The untold truth of morning host star Kelly Ripa

In the world of Hollywood, there are some celebrities who seem to be good at everything. They can sing, they can dance, they can act, they can host – and heck, they can even produce their own movies and TV shows! Of course, there is a little part of us that is insanely jealous of their endless talent, but we can’t deny that we’re also insanely impressed.

While all of these talents are incredibly enviable, we get a particular pang of jealousy when we consider celebrity hosts. The job itself seems great: you get to rub shoulders with some of the biggest and best names in the world of showbusiness, learn facts and information you’ll probably never need to know in your life – but it’s super cool to know it anyway – and earn big bucks from talking all day. What could be better than that?! As a leading star herself, Kelly Ripa and her morning show have wowed fans across America – but how much do you really know about Kelly Ripa and her show?


Born in Stratford, New Jersey on October 2, 1970, Ripa has since made a name for herself as a multi-talented celebrity who can put us all to shame. As a famous actress, talk show host, dancer, television personality and social media superstar, Kelly has even been named one of the Most Powerful People in the Media by The Hollywood Reporter. When she was just three years old, Kelly was in the ballet studio and looking on pointe – if you’ll excuse the epic pun – and has since worked her way up into the world of Hollywood. In fact, she made her first professional appearance as a dancer on shows such as Dancin’ On Air and Dance Party USA when she was just 18 years old and later went on to cast news reports on local news stations. However, her big break came in 1990 when she was cast as the notorious party girl, Hayley Vaughan, on the popular American soap opera, All My Children. After 12 years on the soap, Kelly decided to leave All My Children behind her – little did she know that her life was about to change.

After leaving All My Children, Ripa didn’t have to wait too long to score the role of her life, as she was later chosen to replace Kathie Lee Gifford as the co-host on the syndicated American morning talk show, which is currently called Live with Kelly and Ryan (Seacrest). Yet, even though you see her on your television screens every day, how much do you really know about Kelly? Here is the untold truth of Kelly Ripa and her morning show, including on-screen feuds, off-screen drama, intense dreams, heated relationships and more…

A talk show legend

These days, talk shows such as Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, and Live with Kelly and Ryan – and earlier, Live with Regis and Kelly – have reigned supreme. Ever since replacing Live co-host Kathy Lee Gifford in 2000, Kelly Ripa has proven she’s more than capable of greeting America in the morning with her charm, wit, and hosting skills – but have you ever wondered what goes on behind the camera? Well, it seems as though Ripa and her show have had their fair few scandals…

She has been body-shamed in the past

Famous faces in the world of Hollywood often struggle with the pressures of fame – and Kelly Ripa had her share of haters when she was starring in All My Children. In fact, she was often shamed for her weight while on the show, even though she was pregnant at the time. As a hugely popular character, fans were upset to see Hayley put on a few pounds – due to Ripa growing a human baby inside her. Because of this, she would often receive hate mail and comments from viewers. She still keeps some of these letters today.

Kelly is also a movie star… sort of

While most people know Kelly for her time on All My Children and the morning talk show, Kelly has also proved that she has the capabilities to be a moviestar… kinda. In 2008, this blonde bombshell turned her attention to a brand new animated movie called Delgo. While the cast featured major names such as Freddie Prinze Jr, Anne Bancroft, Jennifer Love Hewitt and of course Kelly herself, the movie was a complete bomb. In fact, it is still the lowest-grossing animated movie of all time. Ouch.

She was often called ‘Smelly Kelly’

Nowadays, Kelly Ripa is known as one of the most beautiful and well put together talk show hosts of all time – but it seems there is a reason for that. When she was at school, her classmates would often call her “Smelly Kelly” because of her lack of personal hygiene. She has since noted such nicknames stick with you, which is why she’s now “obsessive” about her personal hygiene and cleanliness. Well, she looks alright to us – and we can only imagine that she smells pretty darn good.

She is married to her former on-screen husband

During her time on All My Children, Kelly Ripa’s character definitely made a name for herself. Hayley Vaughan was the quintessential rebellious party girl, who arrived in Pine Valley with her punk rock hairstyle and her tough girl attitude. Over time, Hayley fell in love with Mateo Santos, played by Mark Consuelos. The two young stars sizzled on screen, but it wasn’t all acting – the pair fell in love while filming together, secretly eloped in Las Vegas in 1996, and have been married ever since.

She had a dream that she would marry Consuelos

After meeting Mark Consuelos for the first time on the set of All My Children, Kelly Ripa knew that she had met someone special. Amazingly, it was love at first sight for her – and she even had a dream that she would one day marry him before they had even started to date outside the show. Although she was scared to show her affections just in case Mark handed her a restraining order, it seemed her efforts paid off, and she had her own psychic instinct with their relationship. Unfortunately, another psychic’s instinct would later throw her under the bus…

There’s a language barrier

While she has now been married to Mark Consuelos for over two decades and welcomed three wonderful children into the world, some things have gotten lost in translation: with Mark being from both Italian and Spanish in origin, Kelly often struggles to understand what her in-laws are saying – even though she’s part Italian herself. And while they make it work, they still get a laugh out of it, as the only thing Kelly understands is her mother-in-law shouting, “it’s because Kelly does not iron!”

Kelly made her mark

To celebrate her marriage to Mark Consuelos, Kelly decided to make her mark and truly remember the occasion – so, she got a lower back tattoo. She confirmed this new addition to her body in 2013 but did not confess what the design was, or where exactly she got it. Nevertheless, she has also adorned her body with ink in other places that we do know of. On her wrist, she has her husband’s name, and she even had her ankle inked. However, she has since had her ankle tattoo removed.

