Why does she look so familiar?

Let’s be honest; we can’t get enough of watching TV. We could watch it all day, e’rryday if we could. Unfortunately, we’re officially classed as ‘adults’ now and have to actually deal with what life throws at us. We have to pay bills, we have to go to work (double ew), and we have to spend our free time doing boring things – like going to the store (yuck) and cleaning the house (yuck, yuck, yuck). As much as we have given away our innocence and our childhood ways to the brutal social system, we do try and leave a little time for ourselves and switch the TV on whenever we can. As we flick through the channels, we often see the same faces time and time again on some of our favorite shows. Of course, we all know the likes of Kaley Cuoco, Bryan Cranston, Patrick Stewart, Neil Patrick Harris, Betty White, Robin Wright, Tina Fey and Jennifer Aniston – but what about those faces you just can’t place?


As there are so many actors and actresses in the world of Hollywood, it’s no surprise that we don’t know every single actor on our television screens. But there are some that are pretty famous… yet still relatively unknown. So who are these actors we just can’t seem to place, and why the heck don’t we know their names? Why are they famous? What’s their story? Well, we’re here to answer those questions. You’re welcome.

There is one face in particular that is always appearing on our TV screens. This blonde actress has starred in some of our favorite shows of all time and is constantly filling up our social media timelines with her cool selfies, her funny videos, and her bustling acting schedule. Yep, we’re talking about April Bowlby – because you keep seeing her face on TV… but, no one knows her name.

She’s everywhere

We all love watching TV, but there have always been times where we’ve had a shouting match with our significant other over the name of the actor or actress on our screen. Of course, we always win – because we’re never wrong (it’s true) but we have sometimes hit a blank when it comes to some television stars. This includes one woman in particular; the talented, the beautiful, the elusive… April Bowlby. Welcome to the stage, April!

Drop Dead Diva

April’s time on Two and a Half Men came to a close when she was offered a new and exciting opportunity. Unfortunately for Two and a Half Men fans, this meant Kandi was no longer (we were pretty upset, not gonna lie). Nevertheless, April had been approached with an offer she just couldn’t refuse – a leading role in a brand spanking new television show by the name of Drop Dead. Of course, April accepted the offer and took on the role of Stacy Barrett for 78 episodes from 2009 – 2014.

A successful show

Drop Dead Diva was a hugely successful TV show that followed the life of an aspiring slender and beautiful model who dies in a car crash – but is miraculously reincarnated in the form of an overweight lawyer. As she tries to find the true meaning of beauty (yeah, it’s a little cheesy), she is joined by her best friend – who just happened to be played by April Bowlby. To this day, Drop Dead Diva is one of April’s longest-running TV stints. Well, she did rock it!

How I Met Your Mother

As April continued to make a name for herself as an actress to watch, she managed to bag herself even more opportunities on some of the biggest shows of the decade. Yep, this blonde bombshell was soon rubbing shoulders with the likes of Barney Stinson, Ted Mosby, Robin Scherbatsky, Lily Aldrin and Marshall Eriksen on the popular CBS show, How I Met Your Mother. Between 2007 and 2014, April appeared in four episodes as Barney Stinson’s *slightly* obsessive girlfriend, Meg.

The Big Bang Theory

As if her time on How I Met Your Mother wasn’t cool enough, she then went on to star in ANOTHER iconic TV show by the name of The Big Bang Theory (maybe you’ve heard of it?) In April 2017, April managed to score herself the role of Rebecca in season 10, episode 21. The episode ‘The Separation Agitation’ first introduced Rebecca as the new girlfriend of Bert. However, the Big Bang Theory gang soon question her motives and their relationship. Uh oh…

Two and a Half Men

After just a few auditions, April had managed to impress one of the biggest names in the television business – Chuck Lorre and his team. Yep, Chuck and his production team were on the look-out for Alan Harper’s latest squeeze and found her in the form of April Bowlby. This news absolutely delighted April and her acting coach, Ivana. Many budding actors and actresses would have to work for years before even dreaming of such a role, and April had managed to score it just a few weeks in. Bonus.

Kandi the airhead

In Two and a Half Men, April had the honor of playing Kandi – a 22-year-old budding actress (which was basically her at the time), who was known for being a bit of an airhead (which was NOT her at the time). Kandi and Alan embarked on a whirlwind romance, and the audience watched as the pair got hitched in Sin City. April’s character proved such a huge hit; she was asked to stay on for a few more episodes. Overall, she appeared in 17 episodes of the show!

