The cast of Modern Family – in real life


Ed O’Neill as Jay Pritchett – Then

The “Big Poppa” of the Pritchett gang, Jay is the oldest character out of the entire bunch, and a prominent member of the show. He has recently gotten remarried to Gloria, a much younger Columbian woman who is no stranger to the art of sass. Gloria’s son is Manny, who is now Jay’s stepson, and the pair have a heartfelt relationship that develops nicely as the series evolves. Jay is also the father of Claire and Mitchell, two other big characters on the show, and the grandfather of Haley, Alex, Luke, and Lily. Jay is always there to give advice to not only his grandkids, but also his son and daughter – but he is not without his own human flaws either.

Ed O’Neill as Jay Pritchett – Now

In the “modern” age, Ed O’Neill is perhaps best known for his portrayal of Jay on Modern Family, but if you’re someone who watched a lot of television in the 80s, then you probably recognize him a lot better as none other than Al Bundy, one of the funniest, buffoonish sitcom characters of all time, on Married With Children. But while he is known on the shows he plays to be a great father and husband, it turns out that he is the same way in real life. He got married to his current wife Catherine Rusoff in 1986, and they have two daughters, Sophia and Claire. Interestingly enough, Sophia has also gotten into acting like her father, and has even appeared briefly in a Modern Family episode.

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