Things could have been very different

While fans love to see Mark and Kelly’s relationship on the red carpet and on social media, there was a chance that things could have been very different for this actress and television host. During her time on All My Children, Kelly bumped into the Empire actor, Terrence Howard, who was screen testing for the show. After being blown away by her beauty, Terrence racked up the courage to ask her out – but Kelly swiftly declined his offer. Thankfully, there is no animosity between the two, and Terrence has even appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan over the past few years.

A psychic revealed her secret live on-air

Scoring herself a co-hosting role on Live! was not an easy feat for Kelly Ripa. In fact, she had to audition for the co-hosting position during a live broadcast, as the producers learned more about the actress and her hosting abilities. During this audition, Kelly had to introduce their guest for the day, Char Margolis. As a famous psychic, Char began to talk about Kelly’s family and the fact that her late grandmother would watch over her new child. However, there was one problem. Kelly had not told anyone that she was pregnant – not even her boss!

Kelly did not get on with one of her co-stars

Although she may be one of the most famous women to come out of the All My Children show, many of her co-stars have noted that she wasn’t the easiest to get on with on set. In fact, Kelly and Matt Borlenghi allegedly hated each other with a passion. Many of the producers and crew members would often hear the pair screaming and throwing objects at each other behind the scenes of the show, but they would be able to work professionally with each other on set. Thankfully, they are now good friends.

Kelly became embroiled in an intense lawsuit

In the late 1990s, Kelly Ripa’s name was brought to the forefront of media attention, after she became embroiled in an intense lawsuit with Cathy Parker. Cathy was a former talent manager who was claiming that she was the person to discover Ripa and her talent. However, Parker was not a respectable talent manager, and Kelly eventually won the case – as well as a pretty hefty paycheck. Indeed, Ripa was awarded over a whopping $100,000 for the damages caused by Cathy and her claims.

She got into a famous feud with Clay Aiken

As a talk show host, Kelly has usually managed to maintain her composure. However, she has occasionally landed herself in hot water, most notably during an interview with American Idol winner, Clay Aiken. While interviewing Aiken, he “jokingly” placed his hand over her mouth, to which she said, “I don’t know where that hand’s been, honey.” Comedian Rosie O’Donnell then claimed Ripa’s comment was homophobic (Aiken hadn’t yet come out). Kelly completely refuted O’Donnell’s claim, saying that covering someone’s mouth is “outrageous, it was unprofessional, it was out of line.”

Kelly Ripa let loose in a Canadian comedy club

Since making her debut into the world of Hollywood in the ‘80s, Kelly Ripa has maintained a prim and proper look about her – even if her character on All My Children wasn’t always the same. Yet, it seems as though a little bit of Hayley Vaughan lives inside of Kelly Ripa, as she let loose in a Canadian comedy club in 2013. Kelly took to the stage to perform a raunchy comedy set that poked fun at her intimate relations with her husband, as well as her relationship with her former Live co-host, Regis Philbin.

She put on the waterworks for Regis

When Kelly Ripa first joined the Live! morning show, she debuted her hosting skills alongside the original host, Regis Philbin. After more than two decades on the show, Regis Philbin said his goodbyes in 2011 – and Kelly Ripa seemed distraught. During his final show, she said an emotional goodbye speech to her co-host. However, it seems the pair have not spoken much since. Was their friendship all an act? Well, considering Regis had strict on-set rules, this isn’t too surprising.

Keeping it all for the camera

Since Regis left the show for good, many people have asked both Kelly and Regis about their off-air relationship – and Ripa has not been shy about the fact that the pair weren’t all that friendly. During an interview with The New York Times, Kelly Ripa noted that Regis Philbin liked to keep their friendship for the cameras alone. In fact, “Regis had a mandate: Absolutely no talking off-camera.” Whenever Kelly tried to have a conversation, he would tell her to “save it for the camera,” which caused a strained relationship.

She also had a strained relationship with Michael Strahan

While we know that Kelly Ripa struggled to maintain a friendship with Regis Philbin, it seems he wasn’t the only co-host who got on the wrong side of Kelly. In another famous feud, Ripa mysteriously disappeared after her Live co-host, Michael Strahan confirmed that he would be leaving the show to work on Good Morning America. Kelly was a no-show the day after the announcement, with sources stating that Kelly was “furious” over the news.

Regis was not like Ryan Seacrest

Both Kelly and Regis have noted that their off-screen relationship was nothing like their on-screen relationship. Philbin has even gone so far as to say that “she got very offended when I left,” because Kelly thought that Regis was leaving because of her. Apparently, Ripa did not have a true friendship with either Filbin or Strahan, but has gone on record to say that the on-air warmth between her and current co-host, Ryan Seacrest, is all real.

She has fully supported her co-host

In December 2017, things took a turn for the worse for Kelly Ripa’s Live with Kelly and Ryan co-host, Ryan Seacrest, after being accused of inappropriate behavior by a former stylist, Susie Hardy. Although Ryan has denied all of these claims, the media has used the claims to discredit Ryan and his work – including their talk show. However, Kelly has continued to support her co-star during this time and even took the opportunity to congratulate Ryan for his job on the red carpet of the 2018 Academy Awards in March 2018.

A singing superstar has a crush on her

As one of the most famous women in the world of talk show hosts, it should come as no surprise to learn that Kelly Ripa has somewhat of a fan club. However, things took an interesting turn in 2015, when one of the most famous male singers in the world posted a photograph of her on his Instagram page. Indeed, Justin Bieber posted a bikini shot of Kelly that year and wrote #bigcrush as the caption. According to sources, Justin Bieber had been smitten with the host ever since he appeared on Live with Kelly in 2011.