The Hills (then and now)

Audrina Patridge – Then

Audrina Patridge was the resident cool girl of The Hills. However, it wasn’t all quirky hats and musical moments, because this leading lady had a few ups and downs during her time on the show. To start with, Heidi Montag shunned Audrina out of her circle after rumors circulated that her boyfriend, Spencer Pratt, had cheated on her with Audrina. Awkward. Thankfully, Audrina was able to find solace in Lauren and Lo, and the trio even moved in together!

Audrina Patridge – Now

Since leaving The Hills behind her, Audrina Patridge has made sure that her diary is still just as full. She tried to make it on her own within her self-titled reality spin-off, Audrina, but the show was sadly canceled after one season. In recent years, she has worked as a model and an actress, and even appeared on Dancing With The Stars. In 2016, Audrina welcomed her daughter into the world with her then-husband, Corey Bohan. Their marriage ended in 2017, and she is now dating her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Cabrera.

Stephanie Pratt – Then

Oh man, Stephanie Pratt definitely drew the short straw during her time on The Hills. As the sister of Spencer Pratt – AKA Lauren Conrad’s worst enemy – Stephanie was always stuck in the middle of every single argument, event, or friendship circle. This reality star made her debut in season three and didn’t get off to the best start. She had a heated debate with Lauren in the club, and it all got a bit messy. However, Stephanie soon started to realize that Lauren wasn’t the enemy, and the two eventually struck up a friendship.

Stephanie Pratt – Now

During her time on The Hills, Stephanie Pratt was incredibly open about the struggles she faced as a teen. She talked about her battle with an eating disorder, as well as her addiction to narcotics. In 2015, she went into even more detail about her past in her tell-all memoir. Over the past five years, Stephanie has also made her way back into the world of reality television – especially in the United Kingdom. She appeared on Celebrity Big Brother and was even a recurring cast member on the popular British show, Made In Chelsea.

Lo Bosworth – Then

Did anyone else fall completely in love with Lo? Although she was “the other Lauren,” we all knew this blonde as simply Lo – and that’s exactly how she liked it. Bosworth actually rose to fame on Laguna Beach before being offered the chance to support her friends on The Hills, and although she was a relatively minor character, she always had something to say. Whether she was protecting her friends or telling the harsh truth, Lo was always true to herself and her beliefs, even if that meant getting on the wrong side of people. Yes, we’re talking about Audrina…

Lo Bosworth – Now

Although Lo Bosworth was not supposed to appear in season five of The Hills, she shocked us all by giving us an even bigger glimpse into her life that involved her time at work and her brand new beau. When this season came to an end, Lo decided to branch off from the world of television and release her very own book called The Lo Down. At the same time, she also created a website and a brand under the same name and quickly became a business mogul. She is now the co-owner of a party design brand and has created her own successful YouTube podcast.

Brody Jenner – Then

As the son of the former Olympian, Caitlyn Jenner, Brody Jenner was thrust into the spotlight when he was a youngster and even appeared on the amazing reality show, The Princes of Malibu. If you haven’t watched it, you need to get on that ASAP. When he started dating the queen herself, Lauren Conrad, Brody made his way onto The Hills – and it’s fair to say that his entrance was dramatic. This self-proclaimed bachelor and Lauren were on-and-off more than a light switch, but we lapped it up at home.

Brody Jenner – Now

Brody Jenner came in and out of The Hills as he dated both Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari, and this absence gave him more time to work on another show, called Bromance. As well as hosting this reality competition show, Brody was also the executive producer. Since then, Brody has occasionally appeared alongside his step-brother and sisters on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and ignited a passion for music and DJing. After meeting Kaitlynn Carter in 2013, Brody soon realized that he wanted to put his lothario days behind him, and the pair tied the knot in June 2018.

Kristin Cavallari – Then

If you wanted drama, Kristin Cavallari was going to give it to you. Like many of her co-stars, Kristin first made an appearance on Laguna Beach before moving onto The Hills. Although many of her fellow students loved her, there was one person who wasn’t her biggest fan; Lauren Conrad. The two sparked up a feud over their ex-boyfriend, Stephen Colletti, and this feud continued into their adult years on The Hills. When Lauren Conrad left the show at the end of season five, Kristin was the one to take her place…

Kristin Cavallari – Now

While working on The Hills, Kristin used her newfound fame to try and break into the world of Hollywood. She appeared in various TV shows and movies, before dancing the weeks away on the 13th season of the celebrity reality competition, Dancing With The Stars. Since marrying the famous football player, Jay Cutler, and bringing three wonderful children into the world, Kristin has moved to Nashville. In summer 2018, Kristin’s new reality show will debut on our screens and will follow her new life, brand, and business in Nashville.