Other shows

Since 2004, April has appeared in countless television shows. Although her main roles were on Two and a Half Men and Drop Dead Diva, her face has also popped up in the likes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Out of Jimmy’s Head and Psych. April Bowlby has also appeared in numerous television films, including Mom, You’re the Worst, Sands of Oblivion and The Engagement Clause. So, if you were wondering why you had seen her face so many times – you have your answer!

Who is she?

Yes, yes, we can hear you all screaming the same question – who is April Bowlby? Well, here’s your answer. This American actress was born on July 30, 1980, and spent her early years living in Vallejo, in California. However, as the years passed, April and her family moved East (and a little South) to set up shop down the road in Manteca, California. Like most of us, April had a pretty normal childhood. She went to school, did her homework, played with her friends, and she got on with life.

A young performer

Living in California was a huge inspiration for April. She lived just a few hours away from Hollywood and knew that she was tantalizingly close to some of the biggest names in the performing arts industry. There were actors, singers, and dancers – and she wanted to be a part of it. We wouldn’t say no, that’s for sure. From an early age, April knew she wanted to be in the limelight and made it her mission to one day have her name in lights.

A wannabe dancer

In fact, more than anything, April Bowlby wanted to be a ballerina. She had always been enamored with ballet dancing and the poise and precision that went into perfecting a dance routine. She loved how a ballerina could steal the show with just her body and her movements – and without speaking. When she was younger, April had an intense fear of public speaking, which made a career in dance even more inviting for the young performer. Good thing she then started speaking in front of millions of people then, ey?

A college superstar

As this love of ballet continued to grow, so did her own talent. From a young age, April attended ballet lessons and thrived in the performance environment. However, as she donned her cap and gown for her high school graduation, she had to decide her next move. As a bright and intellectual student, she knew she couldn’t throw away the chance for further education. So, April enrolled at Moorpark College and studied Marine Biology and French. As she didn’t want to give up her passion for dance, she also studied Ballet. She was a college superstar.

Leaving college

Her college career flew by without a hitch. She aced all of her classes, received top grades and once again flourished during her dance performances. Nevertheless, she knew her further education was coming to a close, and once again had to decide where her skills would take her. Would she use her Marine Biology knowledge to save the ocean? Would she use her French fluency to work in international relations? Would she continue dancing? In the end, she didn’t choose any of those options…

A modeling career

Nope, in an unusual turn of events, April decided to leave her college credentials and her intellect behind and pursue a modeling career. It’s no surprise that her striking bone structure, blue eyes, blonde hair and long legs proved to be a hit in the modeling community, and she was soon booked for photo shoots, campaigns and more. However, April soon realized that the modeling lifestyle just wasn’t for her, and once again decided on a change of direction on the highway of life.

Pursuing a new goal

As she said au revoir to the world of modeling, April started to pursue a new goal – she was going to be an actress. April had always watched her favorite actors and actresses on the television and on the big screen in the past but had always thought she wasn’t cut out for the world of Hollywood. Nevertheless, she had survived the modeling world and knew she could perform on a stage, so she decided to give it a go. What did she have to lose?

Drama school

In search of her new career, April Bowlby found herself in Ivana Chubbuck’s prestigious acting school in Los Angeles. As one of the most prolific and in-demand acting coaches in the business, Ivana Chubbuck’s workshops and acting knowledge have produced some of the biggest actors and performers in the world right now – including Brad Pitt, Gerard Butler, Beyonce, Eva Mendes, Halle Berry, and Sharon Stone. So, it’s fair to say she was in good hands…

Hollywood auditions

As April grew with confidence under the direction of Ivana Chubbuck, she decided it was time to make her first move as a professional actress. So, with a resume, headshot, and talent in tow, she took herself even closer to the Hollywood sign to attend auditions and casting calls. Over the next few weeks, she performed in front of the casting directors for movies, TV shows and more – and just a few weeks after her first audition, she hit the jackpot.

