The unbelievable net worth of these HGTV stars

Andromeda Dunker (House Hunters International): $250,000

She may not have the most recognized face from HGTV, but you’re still probably obsessed with Andromeda Dunker and you don’t even know it. Figure it out how you know her yet? That’s okay, we’ll tell you: she is the voice of House Hunters International. This show brings its viewers all around the world shows them the best opportunities in real estate today. Though she’s not in front of the camera showing off houses like some of the other HGTV stars, Andromeda is still making her way behind the camera and has been working with House Hunters International for quite some time now. Because of her work on the show, she has a net worth of about $250,000. Not bad, not bad at all.

Mina Starsiak (Good Bones): $320,000

She may be a newcomer to the beloved HGTV channel, but Mina Starsiak is definitely making her way up there with a net worth of $320,000. Partnering with her mom, Starsiak first started on the network in on the show, Good Bones. The two have extensive real estate knowledge and they take this with them to design and refurbish homes of Indianapolis that need some attention. After this, they flip the houses and profit quite nicely from it. We sure wouldn’t mind a six figure salary like hers, that’s for sure.

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