Whitney Port – Then

In our eyes, Whitney Port is one of the most underrated cast members of The Hills. Not only was she an amazing friend to Lauren, but she was also an incredible employee. During her time on the show, Whitney worked under major brands and names such as Teen Vogue, Kelly Cutrone, and Diane Von Furstenberg. She worked incredibly hard in these offices but was definitely not against having a little gossip with Lauren every now and then. Her defining moment on the show? Getting back on her feet after falling during THAT embarrassing modeling moment…

Whitney Port – Now

When Whitney bagged herself a job with Diane von Furstenberg, she was given her very own spinoff show that followed her new life. Sadly, The City did not do as well as producers hoped, and it was eventually canceled in 2010. Since then, Whitney has worked as a model, television star, and businesswoman, and now spends much of her time working on her fashion brand, Whitney Eve. In 2015, Whitney married the television producer, Tim Rosenman, and the pair welcomed their first son into the world in July 2017. We’re so glad to see Whitney happy.

Justin “Bobby” Brescia – Then

Oh, Bobby! What are we going to do with you, eh? Justin “Bobby” Brescia first made his appearance as a supporting cast member in season three of The Hills, but we think it’s very fair to say that he wasn’t very supportive. When this guy waltzed in with his long locks, his motorcycle, and his tattoos, Audrina fell head over heels for him. However, it was soon clear to Audrina’s friends that he wasn’t the best match for her – and Lauren Conrad made no secret of this. LC and Justin Bobby did not get on, which may just be the understatement of the century.

Justin “Bobby” Brescia – Now

While on the show, we knew Justin Bobby as the punk-rock hairdresser who stole Audrina’s heart, and it seems as though he is now stealing everyone else’s hearts – just not as a hairdresser. After leaving The Hills, Justin Bobby decided to follow a passion that had been in his life for years. So, he decided to quit hairdressing and become a musician! Today, he is touring the country as BobbyrocK and performs on his own onstage. Just the way he likes it. We hate to say it, but his music is actually pretty darn good.

Heidi Montag – Then

You either love her or hate her, but Heidi Montag definitely had an impact on The Hills. After meeting Lauren Conrad while she was filming Laguna Beach, Lauren and Heidi soon became best friends. So, it was only right that the two move into together and film The Hills while they attended the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. It was a match made in heaven, right? Well, not quite. Cracks began to show when Heidi’s boyfriend, Spencer, came onto the scene. Although Heidi often tried to reach out to Lauren, LC wasn’t having any of it.

Heidi Pratt – Now

Since leaving The Hills, Heidi Pratt has been on a whirlwind adventure. Not only has she married the infamous Spencer Pratt, but they have recently welcomed their first son into the world! Ever since she squabbled with Lauren Conrad, the pair have not rekindled their friendship, but it’s fair to say that Heidi is doing fairly well without her. She has made a foray into the world of music as a singer, she has appeared on the celebrity reality show, Celebrity Big Brother, and she is currently filming on the set of a new movie. It’s all go for Heidi.

Spencer Pratt – Then

Well, well, well. Spencer Pratt definitely made an impact when he found himself in front of the cameras for The Hills. He was introduced to the show after getting together with Heidi, but this relationship did not go well amongst her friends. Although Spencer was best friends with Brody Jenner, his personality soon got on the nerves of those around him. In the end, it was just him and Heidi against the world. In fact, their relationship was so close and intense that they soon became “Speidi.”

Spencer Pratt – Now

Today, Spencer Pratt is still one of the most famous cast members to come from The Hills. This guy has an avid fan following on social media and keeps us all entertained with his photographs of crystals, as well as his videos of hummingbirds! Yes, the “Pratt Daddy” as he calls himself has definitely changed since having his son, but he’s no less notorious. There are still some people who don’t agree with his actions or his opinions, but Spencer does what he wants – so what can you do?

Stacie Hall – Then

During her time on The Hills, Stacie was known as the bartender who worked at the Dime. Although she may not have seemed like such a staple character, people never forgot when Spencer flirted with her at the bar, resulting in an angry Heidi. Still, it was no secret to the rest of us why Spencer was into her, and we were glad to see her in a total of 27 episodes. Fans of the show certainly took notice of her, and she herself didn’t shy away from the media.