Her relationships

Throughout her professional career, April Bowlby has kept her personal life pretty well under wraps. But of course, the paparazzi and the Hollywood media have eyes like a hawk and are able to uncover anything about anything (it’s both a blessing and a curse). Thanks to their investigative ways, it became common knowledge in 2009 that April was dating the adorable curly-haired musician, Josh Groban. Unfortunately, the pair only dated for four months. Yep, you’re allowed to cry a little…

An Instagram star

Thanks to the rise of social media, more and more actors are able to give us an insight into the life of the rich and famous. Naturally, we lap the whole thing up – because we can’t get enough of stalking some of our celebs (it’s not creepy, we promise). This rise of social media also means actors can get their name out there, which is exactly what April Bowlby does. Over the past few years, the actress has become somewhat of an Instagram star, with a whopping 27,000 followers!

Who she follows

However, like many other celebs on social media who all think they’re all better than us (it’s because they are) April Bowlby has thousands of followers, but only follows a few herself. In fact, April only follows 186 people on her Instagram page. Wanna know who the lucky few are? Well, she follows the likes of Amy Poehler, Mayim Bialik, Jim Parsons, Tom Hanks, Bjork, Josh Groban (oo-er), Bette Midler, and more. Likewise, she is followed by 36,100 people on Twitter but only follows 142 in return.

Lucky Clementine

If you’re wondering whether a high-profile actress like April Bowlby posts pictures of red carpet events, Michelin star dinners, and her celebrity friends – you’d be totally wrong. In fact, April is just like the rest of us and has filled her Instagram feed with photographs of her adorable dog, Clementine. Yep, her floof-ball takes center stage in April’s life, and her followers lap up every single one of her pictures. And we don’t blame them; he is super cute.

On the cover

Although April is now focusing her career on her acting talents, she hasn’t forgotten where she started. In July 2017, April went back to her modeling roots and posed for the popular fashion photographer, Tracey Morris. However, this wasn’t just your average photo shoot. Oh, no. April Bowlby doesn’t do things by halves. This photoshoot was for the Spring Fashion Issue of Genlux Magazine. April was overwhelmed by the opportunity and gushed her gratitude on Instagram.

Still dancing today

Just as she likes to revisit her modeling roots, April Bowlby also likes to revisit where her inspiration for fame and fortune began – in the dance studio. Over the course of her career, April has maintained her love and adoration for ballet and has made it her mission to continue dancing for the rest of her life. So, when she has time in her busy schedule, April will don her leggings and her pointe shoes and rock out on the barre.

A musical talent

But of course, you can’t dance along with no music backing you up – so what does April Bowlby listen to? Well, it seemed she might listen to her own music, as April has recently put her musical talents to good use, and is attempting to learn the guitar. Alongside the pictures of her adorable Clementine, April has also been posting pictures of her guitar and the troubles of learning a new instrument. We feel ya, April.

Healthy living

Throughout her professional career, fans and casting directors alike have marveled over April’s physique. She has not once put on weight or lost it, and doesn’t look like she’s aged a day since her first audition in 2004 – and we’re kind of jealous. However, April doesn’t put her perfect physique down to any fad diet or major exercise regime. Instead, she maintains a healthy lifestyle and ensures she eats healthy food whenever she can, so she can eat whatever she wants the rest of the time. Sounds good to us!

Traveling the world

When she’s not dominating the acting circuit, April loves to make the most out of her free time and have some real time to herself. But rather than hitting the spa or taking a trip to the local mall, April enjoys traveling the world. She uses her free time to go to some of the most beautiful places in the world. In recent months, she has visited the likes of Croatia, as well as other European destinations, and other states in the US. She’s living the life.

Bench Ladies

Although April Bowlby is continuing her career on the big screen, she also spends some of her time switching the big screen for the little screen. Since 2016, April has been part of a YouTube channel called the Bench Ladies. In these short 2 – 3 minute videos, April and some of her friends sit on a bench in her back garden and discuss everyday topics, from dogs to gambling, to kids. They are well worth a watch.

Wasting her time

But just like the rest of us, April Bowlby also likes to waste her time and watch countless amounts of television. We feel ya, girl. April makes no secret of her love for television and often exclaims her excitement or shock over a particular episode on her social media pages. Her personal favorites are Stranger Things and Game of Thrones (of course) but she’s also sparked an interest in the popular British baking show, The Great British Bake Off – which, if you haven’t seen, is the best show on earth.

What’s next?

So with her big shows out of the way, what’s next for April Bowlby? Well, the actress has recently finished filming two new movies that are set to be released in 2018 – including Love Me or Else, where she plays Ms. Hanson, and Reunion, where she plays Isabelle. Although many of us see her face on TV… but no one knows her name; we’re hoping these two movies will finally make her recognizable to the general public. Fingers crossed!