal terms as they both engaged in some ridiculous behavior before their wedding day. Lee had a bachelor party that featured women in bikinis wrestling each other in mud. Locklear, who may have felt that she had to compete with Tommy’s antics, had a party with a theme that we cannot mention here. While most couples have bachelor or bachelorette parties prior to their weddings, these ones were on another level.