Stacie Adams – Now

Although she has sort of backed away from the spotlight since her time on the Hills, let’s be real: people won’t be forgetting about her anytime soon. It also doesn’t hurt her case that she hangs out with a solid amount of well known reality stars, such as her sister Jessica Hall, and Scheana Shay. Since the Hills, she has gotten married and changed her last name to Adams, and even given birth to a lovely daughter named Audrey Rose.

Holly Montag – Then

For every well known character on the Hills, there is a sister who is almost just as well known. And when we say almost, we mean about a quarter the amount of episodes worth. Indeed, Holly appeared in 25 episodes, while her sister Heidi appeared in 105 – and yet, some people out there prefer Holly to Heidi. Perhaps it’s not surprising… whenever you have two gorgeous blondes, they’re each bound to get their share of attention.

Holly Montag – Now

Three years after The Hills wrapped up its final episode, Holly got married to Richie Wilson, with Heidi serving as her beloved maid of honor. A year later in 2015, she gave birth to a son, whom she named Isaiah. Regarding the topic of parenting, she actually started her own blog on the subject, and has actually been leading a pretty quiet life. Today she is an assistant program director at Ascend Recovery, a rehabilitation center for illicit substances.

Jayde Nicole – Then

Jayde Nicole is one of those reality stars who may not be one of the main characters on the Hills, but is well known for many other reasons beyond the show. For instance, she was named the 2008 Playmate of the year in the men’s magazine June issue, and people definitely weren’t complaining when she showed up on The Hills. Originally from Scarborough, Ontario, she has brought a good name to Canadians all around the world, and she ain’t stopping any time soon.

Jayde Nicole – Now

After appearing in a number of Playboy related reality shows, such as Holly’s World, and The Girls Next Door: The Bunny House, Nicole got herself involved in some pretty commendable charity work. She started Lengths for Love, a charity which encourages people to donate their own hair, which then gets turned into wigs that pediatric patients can wear. She also modeled in a “lettuce bikini” for PETA to try and encourage people to become vegan.

Jessica Hall – Then

Although Jessica only appeared on a total of four episodes on The Hills, as opposed to her sister Stacie who appeared on 27, she is actually more famous than Stacie due to other reasons. Her career first started out in 2003 when she was the host for the MTV reality show called Burned. She later became a temporary briefcase model on the well known TV game show Deal Or No Deal, and appeared in a travel adventure show called Get Out.

Jessica Hall – Now

Today, Jessica is the host of a Siriusxm radio show, Playboy’s Happy Hour. She got that gig after years and years of being one of Playboy’s most beloved sweethearts, as well as being a fan favorite around the world. Regarding her family life, she is currently married and the proud mother of two beautiful children. She also keeps in touch with her sister, fellow star of The Hills, Stacie Adams (formerly Stacie Hall).

Jennifer Bunney – Then

When Jen was on The Hills, people thought they had her pegged. She made herself known as the party girl (not that she was the only one), and was certainly one of the liveliest of the group. The question is, has she continued those ways since the end of The Hills? If you enjoyed watching her on television, you might be interested to know that her life has changed pretty drastically since her time on the small screen.

Jennifer Bunney – Now

Although she is still probably the same energetic little bubble, she has also settled down for more of a quiet life since the end of The Hills. In fact, she is now the director of a healthcare company in Southern California, and has been married to husband Taylor Dunphy since August 2014. Speaking of their wedding… guess who was in attendance? None other than Spencer and Heidi Montag! Bet those pictures sold for a pretty penny…

Lauren Conrad – Then

The star of the show! Lauren Conrad first made her appearance on Laguna Beach when she was just a high school student, but she became so popular she was eventually offered her own show that followed her and her friends’ lives. Before too long, LC was living in LA, going to school, and pursuing a career in the fashion world. Of course, it wasn’t as easy as that! During her five seasons on the show, Lauren had to deal with friendship feuds, career blunders and failed romances.

Lauren Conrad – Now

In 2009, Lauren Conrad made the decision to leave The Hills and pursue a new career avenue. In fact, she pursued a couple! Not only did she write a novel, but she also decided to expand her brand as Lauren Conrad. Today, she has her own fashion line, her own homeware line, as well as her own beauty line. Although these businesses are booming, Lauren has preferred to keep her personal life under wraps and has decided to keep her husband and her son out of the limelight while he is growing up.